Entry 85: April 09th 2023

HELLOOO EVERYBODY!! It has officially been Easter Sunday for the past 9 minutes. Congradulations on making it this far into the game. Here's a checkpoint for you. Good glad you saved here. Ok so, today, well, later when it's day time, chocolates!!!! Well, we don't have many chocolate in the house, soo kinda chocolates. What if you did comma ellipses? Like "so I was wondering,,, how did you do that?" no that does not work at all, it's a gramatical sin for sure. Have any of you seen the Gummy Bear official youtube channel? I just discovered it, and it is just horrible. Like, how did it go from something sooo good 15 years ago, to something that looks like it has even less quality and effort put into it, when it's even HD. I guess it was just a lucky song the gummy bear song. I went to the Movie Theater today with some friends. We went to see Mario. While having not played a Mario game in I think 9 years, I must say, that is one of the best 3D animated movies I have ever seen. I haven't seen one so good since Dragons 3. When I watched dragons 3 I was like "holy shit this is soooo good animation, how is it this good?" especially after seeing how toothless interacted with sand, it just looked incredible with the detail. Ok TANGENT DONE, back on topic. So we went to see mario, it was very cool. I recommend you watch it. So there were friends and aquaintances there, so there was quite a few of us in the group. We took up a whole row in the theater room lol. There were maybe 10-15 of us. I didn't count. But that's based off my visual memory, and the fact that we were in the biggest theater room in the entire building. So yeah, makes sense. I was invited to go by my friend on Monday, so that was cool, it was unexpected too. I was hoping that someone else would have come, I thought they were coming since they were there when the other person was inviting me and others. But I guess they didn't come after all. Eh, what you gonna do. I started watching this Korean series the other day, it's called "Crash Landing On You". There isn't a DUB for it in my language, so I'm watching it in the language of this country where I live. I don't mind it that much, since I'm fluent, but it would still be better to listen to it in my own language. The reason I started watching it is because on Monday my friend mentioned it again lol. They had mentioned it a month ago I think when we were all in the study hall from an absent teacher. I remember it very well because they were explaining the plot in my language, they were pretty good at speaking my language btw. So yeah, I added it to my list on IMDB that day. And then after they mentioned it again on Monday, I decided to start watching it. You know, I initaially thought it was a MOVIE, but no, it turns out that it is a 19 episode series with 70minute episodes. So it's looong. I don't know if they are all 70minutes long, but the first 2 have been so far, so I'll assume the rest are. I'm watching it because they seem to very much like it, soo, that way I know why they like it and maybe have something to talk about with them instead of usually having now idea what to talk about. Anyway, so that's what I'm watching on TV now lol. Then there's another thing I'm watching, which is quite cool, but the thing that makes me dislike what I'm watching is that there are women that are practically naked in it. Not literally completely naked, still covered THE body parts. But I just feel that that kinda ruins the series in a way. I'm not going to stop watching it just because of that, but I just don't like that. Hmmm what other stuff to talk about. The other two LTEers have not updated, pinkish pickle and Mckenzie, they will eventually though I'm sure. I should be getting my Computer Science and Mathematics exam results on Wednesday, so fingers crossed that they are good results. We started doing differential equations in maths this week, they are suspiciously simple, well the ones we are doing at least. Like they straight up GIVE US THE FORMULA! Like, why? we are doing y' = ay and y' = ay + b if you were wondering. So yeah, I don't think we will spend too much time on that, and move on to integrals soon. I'm interested in integrals because I've been wondering how they work for so long. I know they have to do with calculating the surface of a slope or something, but that's all. My friend's maths teacher spent 1 hour on differential equations, and my friend said they understood none of it and now they have moved onto integrals. Soo, sucks for them. No I'm joking, well it does suck, but uhhh shit idk how to make this sound good. I did not mean it in a bad way do not sue me thank you very much. I'm not sure what else to write now. Let me use my big brain... Oh yeah, on Thursday I'm going to do that cinema thing again with my school. I think it's a Spanish movie this time, which is bad news since I'm the second to last person class average wise in Spanish class (we got our rankings for subjects recently, idk who could possibly be worse then me in my class). Anyway, movie, cool, it means I won't have 3 hours straight of philosophy class yayyy. While it's not the worst thing in the world, it's boring af. But it usually flies by somehow. The Computer Science project is coming to an end, one final feature to add and then we can call it done. I will try and add that feature tomorrow. Once that is done, we must go over code and make it look better / make it more efficient (line wise and literally), we also have to search for bugs. Wow I've been typing for 21 minutes already. It is currently 00:30. GREETINGS! I have returned, sorry I got briefly distracted by the Chamaeleon I molecular cloud photo from the Wames Jebb Telescope. I have decided to make a counter of whenever a specific person appears in my dreams, and currently, it is at 3. The first time, they were trying to make me guess what english accents they were speaking in, the one that stuck with me was canadian accent (this one was from a month ago). The second one we were eating in the school caffeteria together. I don't even go to the caffeteria because I live next to school, so that one doesn't make sense. Anyway, that's all the detail I remember from that one (from last week). Then the 3rd one was last night, but I remember NO detail from that at all. I just remember that they were in it at some point. Dreams are funny like that. You can remember so much once you wake up, then 5min later most of it is gone. But you also remember little details that stuck out to you, it could be anything. Like in one dream a thing that stuck out to me was that I WAS CASUALLY EATING ELECTRICAL WIRES!!!! Yeha, like candy, just a big full fist full of wires and MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH, in school n shit. And htat is all I remember from that dream. It's like your brain is like "I am standing here next to the couch in my 2yo self, I will remember this moment" and then you remember it to this day. Like I remember a dream I had when I was 5! Then again it was kind of a nightmare. I'll explain it, lemme find the movie name. The Day After Tomorrow, of the global ice age disaster thing. There were wolves in that movie, and the wolves were bad at one point in the movie. I then had a dream where wolves were surrounding the house and I was on the top floor looking out the window at the evil wolves coming towards the house to eat me. And I remember that plot of the dream till this day. Yeah, so dreams are funky and weird. Wow this is a very big entry, you know, it's 00:45 now, so I think I'll go to sleep. Then I can do all of my homework Tomorrow without being tired lol. Ok goooooooooodbyd eerybody!!! hope you havea nie iestr and a hapy noo yeer yipe, potato redr nocton aoot.

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