Entry 84: March 30th 2023

wow it's 20233003 how incredible!!!1 oh yeah, I'm writing... WELP!!! I fucking lied about when I'd do my next entry, sucks for you! Well, maybe not, you probably don't care about that anyway. Yeah so my practical exam went very well on monday. All the code exercises are public for us to train on before hand (there are like 40), and I just happened to get exercise 1 lmao. The very first one in the list of exercises. So that was cool. WOOOOO my friend literally just gave me the Spanish lessons from the class I missed doing that Practical exam (yes I waited 4 days to ask for the stuff I missed, sue me). Yeah so I should copy all that before my next spanish class tomorrow.. I'll do it later, I'm writing to the LTE right now. I read Mckenzie's entries and here is what I learnt: THEY TRIED TO STEAL MY CODE!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!! I don't actually care that much. It's the most wonky code ever, the shit could be done in 1 line if I bothered to.. Ok I'm saying that now but I'm not actually sure... I think so. YEAH, definetly. I'm not going to check though. Uhhh so yeah, it's thursday now, oh WAIT, I was talking about the other LTE. Yeah so what else I learnt was that they have classes that last up to 75 minutes, or 30 minutes, or whatever in between. Now The length is not what's odd to me, I had 3h of philosophy today lol. What's odd is how specific that length is. Here we have 55min classes (5min short of 1h to compensate for changing class rooms). Soooo, interesting I guess. Uhh there's a lot of other information I got, but it's no use talking about here. So what else can I talk about, oh yeah, I was finally invited to my first ever High School Party. The bad news about this is that I CAN'T FUCKING GO!!! You see, there is an open day to the university in my home country on the 22nd of April, on a Saturday. So I will be taking a plane on the 21st, and there are no flights back here during the weekend. So I return on the 24th, and that is why it's bad news. The party is on the 24th, in the evening of course. But you see, my flight arrives back here at 16:30, which is pretty late considering how the aeroport is ~1h45 from where I live. So 1: Idk when the party starts and 2: Will I even want to go to a party after a whole day of plane and shit also 3: I'll need to get ready, since I was traveling so clean up n shit, so will I even have time? These are all useless details that greatly are impacting my confidence also. Hmmmm, yeah stupid brain. So I told the person hosting the party that I'm not sure if I will be able to come anymore. I didn't tell them for sure that I won't be able to. I'm still thinking. They were not in class today because they had like this military service day (which i don't have since I'm not native here) so I couldn't talk to them about it. I will talk to them about it tomorrow, or not, I'll probably just say I can't come because of a flight. You know, not risk sounding stupid. Ohhh the teacher looked at my website earlier (not this one) and said that it's pretty good. With the live chat and guestbook and visit counter (all built in and coded by meee). He said that the way I update the chat is a little not good though, which I am WELLLL aware of. Basically I check ever second if there are new messages in the databse, and if there are, I grab them, and if there are not, I do nothing. The issue with this is that I am checking every second how much shit is in the database, which could be massive, and in practice with loads of people using it, it would be a lot of stress on the server to do that. But you see, I am not at all experienced enough to go sending messages from server to client directly like most chat boxes work. I thought initially to dynamically update whenever it detects an update in the database, but I don't know how to do that. So yeahhh, although I literally just got an idea, but I think it might fall flat. Yeah so that's where the website is at right now. It's quite cool, I might post it online somewhere, maybe as the hub for here. Who knows. I'd have to find a web hoster who allows me to use a database and php (which neocities does not provide). So that is that. My friend just said in my discord GC "my ass is 106cm", of course, I made a joke about their height. In truth, I have absolutely NOOOO idea what they are talking about. There's no way they are literally talking about they ass... People are weird, like me. Wow this is a lot of text, will you be able to handle this much? That's what she said.. Wait no the other way around, that's what he said. Hehheee.. Sorry. I was thinking of changing one of my videogame account names to "knockton" because my current name is based off an old friend thing and it just seems stupid now. When "knockton" makes a LOT of sense, you wouldn't know why unless you knew me in person, but it does. BUUUt the reason I realized I should not change the name to "knockton" is because they you will be able to see my previous usernames if you ever search up this account. And with these previous usernames, if you search THOSE up, you will surely find my other social media or game accounts. So in short, if I rename to "knockton" I will DOX myself. Yeaaah you see, big brain, I can think ahead. Yet I'm not at all good at chess. I have a book that's supposed to be arriving soon, it said between 16h and 18h, so yeahhh. It's funny because I ordered it yesterday and it said it would arrive on saturday, I don't have amazon prime so I couldn't get next day delivery. Which makes this even funnier because I'm getting next day delivery. What was the most suspicious was the delivery price though, 1 cent delivery is oddd. Eh, I'm not complaining hehehe. If I wan't to get the whole collection of this book, well more like all the volumes, I'm going to have to spare every penny I can. I've read it only already, but I want it physically because it was sooooo goooood!!! Wow this really is getting long now. Already at 6000 characters, well in 6 char. Ok now at over 6000 characters. Hehehe ok uhhh wtf, no nevermeind. Meind, sounds German, which I might be, or might now. I will leave that decision up to you. I'm not telling !! Wtf is this music, time to skiiiiip! UUURGGGhhh, it's 17:40 and the books still isn't here. Damn time estimates. Talking about how much it's going to cost me, that might be what I spend my summer job money on, getting all the volumes of the book series I liked (there's another long one I am reading rn). I don't want to get a part time job rn because of the School System we have here. So I'll get a job in summer. Then next year when I'm in university, I'll get a normal part time job. I feel like in univeristy I will be able to spend that extra time doing job work instead of doing homework for like 20 different subjects (hyperbol). So in University I will be doing ONE THING ONLY!! well one subject that is, so Computer Science. I don't know what the homework will be like, so I just hope it will be fine {This Is Fine MEME}. Mmmm I wanna play videogames. I should play videogames... WAOOOIITITT, Spanish. I will go do my spanish homework first. I will return soon my fello potatos, or not, I might just go straight to playing video games. Who knows. Cya. [[21:53]] YOYOYO I'm back again at it again in the white vans. Yeah, I don't have any vans though, so that was a lie. I have some random offbrand thing or something. Well not offbrand, just, idk the name of the brand. I think it's some sort of cat. Anyway, my book arrived, the cover was smooth, which I did not expect. But I'm not complaining. Now I have to get the 6 other Volumes lmao. Uhh yeah, so my step brother is sleeping in our room since he's over here for a week. So I can't be typing late.. AKA he is in here right now and I have to stop this entry here. I am so so sorry. But it is the case. Idk when next entry will be, maybe somewhere in the ballpark of uhhh the next 7 days. Yeah that sounds about right. This is knockton, the potato king, signing out my dear potatoers.

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