Entry 83: March 26th 2023

Hi again, it is me Knockton coming at you with a 12:46am entry. This will probably be short, or not. I literally just started so I can't say for sure yet. I've been seeing on twitter that things have been getting HEATED in France because of their retirement age thingy. Like god damn, they set the Bordeaux Maire's Office on fire, well I think it was just the front gate, but still. Then you got some videos of people just going about their evening while there are fires on the street in the background, here's two examples of that video1 video2 yeah pretty wild right? Anyway, what other things do I got going on now? Well as you know, if you read my last entry, I passed my exams last week, or this week... I'm not sure when I make that difference since it's the weekend.. This week, yeah that's correct. ANYWAY! I fucking nailed them both. The Maths exam was stupidly simple compared to what the other regions got before us. So I predict at most a 90/100 on that. But I predicted a 85/100 when the teacher asked for our predictions yesterday. Also did I mention the exam was 4 hours long? We corrected it in like 40 minutes lol. Then again we weren't super rigourous with proof when doing a correction in class. I stayed in the exam for about 3h30 I think. Then we got Computer Science, and oh boy was that wild. Well by wild I mean a fucking joke of an exam subject. We were all worried talking about what the other regious got on their exam subjects the previous days and this one waas just whaaaat, it was a joke like wtf. It was soooo eassyyy. Nothing on binary, nothing on processes, no hard ass algorithms, nothing on linux commands. And the networking exercise didn't even have any IP adresses in it, it was just A B C D E F G as an address. Anyway, the Computer Science exam lasts 3h30 hours, I finished after 2h, and I was the 3rd to finish (like 5min after ther other 2). I honestly predict a 100/100 on the Computer Science one. If not then the mistake I made has to have been from some tiny itsy bitsy misunderstanding of a sentence. Because then again that is always me weak point in these things. It's not in my native language. Ok what else to talk about, yeha the other LTEs. I did not read them yet, yeah I know still. I'm already making a new entry early okay? I said I would add a new one on Monday, so stop complaining. I SAID STOP! ok good. I'm not stressed for my practical exam in Computer Science, I did a lot of the practical exams (they are all public, they just choose one at random on the day) and honestly, we have an hour to do 2 exercises that are easily doable in 10 to 15 minutes. Well for me at least. Ohhhh it's 1am now hehe. Nice, I guess. My youtube autoplay started playing breakcore. For some reason it aways goes back to breakcore. It's weird. So a few days ago, when we were all waiting in front of the school for the exams to start, there were two people I know who came over to talk about just random shit and about what we were about to experience. And so these two were both smoking, and basically straight into my face just to add to it. One of them made a comment about how the other one smoked more than them in the short period of time. And well they explained stress or whatever. Then one of them said "Well good thing knockton doesn't smoke" and I was like (in my head) "WELL YEAH, GOOD THING YOU'RE SMOKING IN MY FACE" yeah, it was weird. So I really just went "yeah good thing I don't smoke". And I won't ever smoke, anything, hopefully. Just to add, I also don't drink, yet, and I'll put it off as long as I can. I know that I can't escape that one forever. But smoking and drinking have a different weight of uhh, idk importance? dislike? idk what word I'm supposed to use here. I just hope you understand what I'm getting at. Yeha, so that was a funny little interaction I think. NEW TOPICCCC!!!! I was watching a movie yesterday, and well, it was an anime movie I'll admit. Anyway, back to the point, I am SUPER good at recognizing an artist of a song I have never heard before in my LIFE!!!! So there's this song artists called Eve, they are known for making some bangers and also amazing animation to just music videos, like just, the QUALITY IS AMAZING. Ok I'm getting carried away. Yeah so, the song started, I noticed nothing, then the very first word was uttered, I paused the movie and said "That's definetly Eve". I then proceeded to look up "Eve + moviename" and there you have it, the same song. Yeah, so just a little stupid skill I have gotten. Another time that happened was with a song artist called Myth & Roid. I play a rythme game, so I hear a lot of music genres n shit. I have to write my motivation letters for the universities I'm applying to here. Even though they are my fallback universities, since I want to study abroad (aka my home country). So I'm just going to write a SINGLE motivation letter, and send the exact same one to each university. They will never know. EZ. I have 10 days to do that... I'll do it tomorrow probably. Well write them at least. I'm going to be doing differential equations and integrals in maths next.. Should be cool. Yepp that's all I have on that lol. Well I hope it's cool. And if it's not, I'll study it and do exercises until it is cool (method used so far). Self psych-op. I think that's what it's called. Self Emotional Manipulation. YEAAAA that's more like it. Goddam passed 5555 characters in this entry already. And I still have a lot more I want to add... I won't add all of it in this entry though. I'll save some for next time hehe, you'll have to return for more. EH, I double anyone even reads all of my entries in their entirety, or at least not the LARGE ones. I would, I do it to the other LTEers, so I would do it to my own if I were not me. It's now 1:18am. Last thing I wanted to add because I found it funny. There's this person in my class who is very good at literary subjects. Like in history, geography, philosophy, and all that, they get realllly good grades. (Disclamer: I do not know any specific details, so I could be wrong, this is hearsay) And I remember them saying once how they are going for a Scientific route, while they are super good at literary and less good in Maths for example (don't quote meeeee). I don't actually know what they want to study later on. I think it's something medical related if I vaguely remember. It's funny, it's the person I like and I don't even know what they want to do later in life. Maybe it's just because it's fucking 1:24am and my brain is ewigwhghgqrwrqwqopqwc. I installed blender earlier, deleted the cube, panicked, closed the program. Oh man I really should wrap this up, it's getting loooonng. I will write more random stuff and facts and events MONDAY!!! not tomorrow, well actually yes tomorrow technically, because today is now Sunday... Uhhh, not today then. Tomorrow. Hahaaaa, words, they make stupid wibbly wobbly woobly shit sometimes. LIke making a stroke of wrods from having astrorek. fuck. Ok goooodnight everybody, and if I don't see you, goooooodlife everybody.

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