Entry 78: February 12th 2023

Well if it hasn't been 10 days already since my last entry. The first news I have is that I won't be able to add any php related things to this website. It turns out that you need a php server to use php and it doesn't just run on normal browser. It's backend code. And from what I know, neocities does not have any backend php server for users. Well, that's also because I did not check, but I'm 99% sure that that is the case. I did the spanish exam on Friday, it went pretty much as MEH as I expected it to. This week is the last week before the next holidays. Spring break? Winter break? Idk what we call this one. But everyone goes skiing during these holidays usually. Meanwhile I'll be studying for my exams that we have after the holidays. These are the real ones, not the mock ones. Ok I want to get back to the website I'm coding. The teacher gave us a deadline for when we have to present our websites to the class. It's either before or after the exams we have after the holidays, I'm guessing he will decide on if it's before or after, after the holidays. That's a lot of after words. Yeah so I got enough time. Never have I spent so much time coding something in one go. Well except maybe a QoL of a jupyter notebook. yesterday I spent a total of 5h30 coding a guest book feature. The first 2h were between 12pm and 2am. Then the other 3 and a half were between 4:30pm and 8pm. And I got it done. If you don't know what a guest book feature is, I'll explain it real quick. So if you go to other websites on neocities, you will notice that they have a guestbook. It's kind of just a comment section of little notes you leave after visiting a website with your name, contact details (optional) and then the note/comment you want to leave. Except from what I can tell all the guestbooks on neocities use third party websites (take the #1 website sadgirl for example), which would make sense if php is not useable on neocities. Well anyway, I wanted to code it all myself. So that's what I spent 5h30 doing. It wasn't all purely coding the feature. I'm new to php and stuff, so I was just slow at some things. I think I actually spent more time focusing on the style of the boxes then the actual functionality lmao. Eh, it's still cool. My project description also includes "chatbox". Soooo... I have to figure out how to do that. I'm thinking of making a login function, but I don't know what I will use to identify people. Username makes sense of course, but I want certain things. I guess that's just a problem for future me. Oh here's something that happend to me on Monday, so I was walking around the city, and guess what happened... Come one guess... Ok so, I don't know for how long, but I was walking around with my backpack open. Some skater shouted over to me to tell me about it (thanks person) so I closed it and went along with my day. Later that day when I was at home, I wanted to rewrite my history notes from one of my books because I forgot it one of the days. So I went to go get my pencil case, and guess what I found out... I didn't have my pencil case. I looked all around my room and came to the conclusion that it must have fallen out of my bag at some point when I was walking around with it open. The reason I never noticed is because I didn't walk back the same way I came. The even stupider thing is that I have no idea how my bag was just open. At no point I opened it since I left school that day. Just one of those things I Guess. Yeah so, no more pencil case. I got a new one the next day of course. But like, that was a 7yo pencil case ;-;. It served me well. I have signed up for an english proficiency test to prove that I am good at thy languidge nown az ingrish. Becuz u hav no idea if I reely can speek gud in persn oar if I am just gud at riting ingrish. Ok uhhh yeah, so I need to prove that I can actually speak good english and stuff even though I can. Well you don't know that for sure, you have only seen my writing. Ok back on topic, which was... I have no idea. Valentine's day is on Tuesday. You know what that means? It's going to have been 4 years since the death of NASA's Opportunity Mars rover. It truly is a sad time to have to remember. A rover that was only supposed to live an estimate of 90 days ended up going on for an extra 5124 days (don't quote me on the exact days), It's amazing. So that is what I will be remembering on Tuesday. Most people do relationship related stuff. Like asking their crush out, will I do that? No, because.. uhh, fear. yeah. The Maths snapchat group is very alive because we just started logarithms and well, debates happening I guess on the exercises we were given to do. They keep sending voice chats which is annoying because then you have to listen to them. It's a lot better if you do text chat when you are talking or explaining something because it makes it easier to refer to. Well I find at least. And it's also searchable. You can't use a search feature on audio. hhhhh ok do actually still need to do some stuff before I go to sleep later. So I am going to log off for this entry. HOpe you enjoyed even though it's meh I think. Oh yeah, I'm almost done my book that I'm reading. I need to find another book that I will read after this one. Ok yeah, farewell everybody, keep being potatoes and I am potatoer, knockton out.

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