Entry 73: January 14th 2023

So it has been a week, what a week it has been. It's currently 00:01 on the 14th, I just happened to decide to start writing at midnight by coincidence. And just to check my theory, when did mckenzie last update? 25 minutes ago haha. I'll read their entry in a bit. So this week, I have had my mock exams. yay. Well not really. My philosophy exam went horribly, 4 hours is not at all enough for me to write a philosophical dissertation in a language that is not my native language. I should have seen if I were eligible for amenities for my exam. I would have gotten an extra hour and a half if it were the case. But I'm already signed into the final exam, so it's too late. Yeah, so I only got around half to two thirds done. That's the first time I never fully finished an exam, so of course I was crying for the next like 2 hours, good thing my room has a lock. So that was Tuesday, then I had Maths on Thursday. Maths was not that hard, it turns out I'm better at Maths then I give myself credit for. I think I understand why my teacher gives us the most challenging exercises and tests he can without going outside of our actual skill level. There are methods to his madness which in return has made the exam seem simple. So that was pretty cool. Then yesterday morning, Friday, I had my Computer Science exam. Writing code on paper with a pen is more stressful then with a computer, because syntax. Anyway, we had 3h30 to do the exam, me and 2 others (people from the project) finished in 2h30. So that's pretty good. I should have looked over my paper a bit more though, I realised some really just dumb mistakes I made. But then again, they are not the kind of mistakes I would not have spotted if I didn't talk with my friend about how he did. Yeah, so that was my mock exam week. Now I have the real exams in March Yayyy... kinda. Oh and then even more in end of Juin. This reminds me, I have to apply to the schools I want to soon (before the 30th). I'm going abroad, out of this place. So, what else was I going to talk about? Well since I finished the exams, I now have to study for the tests I have next week lmao. It just never ends does it? I finished what I was assigned for the Computer Science project. I will ask in the morning what they think I should do next. Since I'm not too sure now. The grading system is good that I did, and it can be applied to values other then just weather values. I made it so that the function is universably usable as long as you know how it works. Yeah so that was pretty cool. You may be wondering if I told my friend about that thing about that series? I forgot what I said exactly in the last entry and I'm too tired to check, but you might know what I'm talking about. Yeah so I didn't tell them about it, because during the rest of that night and morning, I convinced myself that it was completely stupid what I was thinking. Hmm I think I will read mckenzie's entry now. HOOO, they know about the mrBeast worst intros/outros series. That's back when I discovered MrBeast. I can't measure how long ago that was thought, since he privated all of those videos. But yeah, they were pretty entertaining, I was pretty young so the fact that he was basically making fun of little kids didn't seem wrong to me. But I think it was still entertaining the types of stuff he would come up with to say. Like how Moist Critical always comes up with the most random and specific sentences that still manage to make complete sense most of the time. Ahh, good times. You know it's funny, during the philosophy exam this one specific like 20 seconds of a song kept playing in my head on repeat, and was playing even after the exam. It's crazy how it just kept going, well the lyrics to that part were literally "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" so I guess it makes sense. I wonder if that played a part in my performance? Probably not since I wasn't focusing on it, it was just there. What? You have voices in your head? Well I have music in my head. Schizophrenia-MusicEdition(tm). Haha it's funny, I once said "Alzeimers visual edition" in here too. Also when I wrote "once" right there, I corrected my typoe "wonse" with the exact same word 5 times before getting it right lmao. My brain weird at early time. Ok I have been typing for 27 minutes now. What time does that mean it is kids? "IT'S PIKACHU!!!". That's right, it's 00:28!!! FUUUUUUCK!! How many sticks of glue could you fit into your mouth (going cheek to cheek) in class until the teacher would stop talking and just look at you? I'd say... 5 sticks. But then again, it depends on the size of the stick. If it's a big stick, 1 or 2 max. If they are normal small sticks, like 5 probably. I just find it funny thinking about having one stick sticking out of your mouth. You know like how you would stick an orange piece to replace your teeth? Well in this case the GLUE becomes your teeth hahaha. I need help. Ok I have a theory as to the use of "~" when you mean "around". So if at all you are familiar with the cos function in maths (if you're not, look up "cos graph" on google) you would know that cos(x) has a maximum of 1 and a minimum of -1 in which the center is 0. When thinking about limits I thought of this. So that would mean that it is going 1 around the center value (+1 or -1). So when you say ~15, it means around 15 becaaaause, cos(x) + 15, has the value go between 14 and 16, so a distance of 1 around 15. So ~15 is [14;16]. Then again, in the general use of "~", it would not be fixed to 1 since it just means "around" or "roughly". I have not verified any of this, and I do not plan to right now. But it makes sense doesn't it? I'm right, right? LEEEFT!!!! Heheh, deception is my forte. Not to say that I am, but you never know. Lets see, anything else of significance to write about? I hit my brother with an apple... But that's not very significante. I just thought it was funny (he's a bully and he had it coming). Mmm I spent a good 10 minutes thinking on how to reply to a person I like's message because I didn't know how to phrase something in this language that doesn't sound like shit. In the end, they just liked my reply, so I guess I should have thought for longer then 10 minutes. I wanted to talk to them more (obviously) but just sending another message after that seemed weird, so I left it at that. Better luck next time I guess. Shiiii it's been 41 minutes now. I got up at 6am today. I need sleep. I got up literally uhh 19 hours ago. I'm surprised I'm still even able to touch type without making a billion little mistakes in my typing. Well I mean, I probably am but I am just not aware enough to know that I am making these mistakes. Tumblr seems interesting. I created an account a couple of days ago. I'm not sure if I will stick around on the platform at all. But I at least want to see what's up. It's a platform without an algorithm, and I like that idea you see? So far I have not encountered hardcore furry porn, or any porn at all. So all is good. I feel like I keep adding useless commas to my sentences, it's not like I can detect it correct, but it's just like that. Deal with my crappy English Grammar.. I think commas is Grammar right? or is it Authography? Well you know what I mean. Alright this has been a big enough entry already. I think it's time that I call it a night and go and sleeeeeeps, I mus slep for I am tire. Good Night fellow potatoes. ~[[17:00]] Hello it's me again, it's the same day so I put the same date marker, just so you know that, since I updated at like 1 am last night. Anyway, I'm here again. It be 5pm now. So 16 hours since my last entry (This and the midnight entry are considered 1 entry though). I have done some productive stuff today. Like maths homework, study geography for my test, Look at my Spanish homework and decide I'll do it tomorrow. You know, the usual productive knockton. I also wanted to watch some of my series, I finished the first season yesterday and want to start watching the second season. But apparently there is something I have to watch before that? It's annoying when they release seasons and episodes in non chronological order. But it's all good, I got the order right. But I haven't been able to start watching it yet since the website HAS BEEN DOWN FOR THE PAST 5 HOURS!!!!! Tomorrow, or this evening, I will be organizing information I need to send to apply to the colleges. Because a lot of it, I have no idea what it is. And my mom had gone to one of those colleges before, so she should be able to help. Here's something kind of funny I thought of earlier: So there's this breakcore artist called "GoreShit", and they make pretty ok breakcore. And I was thinking about how someone would say that they like that artist when they are asked. Something along the lines of "So what do you like?" "Oh I like GoreShit", and the other person has no idea what that is and assumes they like gore. It's such a simple stupid scenario which makes me find it funny. They get like the "D:" worried face hahaha. I have started to like listening to long ass youtube videos that just have loads of songs in it... Oh those are just called playlists.. But still, video playlists. It's cool, because they aren't randomly chucked together videos in a plyalist mix, it's just someone who properly edited a video and grouped loads of songs together that are kind of related together. Yeah, so I often just have those things playing in the background of whatever I am doing, like right now I have a 1h36 video playing. You may have noticed that since New Yeah I have not been updating a lot here. Simple explanation: 1. busy 2. This is already the Longest Text Ever (in the hub at least), so I don't feel the need to rush adding more to this. I still do it anyway because it is fun. And I like typing. Yeah that is one of the reasons I started this too, I'm not sure if I have said this before. But I just like typing. So here is a big ass text where I am just typing loads of text. It's a win win situation, where I get to type so much and get faster at typing, and you get to read random information that I throw at you right here that you either do or don't find interesting. I don't care in the end, I'M TYPING WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Ok what's next? I have no idea. I wonder if I will include this sub entry in the word count to my entire day's entry. Since I am updating this 16 hours after that past one, which I still did today technically. You see this is because each time I make an entry I post an image in my Instagram Story with the amount of words I wrote today. I make sure that the image is kind of blurred because I don't want people that don't know the link to this to know wtf I am saying. That would make it non anonymous. My power is on 20% now. I wonder for how long I will keep doing this until I plug it in.. Maybe until it dies, who knows? Only I will because you won't know when my computer dies hahhaha. You wouldn't know. Hmmm that makes me think. If ever I just randomly stop writing here, after 6 months of silence, it's safe to assume I have died in a freak candle related accident. UNLESS, I explicitly say that I have stopped writing here. You have now been warned. DJ SHARPNEL makes some pretty coom music. I only like 5 of their songs I think, but they are still bangers. Then again, I have not listened to all of their music. So I think it's better to say that I CURRENTLY only like 5 of their songs. You see, that makes more sense right? Since I haven't listened to all of their songs. Mmmhmm! Haha, "mhm" but with an exclamation point. So I am forcibly making a very loud and strong MMMMHMMMM!!! :catJAM:. Website is still down WAAAAAAA, I can't watch entertaining things. I guess I just have to be more productive, like writing here for example. That is productive. This week I should add more to the archive. I will be at my big PC so it will be more convenient then doing it on my little laptop like this. Well it's not that little of a laptop, but still. There is a noticable difference to me. Yesterday I wanted to change my mincraft username to "GateOpenerz" and for some reason, they won't let me. They have detected it as containing offensive language, and honestly, I do not see it. It does not at all make sense. I have how they have become so much more sensitive to language. It will remain a mystery. I have contacted minecraft support about it, but I don't know if they will be of any help. All I really want is for them to confirm that there is nothing wrong with the username lol. Oh yeah, twitter now has a "following" and "for you" feed separation. So it is starting to resemble tiktok a bit. They have already implimented the tiktok short video scrolling thing. No matter what video it is, on mobile when you swipe up, it sends you to another video. I can't remember if it is another video on your feed or just a random video. But it is what it is. IT IS WHAT IT IS!!! haha, that funny. What is what it is? it is what it is. I can't wait until I go to college. I think it will be fun, learning EXACTLY what I want to be learning, instead of having all these other subjects thrown on me at the same time. PLUS, I will be learning in the language I want. The downside is that I won't see my friends anymore except for on holidays when I come back here, I might see them or not. Won't be for new year though, that's for sure. Cuz planes and stuff you know? But yeah, pretty cool. Now I just have to do alright on my final exams. Excluding philosophy and spanish, I think I will do pretty good. Giving how I performed on the computer science and maths mock exams, I think it's pretty much in the bag. Well then there's my big ass oral I have to prepare. But that's a problem for future me. Oh no, My Battery Is Low, and It’s Getting Dark. SUP! It's been 5 hours since that, and guess what? I'm back hahaha. I feel like writing some more today, so that's what I'm doing. This might end up being my longest entry ever. The longest one so far was over 3k words long and at like, the very beginning of the LTE. I'm not sure if I will get that far actually. But I might, who knows? Yeah so, I charged my laptop of course, otherwise I would not be here typing. Well I mean I could, I could just have it plugged in and typing at the same time. But I did not feel like doing that, so I waited. And it did not take 5 hours to charge of course, It's not like I have a 20 year old laptop.. OR DO I? *vsauce music plays*. Hhh whenever there is an english test my class group chat just talks about what it is on for a while. I remember last time, we were having an essay to write in class, and at the weekend, I think like 4 of my class mates were talking about it for 5 hours in the group chat. Like come on, it's just ingrish. It cant bee that hard. Ok the teacher wrote "essay" on the homework website and they don't know what it is exactly. One of them said "dissertation" which I mean, they are not far off. I confirmed it meant essay thought, just so that they know wtf is happening lmao. I've been learning about this thing called "openCV" in python, so I've been watching this 3 hour course on it. It's pretty cool, it deals with images and videos. So I can do stuff like live color detection and delimitation, like adding a rectangle box around a yellow object. It doesn't work very well when using my webcam though. My webcam seems to compress video a lot, so there are many little green artifacts and stuff. So when it tries to detect green or yellow or whatever, it detects a load of shit around. Either that or I'm just not experienced enough to filter out all that stuff. Eh, give it time. Other good news: that website is back up \o/. It was down for like 6 hours or something. So I got to watch the first episode of season 2, or it was the second episode? Like I said, weird order of shit. But still, pretty cool. Isn't it crazy how 2018 was 5 years ago? and 2016 was 7 years ago? I still personally think that 2016 was one of the best years. Everything seemed fun and simple and just, better. That's also the year I went to America for the first time. Amazing time that was. Shiit I was 11 back then? no fucking way. Why time pass? Because, uhh, Einstein. That is the best explanation I have to this. If time is relative, then why can't it move slower for me? It's sad. Welp, I guess I will just have to accept that adult responsibility is right around the corner. Haha someone said in the group chat "what's the essay on?" and just no one replied, not even me. It's a stupid question, it's on what we were doing in english class obviously. They always ask questions like that. I'm not saying they are stupid, just, they often ask questions like that. In the maths group chat too, since they are in my maths class aswell. Ok so you know how when people are stressed they tend to do like movements or something. Like bouncing their let up and down when sitting down. Something I noticed I have, is that when I am stressed I kinda tap my fingers to the beat of a song I think of in my head. Or just not to a song at all, I just tap them in some sort of rythm. Whenever my friend sees me do it they just assume I'm so addicted to a rythm game that I tap my fingers in class too. But no, it is not the truth. But it cool, because rythm, rythm is cool. Shit am I even spelling rythm correctly? It's such a hard word to spell, I misspelled it for so long before. Let me check. I GOT IT RIGHT WOOOOO! I can spell English word, mission complete hahaha. So, I checked and my longest entry was on 03/06/2022 at 3095 words, and well this entry has already beaten that count. I am at ~3400 words in this entry (that's including the midnight entry, which is considered the same day entry). Maybe I will think of some sort of different delimiter for when I add more to an entry in another day. That way you know whenever I stop and start an entry again in one day. The delimiter won't have a time stamp though. It will just be a double pipeline for example, highlighted in light green or pink or red or blue. Idk man, I'm just brainstorming out loud, or out writing, because I'm writing not talking. Eh who cares. I'll come up with something. I already have a system for detecting regex, I just have to change the color from pink to something else and change the regex to date format to something else. Easy. Oh and fun fact, it only detects dates that are around square brackets. That way I can write normal dates without it detecting them.. I think. Ok I am not longer sure about the code I wrote and it might not work that way. Well I guess you will know when I add this to the website. Since one of the dates will not be highlighted (the date to the previous longest entry). I'm sure you find these long ass entries super hard to read and keep track of where you are, so I will do you a favor and stop writing for today. That way you can read less of the nonesense that is to shoot throught my brain within the next 3 hours of me being awake. So on that note, have a nice night, and goodnight fellow potatoer.

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