Entry 20: August 15th 2022

Guess who's back, it's me, the LTE writter. It's still the same day, but it's late at night now. I saw my uncle today, he flew over from where he lives to come see us here for a few days. So that was pretty cool. And tomorrow I'm going to the river heheheh, That will be fun. I will be able to do snorkel things and stuff. And I will be able to skip rocks to the other side to the point where I'm about to dislocate my shoulder (yeah I throw them way too strong with way too much force, but it does the trick). Yeah so, if I end up getting a crazy arm injury, I will have to tell people that it was simple because "I was skipping rocks too hard at the river" hahah. But let's still hope that doesn't happen haha. I like me arm the way it is. Not injured. It's getting worryingly close to school again. Summer just flew by and now I am going to have to go back to enduring the horrors of school. The only upsides is the computer classes and the maths classes, computers because they are fun and we mess around, and maths because that's what I am good at. That's always an upside to this. So I might start off today with kinda sad stuff (slightly talked about it on 5/8/2022). If you have read previously what I have written, you might remember the birthday gift I got for my friend's 18th birthday. If you don't remember this, you can just search "birthday" and you will find it, since I've only written it once prior to right now. Anyway, so we have been friends for 11 years, best friends in fact. They are my best friend, or were, idk, but I'll talk about that in a sec. So on vacation I happened to be around where they live (like an hour away I think). And I was there for two weeks. My whole plan was of course to go to their birthday party and give them their present. I was there a few months prior too. And we had talked about their birthday party, and how we would have so much fun. Now for the first time in 11 years I am close and have the chance to actually attend their birthday party (for the second time ever). And I was looking forward to it, to give them the gift, and to celebrate them turning 18 finally. Because like, it's an important milestone in someone's life. So they knew that I was around of course. As I told them, and they knew anyway (obvious social media and stuff). And so their birthday passed, I wished them a happy birthday over instagram as you do. Then they sent out invites to everyone to go to the party that would take place a few days later. And this is the part that really crushed me (i know it sounds stupid when I say it like that). So, I wasn't invited, which was such a surprise to me. So I waited thinking they would invite me later, like the day before. And no. I thought that maybe they forgot or something. But there's no way that they would have just forgotten to invite me to their party, one of their longest friends who is actually finally able to attend for the first time in a decade. Then I though maybe it was just for family, but social media said otherwise. So, there we are. I just was so sad from this. Like I really cried a lot. It sucked. I don't think I have felt like that before. Now you may be thinking "It's stupid to cry because you weren't invited to a birthday party" and yes, you are right. But it's less about that party part, and more just because I felt like they disliked me, enough to just forget about that, and think they shouldn't invite me. It still makes me sad when I think about it now. I have thought about asking them about it. But I shouldn't, I'm not entitled to anything after all. They don't owe me anything. So I just think it would be rude to ask "why didn't you invite me to your party?", it's just not something you say. And sounds like entitlment even asking. And I don't want to sound like that, because that's not how I feel. So, I haven't spoken to them over text since. And I don't know what to say if I do. Because I just get the feeling that they don't want to be friends with me. But I don't know that for sure. So I'm just going to leave it alone, and avoid making anything worse. Even though that alone will probably make stuff worse. But it's better then going asking questions to them. So we didn't meet up in the two weeks I was there. And I didn't give them the gift I bought at the festival. It's just sitting in my grandmother's house now. Yeah, so that's what I've been thinking about for the past few weeks. ANYWAY, that's a sad story in the life of the person you don't know who is writting this, except the people who probably recognize the events in this LTE and have realized who is writing this. But that is unlikely since not many people really know about the LTEs. Oh yeah, I find it kind of interesting how when we talk about something being a certain distance from you, like "oh yeah that city is only 2 hours away". 2 hours could mean anything, by plane, by foot, by bike, by car. But generally, it is by car. Since almost everyone has one. So, instead of saying "that place is 200 kilometers away" we say "that place is 2 hours away". Since there's usually an average speed when you drive. So that's also how car GPS' work. Except they use the speed you are currently rolling at to make the prediction a lot more accurate. Ok well, that is all that I will be righting for now, I will see you all next time, probably today still. I'm not sure.

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