Entry 19: August 14th 2022

Hello it's me again. Once again, I haven't been updating anyone on anything, but that's fine. I'm enjoying my holidays. Right now I am looking through my old hard drive where I backed up stuff before my last laptop fried. There are so many cool and funny things in it that I forgot about. I'm glad I still have them. Funny screenshots of my and my friends in video calls. Those were some good times. We look goofy with weird outifits one lol. IT's still roasting here for course too. So I go out to the beach and river quite often. And my room gets to stay at a steady 33C. Pretty cool. I've also been playing a lot more minecraft surprisingly. I always end up having long breaks and then come back to it and just nolife a project and play with my friends lol. And that's fine, since I probably will not be able to do that as much in the future with school and college etc. I'm still curious as to what's up with the hermnerp writers. I haven't read it all of course. So I can't tell if there's anything in the text that will help me find out what's up. It will soon be 13 years since their last entry. I know they mean absolutely nothing to me personally. But still, they made something cool, and then just stopped it. Obviously because they grew up n stuff. So yeah. I don't really know what else to say on that. Maybe I'll get their attention when I finish this one.

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