Entry 12: June 18th 2022

Hello, it's me. I'm back. You don't know how long it's been. But I do, and you will never know. So I just spent a while doing absolutely nothing. I'm so productive haha. I was just watching youtube and opening some windows in the house because it's getting cooler during the night again. Last night it was 28C outside AND inside. It was so hot. And then there's my room which is just always hotter than it should be. I haven't done anymore of my four fours. I'll work on the 11 rn, gimme a few minutes. Ok I got it, idk how it took me this long to find this one. But here it is: (4! + 4! - 4)/4 = 11. Simple right?. Anyway. That was annoying to think of. I'm pretty sure I found that one in no time when I first played this game a few years ago. Oh, I tried emailing the people who wrote hermnerp today. I triend the rex email and the hermnerp one. Both emails were mentioned in the LTE in 2004. So they are over 18yo. Anyway, I sent an email commenting on their LTE. And the email is no longer in use. Which I shouldn't have been surprised about. But it's also a little sad. the last time they updated their LTE was over a decade ago. 13 years to be exact. I wonder what they are doing now. I always wonder with things like that. there's no way to know. They mention no other way of contacting them in the text. Well from what I read at least. I guess it will just forever remain a mystery in the history of the Longest Texts Ever. And if one of you from hermnerp are reading this, Well done, you have inspired me. And I am now writing this long text thanks to you. Alright, this is LTE person, signing out for the night. Ok I have now watched that movie I wanted to watch. Now I have nothing left to watch. I guess there's nothing left to do except for to study. But that's annoying. But I still have to do it. I have a better strategy on how to do it now compared to when I studied for it for my mock exam. That was a disaster even though I was lucky with the subject I landed on. But still. I can't leave it up to chance that I land on something that I am comfortable with. I have to study. yes. Ok I am going to go do that now. I will return when the time is right. I have returned. It is now 21:57. I did studying. Not as much as I should hvae to be honest. I'm working on it though. This specific thing I was studying is the most annoying thing of the things I have to study. Yeah so I have aslo made it up to number 30 in the four fours. I'm having some difficulty doing number 31. I keep on thinking of a good formula but every time I end up needing an extra four. It's a little annoying. But it's ok, I'll figure it out. I learned how to scrape websites with python today. The issue is that if the website is protected with cloudflare, it can't make it to the page you wan't because you send a request to the page that checks your browser before letting you into the website. And from what I know there is no way around that. I will have tto find another way to scrape websites for images. Manually. I don't want to use premade programs. I want to make it myself in python. There's probably another method of scraping I can use to figure this out. I'll look into it more tomorrow. It's something to do with the request. So maybe I will use something other than requests. As in the module requests. Moving on. You know it's funny, during the winter we want it to get hotter. Because It's so cold. But then when it becomes summer it's so hot you want toe cold to come back. Spring isn't that good really because it's still pretty cold. And summer is so hot you just want the cold again. This is why I think that the optimal season is autumn. The sea and the ocean is still kinda warm since it cools down much slower than land. So during the spring or beginning of summer the sea is still pretty cold from the winter. So in autumn it's still warm since summer had just passed. And another cool thing about this is that it's cooler in the air. So it's not too cold in autumn and also not too hot. It's the optimal season for living in. If only you could just always live in that season. If there were four hemispheres where when it's winter somewhere, it's spring, summer and autumn in 3 other places. But we don't live in that world. we live in a world where it's only the oposite of the current season. So I guess you could manage to always be in either summer and autumn, because in your home country, when it's winter, just go to the other hemisphere. Then it will be summer, stay there until autumn ends, then head back to your home country, and be there during summer till autumn, and then switch again when autumn ends. It's a pretty fail proof plan if I do say so myself. Now if only I had the money to do this consistently. That would make this very easy. But it is not because I am not even of mature age. WE KICKED A KID, UNITED, WE KICKED A KID, UNITED, WE KICKED A KID, UNITED, WE KICKED A KID, UNITED. Absolute banger. I am banging my head against the wall to this jam. This is my jam.

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