Entry 11: June 17th 2022

I'm back. I've been gone a few days because I had an exam to study for. I only have one left at the beginning of July. Now I'm just gonna be writing as usual. Oh I started watching another of those movies I was planning on watching. Finally lol. It's about time. I can relax a bit now. Do random stuff that I want to and talk about random stuff I want to. But I'm still going to have to keep studying for the other exam. But I am of course not going to be doing this all the time. So yes. That. Anyway. hahah. small phrases. dot. dot. dot. this. do. dododod. hehehhe. It's soooo hot now. My room is almost always over 30C, and outside it's currently 39C. It's crazy. It was 37C during my exaam, it was soo hot and annoying. Imagine needing to write a whole essay in the hot. It's annoying to think in that heat. The internet is a wild place. People go crazy over the littlest things. Like people are now going crazy over dream's hair just because he showed it in one of his snapchat stories. So they are saying stuff like how they won't survive his face reaveal. Like come on, it's just a face reveal. People invest themselves too much into influencers. It's not healthy. I got nothing against dream, I liked his videos since he started, but what makes most people not like dream, simply is his followers. It's like a cult, literally. It's culty. If that's even a word you can say. idk if culty is a word lol. That's basically what I'm saying. You can just add a Y at the end of mos things and make it seem like something weird. Or something that resembles the word in question. Computery, Telephony, fiery, windy, oooooooh wait. Now that I think of it, that is just how basic grammar works. I'm stupid lollll. Ok I think it's about time I stop writing here while I'm watching something at the same time, I'm not thinking straight. I finished that movie. It was alright. The ending was kind of sudden. Like there wasn't a big drawn out thing. Just somebody's plan went wrong and there we go, credits rolling while they are walking back from where they were. But it was ok, it reminded me of the style of another movie studio. It was pretty similar in style and aesthetic. Anyway, I've been playing this game that my friend told me about a few years ago. It's called four fours. Where you have to make all the numbers from 1 to 100 by only using four fours for each number. So for every number you HAVE to use four fours in whatever way you want. For 1 I did (4+4)/(4+4). And then for the likes of 4 i did (4!)-4*4-4. Sure I maybe overcomplicated it but oh well. Now I am a little stuck on 11. But I'll get there soon. I'm not thinking about how to do it right now obviously because I am typing right here. This morning I was woken up by my dream, it was odd and sad. I was dreaming about becoming good friends again with someone in which I accidentally ruined our friendship. And I think about how I ruined it very often. It haunts me quite literally the guilt. I have thought about writing an apology to the person. But I just don't want to come off as justifying what I did wrong, and making the whole thing worse. All I want is to be friends with them agian, and I know that will proably never happen. I'm sad about it just by writing this. So I will not get in to it anymore. It's just sad waking up from a dream where you are comfortable with someone you like, and you wake up to it not being true. This has happend before. I'm just lonely I guess. Anyway... So I'm basically on summer holidays now. I have nothing to do except my exam at the beginning of next month. Them I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEE. hehe, you know that video of a guy runing through a room yelling "I"M FREEEE" in the weirdest voice. Yeha that's how I imagined that. hehe. So, now, what. I don't know what to talk about. But I still have sooooo much I could talk about right now. It's weird how you think that. Well how that happens. It's still so hot here. I am sweating so much without doing anything that is straining. I might watch another movie tomorrow. But I also have to start studying again tomorrow. I will study again, and I will also watch a movie. I will watch it in the evening. I also have to get a gift for my dad since it is father's day on sunday. So I have to think about what to get him but I don't know what I should get him. I don't know what he wants. The most meaningful thing I got him was a record at christmas that he had been trying to get for over a decade, probably longer. And now I just don't know what I could get him.

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