Entry 10: June 11th 2022

It's 22:41 rn. I didn't do much today. But it was hot af. It's hotter outside than inside. Like even in the evenings, it's not that much cooler outside that it is inside. It's just a very small difference. And then during the day, it's cooler inside than outside. But not for long. Eventually it evens out and just everything is roasting. I am definetly going to live in a country more north when I am old enough to move out. There is no way I'm staying here with all this climat change. I can't stand the heat. It just gets hotter every year. And then there's the periods of summer where it's basically just as hot during the night as it is during the day. It's gross. I have to print out the paper I need to bring with me to the exam on thursday. But I have been procrastinating it for the past like 4 days. This is the last thing I should be delaying lol. But don't worry. I'm going to print it out tomorrow. I'm not THAT iresponsible (I don't think I spelt that right lmao). I think I've caught a cold, again. Well it's not that bad. But I got a runny nose and I feel like shit. Maybe it's just the hayfever acting up. I'm sure I'll be fine for the exam. God I hope it's not super hot on the day of the exam. When I did the mock it was febuary, so it was cool and alright. But if it's roasting in that class room, when I have a four hour exam where I have to concentrate well on reading. It is not going to end well. Please I hope it either rains or is windy or is just not hot at all. Like lots and lots of clouds. That would be great haha. I just checked, the weather forcast is 36C during the time periode where I will have my exam. Just great. It's 23C now and I'm already sweating. This is not going to end well at all. Anyway, this is me, LTE person logging out for the night.

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