Entry 7: June 8th 2022

T'is I on the 8th of june day. Well, yeah, school = less writing here. But that's to be expected. I get off school next week anyway. And I'll just have exams left. So it should be fine. Anyway... I think I have a theory to what a deja-vue is. Ok so hear me out. What if, at all moments of the day, or when we daydream, or when we dream full stop. Our brain is thinking of different possibilities that can happen in the future. A weird example is when Dr.Strange used the time stone on Thanos' world. So your brain thinks of different things that could happen in the future. So whenever you have a deja-vue, it's not just a weird brain fart, it's your brain realizing that one of the possible events that it thought of actually happened. That's why the deja-vue seems so real. Because you imagined it to be real. So it makes you really think that you were there in that exact moment before. So basically, brain can time travel, when thing happens, brain happy, brain make you confused. There you go for all you people that don't know how to not read cave man. It turns out that I am not allowed to use a rubber pen when I am doing my written exam. This is because the machine they use to numerize all the copies risks erasing the inc (the inc is plastic/rubber and heat makes it vanish). So that means that I have to go buy some ballpoint pens on the weekend before I do my exam during the week. This is especially annoying because I don't like ballpoint pens and I never use them. So I am not at all used to them and my hand writing will probably be absolute crap. I know this is a supid thing to complain about. But it is what it is.

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