Entry 2: June 3rd 2022

I'm just after spending about 40 minutes trying to get a website to work on the school computers. But their whole thing is dumb, even the main windows search bar that pops up when you press the windows button doesn't work, nothing pops up when you press the windows button. And then, whatever web blocks they have on, it's not even letting basic buttons in websites work, they block loads of random stuff. I'm pretty sure that they also haven not updated their windows in a while, so there's this app called wappx that keeps running in the task manager and is taking up so much ram and processing power. Ok after looking at the specs of the pc, they do only have 4gb of ram and an intel pentium processer. So ofc you wouldn't expect that much from it. It's funny that this is still line one of my text. I haven't pressed enter. That's just because I'm writing it in notepad though, so it is very punctual on the lines, but I have word wrap on so it looks normal and goes to the next line automatically when it reaches the other end. The librarians here now have survailance software on all the computers. I remember when they added them to my secondary school at first, it was during my last year. The program is called VeyonMaster, and there's no way to turn it off as far as I know. I remember trying to find ways to bypass it, but that was a dead end. I don't mind really. I know why they have them. But what I find funny is that the guy now is watching my screen with a massive wall of text covering it completely. It would be cool if I could but notepad in fullscreen, that way the text would really cover my whole screen. But I can't for some reason, so that sucks. Hmm what else do I want to talk about while I wait for my maths class to start. Oh yeah, SPEEDCORE. I like some speedcore music, it really is a select kind. Because something that's ususally always in speedcore, is this one type of sound that just sounds like a chaur squeaking over and over again, and I really do find that irritating. It adds no character to it I find. When there are other songs where it's more like just very fast drums, and it's done it such a way that it sounds cool, with the rhythme. It kind of reminds me of breakcore when I think of it, it's just lots of drums over and over, it's pretty interesting. And I love it sooooo much. But there aren't many artists that I like, well that I know of, I only know a couple, and it's these ones I like. Igorr and GoreShit, pretty cool stuff. O'er the flood and pavor nocturnus are my favorite breakcore songs. Then there is another one but I always forget it's name so I just have to live with remembering it in my head. It's a breakcore version or cover of a violin song, and it just soudns pretty cool. Woww I realy like things that are cool. haha, this is dum, I stillll don't know why I am writing this wall of text, but here I am, and it's already over 1000 words long, maybe near 2k now. Idk I haven't checked. All that I know is that there is now a scroll bar for looking at the text, that's how big it is, but of course this also depends on the screen size, so if you're one of the crazy people with the vertical monitors, this might not apply to you. infact, I wonder if you'll be able to fit the whole text wall on your screen at once. I guess I'll just have to make sure You don't hehehe. I should learn more about artists, not like song artists and dance artists, obviously I mean visual artists. Like painters and drawers and sculpters. All that crack. I want to be more educated on their styles, mostly to have the skill of recognizing the artist of a piece just by the piece or the style of it, since there's this new thing called DALL-E 2. And I've seen people use artist names in it, and it looks so cool and accurate. So it would be a very useful skill to find out what artist name people used to generated their images with. I wonder if there is an artist tha makes very cool LEGO, this seems like a useless question, of course there is. But in what way, do they make Images with lego, like when people make pixel art, or do they make massive scupltures. It's quite incredible what you can do with them. It is truly limitless, You just have to make sure you are younger than 100 years old, otherwise jail time >:). I remember when I was small my dad would build stuff out of lego for me and my sibling. He would make big planes, and cars, his creativity was better than mine even is now. He never used instructions, it was pretty impressive. And you know, like all children with something that can be broken, we threw the planes to see if they would fly, well, the pieces sure did go flying that's for sure. WE still have this massive box of lots of lego in our house. It isn't only filled with lego though, it is mixed with lots of other little toys now, we aren't very organized, and we should really organize it sometimes, but they it's cleaning it all up after that makes the whole thing unmotivating, because like I said, BIG BOX. Heavy to carry. I still have 30 minutes to kill. I wish I had my own keyboard here. It's so weird writing on the FLAT membrane keyboard in school. The little legs at the back are broken off, well one of them are, and I'm not used to writing on a flat laying keyboard, it feels uncomfortable. lol I'm looking back at the librarian's computer screen, and of the 3 currently turned on computers, one of them is filled with a wall of text. I am truly confident I could make this one of the LTE. I have only spend roughly 1h45 working on it in total so far. If I write on this for at least an hour a day, I could get soooooo much done. and it will become MASSSIVE. hehehehe, But I don't think I will beat the current LTE holder, you know, that one guy with the one website that is in black and green. I wonder how old it is, I can't see any dates anywhere in it, well I didn't really go searching for one properly, so I could be making a complete fool out of myself right now. But still, my point still stands. already 12159 characters, I am absolutely flying through this. I quite enjoy this too, It's fun just talking out random thoughts and what is going through your head. I wonder if it makes you think I am insane or something, after reading all that and now realizing that it is what I think about. I have thought abuot weirder things. Like, if you have an electrical charge in you, if you stuck a CPU in your hand, with the pins, would you become a super computer? it would be amazing, I might try that one day tbh. And I will document my steps for anyone else who wants to become a supercomputer hand human. hehee, we will become one, evolution. It's termanator all ovr again. Also, since I can't access the website I need here, I need to upload this to my school file storage so that I don't lose all of this progress. Another funny thing about writing this in school, is that if you have actually read any of this, you will see missing letters from words, once again, this is because of the membrane keyboard. Damn membrane keyboards, I use membrane to repaire my elytra, I don't want to type on it. Ok I'm going to write a bit more just until the text I wrote last night is no longer in view, yes, that's how much I have written here. I write a lot, and touch typing helps so much. I love typing, it's fun. It's a very cool skill to type without looking at the keyboard, I infacat want to learn a more efficient keyboard layout but I am afraid that it will completely throw me off and I will not be able to type at all when I am at school since their keyboards default to qwerty. IT IS WHAT IT IS, it is what it is. Either way, I don't even know how I would chose what keyboad layout to use, there are so many, like dvorak and coleman or something like that. Anyway, this is textwall dude signing out. See you next time. Here we go agian, I am home, well I have been for a while, so I don't even know why I am saying I am home now. Hmm, anyway. MY ROOM IS STILL HOT, this is ridiculous. I am so annoyed. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the most uninteresting things anyone has ever read, if you read this, well... fair play to you. You wasted time lol. WE KICKED A KID, UNITED, WE KICKED A KID, UNITED, WE KICKED A KIT, UNITED, WE KICKED A KID, UNITED. hehehe that's a banger song, the song name is UNITED by the way. My head go back and forth when listening hehehe. What was I even talking about before? OH yes, keyboards. I am now writing on the comfortable keyboard, aka: not membrane. It feels a lot better and I can also write faster, which is more comfortable. AND, it lights up, but just my laptop one, my actual keyboard doesn't. "Why?" you may ask, well, simply because I have no reason to have it light up. I can touch type, I don't need to see the keys when I am here infront of my screen at ungodly hourse of the night. That is the benifit. Also this one looks very cool. It's simplistic yet cool looking. hehehe. Why am I talking about keybaords? Idk how I even started that in the first place. Anyway, I'm gonna go watch TV. See you in... one hour, fifty two minutes and thirteen seconds. Ok, I'm back a bit earlier than expected. I made it half way through the movies I was watching. It was pretty interesting because there were characters from other movies that were made by that studio, but they weren't at all a big part of the story, they were just in a little conversation in a scene. Pretty cool stuff. I like it when there's that kind of thing in movies. Like they are there, but it's not at all a major thing, kind of like an easter egg. I'll watch the rest later on. In the meantime, let's talk about chad. So as we all know, chad is that one dude that loves monster energy drink and is a dirt biker. He's that guy that would YOLO anything. He is super extroverted, and get's all the girls. He's often known as that one dude in the parties that drinks a lot. The name Chad, it's pretty interesting, that that whole name has a meaning now. Like in recent times, the so called GIGACHAD, which is this absolutely unit of a man. He got that jaw line, he got that 8 pack, he's sexy, he's just, well, gigachad. It is the meme of the time. If you are cool, or if you are doing something unusual that is also good for you, you are a gigachad. Thus depicted by that one video of the guy in different positions showing off his hot, muscular body. This gigachad was not only used in this sens though, he used to be used in the SIGMA MALE GRINDSET meme. This is the meme where people would set an unusual life rule that you should go by, along with the rule number, the chad, and that "drive forever" music. It is a perfect combination for what the rule is. People would set random rule numbers, like "sigma rule 727: do not allow yourself to see it, make it see you" which is a terrible example, but I aint good that this, so gnegnegne stop your whining. I definetly am not writing this like all of the other people who have written LTEs that are on whiletrue's website. Or maybe I am. Who knows... Probably you... Yeah I'm pretty sure you know lol. My neighbours are making noise lol. They moved in just over a year ago now. They have gotten into big arguments sometimes. Like you can hear them clearly even with the windows closed. My room just happens to be right next to the alley that their house is in. Like there's just a row of connected houses, and theirs has a courtyard next to theirs, well my room is connected to the courtyard, we share a wall. So I hear a lot. I can also smell the weed they smoke lol. It's not often they do it, but they do infact do it. Talking about that, in my local tabac, they now have like a whole section to selling weed. It's legal now I guess? or just to a certain amount, and by certain companies that the government knows meet health requirements. I can't think of another reason. But then again, that ain't gonna stop people from selling it illegaly. They are weird like that sometimes (I am talking about the government). It's funny, I'm just sitting here in my room, infront of my laptop, writing random thoughts that come to my head. I still don't completely know why I am doing this. I have thought about it before, and I guess now I actually started it. yay on me for actually doing something. I found a cool game to play while going in different classes in school. There must have been this one kid with a nerf gun just shooting around different classes. The nerf darts probably had either glue or thumb tacks glued to them. Because these bullets were on the ceilings of the class rooms and high up on the walls. My friend saw when I first noticed them. We were in history class, I was there not really paying attention, and boom, I see a dart. You can hear me making that one sound where you breath in loudly (it wasn't loud enough for the teacher to hear). And I just pointed at the dart. My friend looked up and started laughing as I was also. Ah, good times. I'll probably tell more stories of things like this. Like that one time, I was just in the yard talking with my friends, and someone I knew, not well at the time, but we are aight now kinda. Anyway, she took a photo of me from one of the top floors of the school (Since the classes all surround the yard, and go up with balconies). and I looked so dumb, I was there standing with my big ass bag, absolutely funny. Anyway, she sent me that later in the evening, and I just burst out laughing. It was so funny. I've been thinking of doing the same thing to her ever since, but I don't want to look creepy taking a picture of someone from far. It's been a good few months since they did it. So yearh, and it's the end of the school year now. Maybe next year I guess. Ok I'm going to go watch the rest of that movie now, brb bros. Ok, now I actually finished the movie. It was good. It didn't have a sad happy ending like the one I saw yesterday. The one from yesterday, it ended with two long lost friends who walked by each other, they both turned around, but then a train passed between them and the other person just kept going instead of waiting. It was sad and not satisfying. Idk how to explain how it makes me feel. But the one I just finished, it had the same kind of ending in a way, with friends meeting up. It's cool. Now I have no more movies or tv shows that I have in line to watch. So I am back to being bored. I should probably start studying some more for my exams. I really am not looking forward to doing them, since I am doing them in a language that is not my native language (english). So I will naturally do badly, just like I did on my mocks for it (I got ~25%). So yeah, not cool. But I have to take it seriously, I have 2 weeks until the written exam and a month until the oral exam. I can do this. Or not. PURE PANIC. No not really. Or is it??? haha I joke I joke of course. I wonder what crabs think of fish. Are they flying, or are they just swimming. Because like us, we live in air, and birds to us fly, they don't swim in air. And since crabs and fish are in the same body of water, would you consider them flying or swimming? But this also begs the question, what do they think of birds? On the other side of the border that separates the water and air. In the perspective of crabs, are birds flying in the air, or are they swimming? Because when you are used to living in water, going out to the air is like someone going from the air to the water. The air is different, you can't breath it. So would they be swimming? And then you could also think, when birds dive down into the water, from the fish' perspective, are the not just jumping out of the air like we see fish jump out of the water? It really is a question to be asked. And we might never know what the truth is, since we can't know without knowing how a crab feels about all of it. So unless we find a way to read crab minds in the future, I guess we'll never know.

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