Entry 1: June 2nd 2022

So this is how it all begins, one blank page of nothingness and me just here writing. I honestly don't see why I am doing this initially but I want to do this. It's fun, and that way I can write random stuff on a random text space where there is no limitation to how much I can write. I will name this LTE Potato. It's the potato LTE by Knockton. HAHAAAA I can rant about weird subjects like why is october not the 8th month of the year. Take that twitter, you can't stop me from making large theories anymore. Damn text limit lol. Imagine using twitter, cringe (I am cringe). And what's up with that twitter notification sound. Wasn't it a little tweet noise? or is there just some massive mandella effect going on. I swear you could get the bird noise on phones, but now it's just a generaic notification sound. What is wrong. I must have been brainwashed, damn technology, too many videogames -_-. Wow it's really hot in here, no matter what I do, window wide open, fan on, it never cools down in my room. It's always hot. And in the winter it just never stays hot, the temperature always goes down. I'm going to call this, reverse insolation. The heat goes when it's cold and stays when it's hot. Like it's summer, and it's mild outside, but my room refuses to cool down. It's like 26C in here and 17 out there. There is an invisible forecefielld infront of my window, there has to be. I can't think of a better explanation. I will prove this one day, and get a nobel prize, I think that's what they are called lol. But you know, that's life when you are living in plante earth. Maybe we just need air cooling, like some machine that directly cools the air. It takes it in and chnages the molecules to be cold molecules. Easy, I will copywrite this and whoever does it will be held accountable. My brain is too big for this much thinking, I am coming up with intelligent and original ideas for real world problems muahaha. On another note, wtf is up with infinity, that whole 236 sign you know. Like, I can imagine infinity, well no not really. Sometimes on calculator websites, I enter a big number like 10^100 and the thing just spits out "Infinity". That is not infinity you dumb code thinggy. It doesn't even simplify it in scientific values, unbelivable. but then again, yuo can't really tell how big infinity really is. It's like infinitly massive. It makes me think of what the limit could be, when does it become infinity, what's the number just before. But obviusly that is not a logical think to ask because it's infinite, there is no before, since beforecan be any number in the entire infinity of numbers. So I guess you could say that the closest number to infinity is 0 then. I mean 10^100 is closer to infinity than 0, but it's also closer to 0 than infinity. So we just round all that up to the closest number, of something. So ZERO. Why am I thinking of this, this is a dumb thing to think about. I should stop writting, I should sleep, but we both know that is not going to happen. I have maths tomorrow, yay. MORE NUBMERS. This truly is a wall of words. Although it isn't even big enough for a wall, if I were to take the general size of a character, I could probably find out how many words or letters I would need to make a wall of words. And i would then compare it to the size of my bedroom wall. I just like divide the surface of my wall by the surface size of a character. Which is idk, like maybe a couple of milimeters. But this also depends on how big the font I am using is, and also the screen , since the font will be displayed at different sizes depending on the size of the screen. And that then also depends on the software resolution, so what you manually set the resolution as in your computer. For reference, my font size is currently 12, this will be a reference for the future when I get unlazy and measure my wall for it's total surface. anyway, now shout WYSI, haha, that is the word number for anyone that gets the reference. I truly hope people from years from now don't get that reference, if you do, may your soul rest in piece. Brrrrt, is the sount A-10 fighter jets make. I really hope I didn't get that wrong. If I did it doesn't matter tho lol. What's the deal with procrastination? It's such an easy task to complete, yet it's so hard to actually like doing it. You do it because you don't want to do something so you do something else to avoid doing the thing you need to do so you delay that thing by doing the other thing. And that makes doing the other thing enjoyable. But then you are delaying the important thing, first it starts by a minutes, then an hour, then a day, then a week, and next thing you know you are having a panick attack in the hall way waiting for the teacher to arrive for you to go into class and give in the project you were procrastinatiing on. Isn't this just a wonderful activity. I do it all the time, I'm not going to lie, I work alright under stress. but sometimes that's not a good thing. I don't like being stressed, but it gets stuff done. This is not an excuse for my lazyness of course. OOOOOH, procrastinating is just being lazy, of course, this all makes sense now. I'm just a lazy person hahaha. How do I get cured from this illness? Oh, I just do work, but that's annoying, I can do it later, I have plenty of time (see what I did there?). Why am I seeing images in the text, I must be halucinating. Oh yeah that's right, I have to sleep, that would probably be why I am halucinating. Ohhh once I woke up and thought there was a goomba in my room. It took me a good 30 seconds to understand what was actually going on. Isn't it weird that sometimes when you wake up from sleep you just are kinda of halucinating, because you see something that isn't there, even if it's just a floating shadow and you try to reach for it, but it's not too far away, or too close, and your hand doesn't go through it, it just isn't there. This is one of the many feelings I don't know how to describe, you probably know what I am describing. That's assuming you actually read this far. Anyway, enough rant, I go sleep, I have school, maths, amazing maths. Why tf did I choose to do maths, ahh yeas that's right, because maths.

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