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Started: June 2nd 2022
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[2/6/2022] So this is how it all begins, one blank page of nothingness and me just here writing. I honestly don't see why I am doing this initially but I want to do this. It's fun, and that way I can write random stuff on a random text space where there is no limitation to how much I can write. I will name this LTE Potato. It's the potato LTE by Knockton. HAHAAAA I can rant about weird subjects like why is october not the 8th month of the year. Take that twitter, you can't stop me from making large theories anymore. Damn text limit lol. Imagine using twitter, cringe (I am cringe). And what's up with that twitter notification sound. Wasn't it a little tweet noise? or is there just some massive mandella effect going on. I swear you could get the bird noise on phones, but now it's just a generaic notification sound. What is wrong. I must have been brainwashed, damn technology, too many videogames -_-. Wow it's really hot in here, no matter what I do, window wide open, fan on, it never cools down in my room. It's always hot. And in the winter it just never stays hot, the temperature always goes down. I'm going to call this, reverse insolation. The heat goes when it's cold and stays when it's hot. Like it's summer, and it's mild outside, but my room refuses to cool down. It's like 26C in here and 17 out there. There is an invisible forecefielld infront of my window, there has to be. I can't think of a better explanation. I will prove this one day, and get a nobel prize, I think that's what they are called lol. But you know, that's life when you are living in plante earth. Maybe we just need air cooling, like some machine that directly cools the air. It takes it in and chnages the molecules to be cold molecules. Easy, I will copywrite this and whoever does it will be held accountable. My brain is too big for this much thinking, I am coming up with intelligent and original ideas for real world problems muahaha. On another note, wtf is up with infinity, that whole 236 sign you know. Like, I can imagine infinity, well no not really. Sometimes on calculator websites, I enter a big number like 10^100 and the thing just spits out "Infinity". That is not infinity you dumb code thinggy. It doesn't even simplify it in scientific values, unbelivable. but then again, yuo can't really tell how big infinity really is. It's like infinitly massive. It makes me think of what the limit could be, when does it become infinity, what's the number just before. But obviusly that is not a logical think to ask because it's infinite, there is no before, since beforecan be any number in the entire infinity of numbers. So I guess you could say that the closest number to infinity is 0 then. I mean 10^100 is closer to infinity than 0, but it's also closer to 0 than infinity. So we just round all that up to the closest number, of something. So ZERO. Why am I thinking of this, this is a dumb thing to think about. I should stop writting, I should sleep, but we both know that is not going to happen. I have maths tomorrow, yay. MORE NUBMERS. This truly is a wall of words. Although it isn't even big enough for a wall, if I were to take the general size of a character, I could probably find out how many words or letters I would need to make a wall of words. And i would then compare it to the size of my bedroom wall. I just like divide the surface of my wall by the surface size of a character. Which is idk, like maybe a couple of milimeters. But this also depends on how big the font I am using is, and also the screen , since the font will be displayed at different sizes depending on the size of the screen. And that then also depends on the software resolution, so what you manually set the resolution as in your computer. For reference, my font size is currently 12, this will be a reference for the future when I get unlazy and measure my wall for it's total surface. anyway, now shout WYSI, haha, that is the word number for anyone that gets the reference. I truly hope people from years from now don't get that reference, if you do, may your soul rest in piece. Brrrrt, is the sount A-10 fighter jets make. I really hope I didn't get that wrong. If I did it doesn't matter tho lol. What's the deal with procrastination? It's such an easy task to complete, yet it's so hard to actually like doing it. You do it because you don't want to do something so you do something else to avoid doing the thing you need to do so you delay that thing by doing the other thing. And that makes doing the other thing enjoyable. But then you are delaying the important thing, first it starts by a minutes, then an hour, then a day, then a week, and next thing you know you are having a panick attack in the hall way waiting for the teacher to arrive for you to go into class and give in the project you were procrastinatiing on. Isn't this just a wonderful activity. I do it all the time, I'm not going to lie, I work alright under stress. but sometimes that's not a good thing. I don't like being stressed, but it gets stuff done. This is not an excuse for my lazyness of course. OOOOOH, procrastinating is just being lazy, of course, this all makes sense now. I'm just a lazy person hahaha. How do I get cured from this illness? Oh, I just do work, but that's annoying, I can do it later, I have plenty of time (see what I did there?). Why am I seeing images in the text, I must be halucinating. Oh yeah that's right, I have to sleep, that would probably be why I am halucinating. Ohhh once I woke up and thought there was a goomba in my room. It took me a good 30 seconds to understand what was actually going on. Isn't it weird that sometimes when you wake up from sleep you just are kinda of halucinating, because you see something that isn't there, even if it's just a floating shadow and you try to reach for it, but it's not too far away, or too close, and your hand doesn't go through it, it just isn't there. This is one of the many feelings I don't know how to describe, you probably know what I am describing. That's assuming you actually read this far. Anyway, enough rant, I go sleep, I have school, maths, amazing maths. Why tf did I choose to do maths, ahh yeas that's right, because maths. [3/6/2022] I'm just after spending about 40 minutes trying to get a website to work on the school computers. But their whole thing is dumb, even the main windows search bar that pops up when you press the windows button doesn't work, nothing pops up when you press the windows button. And then, whatever web blocks they have on, it's not even letting basic buttons in websites work, they block loads of random stuff. I'm pretty sure that they also haven not updated their windows in a while, so there's this app called wappx that keeps running in the task manager and is taking up so much ram and processing power. Ok after looking at the specs of the pc, they do only have 4gb of ram and an intel pentium processer. So ofc you wouldn't expect that much from it. It's funny that this is still line one of my text. I haven't pressed enter. That's just because I'm writing it in notepad though, so it is very punctual on the lines, but I have word wrap on so it looks normal and goes to the next line automatically when it reaches the other end. The librarians here now have survailance software on all the computers. I remember when they added them to my secondary school at first, it was during my last year. The program is called VeyonMaster, and there's no way to turn it off as far as I know. I remember trying to find ways to bypass it, but that was a dead end. I don't mind really. I know why they have them. But what I find funny is that the guy now is watching my screen with a massive wall of text covering it completely. It would be cool if I could but notepad in fullscreen, that way the text would really cover my whole screen. But I can't for some reason, so that sucks. Hmm what else do I want to talk about while I wait for my maths class to start. Oh yeah, SPEEDCORE. I like some speedcore music, it really is a select kind. Because something that's ususally always in speedcore, is this one type of sound that just sounds like a chaur squeaking over and over again, and I really do find that irritating. It adds no character to it I find. When there are other songs where it's more like just very fast drums, and it's done it such a way that it sounds cool, with the rhythme. It kind of reminds me of breakcore when I think of it, it's just lots of drums over and over, it's pretty interesting. And I love it sooooo much. But there aren't many artists that I like, well that I know of, I only know a couple, and it's these ones I like. Igorr and GoreShit, pretty cool stuff. O'er the flood and pavor nocturnus are my favorite breakcore songs. Then there is another one but I always forget it's name so I just have to live with remembering it in my head. It's a breakcore version or cover of a violin song, and it just soudns pretty cool. Woww I realy like things that are cool. haha, this is dum, I stillll don't know why I am writing this wall of text, but here I am, and it's already over 1000 words long, maybe near 2k now. Idk I haven't checked. All that I know is that there is now a scroll bar for looking at the text, that's how big it is, but of course this also depends on the screen size, so if you're one of the crazy people with the vertical monitors, this might not apply to you. infact, I wonder if you'll be able to fit the whole text wall on your screen at once. I guess I'll just have to make sure You don't hehehe. I should learn more about artists, not like song artists and dance artists, obviously I mean visual artists. Like painters and drawers and sculpters. All that crack. I want to be more educated on their styles, mostly to have the skill of recognizing the artist of a piece just by the piece or the style of it, since there's this new thing called DALL-E 2. And I've seen people use artist names in it, and it looks so cool and accurate. So it would be a very useful skill to find out what artist name people used to generated their images with. I wonder if there is an artist tha makes very cool LEGO, this seems like a useless question, of course there is. But in what way, do they make Images with lego, like when people make pixel art, or do they make massive scupltures. It's quite incredible what you can do with them. It is truly limitless, You just have to make sure you are younger than 100 years old, otherwise jail time >:). I remember when I was small my dad would build stuff out of lego for me and my sibling. He would make big planes, and cars, his creativity was better than mine even is now. He never used instructions, it was pretty impressive. And you know, like all children with something that can be broken, we threw the planes to see if they would fly, well, the pieces sure did go flying that's for sure. WE still have this massive box of lots of lego in our house. It isn't only filled with lego though, it is mixed with lots of other little toys now, we aren't very organized, and we should really organize it sometimes, but they it's cleaning it all up after that makes the whole thing unmotivating, because like I said, BIG BOX. Heavy to carry. I still have 30 minutes to kill. I wish I had my own keyboard here. It's so weird writing on the FLAT membrane keyboard in school. The little legs at the back are broken off, well one of them are, and I'm not used to writing on a flat laying keyboard, it feels uncomfortable. lol I'm looking back at the librarian's computer screen, and of the 3 currently turned on computers, one of them is filled with a wall of text. I am truly confident I could make this one of the LTE. I have only spend roughly 1h45 working on it in total so far. If I write on this for at least an hour a day, I could get soooooo much done. and it will become MASSSIVE. hehehehe, But I don't think I will beat the current LTE holder, you know, that one guy with the one website that is in black and green. I wonder how old it is, I can't see any dates anywhere in it, well I didn't really go searching for one properly, so I could be making a complete fool out of myself right now. But still, my point still stands. already 12159 characters, I am absolutely flying through this. I quite enjoy this too, It's fun just talking out random thoughts and what is going through your head. I wonder if it makes you think I am insane or something, after reading all that and now realizing that it is what I think about. I have thought abuot weirder things. Like, if you have an electrical charge in you, if you stuck a CPU in your hand, with the pins, would you become a super computer? it would be amazing, I might try that one day tbh. And I will document my steps for anyone else who wants to become a supercomputer hand human. hehee, we will become one, evolution. It's termanator all ovr again. Also, since I can't access the website I need here, I need to upload this to my school file storage so that I don't lose all of this progress. Another funny thing about writing this in school, is that if you have actually read any of this, you will see missing letters from words, once again, this is because of the membrane keyboard. Damn membrane keyboards, I use membrane to repaire my elytra, I don't want to type on it. Ok I'm going to write a bit more just until the text I wrote last night is no longer in view, yes, that's how much I have written here. I write a lot, and touch typing helps so much. I love typing, it's fun. It's a very cool skill to type without looking at the keyboard, I infacat want to learn a more efficient keyboard layout but I am afraid that it will completely throw me off and I will not be able to type at all when I am at school since their keyboards default to qwerty. IT IS WHAT IT IS, it is what it is. Either way, I don't even know how I would chose what keyboad layout to use, there are so many, like dvorak and coleman or something like that. Anyway, this is textwall dude signing out. See you next time. Here we go agian, I am home, well I have been for a while, so I don't even know why I am saying I am home now. Hmm, anyway. MY ROOM IS STILL HOT, this is ridiculous. I am so annoyed. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the most uninteresting things anyone has ever read, if you read this, well... fair play to you. You wasted time lol. WE KICKED A KID, UNITED, WE KICKED A KID, UNITED, WE KICKED A KIT, UNITED, WE KICKED A KID, UNITED. hehehe that's a banger song, the song name is UNITED by the way. My head go back and forth when listening hehehe. What was I even talking about before? OH yes, keyboards. I am now writing on the comfortable keyboard, aka: not membrane. It feels a lot better and I can also write faster, which is more comfortable. AND, it lights up, but just my laptop one, my actual keyboard doesn't. "Why?" you may ask, well, simply because I have no reason to have it light up. I can touch type, I don't need to see the keys when I am here infront of my screen at ungodly hourse of the night. That is the benifit. Also this one looks very cool. It's simplistic yet cool looking. hehehe. Why am I talking about keybaords? Idk how I even started that in the first place. Anyway, I'm gonna go watch TV. See you in... one hour, fifty two minutes and thirteen seconds. Ok, I'm back a bit earlier than expected. I made it half way through the movies I was watching. It was pretty interesting because there were characters from other movies that were made by that studio, but they weren't at all a big part of the story, they were just in a little conversation in a scene. Pretty cool stuff. I like it when there's that kind of thing in movies. Like they are there, but it's not at all a major thing, kind of like an easter egg. I'll watch the rest later on. In the meantime, let's talk about chad. So as we all know, chad is that one dude that loves monster energy drink and is a dirt biker. He's that guy that would YOLO anything. He is super extroverted, and get's all the girls. He's often known as that one dude in the parties that drinks a lot. The name Chad, it's pretty interesting, that that whole name has a meaning now. Like in recent times, the so called GIGACHAD, which is this absolutely unit of a man. He got that jaw line, he got that 8 pack, he's sexy, he's just, well, gigachad. It is the meme of the time. If you are cool, or if you are doing something unusual that is also good for you, you are a gigachad. Thus depicted by that one video of the guy in different positions showing off his hot, muscular body. This gigachad was not only used in this sens though, he used to be used in the SIGMA MALE GRINDSET meme. This is the meme where people would set an unusual life rule that you should go by, along with the rule number, the chad, and that "drive forever" music. It is a perfect combination for what the rule is. People would set random rule numbers, like "sigma rule 727: do not allow yourself to see it, make it see you" which is a terrible example, but I aint good that this, so gnegnegne stop your whining. I definetly am not writing this like all of the other people who have written LTEs that are on whiletrue's website. Or maybe I am. Who knows... Probably you... Yeah I'm pretty sure you know lol. My neighbours are making noise lol. They moved in just over a year ago now. They have gotten into big arguments sometimes. Like you can hear them clearly even with the windows closed. My room just happens to be right next to the alley that their house is in. Like there's just a row of connected houses, and theirs has a courtyard next to theirs, well my room is connected to the courtyard, we share a wall. So I hear a lot. I can also smell the weed they smoke lol. It's not often they do it, but they do infact do it. Talking about that, in my local tabac, they now have like a whole section to selling weed. It's legal now I guess? or just to a certain amount, and by certain companies that the government knows meet health requirements. I can't think of another reason. But then again, that ain't gonna stop people from selling it illegaly. They are weird like that sometimes (I am talking about the government). It's funny, I'm just sitting here in my room, infront of my laptop, writing random thoughts that come to my head. I still don't completely know why I am doing this. I have thought about it before, and I guess now I actually started it. yay on me for actually doing something. I found a cool game to play while going in different classes in school. There must have been this one kid with a nerf gun just shooting around different classes. The nerf darts probably had either glue or thumb tacks glued to them. Because these bullets were on the ceilings of the class rooms and high up on the walls. My friend saw when I first noticed them. We were in history class, I was there not really paying attention, and boom, I see a dart. You can hear me making that one sound where you breath in loudly (it wasn't loud enough for the teacher to hear). And I just pointed at the dart. My friend looked up and started laughing as I was also. Ah, good times. I'll probably tell more stories of things like this. Like that one time, I was just in the yard talking with my friends, and someone I knew, not well at the time, but we are aight now kinda. Anyway, she took a photo of me from one of the top floors of the school (Since the classes all surround the yard, and go up with balconies). and I looked so dumb, I was there standing with my big ass bag, absolutely funny. Anyway, she sent me that later in the evening, and I just burst out laughing. It was so funny. I've been thinking of doing the same thing to her ever since, but I don't want to look creepy taking a picture of someone from far. It's been a good few months since they did it. So yearh, and it's the end of the school year now. Maybe next year I guess. Ok I'm going to go watch the rest of that movie now, brb bros. Ok, now I actually finished the movie. It was good. It didn't have a sad happy ending like the one I saw yesterday. The one from yesterday, it ended with two long lost friends who walked by each other, they both turned around, but then a train passed between them and the other person just kept going instead of waiting. It was sad and not satisfying. Idk how to explain how it makes me feel. But the one I just finished, it had the same kind of ending in a way, with friends meeting up. It's cool. Now I have no more movies or tv shows that I have in line to watch. So I am back to being bored. I should probably start studying some more for my exams. I really am not looking forward to doing them, since I am doing them in a language that is not my native language (english). So I will naturally do badly, just like I did on my mocks for it (I got ~25%). So yeah, not cool. But I have to take it seriously, I have 2 weeks until the written exam and a month until the oral exam. I can do this. Or not. PURE PANIC. No not really. Or is it??? haha I joke I joke of course. I wonder what crabs think of fish. Are they flying, or are they just swimming. Because like us, we live in air, and birds to us fly, they don't swim in air. And since crabs and fish are in the same body of water, would you consider them flying or swimming? But this also begs the question, what do they think of birds? On the other side of the border that separates the water and air. In the perspective of crabs, are birds flying in the air, or are they swimming? Because when you are used to living in water, going out to the air is like someone going from the air to the water. The air is different, you can't breath it. So would they be swimming? And then you could also think, when birds dive down into the water, from the fish' perspective, are the not just jumping out of the air like we see fish jump out of the water? It really is a question to be asked. And we might never know what the truth is, since we can't know without knowing how a crab feels about all of it. So unless we find a way to read crab minds in the future, I guess we'll never know. [4/6/2022] Aw shit, here we go again. It is a new day, I am here writing this here again. Why? This will still remain a mystery. Oh, there's something I wanna tell you. So do you know those chinese balls? They are like these metal balls covered in some sort of glass, and they make a little chime/bell sound when you shake them. Yeah so a pair, and they are really satisfying to hear. They are in this old box covered in a nice fabric designe. Yeah so I sort of accidentally broke some of the glass off of one of them. Which really is a pitty because they look so cool, and not factory made. You see, this happened when I was playing with my magnet. I have the very strong neodium magnet that can carry up to 80KG. So one day I thought "ooh I should see how well this sticks to it" and well... That's how that happened. The ball attached to it too quickly with too much force, and it broke off some of the glass. But this still hasn't stopped me from asking my friends in calls if they want to see my balls. And every time, I bring out the chinese balls. They could be japanese. I honestly do not know and can't be bothered to look them up. They kinda just sit on my desk now, I don't use them. I got them at a car boot sale, so it's just one of those things you buy for the sake of buying it. I now have more characters than Kenneth Iman's LTE (the smallest one on whiletrue's website). So only like, a few more months until I beat Hermnerp's LTE. But I am dedicated. This is how it begins. This is how you die. Hehe, reference. Anyway. Oh, I saw that multiverse of madness thingy recently. And I wonder, in the theory of multiverse. There is a universe somewhere where there isn't a multiverse theory. So it' skind of paradoxal. But I'm assuming that's a rule where there can't be paradoxal universes in the multiverse theory. But then what if there's a universe without the rule of paradoxal universes in the multiverse theory. This really is some mind big brain stuff. I might have to eat some more oreos to keep me going. Yesterday in maths class, we talked about this number sequence. It's to do with that game where you have to move the stacked disks to another pole all while keeping them in biggest to smallest order. And we found the function that determinds the least amount of moves you have to make to accomplish this (2^x - 1). So if we had 64 disks to move. And each move of a disk would take 1 second. it would take ~5.8E11 years to accomplish this. Basically, it's not legitimately possible for a human to do (since we only live for on average 1.25E-8% of that time). I'm going to a frog festival tomorrow. I haven't been in a could of years because of harsh world events. But now I can finally go again. I still don't exactly know why they have a frog festival, but I do know that th village has frogs EVERYWHRE, they even got a fountain n stuff. Well, I'm not complaining. It's a fun time. Oh yeah, it's also like 27C in my room. Idk why but It never seems to cool down at night. It's really annoying. Ok i just realized why. My room is under the terrase. So, the sun is always shining on that. Therefore, it's always very hot in my room. This is annoying. Idk why I chose this room when we moved here. Apples am I right? *kneeslap* . I'm just after cooking curry. Mmmm it's lovely. I haven't eaten it yet. I gotta wait a bit since it's still not dinner time yet. But the time will come. I wonder how long it would take for someone to read this. Assuming the person reading reads at 1 word per 0.5s, it would take them roughly 40min to get to this specific part of the text. Sooo, good luck to the reader. I might change it up a bit from here. Log dates (as i have added for today) at which I am writting to this. And write more of what happens in my day. I want this text to get big. So I need to make sure it stays growing. But of course I will speak of random stuff like I have been doing already. Because that is a fun thing todo :D . You know, maybe I am writing this just because I want to be known for something. To be Somewhere in history. Even though this is not really something to be proud of. But I know that there are 11 logged LTEs in the LTE hub. So, this isn't something that is done very often. I literally just discovered this hub a few minutes ago btw. So back to the point. I am not even legally an adult yet. So maybe this is just me being depressing not thinking I'll be known for anything. But I at least have to try. So I'm doing this as a sort of side project I guess. Something that isn't super hard to do, and also something that will put me somewhere where people can know about what I have done. I won't mention who I am on this I don't think. But some people might figure it out from the things I say. But that's assuming that people that know me enough read enough of this text. But either way. I will be here, in this list of LTEs. And I would have broken the current length record (Hermnerp's 230,634 characters). And if someone does not belive that I wrote this when I tell them about it. This github I am writing on will always keep the proof. And I will have something to be proud of. Idk this all sounds kinda drepressing when re-read it. But oh well. Moving on. Also, if I ever somehow lose this text, I'm gonna have a stroke. So I'm back. I have eaten the curry. It was nice. Very nice. Yeah so tomorrow I'm going to that festival, it should be fun. I hope. I wonder if I'll see anyone there that I know and that I like. Because you know how you can see people that you know, but that you also don't really like. Yeah that's what I mean. Yeah that would be cool. I could hang out with friends if they are there. Since I never spend time with them outside of school. They are usually doing their own things ya know. I haven't written a lot today compared to yesterday. I wrote a LOT more yesterday haha. But that's ok. Days change, times change. Anyway, I wanna talk about the Nintendo DSi. I remember having one when I was younger. I haven't had one for about 9 years maybe. My last one was broken by my brother. Which is annoying. I first got one when I was 6. Back when they were the popular console to have. I remember playing cloudy and a chance of meatballs on it. That was my first game. Then I later got Super Mario Bros. And a funny thing I would do is that each time I jumped in the game, I would life my legs up as a reflex. It was weird. I obviously stopped doing that eventually. I think one of my favorite games was Sonic Colors. Man I loved that game. It was so fun. I never managed to finish it though. I only made it to the before last world or something like that. Then ofc the DS had been broken. I haven't gotten one since. Idk why, I want to get one again and complete all the games I wanted to complete when I was younger. Since back then, I didn't really understand that much of what was going on. And now, since I can READ properly, I might actually be able to enjoy and complete the games. It's one of the things I look forward too. I plan on getting a Nintendo 3DS XL (because small is too small). And with that, I will complete the games I never completed, and I will complete the games I was never able to play on the DSi. One day, one day I will do this. Ooh here's another thing about that magnet. I keep it on the floor somewhere in my room where I know I'll never put my laptop or phone. Because that is one STRONG magnet, and I really do not want it to mess up whatever expensive gadget I bring near it. That would be a big nono. But it also means that I have something to break a device without someone knowing how it broke. This is totally not implying me ever doing something. Do not hold me suspect of whatever the government told you. I am innocent. [5/6/2022] Greetings it is I again. I am back with more text. So My arms feel prettymuch dead rn. I did a few too many pushups yesterday and now it hurts to lift my arms up. But it's ok. I'll live. It just means I gotta wait a bit before I can do more pushups. So I'm going to the frog festival later. In around an hour and a half. I can not wait to see what kind of random stuff I am going to buy when I am there. I'm talking to my friend rn. They are in america, so it's like 4am for them currently. They are going to go to sleep now. Meanwhile, it's 11am here. Sooo, I'm not sleepy lmao. This week in school I'm probably gonna end up being the last kid in my class by the time it's friday. Grades have stopped, so we don't really have to keep going in anymore. Although the school says classes are still obligatory until the end. I'm still going because I have subjects that I specialize in and the teachers are teaching us whatever we weren't able to learn in time this year. Like very fast lessons. But it's enough to get a basic understanding of what we need to know for next year. All I don't want is to be alone in french class and in spanish class. Since I'm crap at both subjects. Ohhh that reminds me of something funny last week. So in spanish class, something came up about songs and song genres in spain. And she asked me something about hard rock. And I was there just cluless as to why she was asking me. I don't listen to hard rock. But I think she thinks that I do. At the beginning of the year we had to do a project where we explained a song that denounced a cause of injustice. And I chose a pretty unusual song. It's called "the government knows" by KNOWER (it didn't have to be a spanish song). And if you listen to it, you'll see that it denounces something. But it's also a funny song to submit to a school project. Which is of course why I chose that song. The teacher said nothing of it and gave me a good grade. I later found out that that song is what they will be playing on the school trip to a place in spain next year. So, I of course asked my friend that is going on the trip to record when the song is playing. Because it's really funny and I want to hear the reactions of people. Oh yeah, just something I wanted to put out there. I have never watched Squid Game, and I never will. It's 12:16 now, I am off to the festival. See you later :D. Ok so I'm back. It's currently 17:55, And I am once again updating this text. So the frog festival was ok. It was very hot today and there weren't many free places to sit in the shade which was annoying. But other than that, it was ok yeah. They are setting up a band in the village. It's on a big stage, they got a big drum kit, flutes, guitars, like just loads of instruments. Also the drum kit is all transparent which looks pretty cool. I won't see what they end up playing though. So yeah. Tomorrow is a bank holiday, so I won't have any school. I'll also start studying tomorrow, since I now have 3 weeks to know enough for the exam. I discovered this series earlier, it's called "Takes from the loop". It seems interesting, I didn't finish the first episode yet, but from what I can tell it will have something to do with time travel. So I'm looking forward to watching more of it. There's also a couple of more movies I would like to watch now that I have found a website that streams them. I might watch one of them later tonight. Do any of you just chew on those candies that you are supposed to suck on? Like the lolly pops but they are little tablets and not on sticks. I usually just chew them instead of sucking them. I might suck on them for a little bit but then I just bite right through it. Whenever I do it around people they give me a weird ass look. And I'm just like "wtf is up? I'm eating the candy" people are weird. Oh and it's even worse when they see me bite write into the ice cream. Only weaklings lick. I bought a gift for my friend when I was at the frog festival. 30EUR for a harry potter wodden carving. I'm pretty sure it's a carving of one of the movie posters. It looks pretty cool. I'm going to gift it to my friend on their 18th birthday. It's the friend that I've only seen once in person in the past decade. I'm flying over to see them in about a month. I hope they let me take it on the plane, and I hope I can fit it in my bag haha. Since I'm only bringing a backpack with me on the flight. I have to pack intelligently because I will be there for 2 weeks. I really can't wait. It is going to be so fun. Hey, guess the song. dddjdjjjjjjjj hhhuuu hwwwiii wooo waaa wiiiiii wooooooo whhhuuuuuuu baa booo bi duu daaa jfjfjfj ji jo ja bumbumbum duuu daaa diiiiiii dooooooo dhuuuuu rrrrr jaa sjooosjjiijjeeejjsjajajajajja, dodo di dodododod didididid od od ad da da da da didididid do do di da da dodod dldldldld o od od dididididdiddi odoaoa. Hint: it has music in it. It has been 3 hours. I have returned. Once again haha. Twitter really is a wild and wacky place. You get all sorts of weird things that people say there. And you're just like "why would anyone on earth every say that". A lot of things have been said there. The thing is years and years old. So there's a lot. But there are still things that have never been said. Like I got to whitness the first time someone said "My tits are better than your crypto". It was truly a spectacular moment. And then I was also the first person to mention Hermnerp on twitter. Which was surprising. Since it is the longest text ever, that was last updated over a decade ago (2009). The LTEs must be such a small unknown part of the internet. I watched another episode of tails from the loop. I like it. The second episode was interesting. But I had predicted how jakob got paralized or something. When he was going to the metal sphere, there was one of those robots. I knew he was gonna end up switching with the robot. And that's exactly what was revealed at the end of the episode. I'm not sure if every episode is completely unique. Like if the last episode has no effect on the next episode. Because now Jakob isn't really in jakob's body. The other guy is (I already forgot his name lol). So will he continue to be jakob for the rest of the series or will jakob be jakob again. I guess I'll know in the next episode I watch. Probably. Emm, so what else do I want to talk about. Oh yeah, this is kind of like a weird thing I think of but I do for a logical reason. Sometimes I just stop messaging people I usually message. This is because I get the feeling I am just being annoying to them. Like I send stupid replies, and their replies are something like "sure, whatever you say". That just gives off the feeling that I am annoying them. So I just stop messaging that way I know that I won't annoy them anymore. I've been doing this to one of my friends for the past week or so. I think they are glad I stopped messaging them, since they haven't contacted me or tried to reach out to me. We would usually talk daily, but I usually initiate the conversation. So I'm assuming we just kept talking because every day I would end up starting a conversation. Yeah, so that's that. I might stop writing here for today. Or not. Time will tell. See you next time. [6/6/2022] It's been 17h since my last submission. It's currently 14:48. I've had a belly ache all day. It still hurts. So I've been up since 9am on a bank holiday. This is annoying. I also have not started studying like I should have. But There's no point starting now since I am going to my dad's very soon. So I am just updating this a bit. My neighbours are being very loud. As I explained before, My room is basically right next to where they usually hang out. My arms still hurt so much from those push ups. I am never doing that many in such a small span of time again. So other than that, not much has happened today. So I have confirmed the thing about tales from the loop. Things that happen in previous episodes to infact have an effect on future ones. I think I'm onto episode 6 now. So I have 3 more left. Tomorrow I have more class of course, I have Maths, physics, history and french. I'm looking forward to seeing what we end up doing in maths. I think physics will just be very boring. History class will be meh. And French class I am just not looking forward to at all. I don't like french class. Roughly one week until my first ever official exam. What was supposed to be my first exam was cancelled because of COVID-19. So this is a first for me, and also it means that I don't properly know how to study since I've never had the need to. So I am kind of just winging it. I didn't end up watching that movie I was going to watch last night. I was just too tired to do much. So I might watch it at some point this week when I'm not studying and when I'm not in school. Ok, I am back now. So I will start studying my french really soon. I'm probably gonna do an hour then a break then some more. Not too sure. I want to do this as seriously as possible. Since I have not properly studied before. This is my best approach. Alright I am back. I studied for an hour. Now I'm going to take a little break and study some more. It's raining. I usually love rain, and I do right at this moment. But I know that I am going to hate this tomorrow when it's super hot and that will make the air so humid. Raaaaah. And humidity means that you sweat a butt load. Ok I'm back. It's 22:45 rn. I will have to go to sleep soon. But first, I must speak of stuff. I wonder if there is a point in a rubik's cube where it is as scrambled as it can be. Like, when you solve it, all the colors are on their matching sides. But what about the least matching combinations possible. Where the rubik's cube is so mixed up, that it is literally the most mixed up it can be. It's the farthest it can possibly be from the solved state of the rubik's cube. I wonder if that point exists. It must. I refuse to belive that it does not exist. HHHHHHHHHHHHH I need to go to sleep. I have school tomorrow morning. And I start with maths. So I can't be tired in maths class. There aren't going to be many of us. In the class group chat, a lot of them are saying they won't be here tomorrow. So I'm assuming a lot of people from my maths class too won't be here tomorrow. There will maybe be like 5 of us possibly. I don't know, I will update you tomorrow on what ends up happening. Then I have physics after. We will be learning about alcohol and acide n stuff. Well that's what my teacher said we would be doing last week anyway. Alright so, This is me LTE dude logging out for the night. [7/6/2022] It's 22:33 currently. It is actually harder to add to this when it's a school week. I've been doing a lot today. So I haven't really been writing anything here. There weren't many kids in my class. Probably like 10 of us max. In all classes I was in. So tomorrow will either be better or worse. Alright, see you next time. [8/6/2022] T'is I on the 8th of june day. Well, yeah, school = less writing here. But that's to be expected. I get off school next week anyway. And I'll just have exams left. So it should be fine. Anyway... I think I have a theory to what a deja-vue is. Ok so hear me out. What if, at all moments of the day, or when we daydream, or when we dream full stop. Our brain is thinking of different possibilities that can happen in the future. A weird example is when Dr.Strange used the time stone on Thanos' world. So your brain thinks of different things that could happen in the future. So whenever you have a deja-vue, it's not just a weird brain fart, it's your brain realizing that one of the possible events that it thought of actually happened. That's why the deja-vue seems so real. Because you imagined it to be real. So it makes you really think that you were there in that exact moment before. So basically, brain can time travel, when thing happens, brain happy, brain make you confused. There you go for all you people that don't know how to not read cave man. It turns out that I am not allowed to use a rubber pen when I am doing my written exam. This is because the machine they use to numerize all the copies risks erasing the inc (the inc is plastic/rubber and heat makes it vanish). So that means that I have to go buy some ballpoint pens on the weekend before I do my exam during the week. This is especially annoying because I don't like ballpoint pens and I never use them. So I am not at all used to them and my hand writing will probably be absolute crap. I know this is a supid thing to complain about. But it is what it is. [9/6/2022] One week left until my exam. I had my last physics class today. I'm probably never going to have one again. I learn why molecules are named the way they are. Like methylpropane or something like that. I'm not too sure, like I said, I only just learnt this today. And I am not going to have another class for it. I'll be having my last maths class tomorrow. My maths teacher wanted us to bring interesting things like puzzles, but not image ones. So I'm going to bring my rubik's cube. I have never solved it lol. It's just here sitting on my desk unsolved. I don't think that I have anything else that would be interesting like that. So I guess the rubik's cube it is. [10/6/2022] it's now 8:47. I don't have class for another hour so I am just writing stuff here. I started playing this game called A Dance Of Fire And Ice. It's pretty fun so far. I like how the music is in it. It's like two balls orbiting around each other and you have to tap when they hit a tile. Pretty interesting concept. It kind of reminds me of those fire dancers. You know, those guys that have the fire on sticks and like throw them around and dance with the sticks. Alright, It's the night now. It's 23:13 and I am still awake because there is no school tomorrow \o/. Now I can sleep in peace. I only have 2 more hours of class left and I'm freeeeee (except for exams :sadge:). But that is alright. Now, you know they way sometimes you do something that you spent so much time making. And once you finally finish it, you are so excited to the fact that you finally finished it. That you post it or share it without rereading and verifying it first. Welp, that happens to much so often. I write something, it all seems perfect, I share it, and I don't notice my errors until like 4 days later. It's embarassing, but nobody makes any comments on my mistake, so I assuming nobody even saw it. Which is good but also sad. I do the same with text messages lol. I send someone a text and don't look twice at what I wrote, 10min later I get a very confused reply asking why I send the most confusing out of context messaage ever. But this is also probably because I don't read words properly very often. Like there's this one thing my friend sends me every now and then "I'm just drying my hair" and I reply with "What colour?" thinking they said "dying" and I make this mistake EVERY time without error. It's ridiculous. The brain works in mysterious ways. I really haven't been writing here often. I want to write here often, but I have exams n stuff happening soon. So that's why this project is probably going to take so long. And I might miss some days of writing. I'll at least try and write something once a day. [11/06/2022] It's 22:41 rn. I didn't do much today. But it was hot af. It's hotter outside than inside. Like even in the evenings, it's not that much cooler outside that it is inside. It's just a very small difference. And then during the day, it's cooler inside than outside. But not for long. Eventually it evens out and just everything is roasting. I am definetly going to live in a country more north when I am old enough to move out. There is no way I'm staying here with all this climat change. I can't stand the heat. It just gets hotter every year. And then there's the periods of summer where it's basically just as hot during the night as it is during the day. It's gross. I have to print out the paper I need to bring with me to the exam on thursday. But I have been procrastinating it for the past like 4 days. This is the last thing I should be delaying lol. But don't worry. I'm going to print it out tomorrow. I'm not THAT iresponsible (I don't think I spelt that right lmao). I think I've caught a cold, again. Well it's not that bad. But I got a runny nose and I feel like shit. Maybe it's just the hayfever acting up. I'm sure I'll be fine for the exam. God I hope it's not super hot on the day of the exam. When I did the mock it was febuary, so it was cool and alright. But if it's roasting in that class room, when I have a four hour exam where I have to concentrate well on reading. It is not going to end well. Please I hope it either rains or is windy or is just not hot at all. Like lots and lots of clouds. That would be great haha. I just checked, the weather forcast is 36C during the time periode where I will have my exam. Just great. It's 23C now and I'm already sweating. This is not going to end well at all. Anyway, this is me, LTE person logging out for the night. [17/6/2022] I'm back. I've been gone a few days because I had an exam to study for. I only have one left at the beginning of July. Now I'm just gonna be writing as usual. Oh I started watching another of those movies I was planning on watching. Finally lol. It's about time. I can relax a bit now. Do random stuff that I want to and talk about random stuff I want to. But I'm still going to have to keep studying for the other exam. But I am of course not going to be doing this all the time. So yes. That. Anyway. hahah. small phrases. dot. dot. dot. this. do. dododod. hehehhe. It's soooo hot now. My room is almost always over 30C, and outside it's currently 39C. It's crazy. It was 37C during my exaam, it was soo hot and annoying. Imagine needing to write a whole essay in the hot. It's annoying to think in that heat. The internet is a wild place. People go crazy over the littlest things. Like people are now going crazy over dream's hair just because he showed it in one of his snapchat stories. So they are saying stuff like how they won't survive his face reaveal. Like come on, it's just a face reveal. People invest themselves too much into influencers. It's not healthy. I got nothing against dream, I liked his videos since he started, but what makes most people not like dream, simply is his followers. It's like a cult, literally. It's culty. If that's even a word you can say. idk if culty is a word lol. That's basically what I'm saying. You can just add a Y at the end of mos things and make it seem like something weird. Or something that resembles the word in question. Computery, Telephony, fiery, windy, oooooooh wait. Now that I think of it, that is just how basic grammar works. I'm stupid lollll. Ok I think it's about time I stop writing here while I'm watching something at the same time, I'm not thinking straight. I finished that movie. It was alright. The ending was kind of sudden. Like there wasn't a big drawn out thing. Just somebody's plan went wrong and there we go, credits rolling while they are walking back from where they were. But it was ok, it reminded me of the style of another movie studio. It was pretty similar in style and aesthetic. Anyway, I've been playing this game that my friend told me about a few years ago. It's called four fours. Where you have to make all the numbers from 1 to 100 by only using four fours for each number. So for every number you HAVE to use four fours in whatever way you want. For 1 I did (4+4)/(4+4). And then for the likes of 4 i did (4!)-4*4-4. Sure I maybe overcomplicated it but oh well. Now I am a little stuck on 11. But I'll get there soon. I'm not thinking about how to do it right now obviously because I am typing right here. This morning I was woken up by my dream, it was odd and sad. I was dreaming about becoming good friends again with someone in which I accidentally ruined our friendship. And I think about how I ruined it very often. It haunts me quite literally the guilt. I have thought about writing an apology to the person. But I just don't want to come off as justifying what I did wrong, and making the whole thing worse. All I want is to be friends with them agian, and I know that will proably never happen. I'm sad about it just by writing this. So I will not get in to it anymore. It's just sad waking up from a dream where you are comfortable with someone you like, and you wake up to it not being true. This has happend before. I'm just lonely I guess. Anyway... So I'm basically on summer holidays now. I have nothing to do except my exam at the beginning of next month. Them I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEE. hehe, you know that video of a guy runing through a room yelling "I"M FREEEE" in the weirdest voice. Yeha that's how I imagined that. hehe. So, now, what. I don't know what to talk about. But I still have sooooo much I could talk about right now. It's weird how you think that. Well how that happens. It's still so hot here. I am sweating so much without doing anything that is straining. I might watch another movie tomorrow. But I also have to start studying again tomorrow. I will study again, and I will also watch a movie. I will watch it in the evening. I also have to get a gift for my dad since it is father's day on sunday. So I have to think about what to get him but I don't know what I should get him. I don't know what he wants. The most meaningful thing I got him was a record at christmas that he had been trying to get for over a decade, probably longer. And now I just don't know what I could get him. [18/6/2022] (I added the date after writing this) Hello, it's me. I'm back. You don't know how long it's been. But I do, and you will never know. So I just spent a while doing absolutely nothing. I'm so productive haha. I was just watching youtube and opening some windows in the house because it's getting cooler during the night again. Last night it was 28C outside AND inside. It was so hot. And then there's my room which is just always hotter than it should be. I haven't done anymore of my four fours. I'll work on the 11 rn, gimme a few minutes. Ok I got it, idk how it took me this long to find this one. But here it is: (4! + 4! - 4)/4 = 11. Simple right?. Anyway. That was annoying to think of. I'm pretty sure I found that one in no time when I first played this game a few years ago. Oh, I tried emailing the people who wrote hermnerp today. I triend the rex email and the hermnerp one. Both emails were mentioned in the LTE in 2004. So they are over 18yo. Anyway, I sent an email commenting on their LTE. And the email is no longer in use. Which I shouldn't have been surprised about. But it's also a little sad. the last time they updated their LTE was over a decade ago. 13 years to be exact. I wonder what they are doing now. I always wonder with things like that. there's no way to know. They mention no other way of contacting them in the text. Well from what I read at least. I guess it will just forever remain a mystery in the history of the Longest Texts Ever. And if one of you from hermnerp are reading this, Well done, you have inspired me. And I am now writing this long text thanks to you. Alright, this is LTE person, signing out for the night. [18/6/2022] (but the morning) Ok I have now watched that movie I wanted to watch. Now I have nothing left to watch. I guess there's nothing left to do except for to study. But that's annoying. But I still have to do it. I have a better strategy on how to do it now compared to when I studied for it for my mock exam. That was a disaster even though I was lucky with the subject I landed on. But still. I can't leave it up to chance that I land on something that I am comfortable with. I have to study. yes. Ok I am going to go do that now. I will return when the time is right. I have returned. It is now 21:57. I did studying. Not as much as I should hvae to be honest. I'm working on it though. This specific thing I was studying is the most annoying thing of the things I have to study. Yeah so I have aslo made it up to number 30 in the four fours. I'm having some difficulty doing number 31. I keep on thinking of a good formula but every time I end up needing an extra four. It's a little annoying. But it's ok, I'll figure it out. I learned how to scrape websites with python today. The issue is that if the website is protected with cloudflare, it can't make it to the page you wan't because you send a request to the page that checks your browser before letting you into the website. And from what I know there is no way around that. I will have tto find another way to scrape websites for images. Manually. I don't want to use premade programs. I want to make it myself in python. There's probably another method of scraping I can use to figure this out. I'll look into it more tomorrow. It's something to do with the request. So maybe I will use something other than requests. As in the module requests. Moving on. You know it's funny, during the winter we want it to get hotter. Because It's so cold. But then when it becomes summer it's so hot you want toe cold to come back. Spring isn't that good really because it's still pretty cold. And summer is so hot you just want the cold again. This is why I think that the optimal season is autumn. The sea and the ocean is still kinda warm since it cools down much slower than land. So during the spring or beginning of summer the sea is still pretty cold from the winter. So in autumn it's still warm since summer had just passed. And another cool thing about this is that it's cooler in the air. So it's not too cold in autumn and also not too hot. It's the optimal season for living in. If only you could just always live in that season. If there were four hemispheres where when it's winter somewhere, it's spring, summer and autumn in 3 other places. But we don't live in that world. we live in a world where it's only the oposite of the current season. So I guess you could manage to always be in either summer and autumn, because in your home country, when it's winter, just go to the other hemisphere. Then it will be summer, stay there until autumn ends, then head back to your home country, and be there during summer till autumn, and then switch again when autumn ends. It's a pretty fail proof plan if I do say so myself. Now if only I had the money to do this consistently. That would make this very easy. But it is not because I am not even of mature age. WE KICKED A KID, UNITED, WE KICKED A KID, UNITED, WE KICKED A KID, UNITED, WE KICKED A KID, UNITED. Absolute banger. I am banging my head against the wall to this jam. This is my jam. [24/6/2022] Ok there's roughly one week left until my final exam. I am stressed. And I know that I am not studying enough. But I don't know how to study more and better. I'm just doing my best. It does not help that this is my first exam and I have no experience except for my mock exam. I haven't been writing here recently obviously because I'm busy studying. So that once again puts the project back some time. But It will take time anyway. I am not expecting to break the record very suddenly. Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. I'll see you next time. [7/7/2022] I'm BAAAACK. It's about time haha. It's been about 2 weeks I'm pretty sure. That's quite some time to go by. But all is good now. I have done my examas and I am enjoying my holidays. This is fine. So far I have just been playing videogames and chatting with my friends. I haven't gone to any large bodies of water yet surprisingly. But I will go there very soon. It's summer after all. Ok well it is midnight. So I will add more to this in the morning. Goodnight. Ok It is now the morning, hello, goodmorning. How is things random person on the internet. I don't know, because I CAN'T HEAR YOUUUUU, AYE AYE CAPTAIN, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA, SMONG DOB SHARES ANTS WHO THE HELL KNOWS WHERE HIS MINAPPLE LIVES, SMONG DOB SHARES ANTS, SMONG DOB SHARES ANTS SMONG DOB SHARES ANTS SMONG DOB SHARES ANTS SMONGGY DOOOOB SHARES ANTS. oh my, I don't kno what came about me. CArying on now. Today is thursday (I think). I'm going to the doctor's later becase my lungs are being dumb. But not anymore. So I must go and say they work. hehe. emmmm. Who here can relate to looking through thousands of different excel cells just to gather data. I could have done it more efficiently, but it was 1am and my brain was being slow. So I spent a long time doing just that lols. How about some talk about what's going on in the world right now. First off, the US is being dumb again (where aren't they am i right ? lols), the UK is going batshit crazy again. France has a suuuuuper healthy democracy going on there for them. Ukrain and Russia, well... we all know what's happening there. Italy is getting really dry. And then something is probably going on in china too, but they don't talk that much, they're shy. Back to you writer. Thank you news world writer. So, where was I? Oh yes, I have no idea. How can my friends now know what the fourth dimension is? And why can't they draw a simple tesseract? The audacity of these people. It's as simple as doubling the points again, then you just double the points again, and double the points again, then double the points again, double the points again, double the points again. And again, and again, and you can draw any dimension. I speak of this as if I understand the fourth dimension. But now, I am a 3rd dimension enjoyer. I can't seem to wrap my head around the 4th one. It's easy to think about the other dimensions, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, because we are in the third, so we can tell the difference in perspective behind the 1st and 2nd dimension compared to the 3rd. But the 4th we have no phisical experience. We just know how things would look? I'm not sure. IT's really confusion. Anyway, I am currently listening to dark banjocore. It's lit. Ok, writer signing out now. I will return sooon my friends. [9/7/2022] I have been thinking about making prints of my digital art. That way I can sell them, since some people I know say they would buy them if I did prints. I don't want to do NFTs beause, well, they are shit lmao. Who likes those lol. Anyway, So I've been looking for shops that print posters n stuff around me. I have found a couple. So I'll buy some samples. I won't be able to until august though since I am going away for a bit. But when I'm back I'll try it out. See if I can make some extra money on the side of normal every day teenager shit. So today I am just going to do some computer work. Since I have to catch up on a couple of things. [11/7/2022] I have been locked out. They ahve abandoned me. They have stolen my hard work. WEll, kind of. They took it, and never added credit to me. I spend hours on something and get no recognition. They are passing it as a "revamp" of my original work. And giving me no credit. People really are anooying out there. But on another not, internet go downnnn. I think. I happens every now and then. Like recently there was another cloud flare thingy. I was working though so I was offline while it happened. I happened last year too. But that was a bigger one. The large majority of the internet went offline for an hour I think. It was very impressive. Only a couple of websites stayed up. I think twitter did If I remember correctly. So they don't depend on cloudflare. Facebook too didn't go down. It was quite the sight to see. As a lot of things on the internet is. Like that one jar video. But we don't speak of that. We don't need to see that. one time was enough. Now let me rest in peace without needing to witness that horror again. Thank you. jujuju jijiji jujuju jajaja jojojoj jijiji jojojo jajajajajajaja jujujijijjojojajajajajajiji ji ji ji ji jojojojojo ji jiji ij jajajjaja jjjjj jojjjjjjojjjjojjjojjjjjjj j j j j j j j . That was from a song. Speedcore. Speedcore song. Go DDDDDZZZZZZZZUUUUUOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. SOMBODY SCRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR SCRRR. SCRRRT. NO wait, I think that's from a rap. My bad. I'm losing my mind. OOOOH Tghat's also from a song. I think I"m losing my mind, I love it, your're such a fucking hoe, I love it. Wati wait wait, That is also a different song. My brain can not stay on one single song. This is not good. I am going into insanity. Please somebody help me, can ANYBODY FIND MEEEEEEEE SOMBODY YYYYYY TO LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE. WOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (mario fall sound). I think. I haven't played mario in years. I have no nintendo devices. I'm just here, in front of my computer screen. Beginning to become sleep deprived. Like it's not even the 10th anymore, it's the new day. But I won't update that now hehehe. You will have to wait until I log back in tomorrow morning heheheheh. NO today morning. Since it's today the 11th. But by tomorrow I mean later on. In a few hours. But right now, back to song. Song is cool, song is life, song's swedish meatballs taste reaally nice. KAPPAKAPPAKAPPAKAPPAKAPPAKAPPA HEYYYY OOOOO HEY KAPPAKAPPAKAPPAKAPPAKPPAA HEYYY ONE MORE TIME.......... ONE MORE TIME....... JIOJIJOIJOIJOIJJOI ONE MORE TIME............. ONE MORE TIME............. YOU MAKE ME FEEL SOMETING AND I OND'T KNWO THE REST OF THE LYRICS THIS IS NOT RIGHT LMao. uuuhsoo. Where was I. I don't know, I was singing some daft punk thing. But that's hard to figure out since there are only like 3 words in the song hahaha. Or I just forgot the rest of the song that Is possible too hahaha. But there are easier songs to sing. Like that one song with one word. What was it. IT's was spanish or something..... AH YES, TEQUILAAAAAA. And it has that music that is like the chicken dance. dudududududuud duduududududud dudududududuud du du du du dududududududu dudududududuu duduududududud du du ud ud ududududududu dududududuudd dududuudududud dud ud du uddududududududud duudududududud dududuudududud du du du ud. And that is the song for you. You now know what I was talking about. I am glad that you understand me now. OF course eerybody understand me. This is me we are talkinb about. The writer who makes such an unfathomable amount of typos that they are too lazy to fix even half of them. But I don't care, You konw what I am talkinb about anyway. Why do I keep pressing B isntead of G this is wrong. I maybe should go to sleep this is getting to my brain I am goin to have brain damage from sleep deprivation. Ok so goodnight I guess fello reader of the longest text ever if you even make it this far. OR juts somehow skip to this exact spot. I hope you enjoy it while it lasts. Speaking of that, when I evenetually host this on the LTE hub. I wonder if I'll be able to update it myself. of If every time I updatea it, I will have to send a new email to the organizer ofthe website.I hope not since that would be a little annoying, but it is what it is. I won't know yet tho, since I have not given this to the owner of the webstie yet. They will know all in good time. Tiem will tell. So good night people of the internet. And I will see you in the morning. Or afternoon. Since I am going to work i nthe morning. Yea so probably in the afternoon. [5/8/2022], I'm back from my vacation. I didn't write anything while I was on vacation just because I was actually just too lazy to log back into my account. So that is why there is this HUGE gab between my last entry. But that is fine. I can still write here and that is the important thing. My vacation was pretty fun. I got to see old people that I know. Family and other people that I know. There was this one person that I was planning on seeing, but then they did something that I truly thing was the biggest surprise in my life. So I didn't end up seeing them which sucks. But ah well, what ya gonna do? Soooo, now I have one month left of summer holidays. And it is just so hot. It's so so hot. IT's 33C in my room right now. It's crazy. And it's 23C outside lol. My window is wide open too. It's crazy how little my room cools down, I'm constantly sweating. Right now I am in a discord call with some friend who are listening to metal lol. And they are playing league of legends (ew ik). But I can't tell them not to lol. And I'm not going to leave just because of that. Not everyone in the call are playing it. Since there's more people in the call then people that caan be in the same league of legends match (I think, I've never played League of Legends). So I don't know how many words or characters I have right now. But I still have to keep going that's for sure. But that won't be a problem. I have plenty of time on my hands to write more stuff on random stuff that I see and think of at random times in the universe of time. I don't know what I just said but it was funny, or confusing. Hard to tell. Anyway, It's currently like 00:36, so It's very late. And I am here sweating my ass off. I have to do more computer stuff. And do stuff for my friends on minecraft. I have this big project that will benifit our group finantially on a minecraft server. But it just takes so much time to set up the project and build it. So it takes a while. So that will be one of the things I will be spending the next week on or something. Since I can't get anything wrong. or that will mean I have to shift the whole thing by a few blocks, which will also take HOURS to do. So I will take my time building the thing so that I make no mistake. Yeah so I might just stop writing here for today. My head is starting to hurt from my headphones lol. And I'm just super tired and hot. I need to sleep lol. Ok see you next time. [6/8/2022] Hello, I am back. It is actually now the next day but I will not update it since I will be talking about yesterday which is the current date that I have logged. So right now I am actually in a call with my friends and we are just listening to music. It is quite nice. I like doing this. Just listening to bangers and having a laugh. Pretty cool. So today I didn't do a lot of productive stuff physically. Since it was suuuuper hot. But it was still alright. I did some code stuff and other stuff. Minecraft and video games stuff. You know, the usual. Yeah Anyway, That is really all that I have to write here tonight. See you tomorrow I guess. [14/08/2022] Hello it's me again. Once again, I haven't been updating anyone on anything, but that's fine. I'm enjoying my holidays. Right now I am looking through my old hard drive where I backed up stuff before my last laptop fried. There are so many cool and funny things in it that I forgot about. I'm glad I still have them. Funny screenshots of my and my friends in video calls. Those were some good times. We look goofy with weird outifits one lol. IT's still roasting here for course too. So I go out to the beach and river quite often. And my room gets to stay at a steady 33C. Pretty cool. I've also been playing a lot more minecraft surprisingly. I always end up having long breaks and then come back to it and just nolife a project and play with my friends lol. And that's fine, since I probably will not be able to do that as much in the future with school and college etc. I'm still curious as to what's up with the hermnerp writers. I haven't read it all of course. So I can't tell if there's anything in the text that will help me find out what's up. It will soon be 13 years since their last entry. I know they mean absolutely nothing to me personally. But still, they made something cool, and then just stopped it. Obviously because they grew up n stuff. So yeah. I don't really know what else to say on that. Maybe I'll get their attention when I finish this one. [15/08/2022] Guess who's back, it's me, the LTE writter. It's still the same day, but it's late at night now. I saw my uncle today, he flew over from where he lives to come see us here for a few days. So that was pretty cool. And tomorrow I'm going to the river heheheh, That will be fun. I will be able to do snorkel things and stuff. And I will be able to skip rocks to the other side to the point where I'm about to dislocate my shoulder (yeah I throw them way too strong with way too much force, but it does the trick). Yeah so, if I end up getting a crazy arm injury, I will have to tell people that it was simple because "I was skipping rocks too hard at the river" hahah. But let's still hope that doesn't happen haha. I like me arm the way it is. Not injured. It's getting worryingly close to school again. Summer just flew by and now I am going to have to go back to enduring the horrors of school. The only upsides is the computer classes and the maths classes, computers because they are fun and we mess around, and maths because that's what I am good at. That's always an upside to this. [15/08/2022] So I might start off today with kinda sad stuff (slightly talked about it on 5/8/2022). If you have read previously what I have written, you might remember the birthday gift I got for my friend's 18th birthday. If you don't remember this, you can just search "birthday" and you will find it, since I've only written it once prior to right now. Anyway, so we have been friends for 11 years, best friends in fact. They are my best friend, or were, idk, but I'll talk about that in a sec. So on vacation I happened to be around where they live (like an hour away I think). And I was there for two weeks. My whole plan was of course to go to their birthday party and give them their present. I was there a few months prior too. And we had talked about their birthday party, and how we would have so much fun. Now for the first time in 11 years I am close and have the chance to actually attend their birthday party (for the second time ever). And I was looking forward to it, to give them the gift, and to celebrate them turning 18 finally. Because like, it's an important milestone in someone's life. So they knew that I was around of course. As I told them, and they knew anyway (obvious social media and stuff). And so their birthday passed, I wished them a happy birthday over instagram as you do. Then they sent out invites to everyone to go to the party that would take place a few days later. And this is the part that really crushed me (i know it sounds stupid when I say it like that). So, I wasn't invited, which was such a surprise to me. So I waited thinking they would invite me later, like the day before. And no. I thought that maybe they forgot or something. But there's no way that they would have just forgotten to invite me to their party, one of their longest friends who is actually finally able to attend for the first time in a decade. Then I though maybe it was just for family, but social media said otherwise. So, there we are. I just was so sad from this. Like I really cried a lot. It sucked. I don't think I have felt like that before. Now you may be thinking "It's stupid to cry because you weren't invited to a birthday party" and yes, you are right. But it's less about that party part, and more just because I felt like they disliked me, enough to just forget about that, and think they shouldn't invite me. It still makes me sad when I think about it now. I have thought about asking them about it. But I shouldn't, I'm not entitled to anything after all. They don't owe me anything. So I just think it would be rude to ask "why didn't you invite me to your party?", it's just not something you say. And sounds like entitlment even asking. And I don't want to sound like that, because that's not how I feel. So, I haven't spoken to them over text since. And I don't know what to say if I do. Because I just get the feeling that they don't want to be friends with me. But I don't know that for sure. So I'm just going to leave it alone, and avoid making anything worse. Even though that alone will probably make stuff worse. But it's better then going asking questions to them. So we didn't meet up in the two weeks I was there. And I didn't give them the gift I bought at the festival. It's just sitting in my grandmother's house now. Yeah, so that's what I've been thinking about for the past few weeks. ANYWAY, that's a sad story in the life of the person you don't know who is writting this, except the people who probably recognize the events in this LTE and have realized who is writing this. But that is unlikely since not many people really know about the LTEs. Oh yeah, I find it kind of interesting how when we talk about something being a certain distance from you, like "oh yeah that city is only 2 hours away". 2 hours could mean anything, by plane, by foot, by bike, by car. But generally, it is by car. Since almost everyone has one. So, instead of saying "that place is 200 kilometers away" we say "that place is 2 hours away". Since there's usually an average speed when you drive. So that's also how car GPS' work. Except they use the speed you are currently rolling at to make the prediction a lot more accurate. Ok well, that is all that I will be righting for now, I will see you all next time, probably today still. I'm not sure. [17/08/2022] for some reason I keep adding to this in the middle of the night. But it is not the middle of the night now. It is actually around the middle of the afternoon. Anyway, it rained a butt load yesterday. The streets looked like rivers lmao. The power went off and everything. We were in the worst storm in the country (at that current time). Anyway, it feels nice to have cooler weather after that now. I am going to go out and do some stuff later. It's easier to go out and do stuff when you aren't beeing melted constantly. Oh I also tried to take a photo of the super moon the other day. They weren't very good photos. It works better when you have a tripod lol, otherwise you just have to manage everything with the iso and a fast shutter speed, instead of low iso and slow shutter speed. So I'm in a voice call with a couple of friends right now. They are trying to build one thing in minecraft, and I'm trying to build another. Even though it's one of them who told me to build it. I have it all set up, but I am going to wait for them to help because this isn't a job for one person. We it could be done, but it's hard as fuck. And I would probably need to restart multiple times. Yeah so I don't actually have a lot to add to this right now. I'll be back later when I think of something interesting. [16/09/2022] HEllo again, it's been a while. I am going into my 3rd week of school now. It has all been going good so far. Except I got the ONE spanish teacher I did not what to get. Also my maths teacher is kind of an asshole. He gave out to me in class for having yawned. I mean, it's not something I can stop. Anyway, maths, I'm learning some new thing, I think it's called induction, I can't remember exactly. But it just involes proving that a formula is what it says it is. Like proving that a certain funtion always gives a number that is a multiple of 7. It has been alright so far. Well, I did get surprise tests in maths in my two previous classes. Which is interesting. They will both be my first grades of the year. PRetty cool. And I think I did pretty well on them. We had to do 2 exercises in the test, but we only had 20 minutes to do the test (not enough). So I managed to do the first exercise with confidence of my answer, and then I only made it to just before the end of the second exercise. This was the case with BOTH tests. Exactly the same thing happened lol. uuh, sorry I got distracted. lmao, I was doing something else and now i forgot what i was saying. mmmmmmm, i'm too tired to loook at what I was talking about. Anyway, I was like rendering some video or something, and it takes a long time surprisingly, since it's not that long of a video, only like 1 minutes long, a bit more. but EH, I'm not a computer scientist, I don't know the specifics, and I am not going to complain. So uuuh yeah, It has been like 29 days since I last made an entrie here. I could have written before, but I guess I just wanted to keep my holidays my holidays. So I don't really care. It was cool. And I am still going to fill this thing up to the brim, and become THE LTE. IT will happen. I can do it, I believe in me. lmao. Yeah so I guess this is all I have to add today. I will add more another day, like tomorrow for example, and more than likeley. I will also be writing in school on my free time sometimes. Like on mondays, I have a 2 hour gap every other week in the middle of the afternoon when I'm waiting for my next class. So I'll go to the media room and just type here on the computer. That's something I did when I first started this. I'm pretty sure you remember what I am talking about if you have read the whole text up to here without skipping. If not, it's alright. At least you are reading something. That's always good. [26/10/2022] I'm on holidays wooo. So now I'm just going to do my homework and watch anime. I have started watching anime to better understand me friends. Since Apparently this country is in the top 5 largest anime watchers in the world. I should maybe also see some manga since it's huge in this country too. Anyway. So that is what I am going to be doing. And I should also wrote more here of course. As I am doing right now. INfact, i don't even think I should be mentinoning this stuff here anyway. Or I should. I'm not too sure... A book fell lol. He found someone's diary. It is probably hers. It wwas hers. She gon die. No time for her coincidences. He wont tell. If she says so. Lots of free time. She loves organ meats hahha. Her lifestyle has not changed. Fune. He hab no proof. All matter wat he think. Heyy a man fell into the river in lego city. RIP his nuts no kids for him in the future. Girlfriend place? interested in girls? Man he haven't ever had a real friend before. Not a girlfriend. weird. prob know who he is. Why she mad? She is jelous. She IS intimadating. She very sentimental. She is actually gonna die. Mome and Dad pretend they normal family. Man this is sad. Less books more interacting. What's with that green guy is weird and slacking off nosy. Lil' vacation. He should cheer up. It's cruel and sad that he lies about not having friends. aah! there was noise over him saying name. *sigh* waman. Lmao. She is making him nervous. She just wants to fuck him doesn't she. Haha she is red. What the fuck are measurements?? He's asking the important questions. She's really forcing his hand. OOh boy. I think she's just scared sad and lonely. Shell kill him himself. Dude's just letting himself get shouted on over a girl. The little prince. hehe. haha they are playing super mario kart. he DOES want her as a girlfriend. What is she doing? she hugged him he is so surprised. OOO he's mad. he garn fucked up. Coincidence that never should have happened. She wants him to stay with her. Friends Until She Dies. She's hospitalized now :(. Class thinks he is stalking her haha. Oh no. He always asks serious questions. She just wants a hug with her best friend. They can see the whole view of the city and it had to be that night. Fireworks!! That's why. Woo she left the hospital!! She made him more sociable. Still don't know if they are in relationship. Oh no. no no no. She is about to die isn't she ;-; . She died from a stabbing. She left him her book. She knew how he would react to her death. She basically only wrote about him. She knew so much about him D: :-:. in her book, she wanted to say she wish she were like him. But instead said she wnated to eat his pancreaas. And he was going to do the exact same thin in text. But then he also said he wants to eat her pancrease. This is so sad. This was just before she died. But she saw it. Man this made me cry. tHIS IS SO FUCKING SAAAAD. My god. She was so pure. Her friend is mad. She is also sad. She is trying to cope. He wants them to be friends still. Some day. They at her grave. She is there in the blossoms. His name fits her name so well. Just like that coffee shop. They go together perfectly. [27/10/2022] ooooh boy oh boy oh oboy this was a good one or something. I don't know. I had to give in an assignment for a class yesterday. And I have a feeling it all went pretty niiiice. But also I could have completly missed the point and now it's shit lmao. But who knows. What was funny is that a class mate delayed it until the last few hours and had to ask me for help cause they had no idea what they were supposed to do.. anyway on to other things. like random things, or not i don't know. Only you will know. Or not lmao. what why is everything floating up? Bright light in abandoned metal place. Biiiiig hole. She got a glowing suit, cool like Tron. More tron people! cool city too. She got caught sneaking out in the danger zone, like the song hahaha. RIDING TO THE DANGER ZONE. I don't know the lyrics. She's dressed like she's some sort of princess. Weird things floating up. Why does it keep buffering????? She's being stupid. Maybe just go look. A bad person 0-0. O... she dead. Nope. She in a grap. inverted. What the hell. OO. Inverted gravity. Amazing., he flew. Creepy tower they got there. Super strict school. Must suck. Sky == sin ?? There are people coming... They're flying! Nooo she is netted. He just wanted to help her. This is basically racisme. Maybe they'll fix thte inverted in the end. Her friend is in a water test tube I think. he wants to drop her into the sky. Why are they all on moving ground?? will he go down? He want down the hole. This is interesting. They are gowing up the danger zone to help her. So many cameras my god. Sky is both beautiful and terifying for her. He almost fell o-o. She kinda looks like Rei Ayanami with that haire and those eyes. They are falling up. The end... holy shit they are so high up. Wait! they are not stars. It is a city!!! what the hell are they going to do? He's fucking horrified lol. Her friend and his dad are friends. Why does his name remind me of someone. Like some philosopher or greek name. Aww they cute. They fly down now. They go zooooom!! wow they escaped. Falling down the hole together. hahaha they happened to be there. Wow there's actually a bottom. He shot him??? He fell up ;-; . He's the inverted one now. So it's all the other way around? The inverteds are not inverted. It's the other way around. Amazing the moon has a belt of buildings that were inverted. But then, what was on the other roof of sky? what was the point of that? BUAAA BUA BUAAAH. You know, like those rabbits. Idk. I am just weird brain. Maybe. Anyway, it's day time now. I wrote the last part at night time. On today. So at like 3am. Yeah I have sleep problems haha. anyway, more random speaking of random stuff coming up. Nice koi fish. Some dude is selling shit. Oh! he's going to jump! ok he didn't because of fireworks. He should do a filp the. Talking bout there generation. New girl. She can't hear shit. There are no subtitles, I don't know what they are writing. The teacher is an ass! Bruh the kid is bullying the deaf girl. He keeps stealing her hearing aids. He's getting all the blame lol. OOf, I think she beat up his mom. She just wants to be friends with him even though he bullies her. Hoh there she is again. Oh wait, it was just a dream. She asked him so casually why he wanted to kill himself. ooooh he did actually go see her, It wasn't a dream. nobody like him. Heh, boip. Will he be the anti-bully? wow, that was cool! yay he made a friend. He just wants to give her the bread. bread... She jumped in for a book lol. She forgives easy. I think I have the same camera as him. A baby spoon-feeding a grown kid. THERE ARE NO SUBTITLES TO THESE SIGN LANGUAGES!!! He wants her number. Not this little girl's one bruh. Wait, why do so many girls look like boys in this!? slfjsdl... That was easy! They found her again easy. Oh it's that other girl from his school. hehe kitties. The old friend was a bitch, still is. haha she got pony tail now. She loves him but she can't say it right. He doesn't understand. They on train thing. VIOOOOM!!! her legs are shaking lmao. Can barely walk lols. He's confused with the fun. She tricked him. to try and be friends with old bully. No they are nothing alike. She's gonna say some bulshit. Bitch. It's all falling on him again. Are they trying to trick him? It's all his fault. He's pushing everyon away :( . Man he hurt evveryone's feelings. Reminds me of myself a bit. Aw she's having nightmares about hser sister. What the heck are you wearing? Granny funeral. Cool art expos. He loves her. The cicada there sound so cool. I wish they were like that here. I feel like he's trying too hard. The mom hates him. Cool fireworks. She's going home alone. Her sister forgot her camera. Is this some plan to get them alone together? He's going to get thecamera. Must be a plan. She's going to JUMP!!! did he miss her? He got her. She's hanging from him. NOOOO. He fell! trying to help her. Ok he alive in hospital. The bitch is bullying her because she was going to kill herself. His best friend came. He's in a coma. It cute when she talks. It's like unconditoinal friendship. I caan't understand the fucking writing. I must have missed like half of the story because of this. I don't know what's going on. Why she crying? OOOH, he's up. Nice. He's going to see her isn't he. By the koi. haha "Yo". He's appologizing now that he can. While he can. She's keeps blaming herself. He wants help on how to live. Haha the moms are friends. haha he practice in the mirror. Lets go. He's an outcast. he stressed. He just like me fr fr... he really has good friends. The stuff. lmao the bully ran away. Yay all the stickers fell off. Why's he crying? Just happy? Anyway. The end lmao... [29/10/2022] I thought it would be a good idea to add brackets to the dates now, instead of just the date on it's own. It's easier to see it now. I might do it to all the previous dates too. I'm not sure. So if you see all the previous dates with brackets, this is why. They didn't have them before. I've been thinking about my username. It's a good idea. Some may know why I chose it. But they have to know who I am to know that first. So it's safe to say that no one will know. I'm going to have to start studying for my exams soon. They happen very soon in my final year. just 5 months away. I know that seems like well enough time. But I am also going to have to learn the new stuff up until that point. So I have to make sure that I know all the old stuff well. At least I will not have trigonometry in the maths exam. That would be a nightmare haha. Anyway. I saw a meteorite in the sky tonight for the first time. I have seen shooting stars before. A lot even. They are not uncommon, you just have to sit under the night sky for a good 10 minutes usually. But today, it was a meteorite. Like, I saw the trail, it bright enough. And it was close. Not inside the atomosphere close. But, it hit the atomosphere. That is for sure. It was amazing. I could have taken a photo, but my tripod was not in place for that. I hope to see one again some day. That would have been an amazing photo. It was so amazing seeing it in the first place. [31/10/2022] It's halloween today. The day of people getting candy at houses. I will probably do it this year. I haven't done it in 4 or 5 years. Covid played a part in that. So this might be my last year doing it. I'm going to be doing it alone so.. yeah. Unless I have friends to do it with another year, I won't go out for candy again. I'm pretty old for that anyway haha. Alright. So here's another random thing of me speaking of something I am watching. I like doing this. It's fun. I don't know if you find it fun to read it though. If you don't, i'm sorry, but I won't stop. WEll, at least until I get bored of doing it. Coll Italian music. Wow this kid made a plane. It looks like it has feathers at the tips of the wings. Oh it was all just a dream (like the meme hehe). Why are their shoes like that? They look weird, like they are on stilts. He can't see the shooting stars, sadge. oooh, passenger plane. It is massive. It's odd hearing Italian music in a japanese film. Oh! She said the thing! But in french. What the heck. The whole town went bouncy bouncy. Some big dude is going "ooo" in the sky. Holy shit, that is a massive fire. What a great guy. Damn, rip the university. It's funny, the engine noises are made with people's voices. It's like they have this invisible connection. Wow, wonderful fishbone. Damn, he missed her. Her house is no more. Fire went gobble gobble. Why so many people on the track? Plane just poofed. Hoo he go to germany now. Like borat, but not really. Ffs there's a mosquito in here eating me alive. My arms!There's a lot of planes. And that one is huge! He need a cig. Hmm, they really don't like them because they are not german. ... Is that another dream? He will continue west! On the train he goes. I can't tell if he's still dreaming. Incroyable. Two geniuses speak to eachother in their dreams and exchange their dreams of creations. I love the idea of that. Haha the plan is saying "aaaa" "lalalala pow pow pow". Amazing. She paint. Godamn the wind rose suddenly. Is she the woman he missed? Maybe. The plane got ripped to shreds. She see's him. He's alone at dinner, sad. He found the canvas but no one's there. Hmm kinda creepy how she said that. Wow a rainbow! a good place to forget bad things. Aw she's sick :( . He's got some balls getting on the roof lmao. Him and his paper planes. Pretty cool. She has TB ;-; . Wow that was a sudden proposal. I feel like this will have a sad ending. Cool plane idea. Why do the police want him? What the. Dude is just making aireplanes. Not a crime... I think. Must be some WWII shit. NOOOO, she had a lung hemorage. Cool math ruler. I wonder what it is for. Ohhh, he uses a slide ruler... I want one. It seems cool and practical. He managed to get to her \o/ . He gotta go again. It's sad. Damn the navy seems annoying. He's a genius. Haha the boss's hair flaps like a bird when he walks. Sleeping in the cold to cure TB. Interesting. ooo they meet. lmao why is he always mad? Weird. The triforce is on a lantern? him. Cool. I don't understand why they are ok with her there. She's sick. She doesn't care if it will lead to her death. Cherry blossoms. She's still sleeping. And so supportive of him. Where is she going? Oh, she's going to try and get better at that place where they sleep in the cold. Yay the plane flies. He noticed something. Does he know she left? or died? like a feeling. Another dream... his planes brought death. There are so many. But none returned. Oh there she is, in his dream. I wonder if she's still alive... no, I don't think so. Yeah, she died. That's a sad ending to a love story. Why do I keep watching sad things? I must hate myself lol. OH, I know this song. But i've only heard Asterisk's DnB version. This is the first time I've heard the original. It's lovely. It's funny, I speak about things here without giving specifications to what it really is. I like the idea of that. It leaves you to imagine, or find out what I am writing about. Anyway. I am going to leave this update here for now. I will return, maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Not too sure, I have to do a load of homework this week. Ok bye. [1/11/2022] Ja ja yaya mama what the hell is going on? I don't know, I'm just going with it. It's all so perfect yet so good. Or do I mean so bad? I'm not too sure anymore. Anyway. hehe, Imagine running in squares for like, 15 minutes none stop. That would be pretty boring if you ask me. I know I would hate it. Well I do hate it. My ass aint got that much stamina. I'm already able to drop dead after 6 minutes lol. It would maybe be a cool Idea to get a notepad so that I can write to this when I'm not at my computer. Like I copy it all to my PC at the end of the day. Yeah I might do that. Since there are often times in the day where I'm just not doing anything and I'm just on my phone. I wanna see this guy play La Campanella at the end of the series. It would be the ultimate ending to a series about a pianist. There are no clouds in the sky today, that is a very good thing. Hopefully it stays like this until it's dark tonight. That would mean that I can take good star photos with my camera. Well, good enough photos. I don't have a very big lense. But still, it will be fun. Oh, also it won't be super humid like that last couple of days, or weeks. So that's good too I guess. I wonder how the piano is the most impressive instrument. Or at least amongst the most impressive. Maybe it's just because it's so big. So many different possibilities in notes on one line of stuff. I don't know how to say. The ability to play 10 notes at once. Or keys. There might be a difference haha. Red and Yellow. No words needed. I think colors DO say a lot tho to be honest. I need to do homework, but I'm watching TV. Procrastination, fuck yeah! My god this series is so slow. I like trains! VROOOOM! Wait... trains don't make that sound. Weird... They probably just got it wrong in the last earth update. Hehe it's still sunny and no clouds. Very cool. When I finish some more homework I got to go out. Thump thump. Ink makes paper curl and roll haha. He won't always be around to help you, charlie brown. Twinkle Twinkle little star, This is where the letters are. Woooot is going on. Oh, no never mind. I just forgot I was thinking there for a moment. Square goes four, triangle goes three. Pentagon goes five. And so on. Eat It! Like the Jackson song. cool. Oh, wait is that it? Yeah of course it is. Hamster mouse. Ok it might be spelt hampster. I'm not too sure about these things. Cool, my calculator can caltulatino combinations. Lit. Knowitall is someone who knows it all. Four Head, the area occupied by the front of the human's head. Amazing. Already just one week remaining until school starts again. Aw man. Colorful floral patterns. I love them. I like how they can be kinda psychedelic. I find them beautiful. Like the ones in Tokyo Ghoul for example. Or other colorful pattern works. I like how there are so many details and so many colors at the same time. It is, magnifique. Anyway,I should probably do some more maths homework now before I go watching more youtube. Piano man. Colors haha. Pretty cool. Colors. They are pretty cool right? I wonder how popular they are. I'll ask my friends if they've heard of colors before. Blue, red green, you know. Not sure if you've heard of those before. Scrub Scrub. I need a bigger SD card for making a cool timelapse of the sunset. My current one will only hold 516 photos haha. So not ideal for a good timelapse. Eh. I'll buy one tomorrow probably. Wow I've written quite a bit today. And I haven't even done one of those things where I say stuff about what I'm watching. You may not see the upadtes of a day on the day that I write them. This is because I wrote to a document on the cloud. I just add this to the website separately instead of writing straight to the site. This is all just so that I don't lose any of my progress. Hello, I'm just back from having taken like 70 photos of the sky and clouds at sunset. Now I'll have to stick them in lightroom and see how they can be improved with editing. If they even need to be. Sometimes they don't. I'll see. Anyway, time for some more homework until I either have a mental breakdown or finish the work. I'll probably have a mental breakdown though. That is more likely to happen. Wow really writing a lot today. Oh man oh boy this can't end well. I really do hate myself don't I. Man this is annoying, philosophy class is weird. This definition or question makes no sense to me. Like, WHAT? I mean, the class its self makes sense. But just sometimes, the questions are really confusing. "wanna kill yourself with me?" WHAT THE HELL KINDA QUESTINO IS THAT???? [2/11/2022] Welp, hello there. I bought a notebook. And I am writing to it right now. I bought one with dots. Which I am now realizing wasn't such a great idea. But oh well. Can't do anything about it now haha. I'm currently in my local city's library because I am waiting for my bus to arrive so that I can go back home. Wow my hadnwriting is abominal. Just so bad. But that might just be because I am writing on my knee. The dots could also have something to do with it. But I can't be sure about that. I have got to get myself a pair of sunglasses. It's around 4pm so the sun has started to set. And I just can't see anything when I am walking towards the sun. Sure I could just walk with my hand up at my forehead. But that gets tiring after a while. The words while and white are both one bar away from being the same word. A kid from my old school potted me at the bus stop and decided to come and talk to me. He basically just wanted me to code some stuff for his RIP discord server. Which I am of course not going to do. I barely even kno whim. And It's not like he's going to pay me for the work haha. Anyway, time to do other stuff now that I am home. Like changing the ink in this pen from blue to black. AAAAND, I don't have any more black ink. Just perfect. I got to do more homwroek tomorrow. 5 days remaining until I return to school ;-; . butterflies are made of butter. I have tested this, they work very well on toast. Springy springy boingy boingy! Dude turned into a bunch of triangles. And now he's dead. And that kids, is why you don't touch people with animal masks. The dots are not actually that bad, they just take a little bit of getting used to. Alright, time to start a new series, should be cool. Have you ever heard of banjocore music? There's this one song I have listened to of it. The banjo solo is amazing. I have never heard the banjo sound so cool. The name of the song is called Taake-Myr . I didn't get an SD card today. They didn't have any at the shop. So I'll get one another time. Oh shit I need to charge my calculator otherwise I wont be able to do nomework tomorrow. Anyway, I have got to go. Bye... [3/11/2022] Ayo, why is it always so cloudy oustside? Can;t get any cool photos of the sun and clouds when it is fully cloudy outside. Oh, and I still have not edited those photos from the other day haha. I might share a link to some here when I do though. Mmm candy. Very nice and sweet. candy is cool. Running in the 90s. hehehe. I don't know the rest of the lyrics to this song. I wanna make french toast. I'll make some later if I have any bread. I'll just get some if I have none. Mmm french toast is yummy. I love it. Apparently in french it translates to "lost bread". I'm too lazy to check that fact though. My friend told me that once, so yeah. Cup of coins. I have one with all of the change I end up gathering. The thing is, most of the coins are not even the correct currency haha. I'll keep them for some day where I need them. I feel like somtimes I speak about boring stuff in this LTE. But this is going to be a very big texxt. So I don't worry too much about that. It is what it is. And it is not like you will read this part, and the boring parts of this. It is so big after all... That's what she sai hahaha... Why am I like this? lol. hehe no more clouds, looks like I'll be taking star photos tonight woooo !!! Wow 44 billion dolats. I wonder what that amount of money could be used for. Well, it's not like someone would spend that much on one thing anyway haha. Winter keeps getting closer. It is getting colder at night. Winter is my favorite season of the year. For some reason I really like the cold, it must remind me of my home country haha. Yeah that would explain it. Who in the right mind names their child "Lain" ? I don't know about you but I think it is a pretty weird name. It sounds way too close to "lame". It is basically setting them up for stupid nick names. I'd know. My name has been used to make fun of me for YEARS! Anyway, I finally edited those photos. It went from 76 photos to only 12. Those 12 are the best that turned out of the 76 of course. Oh, today I learnt that "schwarzenegger" is a person that comes from either Switzerland or Austria. So would that mean that Arnold's name just means "Arnold from Austria" ? I mean, it would make sense, knowing whta I just said before. Guess what this is from: "Emotionaly challenged children controle giant monsters to save the world from extinction." Did you figure it out? You probably did haha. And if you didn't, don't worry about it. She's on the wired. You know, I'm not sure if I will take star photos tonight. I should, since it is not cloudy. But I probably won't. Just don't feel like it haha. What? Fingers? for me? How sweet of you ^^. I will put them in a vase of blood, you know, to keep them alive. Avoid static electricity and you will have no issues when building a computer. I shared a link to this with my friend today. They are the only person I know personally that knows about this. I think. Well I highly doubt someone else discovered this anyway. Someone else that I know that is. Anyway, see you tomorrow, probably. [4/11/2022] I might wrote some more stuff at the beginning of the LTE I think. Just so that it is a bit more interesting atthe beginning haha. OH! I got my Maths and Spanish homework done finaly haha. It's about time. Now I just got physics or something. Boring stuff you know. Hampter mouse. Because they are mice, that are hampters. HEHE. I say "haha" a lot it seems. Everyone gets connectd. Eventually. 1 word 2 word 3 word 4, how many words are in my store? Man I miss vine. Those were the good days. Just likek 2016 was the best year. Well that is my opinion at least. Very cool year. 3 days remaining. Each day, we get closer to another day. And we get farther from another day. That's just time for you... Mhm. Wooo! Humidity is ~68% this evening. That means very good star photos. And it is not going to be cloudy! Perfection. Now to wait for night fall haha. IT IS RAINING!!!??? So much for low humidity now. ffs. It's not raining anymore lmao. There is VERY weird weather today. I want to buy a new keyboard. It is something I can definetly afford. But if I spend that much money on a keyboard, I will be farther away from buying the camera I want. Which is very expensive tbh. But ah well. Then I won't need to buy another one. My current one is from the early 2000s. So you see why I am interested in a newer one. To a kid, everything can be a game. She suddenly has become mature and wise like once she got a new computer and upgraded it to be a super computer. It is quite interesting. It's super windy today. haha, I did not do as much homework as I should have today. I willl do more after I make dinner. I wonder where my birth certificate is. Obviously my parents do have it. But I have no idea where it is and I have never ever seen it myself. Interesting isn't it? hmmmmm. What to writ enexxt. What to write next. I KNOW, no I don't. hahahaha. You thought. Or did you? I have no idea tbh....... yeah I got nothing. Oh I do. So, I have been working on my typing speed recently. I average around 85 words per minute. That's pretty good right? That's like, a lot more than an average secretary can do. So you can imagine how fast I am writing in this now can't you? If not, emmmm. Just look up what that typing speed looks like haha. That will give you an idea. Anyway. That is one of the reasons I was thinking of a new keyboard. Since my current one is very weird and has very heavy switches. It's some off brand thing. So I have been looking at other keyboards. I might get one, or I might not. I'll decide soon. I saw Mckenzie added to their LTE. Pretty cool. I think they added like 3 paragraphs at once. I'm not sure if they are a girl or a boy. It would kinda make sense for them to be a girl since their username is mckenzie which is a female name. But then again, I have absolutely no idea haha. So I will just refer to them as they. Anyway, I'm still waiting for them to add this LTE to their LTE hub which they have set up ( I think I added to their google form a week ago or something. I don't expect them to do everything instantly tho of course haha. I'm sure they'll add my LTE eventually. I do have the 3rd largest LTE after all. at this very point it is 106 013 characters long. So I'm under flaming chicken and above Iceycupcake. OH WAIT! of course, Mckenzie updated theirs. They now have 114k char. They used to have 97k, so I'm actually 4th now... mmm I'll catch up to them soon though. So I won't be 4th for very long. Especially since I started writing a lot more to this all of a sudden. I had like a month or so when I just didn't write anything to the text wall. But that all changes now. I will continue to add to this until I get 100% bored of it. Even for years and years to come. I will continue to add to this text. Forever growing it. Anyway, I'm going to go make dinner now. I will be back soon. So my next entry will be after I make dinner haha. [5/11/2022] Hi there reader. So I did not end up adding more to this last night. But I did do homework. So I did not completely lie haha. And I did not take star photos. It was a perfect sky though. Like amazing. But my friend wanted to watch an anime movie together (hello world). we finished it at like 2:20am lol. It was a good movie though, so 100% worth it. It was like half 3D animated haha. So it had this odd look sometimes. Don't you just hate it when a packet says "open here" but "here" is actully the hardest part of the packet to open from? Yeah it is SUPER annoying and just wasts your time. It goes in the squares haha. Duvet by boa is a pretty cool song. It reminds me of the cranbaries. That one Irish band. Lma her eyes dialated so much like a cat's eyes would. Or like other animals. It is just not at all normal for it to happen to a human since our pupils react only to light, and drugs haha. Well from what I know at least that is the case. Anime does not seem to worry about that though. It kind of makes sense though since the japanese show emotion and facial expression more through their eyes than the likes of their mouthes n stuff. That is why they all wear masks, I think. I'm only like 90% sure that everything I said is correct. She's her, the only he. What the hell is going on? Odd. I need a bigger SD card. I want to take a good photo. But it needs like 400 photos to be done. My current 8GB can not hold that much with RAW photos. I'll get one during the week. Since I kinda need it. To make cool timelapses too. I am you, and you are me. It' all a like. It has to be. Hmmm I think the man wants to steal some chips. He wants them fries haha. Oh shit, it's god that wants to steal the chips. I go back to my home country in december for christmas. It will be the first time since I left that I will be there for christmas. So like 11 years. Roughly. God damn, where these guys high when they were writing the series? It is so weird and confusing. Even weirder than Evangelion I think. Psychedelics wise too. Odd stuff. His identity has been revealed. He kind of looks like Patrick Bateman, but now, he's dead. It be like that. My internet is acting weird. I'm in a call with my friends, and they sound like robots to me right now haha. It will fix it's self anyways, as usual. "bon, coup de foudre MDR". I liked that quote. If you made it to here, you know now. That is if the person I am talking about knows that I am talking about them :) . No matter how much I say it, my friends always say I m ginger haha. It's like a running joke now. I won't say what color my hair is but It 100% is not ginger. Anyway, now I am going to watch some Doctor Who with the same friend as last night. WE did it for a while before school started a couple of months ago. It is fun. If you are curious, it's season 6 episode 4. Dude is leaving the universe. When the tardis becomes a person hehe. She is the tardis. And she is crazy it seems. I would find it pretty funny if he kisses the tardis. Annd now the box is gone. Back into the universe they go. Ayo it is already dark outside? Man, that is what I get for waking up at noon lmao. Humidity is 58% so I might take some star photos later. I won't be able to tomorrow since it will be a school night. So it is kind of now or never you know? And ya ran out of ink too didn't you; you bastards? hehe I go play minecraft now. For god knows how long. Ok I am back. Yeah I played minecraft for a good while. It is SUPER cloudy outside. And cold, like 7C. Lmao I was in a call with my friend from ~16:00 to 1:00, so 9 hours lol. wtf. That is a very long time. I finish my episode then I sleep. She's ssoftware, with a body. It would seem that nothing is what it seems. She is actually an alien. The light of the sun is pure blinding while light. Ok I finished the episode. This is all that I have to write for today. Even though it is already tomorrow. Farewell my friend. [6/11/2022] Welp, it is the day before school now. I have done all of my work yay. Well except for some philosophy that I will finish at some point during the week before my philosophy class. Like wednesday basically. Yeah, so now today I'll just be studying for my maths and science tests for tomorrow. And I'll be chatting with my friend a bit too. I have sports class tomorrow too, so that sucks, tomorrow is just not going to be fun ahah. I don't like relay races, they are kinda annoying. Anyway, I'm going to go back to doing some maths. back lol. Woa ok done. I should code some more stuff for the website. But what to add? No idea. Wow it is so cold all of a sudden. The wether is wonky. No, funky. Lets get funky! Woo woo woo weeee! It's pizza time. Said SpiderMan while looking deep into pepperoni olive's beautiful eyes. And then, they zoomed out of there straight into the depths of the universe with their new born pizza child. She's wired in. Like a super computer that is wired into the internet. Low budget version of the matrix. With extra crazy weirdness. It's weird and funny. Ego. It's like shingi self reflection. And you don't seem to understand. Now she has never existed. Interesting. If your not remembered then you never really existed. Because who's to say you were if they don't remember you being. It's like how in the future, at some point someone will think about you for the last time. Then you will ultimately cease to exist. As if you never existed. Because no one will remember you. 12 minute intro? That is not normal, I think. She glitchin'. Wait, so wsa this all just some thing about god having an existential crisis? hampter mouse. It's a mouse that is a hampter. Tripply green snake computer brand. Damn, they still in a call? I'll go in the call with them too then. Studying science is so borinnng.. WWWWAAAAA. I have an alexa in my room now. My mom did not want it anymore. So I got it. It is supposed to have a little clock display, but I have no idea how to turn that on, so it just does not have it haha. I don't mind though. Woooo I am going to play more Minecraft with my friend. But we will be playing in creative mode instead of survival. It will be interesting. Bring the bruh. Bruh. haha... School soon '-; tomorrow. I have been doing number sequences in math sfor the past like 2 months and I still don't fully understand them. It is wild. Ok well that is all I will be adding for today. I must now go to sleep since my alarm for the bus is at 6am. So yeah, I got to go to bed early. I will be getting 7 hours of sleep. You can do a little maths to find out what time it is for me currently haha. Ok bye thennnnn weeeeee. [7/11/2022] Bruh, first day back was so boring. Maths and science tests went well though. So that was kinda cool. The stress is no more. Well except for the physics test I have tomorrow. But that's all good. Should not be so hard. I hope. It was almost completely dark outside when I finished school earlier. Well I guess that is what happens when you finish at 6pm in november. I wonder how dark it will get when I finish school in winter. I need to do some history work. I will return when I finish. Omnious humming continues in the landscape, while the buildings continue to multiply and invade the land around us. I need my books. Yet my books have not arrived here yet. So there is still some homework that I can not do or finish yet. So will have to wait a while. I will continue watching my series in the mean time. Aaand books are here. I will continue now. Farewell for noe. Aight, I got all that stuff done, and I had diner and a shower haha. So yeaa. I am so not ready for physics test haha. There is a panda to my right that is staring at me. It has been for the past few hours. It is starting to creep me out. Like, what does he want? My soul? It maybe wants to make me black and white. He will fur me. I am bear. He is bear, he will make me bear. Bearing. One of my friends must have bought the same headphones as me during the holidays. They had different ones before. So when she saw I had the same ones, she made a sound that startled me and then she sowed me her headphones. It was a funny interation. The nether. Big Blue Ball! Where could I go? Somewhere else on the ball? Wow, how interesting. Hampter mouse. The all mighty hampter mouse. It's the mouse that is a hampter. It is the superior being. Or item. Hampter mouse. Imagine hampters made monkey noises. That would be pretty funny. Loads of hampters looking at you just making crazy monkey sounds haha. Wild and ridiculous crazy snake bird. It so fluff. [8/11/2022] Yoyoyo I'm writing this in history class, we have not started doing anything yet, so it's alright. Ok I'm back. It is now like 6 hours later. Anyway, we watched some more movie in english class. It was fun, well because it was a funny movie of course. I'm in the yard now waiting for my next class. While listening to some music. It be lit. Oh and the physics test was not that hard. I seemed to have finished before everyone else... so maybe I just did not understand what the hell I was doing and got everything wrong. I wonder if Mckenzie is writing their LTE to beat the likes of hermnerp and flaminghotchicken. Because that is half of my reason. That is why I am writing so much. But I have no idea. Maybe I missed that in their LTE. I'll go check again later maybe. So I'm just here on a bench in the yard waiting for some of my friend to come out of the caaontine, as usual. That's why I'm here writing to the LTE. Ah I see them. I will be back later, probably. Hello, like 7 hours later haha. I is home and I play them video games. Nooooo Mitty!! Poor thing. Panda bear is still staring at me. What does it want? It is still such a mystery to me. Black and white looking floof ball. Odd boy. Tmorrow is frog day. Which means that I finish at mid day. Which is fun day as usual. And the day I need to do my philosophy homework. I'll have all day so it should not be that hard to do, or just not take as long to do at least. Man I really do a lot less here when I am in school. But that is fine. I will make up for it by being concistent... I don't know if I spelt that right. IT's all instant ramen? Always has been. Game Boy Mug. Woo Woo Wee. Oh I am going to be doing function limits in maths next. As if number sequence limits wasn't enough. So many limits. I hope I never need to use them again after this chapter. Well, hopfully this chapter won't be too hard. I wonder how hampter mouse is doing. I hope he's ok. He prpobably is. He IS a hampter after all. And a mouse is quite fast though. Cool hampter mouse. Woo Mckenzie added me to the LTE hub. LETS GOOOO!!! IF you are reading this, thanks :)) . The start date of this LTE is june 2nd 2022 by the way. I'll add it to the site too for the record of it. Oh boy, and they made an upate today with over 6.4k characters. So I see this is an active competition. I reaad their LTE, it's a lot funnier than mine haha. I will need to step up my game if I want to keep up with them. [9/11/2022] It's wednesday my dudes... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! hehehehee, like the spiderman guy. Yeah so it's that day of the week now. Nice. I am currently just archiving a load of the LTEs on the wayback machine right now. When I am done doing that, I will finish my philosophy homework for tomorrow. I have 3 hours of philosophy class in a row on thursdays which is just RIDICULOUS if you ask me. Ok, I finished archiving. I will return soon(tm). Ok I'm done. Mmm understanding the difference between an error and an illusion was pretty annoying. Hooh, my wrist realy hurts when I type a lot. I wonder why. He's counting on him. What's the point of wearing a disguise if you get discovered instantly? What a waste of time that would be. Oh yeah, function limits seem to suck from what I can see so far. It's annoying. Damn it. Thats just so sad for her. Man, I should have brought my camera here. There were some very cool looking clouds earlier. I wish I could have taken some good photos of them. Haha, here goes everything. Or nothing? I'm not sure anymore. Alll is as goes. Tmorrow I'll be working on chips. They're quite complex. I think. I rmemeber working on them for a while last year, so I kind of know what to expect. It really took them 5 years to make a dub for this? god damn. Hah, room 404, I wonder how they found it. They must be like, super magical people. Error 404, room not found. There he goes. God damn, another series in just 24 hours? I'm got no life. Dude is losing control, losing memories. It's very sad to see. Woo the end. Yet another series done. I wonder what I will watch next. Hmm, I'll see. Maybe I'll wait until tomorrow before I go choosing a new thing to watch. That way I don't get distracted from stuff until the weekend. Frieday is november 11th, so I don't have school because it's the end of World War One day. Well, it is here at least. OOO my google data is ready to be downloaded, this will be interesting. I don't have enough space on my computer to download it all... I only have about half of the space I need for it. WElp, I will need to find another way of downloading it. I wonder if I can download straight to another drive, that way I could download it straight to my 2TB external hard drive. Anyway, that's all that I have copied from my notebook. I"m writing everything live now. It's like 10pm now. I just read mckenzie's latest entry, pinkish pickle's one too. So, Mckenzie wrote SOIOOOOOOO MUCH at once. A WHOLE 11 THOUSAND CHARACTERS!!!!! WHAAAAT!!!??? I don't write nearly that much in a day. I maybe only ever wrote that much at once when I first started this. That is insane. And cool. Gawd Dawmn... I wrote that weird and it disturbs me to pronounce it. I'll just leave it the way it is tho to confuse the readers hehehe. Since this text resides in a github repository, that I then copie to the website. I have the history of when I make entries very accurately. So I might make a type of archive index like mckenzie has. Since I started the website with so much text already here. It will allow People an easier way to read everything bit by bit from the start, if they want to that is. I'll probably do it during the weekend. Since I know it will take time, almost 70 entries haha. And it is all on one line. But you don't see that because of word wrap. If you opened the html, you would see this text all just on one line. I think it's easier for copying and pasting, AND, I thought it was a part of the rules for some reason to LTEs. There Are no written rules tho I think. Well, not yet. There will be soon, if procrastination doesn't get the best of them... hehe. OH, my brother had NO idea why it is a bank holiday on the 11th. Like, we have lived here for 11 years, and he STILL does not know that every 11th of novemnber is the world war one remembrance day. Stuped. How do you not remember a day where you DONT have school *scoffs*. So there are currently 4 of use who are actively doing LTEs as far as I know. there's Pink-ish Pickle, Mckenzie, Harry (another one of mckenzie's friends) and me. So I seem to be the only one doing this independantly haha. Eh, it's allright. But it's cool, The whole thing seemed kinda dead when I first started out. But that's maybe just because I wasn't checking in on the other LTEs to see if they were being updated. Wow I've been typing here for a while now. It's been about 12 minutes since I stopped typing from what I had on the notebook. Now that I look up, I haven't gotten that far from it haha. Even though I can type fast as fuck, I'm not very fast as fuck brain. Well, not when I want to haha. I've only written half of what Mckenzie did today. Well so far at least. Almost. I'm rounding up the value to the closest thousand. This reminds me, I will also add something that displays the total character count at the top of the LTE website. Hmmm, I wonder, if I put this all in a div, I might be able to automatically update the character counter with javascript by checking the length of the string in the div (the string being this text wall). Yeah I might do that. LIke I say, don't do stuff manually, automate as much as you can... I never say that. But, I do still agree with it. So now that will be known as something that I say. I wonder how many typos I write here haha. Must be a lot. Oh I did make a couple of changes in the LTE other than this that I'm adding. I put I think ONE date in [] brackets. I got lazy and stopped after the second one. I also added a date point at the very beginning of this. IT's also on the site, but the text and the site are kinda separat. So I wanted one just in the text it's self. Plus it adds more characters hehe. I'll add brackets to the other dates too, eventually. And I'll add whatever date markings are missing. Since I probably didn't add some at entries. You know, I was listening to spotify last night because I recently started using spotify (I never did before). And It's freaky how quickly it figured out my taste in music. LIke, it just puts on random stuff it recommends, and I very rarely dislike any, and they are mostly in the genres and sound of music that I like. It's interesting. It is definetly more accurate than youtube trying to figure out my taste in music. OOOOH, that might explain a lot. About my google data, it's like 214GB. I think it also collects my youtube videos. So that might be why it's soooooo big. Because I have a lot of youtube videos (even though I have less than 100 subscribers). I'll try rerequesting my data but without the youtube data. I want to see what My first google searches were. WhenI was 7 years younger then I am now. I think I created my google account 7 years ago... Well, close enough I guess. You see why I'm still writing. I want to make up for all of the stuff that Mckenzie wrote. This is like active competition here. I thought I was surely going to be the 3rd largest LTE up until I pass flaming chicken, but then Mckenzie came in. I think It's save to assume they are a he now. So I will use he now. Anyway, I talk about he a lot. IT's just because it's one of the few other LTEers out there. I have seem some other ones. Just by google searching. Some small. some bigger. I might submit them to the hub If I see that they are growing. Otherwise there isn't really any point in adding an LTE that was abandoned at less than 2k characters right? I don't know, maybe that's bad of me to think. We'll see. Now I just have to find the websites again haha. ONe of them was a tumblr person I think. Well, their username lead me back to tumblr. So I'm assuming that was them. Wow I've been here for over 25minutes now. Just writing and writing. Oh something about randomness in my entries. Sometimes I say just random small sentences. That's because sometime there's like a good while between when I write. And it's just an absolutely random thought that I feel like writing down that has no connection with anything before or after it. Like "oooh he has a big belly babby doll hand". Which I do not see myself seriously writing EVER, but it's just an example as you know. OOOH yeah, photos. I must share a link to photos. I will make a google drive folder and share the link with the photos tomorrow. They look really good, and I spent a good while editing them. Well, not like 1 photo specifically, I was sorting through 75 different photos. I got it down to 12 as you know. Anyway. That was the small big about the photos haha. The beginning of my entry is no longer visible to me from where I am writing this. The panda is still looking at me... What does he want? I guess we will never know... wait... NO WDHJE WANTS GLOBOOOD BLOOODD HELPW LEFHEOOWfhweowqrgwqriuh. Hoh, uhh... that was nothing. Just had to deal with a black and white thing completly unrelated to what I was talking about. Anyway, would you know where I could find some sugar cane? Ah great, thank you fellow human. I want to buy a new keyboard. I found a very cool wireless one. But IT costs almost 100 bucks. Then there's another one that's almost 200 lmao. Choices Choices. I probably won't buy one. But I really want to. You see the issue here. I have an urge to spend. But I must save up money for my camera. Anyway, if you are reading this from the LTE hub, I suggest you go see the other two active LTEs. Which are Mckenzie's LTE and Pink-ish Pickle's LTE (although one of those two would advise you not to see each other's LTEs). So... uhhh... read them at your own risk? Anyway, knockton out. Goodnight, and go the fuck to sleep (Samuel Jackson said that not me 0-0). [10/11/2022] HEYOOOO, it's 8pm and I am writing here. I wrote nothing to my notebook today so it's all keybaord type for today, well this entry. Anyway. I wanted to do something on the website to highlight the date markings. Just so that they are more visible to someone who is reading. Since they are camoflaged in the rest of the LTE since all text is the same color. Anyway, My solution is using regex and some javascript, since I would have to do it manually every time I update the LTE otherwise. So I'll just get some javascript to hightlight the dates every time someone opens the page. Soooo, I am really struggling with the javascript though. Like god damn, I did not imagine it to be so hard to simply wrap a patter with some span. Ah, someone replied to my issue about it. I will see if they can help me resolve this. Yeah so I'm not sure what to do. They pointed something out, but it didn't really help. AAAA my god this is so annoying. I can't figure it out. IT works in the actual browser console, but not through the javascript that I write... Ok, so I just remembered something. I came across this errore BEFOREEEEE. WHATHATHTAWHOTOGWAHFGUIEWHFOweghawe. So... I have to run the javascript function at the end because, well, not everything had loaded yet. So it isn't finding anything. That is the issue. There was nothing there for it to select yet. HHHHHH. Ok I got this. I got this. I can do this. WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOO YEAAAAAAAAAAA I GOT IT I GOT IT!!!!! There are now dates that have text that is light green. Anyway, I'll just leave this here right here. I will add more to this later. I am going to go play Minecraft with my friends now. It's been 2 hours and we still here playing minecraft hehehe. IT's fun. Then there's some other 2 people in the call just talking about girls or some shit. Idk, they playing pvp minecraft so yeaa. AAAANd one of them just threadened to like order an assasination on me if I speak of what they are talking about in the call to anyone. Seems like a good way to start stuff haha. hhhh anyway. I will talk about random stuff that happened to me during the day later one when I Finish playing minecraft. Ok it's 11pm and I'm still playing minecraft. So I'll just go AFK for a few minute while I write some more. So, today, as you know I had like 3 hours of philosophy class. IT's about as boring as you would expect it to be. First hour flew by, second was slow, third was kinda fast. Then I had history class, where my teacher just like speed ran through the end of the lesson. He did it very badly, and now I am going to have a dissertation to do on the chapter on thursday. It's scuffed. I don't know what that means exactly, but I know it means something like "messed up" "cursed". LIke a mix. Anbyway. Then I had computer science after lunch. We worked on chips. Very cool Chips. Yeah, the teacher made us do something as fast as we can, first one done gets a bonus grade. No one got it done. WE had too little time to make a GUI that is so awkward to do. So yeah. BUUUUUT, he added a grade to a presentation we had to do before the holidays. And I got 100%. So My class average is now the number one in the class :sunglasses:. Not to flex. Ok It sounds like that's what I"m doing. But I'm just really happy about it. That's why I'm talking about it. Ok I will stop writing for a little bit, I might write some more soom. mmmm My brother is trying to go to sleep so I have to stop typing now. And turn off my pc and all that. Sooo. I guess this is all that I will be adding for today. Farewell, and good night tomorrow. [11/11/2022] Hellooo everyone. IT is the 11th of november, which means that it's the First World War rememberance day. Soooo, I DON't HAVE SCHOOL!!!! wooooooo. It's weird that i'm happy for something that caused so many deaths in the past. But oh well. So I've been playing more minecraft with my friends. It's like 5pm now. So most of the day has gone by. I added the brackets and fixed the dates that I have done in the past. I will go over all of my history soon so that I know there there isn't any missing date entry marks. I don't think there are, but just in case you know. I'm roughly 70k characters away from surpassing flaming chicken's LTE. So I'm moving up faster than I expected I would. It must be beause of the very big entry I did the other day. To make up from Mckenzie's one. They still haven't added anything since then. So I'm 13k characters ahead of them. Which means I'm at 3rd place hehe. OOOh I'm going to go and watch the new black panther film later on. My dad wanted us to watch somthing, so I found something that is on. And that seems to be the most interesting one on this evening. So it is that that we will be watching. I have writting quite a bit just on this one film thing haha. WEll I"m not conplainging, progress is progress of course. Ok that is all for now. I will return soon. I have returned. I am no longer playing minecraft. I'm now just doing nothing. I requested my twitter data earlier. Since I have a feeling the thing is just going to dive into the void any day now. So I just want an archive of everything I've done there. I should get the data soon. Hopefully this I will be able to download, unlike my google data. Which I will rerequest tomorrow but without the youtube data. Tomorrow I will make the progressive date thing so that you can see all my entries progressively. I will do that after I verify all the dates tho first. That way I don't have to insert something when it's all actually false haha. It's cool, this LTE is going to make me work on my web development skills, since I basically have none lol. But it also means that I will be prepared when my Computer Science teacher wants us to make a website as a project during the year. I won't make a bland thing like I did last year hehe. Maybe I could add this whole LTE thing to it somewhere. Well this all depends on the rules of the project of course. If there were no rules, I might just start it on my own whenever. Then just pretend I do the rest of the work of my website outside of school instead of writing it in class. Easy. HAHAHAAA FRAAAAUUUUUUD!!!! I think you would call that fraud. I'm not too sure to be honest. WEll, it sounds like fraud to me, so it's fraud. hehehe. Anyway, I'm gonna go play another videogame for a bit. I will return, either after I finish playing the game, or after I watch the black panther movie. IT depends on whenever my dad wants to go to go see the movie. Ok cya in a while. Hello, I thought I'd add this. IT seems that pink-ish pickle does not seem to like me. They are just jelous that I am at a higher character count than them. Or it's because I said to go looks at mckenzie's LTE. Eitehr way, it's funny. So don't forget to go check out Mckenzie's LTE of course. Can't forget that. Ok I am back from the game. I'm not too sure what else to write here. I jsut want to write more stuff for the sake of it. I've been watching a movie, it's like the continuation of a series, but in a movie. And there there's the second season of the series after the movie. IT's weird how it was done, so like, if you want to watch season 2 of the series, you first have to watch that movie. It's weird. I already said it's weird. huh... Anyway. Yeah so that's what's up with that. I still need to finish the movie before I get to the second season of the series, which is still ongoing. I'm half way through the movie. I must watch the movie. I will finish it later. No point starting to watch the rest now if I am going to go out to the cinema and watch another movie. Plus I managed to pause it at a very good spot where it doesn't really matter if I paused or not. WEll, you know what I mean. IT was a good end to a scene. The reason I write "it" with capital letters sometimes is just because of how fast I am tying. You will see that with some other words like "well" and whatever stars at the beginning of a scentence. I'm just so ahead of the keyboaard that the keys can't keep up. Or my fingers can't keep up with my other fingers that are holding down shift. ANYWAY, mmm I say "anyway" a lot. I say a lot of things a lot OKKKK!!! Stop complaining. You're the one reading this. And I'm the one writing this, complaining about what I"m writing. DAMN I IDD IT AGAIN WITH THE "I'M". WHY IS THE M CAPOITAL!!!!???/ Ok I am losing my mind. I can't type right. STuypid.... ok i'm done comsfewikgweoighweifghwruk hbkefwhk fsh. Ok bye cya later fellow readers. OK I am back from the movies, here's my final entry of the day. no spoiler, just, the beginning of the movie was kinda slow imo. But the rest was fine. And cool ass fight scenes as usual from marvel movies. Usually. Uuhhh, so it is midnight now. Turns out the movie is like 2h40. Which is LOOOONG. So I won't have time to watch the rest of that over movie I was watching. So I'll watch it tomorrow. Amongst the other things I need to do tomorrow. Because *drum roll* I Have Homework !!!! wooooo yeaaa baby. Yeah, so... I got to do some of that too. Which is very sucky sucky. I think I have some maths, and history to study, and uhh.. idk. Some spanish homework to do? shit, I don't know what I have to do in spanish. The teacher just gave us a youtube link to something and nothing else. IT's weird. I will ask some of my class mates. They will surely know wtf we are supposed to do haha. Since Spanish is my worst subject, I'm so bad. I can not even give you a simple scentence. Even though I have been doing it for almost 7 years at this point. I'm just stupid like that. My brain can only fit 2 languages. I might manage to learn japanese at some point, that way I can understand the songs I have been listening to for the past few years. But that will take the rest of my language brain power. I won't be able to fit any more languages in there. Well, programming lanuages yes. But spoken languages no. Especially since japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn apparently, it takes like over 1000h of experience to be good at it. I don't know if that is a correct experience mesurement, but you get the idea. I can't start learning it now. Since I"m in highschool and I got other shit to worry about. But when I'm in college, yeah, I'll look at this online course I got saved in my bookmarks. I'll be doing something like maths and computer science/engineering. Sooooo, yeah I should have time to spend on learning another languaeg. Not only that, but japanese sounds and looks cool imo. The alphabet looks cool. Well that's maybe just because it's COMPLETELY different from the latin alphabet I and a lot of other people are used to. AAANYWAY, I"m going to stop talking about me wanting to learn how to speak japanese. My friend just commented on one of my instagram posts "gigachad" I mean, thanks for the compliment. But I do not have gray skin, and I do not have ripped body with a 16 pack. AND, I also don't have a sexy sharp jaw line. I am just me, a human. You can refer to me as human, I am human knockton. Wait... is that how you spell human? IT is... It's only 5 letters long wtf. Why in my mind I feel like that word would be like 7 to 8 letters long. It feels like a word that would be long. But no it is not long. Wow, my mind is blown. BOOOAAAAA. Godam. This is becomming a pretty long entry (I did not spell that right). So I guess this is pretty good entry. Oh, I'm surprised I have been able to do daily entries to the LTE for the past like 2 weeks (I think). Sure I may not update the website daily, but the entries I add to the LTE are daily. So sometimes I add nothing in one day to the website, or I add 2 days worth to the website. I just don't always update the website everyday. Although I have been doing that so far. IT could change in the future. Just because lazy. Or it won't change. I don't know. This entry is 8 thousand characters long so far. Impressive. I am maybe just going to push for the other 2k characters yeaaa let's do that. That way I don't really mind how much I add tomorrow since I will be doing a load of work. Because it's not good to be lazy. But I still be lazy. hahahahahah procrastination is my preoffesion. I did NOT spell that correctly either. God damn it. I can't spell anything right. WEll I did spell that right. So I guess I kind of spell everything right but nothign right.... yeah that makes total sense, sounds deep as fuck. Ok but seriously what the hell am I writing. I must be a dyslexic person's worst nightmare. It would be even funny if I spelt dyslexial incorrectly that last time, AAAND I just did it again. ... I'm not correcting these errors because there are good for comedic purpose... and I'm just lazy. I'm TOOOO lazy to use my mouse or arrow keys to fix a simple mistake I know. Stop judging me, I know you feel the same way and would do the exact same thing. I know you. Yeah, so my brother wants me to go to bed now because we share a room and my typing is annoyting him, especially since it is half twelve in the night. He is annoying when he does this. This is why I like it when I have my own room. I don't have to worry about this and I can stay up as late as I want and stuff and not worry about my brother who is annoying af disturbing me because he wants to sleep. I mean, who even sleeps anymore. Stuped. Ok, by for now. See you tomorrow goyos. OOOH, potatoers. Yeha, I call you that now. [12/11/2022] WAAAAAAA HELLOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I finished the movie hehe. Literally like 30 seconds ago. Now I'm going to add whatever dates are missing from the LTE. And I will make the archive site at the same time. I'm wonder how to do it. Make a html page for every entry? I Feel like that would fill up quite a bit. I'll just stick it in a separate folder of course. I'll need to make a template first, that way I just have to paste in the text of that day. Ok Everything is up to date. I fixed some missing dates, and then like 2 or 3 wrong dates (off by a day). And it turns out I lied about what day it was once I think. LIke i said that it was still the same day, when infact, It was the next day lmao. Hmmm, I'm too lazy to do the archive now. Since it's all in one line. Github doesn't show the difference properly, since it's all one line lmao. hmmm... Yeah, so I would have to manually look for all the dates and select them. Sure that's not that hard with regex, but just, I don't want to do that right now. So I will do it late maybe. Or another time. Another time being later. OF course. Ok I am going to go do something else now. Might do some homework, might choose another series to stars, who knows. Ok cya in a bit potatoers. So I did not do any homework. Which means I am going to end up doing it all tomorrow. AKA, Sunday. YOu know, this is just how it is in the life of a prograstinator. I guess. Oh and the archive I didn't do. Ffs. I need to do stuff. Half of what I have writting here today has been about What I am NOT doing. This is dumb. hmmm well what am I doing? Well I did some digital homework thing. There's this certification we need to pass during the year which is basically to check out how IT literate we are. It's just annoying and boring to do. I am very IT literate, but I hate doing the tests. But I have to do them anyway if I want to be able to prove that I am IT literate. Uhhh what else did I do? Not a lot. Ireally didn't have that eventful of a day. It was pretty boring all day. Since I didn't do much haha. WEll I am probably going to be playing some more minecraft with my friends later. haha it's funny, I am rendering something at the same time as typing this, so the letters are appearing in delay of what I am typing. I am typing too fast for the screen. Since a lot of the GPU power is being used for the render right now. I"M faster than light. Ok not really. But that's a bit what it feels like. I am so fast. FAST AS FUCK BOIIIII!!! HELLOOO, I am back. I was playing minecraft, I still am, but my friend is now doing homework also. I chose a new series to watch, yay!! I have so many on my list that I don't know what to choose anymore. So I had it chose randomly, since that is an option. So that's pretty cool I guess. I wonder how much I will manage to write today. Maybe not as much as yesterday since I don't have as much to talk about. One thing I am worried about when I am writing here, is that I end up talking about something that I have already talked about in the LTE. And that just makes it seem that I am being lazy and speaking of stuff I have already spoken about just so that I get more character count. I have not written to the notebook in a few days. That's because I've just been at home most of the day and not doing a lot. So I just write to this whenever. I should start using the notebook again though. Because one of the reasons I'm using the notebook is because I think it will look cool when I end up filling the entire thing up. There are no paragraphs and stuff. Just text, constantly. And it looks cool so far. So that is why I wanna do it. IT just looks cool haha. Which is also one of the reasons I'm doing this LTE. I just like the idea of a HUGE text wall. With no paragraphs or spaces in the lines or between lines. That is why I put everything on a single line. So that the word wrap does the rest. It is just constant text. TExt text and text. hehehe. Mckenzie and pink-ish pickle have not updated their LTEs in a couple of days. So I'm here just adding loads of more stuff to mine. I'm not sure if mckenzie will be able to catch up wtih me if they don't add to it for another few days. Well that also depends on if I slow down. And if they decide to just write a MASSIVE entry. Like that 11k one they did few days ago. That was huge.mmmmmm yeah. So that is that. I have only written about 4,000 characters so far today. I should maybe try and go for a bit more. EH, it is what it is. I'm going to go start and watch the first episode of that series. Hi, It's me again. It is almost midnight. Like in 5 minutes. So I am going to go to bed soon. So this is the last of the entry. Farewell potatoers, and see you tomorrow for the next entry. [13/11/2022] "thanks for chinken" said I before descending back into my cave known as my bedroom to go and watch more youtube. ANYWAY, I did not do website stuff. I had to study for my history test on tuesday. Since it is kinda important, for some reason. For me to know every little detail about how stalin treated his people. And Hitler. God damn, it's like each year we learn more and more about how fucking horrible of a person Hitler was with what he did. Traumatizing stuff. I have a sports exam tomorrow. In relay racing. Our teacher did not inform us that we would be evaluated by a teacher that is not him. He doesn't warn us of certain things. Oh this reminda me, I need to make a report on my last sports class with my performance, since we are also evaluated on that. I will do that right now as I speak. Alright I got that over with. Nice. Now to edit some videoes I made. Yeah I don't think I'll be writing more here today. So I guess this is goodbye, with my small entry. Goodnight potatoers. [14/11/2022] Yo yo yo, It is monday an I am in school. Well I have no more classs for the next 2 hours, soI will be studying some more history for tomorrow. Hopefully I won't cry during the test this time. I did last time, but that is because the teacher said it will be a document analysis, and then the day of the test he said it was actually a dissertation. They have such different methods, and you have to study more for the dissertation. Basically, I did not study enough and panicked/cried for the first 15min of the test lmao. I found a photo shop not too far from school, so I'm hoping that they are still open when I finish school, and I will finally get the SD card I have been speaking of for the past few weeks. I'm not even sure if they will be open today. Since shops are closed on mondays sometimes. Well either way, I will get it tomorrow. Anyway, I'll go study for my history now. Wooo hello, it is now... 6 hours later. English test was easy. Then I got home at 7pm yay. The photo shop was closed, so they must close on mondays. Tomorrow then. My mom gave the 4G wifi box to a friend, so I have no wifi in my room currently. It is very annoying. So there is quite a lot that I can not do. I will update the LTe with my phone's hotspot. But that is pretty much it until my mom gets the box back. So of course I am writing to the notebook currently, oh and it seems that my pen needs new ink. BRB. Anyway, I am back. And now I am going to go again to study my history lesson. MMMmmmmm I found a cool keyboard. And I WILL buy it. I'll sell my current one after I buy it, to make up for the money I spend. The reason for after I buy it is because ... *drumm roll*** otherwise I won't have a keyboard to type with. Anyway, that's all I have for today. Bye bye.. [15/11/2022] Today time. It is noon. Which is usually when I start writing to this. This morning was great. Except I am starting to dislike my physics teacher more and more each class we have with him. He's worse then my teacher from last year, and I really did not like them. I have computer science now in 40 minutes. The highlight of my day. Well english was also good. I did not update the LTE last night. Well the website I mean. So yesterday's entry will be included in today's update. Hello it is now 9 hours later, I am writing directly to the LTE now instead of copying from my notepad. I saw that Mckenzie updated their page like 1 minute ago. They didn't add any text by the looks of it. Well I did see a character counter at the top of their LTE. I'm not sure if that was there before. If it wasn't, then they probably saw mine and copied. But I'm not assuming that. Since I'm not sure if it's something I just missed before. They definetly did update it recently. Since the hub says 123k characters, and their counter says 134k characters. I wonder. So I guess I will just wait for another entry. It will happen eventually. I just have to wait. OOOOH, I got the SD cAARDDDD!!! 32GB!!! so now instead of just being about to do ~500 photos, I can do TWO THOUSAND!! I know that's not a lot. But it's pretty good for raw photos, and for if I want to make a long timelapse. Well not long time lapse, but timelapse that is over a long period (a few hours). So a long short timelapse (?). I have no idea. I guess we will never know. Also like 25 bucks for that, not bad. I will have to make a timelapse tomorrow. Hmm what else can I speak of... OOh, my friend's girlfriend's (idk if I can consider them a friend or not yet) got their instagram account hacked today. Or yesterday. Either way, there's a load of bitcoin stuff happening in their story. It sucks to see that happen. It happened to someone I know before, a few months ago. yeah, so they were completely locked out of their account. Can't even log in through their username (since the hacker changed the email). Also Instagram support is like none existent, it's so shit. There's like nothing there. I tried making an account for something a few months ago, and it was INSTANTLY suspended. Like, I never even got the chance to get to the home page of my profile. I had dont NOTHING on it yet. It's crazy. And there was no like bad language or anything in the username. So I got them to appeal, there's some automated message that gets sent to me, I have to send photo n info. Nothing. I did this multiple times, The account is still suspended. It's dumb. So that will probably be it for my entry for today. It's not a lot, since it's a bit last minute before I forget it and then I end up waiting for tomorrow before writing more. I will maybe write much more tomorrow since I get off school at nooon and that is when, well, I get home. So yeah. uhh, bye bye for noe potatoer. [16/11/2022] I noticed something yesterday. The character count of the original text is not the same as the character count of the text after it is put into the html. It's a good bit smaller in the html. Ok only like 30 characters. But still. Like, where do those characters go? I'm thinking there may be some tag like thing in the text. And it's getting evaluated in the html as a html tag. That's the only logical reason tbh. But it's such a small amount of characters, I'm not sure how I'll catch it. Literally ~0.02% of the total character count. So if I Want to automate the display of the character count, either I find out what the issue is, or I just accept that the display will be less then the actual count. But what worries me more in this then the character count, is that if the display is less then the original, then there might be some text that isn't displaying. Like, It's hidden in the tag or whatever. I have to find out what it is. I thought of using a diff tool. BUT, since the entire LTE is on one line, It doesn't really work how I wanted it to. I guess I'll have to code something to do it for me. It's just so odd. Anyway. Uhhh... Binary trees. Wow, quite some stuff. And cool. I learnt them in computer science class. Like today. Or it was yesterday. Can't remember. Either way we are working on them. We are going to have to do a mini project that includes them. AAAANd, I'm not sure what I will be able to do that is centered around binary trees. I will probably work it around some sort of data analysis. Although most people will. What if I make a game? Like a yes/no text based RPG game. But that would mean that each answer needs to be independent from the last. So the story will have to have quite a few outcomes. I learnt about binomial law last in maths. And I know that the branches get big, fast. Which means many outcomes. So maybe not a game. HMMMM, yeah I don't know. I think I have to do it with a partner. So maybe they have some ideas. I don't like working with a partner, since I'm usually a lot better than every one (except 3 other people in class). And the teacher won't let me paire up with one of those 3. He didn't let me last time, so of course he won't this time haha. So I would have to find a project idea, that is usable, and applicable to something. AND that isn't too complex, that way my partner can work on it too. Oh that's also one of the reasons I prefer to work alone. Except when the work is the likes of a website, where there are many different parts. Working on a program, that is one file, is hard when there's more than one. 2 people colaborating on the same file. mmmm yeah. Awkward I know. Anyway, I am going to go watch some more of my series. I will be back to talk about stuff that isn't a rant of some sort... hopefully. Ok I am back now. Just 2 weeks ago the size of this text was 85KB, now it's 151KB. Pretty cool huh? I have now almost written more in the past 2 weeks then before I took a break. So, I have written more in the past 2 weeks then in the last almost 6 months. I am writing a lot. This has proven to not be a difficult feit to become the writer of the LONGEST TEXT EVER (Ok I'm not yet, but that is the goal, so shush). I will set the bar high. I MUST! Ok I'm not talking like some crazy dude on a quest to save the world. With lots of internal monologueing and reflection... Wait... That's this entire text!!! OH GOD!!! WHAT HAVE I DONE!!! WAAAAAAALAWIGI!! sorry I couldn't help myself from adding that hhehehee. That was a funny thing, when people were just adding the waaaaa from walawigi everywhere. Kinda like how they did megalovania and the gnome guy. Funny times. I like those kinds of memes. Then among us came around, and it's the only one left. Well in image at least. I'm not too sure what the current video one is. Haha japanese goblin, that was a funny one. IT kind of works how you would rick roll people in a video. Plus they kind of start the same, with some drums. So... that begs the question. How many rick roll meme videos could you replace with japanese goblin? I must look into that. I wonder if I will ever look into it... probably not. But I should. WE will see. Only time will tell. I did a timelapse earlier. I had it capture for an hour at intervals of 6 seconds. It turned out good. It was the middle of the day though. Eh, I'll do sunset another time. There was some issues I discovered. Flickering sometimes. It's more than likely caused by the clouds passing above. I will fix that next time. I found some videos on it. I didn't watch them, but at least I know there is a way. The thing with editing the frames, is that it sets the same setting to all selected photos. And it kind of depends on the brighness. So with sunset ones, I can't just apply the same settings to every frame. Because over the timelapse, the sun will get lower and the scene will get darker. Of course I'm going to change the camera settings while I am shooting, I just mean the editing settings. So I will Have to change the image settings every x frames, depending on when I change the camera settings to be good with the brightness I am shooting at. Seems like a lot of work. I'm probably just over complicating this. I will look up a video on how to do it. Oh look I'm rambling again. Which is not a bad thing. Since, characters. But I just feel like it is uninteresting to the reader. I am missing flavour. LIke pink-ish pickle says. Their LTE has flavour. The Potato and Mckenzie's LTE apparently do NOT have flavour... I think they are just jelous heheh. I'll how them. hmmm, I need to find out what has flavour... Here, eat this food. HAH! GOT YOU! Beat that PINK-ISH PICKLE!! Check mate. It is funny that yesterday I said that I would be writing more today because I have less school, but to be honest, I am writing most of this at like 7pm. So that theory was obviously wrong! I wanted to talk about something else, but I For got. Damn. Stupid potato person. WRite about good stuff. PoTaTo! Oh yeha, I remember now. If you read my last wednesday's entry (9th of november) You would notice what I have tomorrow. 3 HOURS OF PHILOSOPHY, BACK TO BACK!!! RAAAAAAA, kill me. We gonna be talking about how to make a dissertation on a philosiphical question. There is no way in hell I wrote that correctly. Anyway. It's boring. And we are currently working on the notion "Happiness". More like, Madness. That's why I will be going through tomorrow. The 5 stages of madness. Number 1, Exhaustion. Number 2, Disorientation. Number 3, can't stop wiggling. Number 4, Schizophrenia. Number 5, PLEASE GET ME OUT OF THIS MADNESS!!! Hey Mckenzie, in case you are reading this. YOU NEED MORE FLAVOUR IN YOUR LTE!!! So do I, but I just thought I'd tell you too. Maybe add some like, very fast flashing psychedelic gif as the background of your site. Yeha, that would be very flavourful wouldn't it? Definetly. I am right. I have perfect taste. My word is law. Well, not that you HAVE to do it. My word is law that it will make it flavourful. Well it's all up to you. I want to learn how to make old website aesthetic. Like some of the top websites on neocities. Where everything is centered in the middle kind of, and there is just background on the sides. If I could learn that soon, and I eventually need to make a website for computer science. I will have such an amazing website. That looks old, and that is also modern. I'm maybe getting ahead of myself and overestimating what I can learn. Well we will see. MUAHAHAHA! I found a wiki how that says how to do it, and a quora question. Here is the wiki how if you are interested. I will make great use of it. . Have fun. The step 13 is funny. Just has someone staring at the computer that has nothing to do with the step in question. Other than the fact that there will be someone looking at your website, from a computer (obviously). OOOk I'm at 7.9k characters in this entry. Nice, I guess. I will add more later. I must now go and eat my dinner. As all normal human beings do. And me, a definate not potato human being will do. I added a hit counter to the bottom of the website. I was always wondering how to make those. I tried making one a few weeks ago. I did not succeed obviously. And now I got it super easy. So that is that. I'm going to see what else I can do. I was about to update the website with this entry, but then saw that Mckenzie added something. Lets see what is new. OOOO They thought of the automatic counter too. Yeah I have it all in just a p tag right now that I change manually. They did it all with javascript. I will figure out the relation between my source text and the text on the LTE website. That way I can get rid of the anomaly known as MISSING CHARACTER COUNT!!. I'll figure it out some time. hmmm, is that all I want to add now? yeah probably. Oh yeah, they followed me, so that's cool too. Alright now, THIS is the end. the end ofthe end. i feel like "this is the end" is the name of a song or tv series episode. This is not the end? Eh, Oh was wasn't saying this is not the end of my entry. This is DEFINETLY the end of the entry. I was just thinking outloud. Or thinking inwrite? idk how you would say that. I'm thinking and talking with my fingers. SIGN LANGUAGE!!! but with tiles on this zap zap number machine... Ok bye now. [17/11/2022] GREETINGS!!!!! It is I, knockdownton. This is the name that has been given to me by the oddly colored divinity of ancient fruit, the pickle person. OOH, "It's a role given to me by the pickle people" ANYWAY! I don't know if they said that on purpose. I am, not knockdownton, I am KNOCKUPTON! wait... Would that mean that I knock up a ton? Uh oh... This was an unexpected development. I.. I must cut off some loose ends... uh. anyway. One other person knows of my LTE now, well, person that I know personally. Well it might be 3, but I know that at least 1 knows of the website. It's one of the people from my Computer Science class. Which also reminds me. The binary tree project thing. It's an imposed goal. So I don't have to come up with something. I was paired with someone. And we now have 2 weeks to work on it. Even though I doubt it will take anywhere near 2 weeks to complete. It's just huffman compression. I already have a pretty good idea on how to make the functions we need to make. SOOO. hm... I don't have philosphy tomorrow, so I start at 10pm hehehe. Yay, more free time. I will spend the whole 2 free hours writing to a text document in the library for adding to the LTE. It's What I did at the beginning of this, and it lead to my biggest entry, with over 3 thousand words in it. I didn't count the characters. But it's a lot of course. I'm trying to choose what to watch next, since I finished another series. I will use the random button again. Therea are so many things that I equally want to watch, I just can't decide. I'm like that with a lot of things. I am given options, I do not care which option I choose, it makes no different. Which leads me to not being able to choose. It's VERY weird. I don't understand why I am like this, but I am. Ok I remeber something I wanted to talk about today. So recently I talked about the whole birds and fish under water (may have been a few weeks ago). Well, turns out that's one of the things I spoke of at the beginning of the LTE. I am involuntarly repeating myself on some things. It's weird how I don't remember. Then again, it was like 6 months ago, at the beginning. So it is bound to happen. So this is me stating that it will probably happen again at some point. These things happen. I'm saying "happen" a lot. Welp, I guess that just happens sometimes. I'm good like that. Haha, my friend used to say that a lot. "I'm good like that" When I would say they did something cool or something like that. So they would be good like that. They also called me a cardboard cutout once... They made it sound like a bad thing. We haven't talked in almost 6 months. You might know why. I spoke of it before here. Yeah, it was good fun with them. Cats is great. Chinken nungets. They are nice. I will go see hampter mouse soon. They are a hampter, that is a mouse. A mouse hampter mouse. They are very mousie, but they are a hampter. So don't mistake them. They are a hampter, but a mouse. A mouse hampter. Ok good, you got it now. Good job. Congration. Woow, css is annoying... HAHAHA. Of couse it is. Typical Css. What does it even stand for? Control style shit? I don't know. I made that up. I think style was the only correct word in that. Oh well. It is now defined. And can not be changed. I have changaed history. WE WILL MAKE HISTORY BOOOOM BOOM BOOOM, BUUUM BUUMM WE WILL MAKE HISTORY!!! not bum as in a bum, the sound effect bum. Yeah you know what I'm talking about. My bedroom is a mess. But I'm not in my bedroom right now, BECAAAUSE!! I have no wifi in there. Damn 4G wifi box. WAAAAAAAAAA!!!! walawigi!! Hmmm breakcore go brrtbrrtpshpshpsh because of the drum break sounds. Man I got some weird ass lung shit going on with me. It's not asthma, but my doctor is treating it as asthma. Because he don't know what it is. So I take this inhaler thing in morning and evening. It work. WE tried downing the dosage, and all symtoms just come back. So he gave me higher dosage again. I will try lower dosage soon again. Before my next sports exam. That way I don't jeprodize it. I did not spell that right lmao. Anyway, my next appointment is in 6 months time. So I got plenty of time. I mean, it's not like me death is imminent *stares at camera*... Yeah, idk why I speak of this. IT just sucks. The symtoms are just a FUUUUUCK ton of coughing. And sleep deprivation (from the coughing). When I was on the lower dose, I was playing catch with some 6 year olds, and after like a few minutes, not even. I was just coughing so much. I am wonky sick. wonky wonky. I'm speaking of super personal stuff here. It's both dumb and not at the same time. None of you, except for the people I personally show this to, will know who I am. So it doesn't really matter how much you know about me. You won't know who I am really. I don't think I have even said my name of the name of any of my friends. The only people that will find out who I am and are reading this, are the people that I know, that find this, without me showing them it myself. And for those who have succeed, I hope you don't use whatever I speak of to shit on me. Thank you. Yeah, so back to typing other stuff. Hmmm "other stuff" there we go. All done. That's a wrap, that's lunch (it's not lunch, it's 10pm). Ok I am back from lunch. Do not trust parenthases knockton, they is stupid and do not know what they are speaking about. They are lies. Temptation. uuhhh... lust? fcking, the bad sin thingies. I'm not sure what else... Pride and prejudice? Idk assume those are sins because of the Cummunity. I don't really care in the end. All you need to know, that is parenthases knockton is not to be trusted under ANY circumstance... I am like several tens of thousands of words into this. I should have mentioned that earlier on. Also I'm around aproximately 30 thousand characters away from surpassing flaming hot chicken chinken nuggets person. They did a very big one. A big block. Big chinken nungget. Never forget to sink to the deep sea world. It's beautiful down there. With such chromatic sounds of satisfaction! With the triangles of equilibrium simplicity that is stronget then the so called immovable object. It's beautiful I say. I'm sure I will finally get to see it some day. When it all ends. As all of it does. But the deep sea word will remain. The stack, a digital frontier. I tried to manage clusters of code as they executed through the computer. What did they look like? Backend? Frontend? Were the elements like puzzle pieces? I kept dreaming of a fullstack master I thought I'd never see. And then one day... I GOT IN!! WWWWIIIIOOOOOMMMMVVVVVRRRRROOROORORORORPAPWOFIWOIWHFWOW waaa YYAAAAAA I am in the stack BABYYYYYYY. Maybe, some day. I will be able to dream of a better world, where we are all equal and have the right to stack however we want. But for now, it just isn't possible. What a sad distopian world we live in. All in good time. For now, I will just continue to stack my pancakes. It's always the best when you fullstack those. And then add some energy fluid (maple syrup). SHUT UP PARENTHESESE KNOCKTON!. You can't trust them. It's energy fluid as I said. They are trying to descieve you. I know what i said. I didn't s-s-s-stutter! Plus they don't even know what Maple Syrup is. They have never left my computer. They stay imprinted in my comptuter's keyboard hardware code. Stupid knockton. I only have 2 classes tomorrow. So that's cool. Spanish (ew ew ew ew ew), and maths (still ew, must significantly less). Yes I agree. Well, I don't think I have anything else to speak of in this entry today. So this is goodbye for now. Farewell. goodbye. Yes, bye. Yeah that's what I said (goodbye people). SHUTUP YOU, NO ONE LIKES YOU PARENTHESES KNOCKTON!!!. Hhhh, I really have got to do something about them. Fellow potatoers, Farewell. [18/11/2022] Woo hello, I am roughly half way into my 2 hours of absolute nothingness. I'm not actually alone surprisingly. One of my friends also decided to come in at 8am even though we start at 10 am. So that is cool. I'm here writing to the notebook and they are reading their book. I'm not writing to a text document in the library because I'm pretty sure it is closed right now. So yeah, notebook. I found a cool video on web development. The 90s style one. It is like one hour long, so I have not watched it yet, but i will for sure. I love the web 1.0 style of things. I think it looks cool. Also it does not use CSS ( I think ) so all the more reason to do it, right? I think that if I keep writing at the base that I am writing at, I will maybe beat hermnerp within the next month. That is not fure certain though. First hour ends in a few minutes. I will return later. Farewell for now. It is evening time. More specifically, half 8 pm. Roughly. But if it is roughly, it is not specifically. Damn, that sure is dumb. I had a call with my aunt today about college next year. Since I'm not at all sure how the grading system works over there compared to here. I know of 4 colleges so far that I am interested in. Now I just need to send an e-mail to all of them asking diverse questions. I will be sending the exact same e-mail to all 4 colleges. So not too much work to be done. Except for writing the e-mail of course haha. Now my friend's friend has gotten onto the call and is someone I don't know. It is funny. Now there is someone that I do know. Well we have only spoken online, but I know them. They are talking to me and I am answering stuff that they ask. But it is like very one sided right now. I have very bad converstation skills. I feel bad for not trying to keep the converstation going. They are obviously trying a lot. It sucks. Not her fault though, just I am stupid. I feel like I am being disrespectful. And annoying. I want to leave so that I stop being annoying. But then I might just make it seem like I dislike her. Which I don't. So I stay in call. They wanted to go. Now I feel like shit. Man. It sucks. I'm not good at social skills, OK? ok. Now, I will write more stuff. I have finished writing whatever was on my notebook. This is all just random stuff or not random stuff that I am typing straight from the keyboard and my big meaty muscle organ thing in the top of my 4 head. Which is located at the front of the head. Near the top where there is all of those stringy things on the round ball bowl of meat. Oh man, my spotify keeps connecting to my mom's alexa Whenever I am listening to music on the same wifi connection of it. it's annoying. It randomly interrupts what I am listening to and plays something else. THAT I CAN'T EVEN HEAR. Because it is in a different room. I really need to manage my devices. Anyway, what else I'm I going to speak about now? Oh yeah, maths is weird, we are now doing more than one derivative. I don't know how it works. But I will some day. I hope. Otherwise I will end up getting a very bad grade and not have a good score for entry in the college that I want to go to. So you see why I am looking to be good at maths. They only accept depending on our paths level. Computer Science level is assumed that everyone does not know anything. So they teach us from scratch. Which is useful. I guess. Especially if we aren't going to be starting with a language that I know. Which we probably won't be. IT will be C or something like that. HMMMMMMM what now. What now. IT has to be something good. I keep writing the "it" in all capitals at the start of my sentences. IT is kind of funny. Oh boy, I just did it again. Why does this happen? I'm not sure. weird keyboard maybe? It probably just can't keep up with the sheer awsome speed of my typing skills, which is totally definetly not low, it's above average. Trust me. It is. Now. On to other things that do not involve averages that have everything to do with the current converstation and context of the text. Ok ok knockton, stop joking around. This is serious. This is a professional text. Haha Imagine I gave this as my motivation letter for college... No they probably have a character limit. Imagine if they actually just had a word limit. hehehe. Underscores. Or dashes. Get hundreds of words at the price of one. Big brain am I right? yeah of course I am. You know I am. I alwasys am. I am a potato after all. And we all know that potatoes can run computers, and act as batteries. So of course I am always right. I am potato computer. That's why I have none existent social skills. I'm listening to a song where the end is just "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" but in differnet melodies, so it actually sounds good. Have you ever heard a crowd of people sing a long to a instrumental? It was cool, I saw it in a polyphia video earlier. It was funny and impressive at the same time. WAAAA I just refreshed the youtube page that was playing the music I was litening to. I am really dumb. It gives me the same kind of feeling when you accidentally close the app on your phone that you were using to listen to the music you were listening to. You are just there, swiping up on the apps, and then, BOOOOOM!!! You closed the app, and no more music for you. How sad that is for you. And then you have to go and open the app again just to put on the song again and pretty much guess where you were in the song because it is hard to remember because you weren't expecting it to happen. I am not adding any commas in that phrase. It will stay as it is. EAT MY GRAMMAR.. or is it punctuation? I'm not too sure. You get the Point OK? yeah. That's what I thought. This whole text wall is like me just going straight into insanity. IT is interesting and funny at the same time. I wonder if there is a way for me to dynamically update the website with what I put here. So that I don't have to manually update it each time I make an update. Since this github repository is private, and it will stay that way. I don't know if I can extract the text from it and them stick it into the website with javascript. Maybe if I use a special API. But then I risk exposing a privat key on the website. I'm not sure how private the javascript files are on the website file system. I will look into it. Just to make sure. And if they are infact completely private from any outside user, I will see if I can use an API. IT sure will make my job easier. Hmm, not a lot of characters today. I think that the github editing field is starting to lag when I type to it. Because there is just so much text in one line. I can see it visually. The text cursor is behind my typing speed. It's slower then me. Not as slow as when I am rendering a video and typing at the same time. But it gives that same kind of latency feeling. I will see if I can fix it. I wonder what is causing it. Oh yeah, the line. Hmmm. I might have to start editing this in a word document. Since it is obviously just the website being slow. My computer can handle this kind of stuff easily, I'm sure of it. I think. Oh I'm going bowling tomorrow with my friends. That will be fun. Wooo. First time I'm being invited to do something with people in... I don't know. Like 3 or 4 years? maybe more. 5. Yeah that sounds right. Fun fact, I haven't been invited to a birthday party in at least 7 years. Not even my closest friend's one. But you already know about that story. I spoke of it before. Yeah, so this will be fun and I am looking forward to it. That girl I was in a call with, she asked what I was writing, I just said the bowling thing. Because I was actually writing about how bad I am at converstation with her. Which now seems dumb since I was writing while in converstation. But there wasn't really much going on. They were talking to their friends at the same time. Man I Can't believe I am talking about that again. It just made me feel very guilty I guess. So it sticks with me. Makes me want to apologize. Weird that isn't it? I don't have sports on monday, that is pretty cool. Since I passed my exam last week. I won't have it this week, while the other class passes their exam. Then the week after I have sports. It's something weird where you step up and down from a step. Kind of like dance, to a beat or song. It's odd I know. Well, I will be graded on it. So I got to stop complaining and just make sure I do it well haha. Now I am just listening to banger music. Like cotton eye'd joe. He is so cool. But WHERE THE HELL DID HE GO???? I'm scared, he might be under my bed at night. His eye. It's too fluffy. Like cotton. Oh wait, that makes sense. His other eye is too moist, like, eye. I might be getting an RSI by typing like this. My wrists are placed so weirdly on the keybaord because of Where I have my laptop right now. So on the dining room dable. Because wifi. wiwi woo wiwi woo wii woo wiwi wooo wiwi woooo. Great song that. It's hard to sing songs that are instrumental, but I do my best. So enjoy what I sang there. Ok now it just sounds like a ambulance now that I readd it again. Well, I can't do anything about that. Sounds like a YOU problem. hehehe. Oh boy, it is 10 pm. And I have to get up somewhat early tomorrow (since it is a saturday tomorrow) to go on the bus to then go to the bowling place with my friends. So I should maybe end entry here. I will go and get ready and do some stuff before going to bed. That way I have less work to do tomorrow. Yeah that sounds like a good idea. WEll, I guess this is goodbye for now. Or for today. This is all up to you my reader. Wait, what the hell am I writing? My brain has to get back on track or this will derail like twitter. Uh... yeah, if you are from the future, twitter is this website that was very cursed and was baught by a rich dude that drove it down to the ground. And all the users then migrated to other websites like tumblr. OKKKKK, I will stop now really. REally realy. This is the end. This is (not) the end. bye. [19/11/2022] It's 10:30pm right now. So yeah. Might not be a lot here today. Uhhh, so today was super fun though. I woke up at 8am on a saturday lmao. Amazing. I hate having to do that haha. Well, it was worth it. I ended up waiting around the shopping center for 2 hours before my friends arrived. We then ate, since it was noon by then, and went to go bowling after that. When we were on our way to the bowling place. There was one of my class mates that I recognized. I fucking pointed at him and shouted his name for some stupid reason. Anyway, he noticed me and I then felt super stupid for doing that haha. Bowling was so fun. I got the first strike of the game. Yeah , I know, so good. All it took was getting only one point until the 3rd round. I'm that good. I ended up getting second place. And the first place dude got his ego boosted lmao. Like godam. Dude was brakedancing. My friend took videos of us when we were playing. In one of them, I look like the bowling ball is about to take me with it onto the lane. Like in those cartoons where they throw something heavy, don't let go, and get pulled with it at the speed of how they would of thrown it. That sentence maybe made no sense gramatically, but at least you get my point hhmmhh. hmmm What did we do next. Oh yeah, we went and got waffles. Lots of waffles. Well, I got waffles. And 2 other people. The others were supposed to also get waffles (they said they would) but they didn't. They decided to get pancakes instead (traitors). Yeah, so lesson learned. Do not get a waffle with chocolate on it. It's impossible to not be messy. I will get something not chocolate next time. We then went to some other shop that does very diverse stuff. I got a desk mat, since my current one is about 5 years old, and is getting worn out (it's low quality and was from WISH!!! ). But it had a good run. After that we all kinda just went home, since one of them had to take the train back to where they lived. And my friend just shared the online folder of all the photos and videos they took when we were there. It is funny. Was a good time. So I really have not done anything else today That is interesting and worth writing about. So this is where I will end today's entry. I will attempt another +1k word entry tomorrow. Ok, farewell potatoers! [20/11/2022] WAA I did so much homework today. LIke it was loads. maths, spanish, english, uuh, civics?. But it all done now. YAYYYYY. I'm gonna get my hair cut a bit soon as well. Since I need a cut now. It's been a few months. No, a couple. I'm not too sure. Either way, it's been at least 2. Then I will get ready for tomorrow because it is monday. My new keyboard should arrive some time this week yayyyy!!! It will be cool. Other then this, nothing interesting is happening. I started two new series I guess. I have decided to watch two at once instead of just one. Why? I don't know. I have like 70 on my list, so I may as well. Some of them are movies tho. So the 70 isn't just series. But still. That's a lot for me to watch. I will not need to be waiting for something new to come out for a while. LIke, maybe a year. It would take about a year for me to watch 70 series. Short series, but still series. Yeah I don't have much else to speak of or report on today. It is a weekend day. Not always a lot happens. I will speak of stuff tomorrow after a school day, Where I would have done stuff, learnt stuff, and thought stupid thoughs that I want to write somewhere like here. Like WHY IS THE SKY BLUE!! Even though that should be an obvious answer, I still ask myself. Even though I know the asnwer. Just... why? Ok well, that is all folks *pig voice thingy*. bye potatoesrs! [22/11/2022] WAAAAA NOOOO, I DIDN'T ADD AN ENTRY YESTERDAY!!! that's like the first time in a few weeks I didn't add an entry for a day. WEll you could see it coming anyway, is you had seen the length of my two previous entries. It is alright tho. It was bound to happen. WELL!! oh man my brother is freestyle rapping to me right now. He is so bad it is so funny. UHHH, what was I going to say before he started doing that??? Oh yeah, emmm, maths. I do not like it. It keeps getting harder. I'm going to end up having a mental breakdown in class from a stroke because of what the hell my teacher is talking about. WAA, it needs to end. At least I won't be doing much maths in computer science in university (theoretically, because there are still mathematics modules). We did more stuff on binary trees today in CS class. My teacher's intern taught us in his place. It was interesting. He was alright. I haven't gotten through any of those two series yet. I will get through one of them this week though. Maybe both. My friend suggested I watch another one, which is already on my list. So I guess I won't have to try and figure out what to watch next. I'll just watch that one. Oh And if you were wondering, I don't mention the series by name for a reason, and that reason is... You will never know. It is mine and mine alone hehehe. I was tracking the package for my keyboard, and it seems to keep arriving in the future. Like it says "package recieved at 13:33" when it's only 10am of that day. Time traveling delivery. I had physics test today, bad teacher, bad test. He told us to revise 3 activities from the lesson, for they will be on the test. Only one of the 3 activites were really on the test. Nothing on light. NOTHING! And that really pissed everyone off. We spent more time revising shit we weren't going to be tested on. Of course some people will still get fantastic grades. I do not feel I am among those people though. I have returned. Well, you never knew I had gone, but I indeed have. Had,.. and now I'm back. Yeah, that's it. I'm going to go check out mckenzie's LTE. BRB. HOLY HELL, WHAT THE, THAT'S A MASSIVE BLOCK OF TEXT!!! I will read it then I will return. MY GOD, FAT TEXT!!! Obviously that wasn't a one day entry, so it makes sense. But STILLL!!! wow. They are up to 160k characters now. That's a lot. only 20k behind me. I have to stop slacking. Also, they didn't know how to say "scholarship" (assuming I just spelled it right) hahaha. uuuh, boy. A lot was said, and I only remembered there was dark mode AFTER having read all of it. And it's 9pm so godamn, my eyes hurt. Speaking of dark mode, mckenzie, there IS darkmode on W3school. Idk if you were implying there wasn't but oh well. It's funny, whenever I think "oh I'll go check their LTE" they had just updated it a few minutes prior (8minutes prior this time). Even though we have like a 9 hour time difference I'm pretty sure. I"m not sure at all actually. All I know is that they are in america somewhere, so... yeah. Time travel...OH SHIT, THEY DOCTOR WHO... or some other time traveling character. Just becaause I mentioned doctor who does NOT mean that I am British. That would be false information. I will not tell you Where I am from though. As for privacy reasons, and not have people figure out where I am from and stuff like that. All you need to know is, I am a human being. That is a potato. That has a pet hampter mouse.... that made definite total sense. Ellipsis and Ellipses, they are so similar. I thought they were talking about the oval thingys. I was like "WHAT THE HELL, I DON'T SEE NO OVALS" but infact they were not, they were speaking of the three little dots like... this. Hehe, see what I did there? Yeah I know, It wasn't that good. I wonder how long it would take for me to be writing here constantly in one sitting for me to get a repetitive strain injury from just typing. Since I don't have a very good hand posture. They feel too elevated, well my wrists do. Wait, I'll see if I can fix this *moves keyboard farther away from me*... yeah that seems better. Maybe. I don't know, time will tell really. REally really. Wow. Uhhh... I wonder if there is still the character anomaly on my website, I'll go check. Yepp, my count is 182,197 char and the JS count is 182,163 . I'll keep this information here for when I go and check again next time. If the difference in character count is the same, then I will just manually add the missing number to the counter. It is still odd though. It's just roughly a 30 character difference. I know it's negligible (yes like that), but I still want it to be the exact count. Or maybe it is the exact count and I'm just being dumb... wait, I will use a different language than javascript to test this. PYTHON!!!, ok BRB. Yepp, python counts 182,197. So it must be a javascript issue. I will figure it out. Well actually, it could also just be a html issue... god web development is annoying. I will maybe figure it out since it's wednesday. I'll do it after my philosophy homework, which I have been given a week to do, but I still have not done it and it is due for thursday. WAIT, not it's due for next thursday... YAYYYYY, I'm safe. But I still have to have started it for this thursday. I don't know if my teacher will chekc if we did it so I will still do it just in case. Wow I really do type fast. I"m just thinking out loud. Wait I already said something about that before. It's not "out loud" it's out not loud... our quiet? I don't know how you would call it in writing. I'm writing what I'm thinking. Yeah, that makes more sense. WAIT, the character issue may be caused by me just doing random quotation marks when I actually just want to do apostrophies, but but wouldn't affect html would it? I'm not too sure. So I will have to figure it out. I will find out tomorrow. Since python seems to get the right count. I will compare the website version with this version with python. I think it will be easier. I don't want to do maths tomorrow. I do not. I do not. It is not fun anymore. WAAAA, double deriving a function. Ok that is fine, but like, proving stuff. It's the PROOFS, you got to prove everything. I miss there days wehre I could just write the calculation and give the answer and then that is it. 'twas simpler times. Good times. I initially wanted to go and watch some more of my series. But i have been here writing now for the past 15 minutes I think. Wait, a lot less. Like 7 minutes. Ohhh the hub counts were updated too. Interesting, interesting. Well at least mckenzie trusts my count and not the count that my javascript is outputting to the console of the website. Well they had no idea that that was happening, so I guess that is fine. Well, at least they didn't go and check the length them selves with a counter, and copying the text from the website. Which would indeed give the wrong count. What the hell man. I don't know anymore. It is so weird. I found a candy shop where I live the other day. I will go and check it out at noon tomorrow. I know, I'm now technically an adult, and I am still going to go and check out a candy shop lmao. I just want to see if they have candy corn. I don't know if I have spoken of this here before, but. During the halloween holidays, my mom's friend brough over candy corn with them. It was my first time ever eating candy cane. IT WAS SOOOO NICE! I loved it. I still love it. I just want more, and I won't know anywhere that sells it here. For so long I thought it would be hard, kind of like how lolly pop sweets are. The ones you suck on. Like jolly ranchers? (idk i have never had one, I just recently saw a meme about them). But actually, candy corn is more like cake frosting. Kind of. The stuff that you can shape and put on the cake. Love it. Wow I have been talking about candy corn for a while. That just shows how much I like it. Ok, you won't see this, but on the 2 previous times I said "candy corn" I had actually written cane instead of corn. Honest mistake. Or was it dishonest??? I don't know. AAANYWAY, I'm just hoping that candy shop has candy cane. It seemed to have a lot of stuff from the window. But they were closed when I First saw it. Thus, I am going tomorrow, at noon, before I have lunch. That's going to be a bad idea I know it. lmao. But to be honest, the likelyhood of them having candy corn is very low. Discord keeps saying that I am listening to spotify, yet I am not. IT says thay I am listening to something, something that I would never listen to. I DO have the right account linked, yet it is not me playing the music. IT is so weird. I do not understand it. What is going on... OOOOOOOOH, yeah, remember when I said something about my spotify acting up the other day? Yeah, I think it is my mom playing something on spotify on alexa at her house. So I'm here at my dad's and spotify is just stopping playing. Yeah that would explain it.. man I really have to switch the account on the alexa to her spotify account. This reminds me, I have been tasked to making a website for my mom's buisness she wants to make. I need to work more on that tomorrow too. So much to do, so much to do. Not enough time to play videogames and watch TV. And I know that next year this will be intensified with college. Oh boy. HHHHH can my keyboard not hurry up? It's been sitting at the sorting center for the past 3 days. What they hell is taking so long to sort it. Isn't it all automated????? Damn lazies. Oh yeah that reminds me, once, I had to return some headphones that stopped working after a month. Turns out, it got lost at the sorting center it was at after be sending it back. So the company never got my broken headphones to verify the claim that they were broken and that it wasn't caused by me. So they never go it. And it too ONE WHOLE YEAR!! for them to send me a new one. Needless to say, I sold that shit instantly and got a different brand. Who knew the one of the biggest gaming gear companies in the world would have such shit customer service. Well at least they have customer service. unlike a sertain parent company starting with the letter M that does not have customer support for all of it's child companies. Dummies. At least they are loosing value hehehe. This year has been so bad for them. BOOOM BOOM BOOM, MINUS SEVENTY PERCENT!!! I almost wrote the b word when I was writing the "BOOOM". But you will never know for sure what B word I am talking about. I'll just let you use your imagination. I wonder how many characters I have written in this entry so far. I'm not sure. I will check in a little bit. I am going to charge my school laptop this evening that way I have it working for tomorrow when I am in school. And that way I can actually type to a computer when I want to type to this when I am in school. But I can only update the LTE when I get home since the internet at school is so bad it's almost none existent. For us users at least. And I don't want to use my personal hotspot for my phone because well, I don't pay for the bill. And it costs more whenever you use the hotspot you see. I'm good like that. Good in the way of not making my parents pay more for the bill. Not good in the way that they are still paying for my bill... I need to get a job... I will. During summer break. Let me enjoy my last year of high school without having to worry about other shit. Even though it would be a part time job, no nono. I like my free time when I have it. Next year, I won't have a choice. So yeah. One more year. God damn. SHIIIIT MAN!!! Ok, I will check the characer count riiiiiight NOW! HOLY SHIT 11,585 CHARACTERS!!! WHHAAAAT!!! I didn not even realize I had written anywhere near that much. Well I guess that makes up for having not typed yesterday. Oh boy my wrists are starting to hurt. I type too much. We were given some exercists to do for maths tomorrow. I only did like 2 of them in their entierty. Becauuuuse, I do not understand SHIT!!! So, I will wait for the correction where theoretically, I will understand what is going on, and not have to come to my next Maths class with unfinished exercises. Because I don't like that. Once at the beginning of the year I spent like 3 hours on ONE exercise, JUST ONE!!! Damn number sequence induction. Stuped. What's funny is that one of the exercises I have for tomorrow has induction in it. And I'm doing function limits and derivatives. Not number sequences. I guess everything really does go hand in hand. And that one I spent 3 hours on, I ended up giving up on, beause it was midnight my the time I gave up, and I needed to have a shower. I usually want to get to bed by around 11pm at the latest. So you see why it was annoying. My teacher isn't the best imo haha. But oh well. NO NOT OH WELL!!! My only requirement for college next year is to be good in maths, they don't count computer science, SHIIIIIT1!! I got to be good at maths!!!. WAit, but if they translate the stuff I do this year, like the computer science to their grading requirements. Maybe I will be ok with a lower level in maths and a higher level in computer science. I am not sure though. I still haven't sent them those emails. Anyway, it is 9:50pm right now. So I will go and watch some more of that series I was watching, so that I can finish it and watch the one my friend told me to watch. UUUUH, yes, goodbye my fellow potato readers. You are all potatoes now. Enjoy getting eaten by the Irish lmao. I wonder if potatoes could speak, if they'd have Irish accents... Ok I really need to stop. Goodbye everyone. For not at least. Big as entry OVER!!!! [23/11/2022] WOOOO HOOO, I FIGURE OUT WHAT THE GHOST CHARACTERS WERE!!! So it turns out, whenver there is more than one space in a row. Html just removes the spaces until there is just one. It's probably to do with the whole whitespace thing in html. Like the way it ignores whitespace. So, since it is not actually missing text. I just set the automatic character counter to whatever the javascript counts. It's only spaces, so yeah. BUT DOOOOO KNOW, THE TRUE COUNT, IS ABOVE THE COUNTED COUNT!! OKKKK welll, it is still noon right now, so I am going to go and do my phiolosphy homework for a bit. And whatever other annoying homework I will have for the next couple of days. Like spanish for example. UUUHMMM. I'm making a timelapse of of the clouds over the mountains from inside my room. So the camera is behind me and it's just there taking a photo every 6 seconds. If I end up standing up too high, it will get the top of my head in one of the frames. So I have to be careful of that. I would put it at the window by my bed, especially since there is a better view from there, but my bed is in the way of my tripod getting high enough for the window. So I can't put it there. Unless I moved my bed. Which of course I am not going to do. I could put it in the living room upstaires, But then I Think it would be too high, and would just keep captureing the tree in front of our house. So yeah, behind me seems to be the most optimal solution. I just took a photo of it. I might stick it on imgur later and share it here. Just so you can see what I mean. Ok so what was I going to do again? Oh yeah, philosophy. Cya in a bit. Alright, it has been 2 hours now. The timelapse is done, I am finished my philosophy homework. I'm not sure if the work is good though. mmm, now i have to figure out how to edit all of the photos of the time lapse. I think it's like 10GB worth of photos roughly. It's 1200 photos so yeah, makes sense. I'll figure it out. My camera seems to do partitions every 1000 photos, so they are not all names from 1 to 1200. It's 1 to 999, then 1 to 201. It's annoying! I'm trying something out though. Hopefully it works. I also have to figure out how to remove flickering. Since I noticed that when I made a time lapse a few days ago. I'll just look up a tutorial of course. Lets see, what else do I have left to do for today? Work on my mom's website. Maybe do some spanish homework. Do something for my homeroom teacher. Uhhh, man what else. I'm not too sure. I know there was more stuff I wanted to do... Shit. I have got to start making a check list every evening of things I want to do the next day. Oh yeah, I would like to congradulate mckeznie on ten THOUSAND website views. Pretty cool. I am at like 500 I think. WEll done man. What other LTE related stuff can I speak about? hmmm, I'm only about 7 thousand characters away from beating flaming chicken's LTE character count. That would make this the second longest text ever. And next up would be hermnerp. Which I would feel a bit bad surpassing. Because they have been at the top since 2009. The longest text ever since 2009. That's *counts on fingers* almost 14 years. Like, just wow. You know, it's kind of funny how we call these the longest texts ever. Of course it's just following in flaming chicken's footsteps. But, we aren't really. I guess as a nishe internet thing, we are. But in reality, there are such much more larger texts. Like, uh... books? yeah lmao. This LTE isn't even as long as the first harry potter book. Neither is Hermnerp I don't think. But that is not what we are considering outselves. There are no written rules to LTEs yet (I'm looking at you mckeznie!), but when there are, it will be a more defined thing I'm pretty sure. Anyway, my point is, these are soooo tiny compared to what someone else can do, who actually has the motivation to write the likes of a book. But oh well, this is still an LTE. I just wanted to speak about something about the Longest texts ever themselves, and also just gain some more free character count hehehe. Since that is what it is all about. Welp, I am going to go look up that flicker thing. I will be right back. GREETINGS, I have returned. Uhh, it's actually been a while since I said the "I will be right back" part... hehe. Sooooo... I watched some more of my series. AAANd, I worked on my mom's website. Now I just need to do the timelapse thing. I will do that now. And I hopefully will NOT return in 5 hours. And more like, a few minutes. hopefully. According to my maths, the timelapse will be EXACTLY 40 seconds long. We will see if I am right. It's funny, earlier when I was editing the photos, Adobe Lightroom was taking up a whole 8.5GB of ram. Good thing I have 16GB on my computer. I wonder what would have happend if I had less. Would the program crash, or would my computer give me the blue screen of death? I'm not sure. I don't think I have ever had the ram overflow. So I can't really say for sure. AAANYWAY, I am exporting the video now. Then I will do the thing to get rid of the flickering that happens when you take loads of photos and it's very noticable. Well, at least when you put a lot of almost identical photos together after each other. With just one photo alone, you barely notice the dim. Well no, you DON'T notice it. So that's the thing. Something to do with the shutter and apperture. I'm not sure. ANYWAY!! yeah. Just.... waiting now. Ok It's done. It's meh though. I was hoping to get a shot of a big rain cloud forming in the timelapse. But there wasn't any. There are often some that form by the mountains. And just before I started the timelapse. There was this cloud wave effect on the mountains. So the clouds were going down it like a wave of water. And then it all lifted and flew up. If only I had started the timelapse sooner. It was so cool. ffs. Hmmm yeah, no. I'm not going to post this. It seems tooo bad. Not good enough. I'll try and actually do a timelapse of something interesting next time. Uhhh yeah, so now I'll go play some video games for a bit. As most peolpe do. well... most teenagers do. WEll no. Uhhh... yeah I'm not sure. Like a LOT of people do. THERE WE GO!!! ok. It has once again been 2 hours. I did not spend the 2 hours playing video games of course. I was doing other stuff aswell. Like... watching youtube. Yeah, I know, like that changes how productive the 2 hours were haha. Oh well, nothing you can do about it HEHEHE. Tomorrow is thursday, you know what that means, 3 hours of philosophy. Just great. Then I only have computer science in the afternoon. So, 2 classes tomorrow haha. One that is 3 hours long, and the other that is 2 hours long. Mmm, still kinda meh. Oh and I will be continuing the project in computer science tomorrow. I wonder if we will get it done tomorrow. I'm not sure, if not, we will do it during the weekend on a discord call. By "we" I mean me and my project partner. GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS TODAY!!! IT'S WEDNESDAY MY DUDES!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! XD. I love that. Spider man dude with swimming goggles, in a door way, screaming like a crazy ass frog. It's funny. Vine really was ahead of it's time. Short content. But with so much flavour. Now we have tiktok, which also has short content, but is so generic and bad and just meh yeah. EW, tiktok, who uses that? Too many people. Vine supremacy. I will start watching that other series after I have dinner. My friend really likes it, so it is motivation for me to start it. See, big brain. NO actually not big brain. Since I'm the one who can't decide what to watch next lmao. So.. half brain. Yeah, that's better. I use half my brain. That's probably what my maths teacher though today when I said I didn't understand wtf I was supposed to do. Mf made me cry. I don't like him. It is 9pm now. So, yeah. That is just some random information for you haha. I wonder how big mckenzie's next entry will be. I'm interested to see. It will be big I'm assuming, like their last one. They did it over the course of a week I think. So that's what, 22k characters in a week? Pathetic (I joke). Ah yes, and I still have not done the archive page for all of my entries. I must do that at some point. And it probably wouldn't even take that long. I'm just procrastinating it you see. I'll definetly do it this weekend. I just have to copy and paste stuff mostly. So it really won't take long. I just need to make some website template where I will paste the text and the date of the text every time. Then have a "next entry" and "previous entry" button. Since this is all just one immense wall, which is the point of the LTE. I still want to make sure that people are able to read it ok. Which is part of the reason I made the date marks a different color from the rest of the text. So I will do an archive too. I mean, it's all just extra. It is still all straight from the wall of text. So I don't think it would be breaking any rules. Even though there are NO WRITTEN RULES!! Hehe, I like doing that. Funny. I'm bully. Well, I guess procrastination is something we all have in common lmao. Welp, It's later now. And my brother wants to go to sleep, and since I share a room with him. That means that I have to stop tying here. So, that's it for today my fellow potatoers!!! BYEEEEE!!! [24/11/2022] EYEYEEEYEEEYEEE!!!! I finally passed Flaming Chicken's character count. Which means that The Potato LTE is now the second largest known LTE. That's pretty cool. 25 thousand more characters until I surpass the Hermnerp LTE. Time will tell, when I pass that. If I do. For all you know, I could drop off the face of the earth tomorrow. Only to be innevitably surpassed by Mckenzie then. Anyway, on another note. G#. Ok, enjoy that note. My keyboard should arrive tomorrow. Hopefully. It's supposed to have been delivered to the distributer now. So, I think they just gotta send it to my house now. Yay. So this is what I have been waiting on all week. also yay. Mmm what else... I only have 2 classes tomorrow. In total it's like 3 hours.. Cool. But one of them is spanish, so, very ew ew ew. Thn the other is maths. Our maths teacher didn't give us any homework to do for tomorrow, which is a littel worrying. I'm afraid he's gonna give us a surprise test or something. Which is very probably since he hasn't given us any since the very beginning of the year. So around a month, or a little more. But then again, I can't be sure that this is the fact. I'll still revise my lessons just in case that is though. Since he is rutheless. I hope I spelled that correctly lmao. Mm well that is all I will add right now. I will add more in a little bit. Hellooo it is me again. I'm probably not going to make a very big entry today in the end. So this sentence right here may be the end, or it may not, it depends on if there is more text after the DOT in today's entry. [25/11/2022] Greetings from internet, it is I, knockton. I am at home, at noon, right now. Because it is lunch time obviously. I will return for maths class in a couple of hours. So, yesterday I was thinking about something. You know how it's said that we eat on average 8 spiders in our sleep a year. Well what if none of the population actually ate that many spiders in their sleep, and only one person would be eating those spiders. Since that would still effect the average out of the 8 billion people on the planet. So that would mean, that if there were to be only one person that is eating spiders in their sleep a year, and the average is 8 spiders a year per person. Then that one person that is eating the spiders, would have be be eating 64 billion spiders a year in their sleep. Needless to say, That is a LOT of protein for one person. I wonder if they work out and are buff. I will probably go and return to school soon though. That way I can hang out with my friends that eat at the cantine. I don't live far from school so this isn't a problem. And what the hell am I going to do here anyway? Just play on my computer for 2 hours before my next class? naaaah! I'll just upload a video or something then I'll go. Halo again my friends, it has been 9 hours since I said that. And as a result, it is now 9pm. I am playing minecraft with my friends yayyy. Since fridays are days where I don't do homework. It is a free day. Then the weekend I do all the work. Like my spanish n shit. I don't like spanish. BUT IT IS OBLIGATORY!!! WAAAAA!!!!! Yeah, so... yeah. I also got to finish that philosophy thing. And tomorrow I will continue my mom's website some more. Man I really have a lot to do this weekend. Also! My keyboard has NOT ARRIVED YET!!! whyyyyy. damn. Maybe tomorrow. I can always just hope. If it's not tomorrow, it will be Monday. Since they don't do sundays. Anyway, music. Spotify has now completely figured out my taste in music. I do not dislike anything that it puts on. I don't know how it does it. Ok, algorithms of course. But still. I don't know how it is so good. It's amazing to be honest. I just be jamming 40 hours a day. This morning, during the 2 hour period where I didn't have class. Me and my friend were sitting on one of the benches in the yard. And we saw on the roof, these two pigeons. But it looked like one of them was trying to flirt or pick up the other one. It was like spinning infront of the other one. And Then it stopped. And the other one just walks the other way away from the one that is showing off. Then the other one tries to walk up to it. But it just looks the other way. It was quite the drama. 10/10 would watch again. I wonder when they will be playing that piece again. I will hope that they do that again next friday. Oh man, it's getting late. I am going to go and watch my series until 11pm I think. Hoping that my brother doesn't go to sleep. I will be able to add some more to this text this evening. If not, see you tomorrow. [26/11/2022] Imagine how long it would have taken me to write up to here without being able to touch type. It would have taken SOOOO much longer. But I can touch type. Which is why I am where I am now. In a place, where I write just loads of random words into a text document and display it onto a website. It's truly incredible what one can do when they can do the thing that they want to do. Wow that really makes sense. Oh I was looking at one of my maths exercises earlier, and I spent like 15 minutes trying to figure out how to solve it. Then I gave up. And then remembered that the way I am trying to solve it is not at all the method that I am supposed to be using. Also, I figure that out when I was in the shower. So, shower thoughts. I have mathimatical shower thoughts. Amazing. I must write this on the reddit sub-reddit called r/showerthoughts (of course I won't post to reddit, I'm not a virgin (Hello, this is parenthesis knockton, knockton is lying to you)) SHUT UP PARENTHESIS KNOCKTON!!!@ NOBODY ASKED YOU!!!! UHHHH, FUCK. So I didn't end up working on my mom's website today. Well I might work on it a bit later. And then tomorrow of course. I really just need more information from her before I can add more stuff to it. Since it's just very barebones right now. Oh an I also have to start studying for my computer science test that I will be having on Tuesday. Thinking about what we did from memory, I don't think the test will be that hard. But I have to look over the vocabulary of some things first. Since if anything fucks me, it will be that. Lmao, I get fucked by vocabulary. I'm never saying that again. Peanut butter sandwitches are pretty good. I have not had peanut butter and jelly simply because, I have no jelly and I do not know where to buy it. So I do not know what the whole craze behind it is. But I will some day. That is for sure. Oh here's a very simple description of the series I am watching: so basically, there is this giant, who is not giant, the giant is more like the size of a little baby, but it is a giant. And it's fast as fuck boiiiiii!!!! Yeah, so that is the description of the series. And that is pretty much all the information I have on the series for now. Pretty cool huh? I realize that whenever I say I will share images here, I don't. I will at some point add the links to the places where I mentioned I would share images about whatever it is I was talking about at that time. OOOH YEAAAA!!! I have to make the archive. My god, always something else to do isn't there. You know what, I think I'll go make that now... No, I don't think I will. YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO WAIT!!!! Stop your whining. Speaking of whining, MY KEYBOARD HAS NOT YET ARRIVED WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Monday it is then. It better. Or some delivery guy is gonna have keycaps for eyes.. That is a worrying threat. What the hell. Oh I thought of something. At the end of the year, I will write on a different line. Because so far, allllll of this text, has been written on one single line. Yeah I know, that's a lot of text for one line. About 206kb worth of text. So once it is 2023, I will begin writing on the second line. I will do that now. So IF, by chance I am still writing to this by 2024, I will then begin writing on the 3rd line. Or I might change before that depending on if there is some sort of performance issue from only ever writing on one single line. Which there probably isn't, but just in case you know. I have started working on the archive. It is currently up. You can see it at the top of the website. It is not finished though. Since I am filling everything in manually. Which is a pain in the ass. so I will have to add the entries over time. But at some point soon, all current entries will be there. It's just a matter of me catching up with all the entries I have already written. So that is that. Oh an mckenzie, I know I am copying your Idea. It's a good idea. So there. Anyway, it is getting late I should go to bed soon. So I will end the entry here. Oh yeah and I have to do soooo much homework tomorrow. So that is another reason I am ending it early. Ok then. farewell for now potatoers. [28/11/2022] Hello there, this is me writing for today. Well teh beginning. I did not write anything yesterday because for one I did not feel like it, and for two, I was working on the archive. Since there is quite a few days to add to it. So it took some time. Especially since I am doing it all manually. I could try and figure out how to do it all automatically, but I don't feel like writing any code to do that so yea. But it's alright. Whatt's important is that I am actually making and updating my archive. Uhhh so what else do I have to report on. In sports we started working on step-arobics. It sucks. But it is still better than relay racing. So that is cool too. It sure does making you sweat though. I did not expect to sweat that fucking much in winter. It's crazy. ALSO, keyboard has arrived. Well I got an email about it being here. IT will be delivered to my house tomorrow finally. My friend wants me to say that they were mentioned here. Her name is Louise. She wants me to write this. I am writing aginst my will. send help...... Uhh what else can I write about, that is within my will and me actually wanting to write it. I'm not too sure right now. In maths I actually did good for once. The spending 3 hours on exersices yesterday payed off. I only got like 2 things wrong. And in an exercise we did today, he said it was good. Which was neat. That might be the first time I did good. Man maths really is hard this year. Calculus am I right? There might be some double letters in this entry because I am writing on my school laptop keyboard and it is odd. So it feels weird and I type kind of weird on it. But That is good. I'm writing on a notepad app lmao. Since I don't have internet. I'll copy this over the the github later then update the LTE website. You know, as you do. I got into english class in 20 minutes. Yayy (kinda not) it's stupid. I have 2 hours of no class just to have 1 hour of english at the end of the day. It's mostly because of one person in the class that has russing language option. So we can't do anything about moving around the english class. So now I have 3 useless hours at the end of monday, where instead of finishing at 3pm, I finish at 6pm and end up getting home at 7pm. I mean, I definetly do not need english class, You can sees froms my perfectt anglish that I is good at the langage. Yeaaaa. fuck. The archive is so annoying to do. I swear. I spent like 2 hours doing it yesterday. and it was SOOOO little. I don't know how much time it will take for me to make the archive of every entry I have done up to now. Maybe a couple of weeks, that's if I do some every day. It's mostly all of the manual editing and copy an pasting that is a pain. And the css style my god, it's in each file. So I can't just import it from somewhere else. I will edit it all in time, but i just can't be botherered to do it now so it is all so much shit coding. I'm bad at website development anyway. So it guess it make sense. Ok that is all for now. I will add more later after my english class when I get home. Good byyyeee for idk how much time hahaahah. I have returned.. It has been like, I don't know, about, 5 hours roughtly. Pretty cool right? Yeah I know right. I'm pretty confident for my computer science test tomorrow. So i basically have no homework for tomorrow that means. Nice. Well no I have no homework. So I am adding more to here right now. Ok I actually need to add content to this. Hmm, what to talk about that has FLAVOUR.. Ah I know. So something I often think is that it would be cool if I could bring my camera with me to school. Because especially from the school, and when going to and from the school, there are amazing skies. Like they just look MAGNIFIQUE! But my camera is too big, because it is old. I'll get a smaller one some day, that is newer and better. But I can'ta right now. SOOO, since there is often great clouds and stuff with the sunrise color, I got an idea. This saturday, I will get up early. Like really early. So around 6am. So before sunrise. Sunerise starts at around 7am. And then the cool views are around that time too. So, if I get up really early, I would have time to go up on the big ass hill by my village, where there will be no buildings obstructing my view. And from there, I will hopefully get some really nice shots. You know, of the pink/orange/red clouds. This of course depends on the clouds that there will be, if there are any (which there probably will be). Andit also depends on if there are spaces in the sky where there are no clouds. Since if it is just completely thick cloud covered sky, I don't think I will get a good result. And I also got to hope that it does not rain. Because well, camera. So, with all of these condition met, I will hopefully get some really good photos. I will have to bring a lamp torch as well, because it will be dark af and there are no lights up to the place I want to go. Yeha, so that is that. Well it is not really that early, since I get up at 6am for school anyway. The only difference is that I am doing this to myself at my own will. I don't think I was going anywhere else with this. Just I want cool photos that I am not able to take when I am at school. Then there is sunset photos. I don't know how I will do this. Since really the best shots are taken from on the top floors of the school. And the school is at like the highest point in the city (I can not confirm this, but it seems that way). Then there is by (or on, i'll see) the cathedral. But from memory, I'm pretty sure there are trees blocking the view. You see, this all has to do with where the sun rises and sets. So it is kind of awkward to do. Either that or I am just dumb and don't see obvious places that I could go. Because I also want to use the tripod. Which will allow me to take better photos with longer exposure. Because it's very very hard to take goood long exposure photos without a tripod. This is all to do with camera settings and all that. I'm not a professional so do not quote me on ANYTHING here. I'm just doing what looks cool and what is fun. Wow I have written a lot just on the fact that I want to take photos. Show how much I like it I guess. Well that is all for now. Might add some more later. If not, byyyye. [29/11/2022] Hello, 'tis I, wait is the "'" before or after the "tis" ? I don't know. ANYWAY, LTE. Mckenzie's LTE was updated an hour ago. I see they are still doing their big ass block of text a week. I was wondering about that. I was thinking to myself the other day "Oh god what if they come up with some 60k character entry all of a sudden". But no, they just busy. But they will make a big ass entry block. So be sure to check that out when that happens. OOh and they made a raw version of their LTE. Why? I don't know, maybe text wall, so it's like an actual wall. Or they are redecorating? I don't know, it's beyond my knowledge. I must say, web development is a pain in the ass. So I understand. Speaking of, I have not added more stuff to the archive today or yesterday. Simply because I got home from school at 7pm yesterday and 6pm today, then I had homework. Simple explanation you see. And it's a pain in the ass to make the archive. I am doing it in the least efficient way possible. ANYWAY. YES. What. NO. Yes. ok fine. Tomorrow I will shutup about the keyboard I have been talking about for 2 weeks. Reason for tomorrow is... (drumm roll please) MY MOM MISSED THE DELIVERY!!! So I have to wait for tomorrow. You see, I was in school, and they delivered it at 10am. But all is good. Oh yeah, I got to write a whole ass dissertation tomorrow for my philosophy class on thursday. Just great. This is what happens when you procrastinate big essay like projects. I will not do that next time... (we both know he will). I will probably completely redesign the website some day. Since all the text is not originated from the website, it doesn't matter. I can just paste it into another place. Which is an unplanned advantage to doing it like that. The thing is finding the time to do that. Maybe during christmas holidays? mmm but I'll have to start studying for my exams at that point. I'm not sure. I will do it though. Just, not very soon. Ok yes this might be all that I will add to this today. Becaues like I said, it's 10:10pm right now. It late. Late late late. OK BYYYYYEE!!! [30/11/2022] The entry of November 30th 2022, greetings. Mckenzie just added to their LTE like 40 minutes ago. whenever I go to add to my LTE and I check Mckenzie's one first, they end up having updated theirs less than an hour ago. Almost every time. Well not that they update every time I go to update mine. But whenever they DO update theirs. Anyway, I'm getting off point. What was my point? Oh... I don't have one yet. I'm not talking about anything specific. Well that's just perfect. Ok I actually forgot what I was going to write about initially. Damn. That sucks I guess. What will I speak of then? Oh, my philosophy homework I was talking about yesterday. I started it today, spent like 4 hours on it. And am still not done. It is still not a LOT left. But it's still a pain in the ass to do. Defining happiness is hard. The philosophical question is "Must you avoid thinking to be happy?". Well that's the translation at least. I don't think it is exactly what it was. It's a good thing that it is due for friday, because there is no way I would have had it done for tomorrow. But it means that I have to finish it tomorrow for friday, and also do my maths for friday AAAAND also do my spanish homework for friday. It just keeps pilling on. PIlling, that's right, right? I'm not too sure. So, the only downside to today, not a lot of free fun pleasure time. I'll make up for it on the weekend hehe... that's if I don't have loads of stuff on the weekend. IT never ends. Ok enough about homework stuff. Ooh I'm going to go count how many characters long the dissertation I did was first. Do note, I'm not finished it. I will give a full count when I finish it. 6 thousand characters. Compared to this LTE, that's very pathetic for 4 hours of work. I would be able to do like, maybe 5 times that in 4 hours here. That's if I keep having stuff to talk about. Which doesn't always happen. Thus, you have big ass entries and small as entries. It happens. Oh, MCKENZIE, sudden magic 76 characters that appeared in your raw LTE page, I know what they are. I spoke of them a bit somewhere earlier this week. It's caused by whitespace like double spaces. I think only double spaces actually. New lines too maybe. Althougth I have not checked that. It's just because of how html classes whitespace. Which is a little dumdum if you ask me. But oh well. dum dum gum gum. Like the big tikie thing from the museum nightwatch movie. I forgot the real name. And I don't think they are called tikies. are they dum dums? The Easter Island Giant Statues, there, you should know exactly what I am talking about now. You are very welcome. Thank you. You are welcome. What? Yeah. OOOH, NOOO!!! Hampter Mouse is injured. His wheel no longer catches. I can spin his wheel, but it doesn't vibrate, so it doesn't do what it's supposed to. Just in case you weren't aware, hampter mouse is a mouse, but it's hampter, it's a mouse hampter that is a hampter that is a mouse. Hampter mouse. Yeah, so I might have to open up hampter mouse to fix it. I'm not sure. I'll see if banging it against the table works... Ok no that didn't work. Rainy boots, Rainy boots. That one cool song about rainy boots that I do not at all understand one bit. Except for the rainy boots part. I finished that one series my friend advised me to watch. It's cool. There will definetly be a second season. Reasons I know this, there was an opening, and it game out earlier this year. So it is not some super old 2015 series that just had a sudden ending. Now, to find another series to watch. I think I already decided on something yesterday.. But you know, I forgot what it was... hehe. Ah no I Found it. Nice. I will start watching that tomorrow. And also finish watching the other series I am watching. yayaya boiiiii. I feel like this is starting to get pretty repetitive in the entries. I must find a way to not be repetitive. I must make a list of words that I use, and I can only use them once ever in the entire LTE. OOOH that is genius. I will need to make a quick script that gets all unique words in the LTE. And from that point on, I can only use every other word, that is not in that list, once... Ok that will be a great pain in the butt. I do not have that wide of a vocabolary. Is lucy a robot? Or like, a genetically modified robot? Wait that makes no sense, robots don't have genes. They are not biological. WHAT about AI generations. How they learn and stuff, could you consider that genetics, since it learns what to and what no to do and think about and stuff and goes to the next epoch in the training. Like literal evolution and natural selection. YES, THATIS IS!!! I have figured out artificial Intelligence. WHERE IS MY NOBEL PRIZE!!!??? What a scam. I will sue you for not giving me my nobel prise that I so deserve. You will see. YOU WILL AAAAALLLL SEEE!! I need more glue. No it's not glue.. It's uuuhh what was it. Tipex. The mouse that puts white stuff out. No not that. The paper one, like white out. MOUSE WHITE OUT!! There we go. My last one broke during my last maths test. I think stress made me press down a bit too hard, and I broke the tip. It worked kinda for the rest of the test. But I binned it right after. Since it was broker. Now that I don't have it anymore, ther are just soooo many scribbles from mistakes I make on my books. It looks gross and not serious like work. I just finished an episode of something. Came back add more text, and find out that mckenzie added more to their LTE 14 MINUTES AGO!! I am right. It's just coincidence maybe. We are in sync, kinda, almost, like 9 hours appart technically. I'm not sure. Timezones are weeeeeird! I'm afraid of the day I will need to work out those problems when programming. Anyway. uuuuh. shit man. I'm just trying to get my daily character count in ya know. Oh about the archive. So you know how I spent 4 hours doing philosophy. Yeah, that is the reason I will not be adding to the archive today. Or tomorrow (for basically the same reason). And not friday.. wait, mabye friday. OOH, fryday. It's the day where they do fries. Here, when I was in primary school, fridays would be fish days. Every friday, at the cantine, they would do something with fish for lunch. It was quite annoying. Especially because it is packed heatup food that they got in plastic boxes. Just, grossseee. Why did I start talking about that? I have noooo idea. But you can't do anything about that, soo, get fu- fudge brownies. On sale now from the potato store. I swear they are not dosed wtih potatoes. Wait. Isn't wiskey used with potatoes? NO it's Vodka. Not that different. I will dose the brownies sold at the potato store with vodka, and so they will technically be potato fudge brownies. Yes, my master plan is all coming together now. Next step, get together more money then I have ever had in my life so that I can open a shop and sell Potato Fudge Brownies :tm:. I'm typing at the dinning table. And godam, is this hurting my body? yes. Is the table too high? yes. Is the chair too low? yes. Are my armes too high and as a result hurning my shoulders? Is this perfect posture for getting a repetitive strain injury like carpel tunnel? yes. I will see you all in the hospital. There is no working internet in my room, and it's cold af in there (no insulation what so ever, the only room in the house ffs, and it STILL keeps so much heat in summer) so as a result I am in here, the dinning room. Where it is hoooot. Well not hot hot, but hot. So not cold hot, but hot warm hot medium room temperature cold hot hot. You get what I'm saying right? Yeah of coure you do. I gave a great explanation to that about all the different types of hot and cold hot hot there is. Is what I am typing against the rules? NOPE, because there are no rules *stairs are the person responsible* anyway. It's 11pm. I should probably go to bed. Since I get up at 6am and then have THREE WHOLE HOURS of philosophy class tomorrow. Yayyyyy... sobs. I would have perfered to be in bed BY 11pm. But recently that has not been happening. I have got to get back onto that. Anyway, that is all folks. I hope you enjoyed today's entry. And please come back again, any time. And don't miss out on the Potato Fudge Brownies comming to the potato LTE store soon(tm). Definetly. I do not lie. Ok I will go update the site right now. [01/12/2022] This is all that I will be adding. I got home at 6pm and have done nothing but homework since. I have not been able to finish my maths homework. And I won't do that tonight. No way. I'll have to find a moment to do it tomorrow. So I have had no free time this afternoon. I have literally been doing homework up until now, at 11:30pm. OH and it turns out I might actually have a spanish tomorrow. And I only found out about that like 20 minutes ago. I do not have the time to revise that shit. REally hating my life rn. oh, and this is the entry that will put me above hermnerp. How stupid is that. I wanted to do a cool entry today. bye. [02/12/2022] Hello I am back. It is the evening now. yayyyy how cool. Oh and it's also the next day. Just in case you were wondering. I wonder if you were wondering.. I guess we could just wonder about the wonderings of other people's wondering wonders. ANYWAY! My math's class snapchat group has gotten weirdly friendly. Like not asking about exersises. One of them just shared a photo of them holding a chocolate bear lollypop. It's not weird, just kind of funny. Uhhh so what else to talk about. Oh yes, my outing yeseterday with my CS class. Some funny things happened. One of them, my friend forgot their phone on the bus once we got there. Then the bus left. So they were at the place, for 4 hours, with their phone on the bus that could be wherever, probably somewhere delivering other children to a PTSD development building (school). BUT, 4 hours later, he got it back. The bus driver found the phone and gave it to him hehe. Very nice. Uhhh, so the whole place wasn't specifically for people who do computer science, but more for orienting people towards doing computer/digital style jobs in the future. There was a lot of animation and videogame development stands. There was one where a guy showed us a VR game that some students made in 4 months (so it's not very developed) But it was super fun. It was my first time using Virtual Reality, it was so cooool. I have to buy myself a headset. It was sooo fun. Anyway, uuhhh, I got the highest score on the game out of the people my group. So, what does that mean? I'm not too sure. I'm good at videogames? maybe. Probably yes. ANYWAY! What else, an the orientation stand. So there was the thing where our group sat down at a table, and this woman asked us who we are, and what we want to do in the future, and our educational plan (so what we gonna do for education). So that took idk how much time. But by the time she got to the last person, a student, We kinda had to go. Since she spent some time on each person. We had to go the another activity. SO, what he did, which was so funny, was that he said he was a teacher, or an group leader. Since all other groups had one, which were teachers or some school representative person. But since we were final year students, and there was some issue with how we were an odd number of people on the outing, we didn't have one. So when he said that, it was so funny. Because I don't think the woman fully believed him. We kinda walked out of the room camly, but once I got out, and my other friend. Just, literaly LMAOed. ehhee. I don't know if I am remembering all the details right, but that is basically what happened there. In conclusion, it was very fun yesterday. And then I got home and 6pm, and you know the rest from my entry yesterday. Now I am at home today, on the day after yesterday, also known as the day after yesterday. So.. today. Yeah. Tomorrow, I will do homework, and other work stuff. Like the archive. I have NOT been procrastinating it. I have just had a VERY busy day. No week. Why did I say day? Oh yeah, because I also did have a very busy day. There may be some typos in this entry, like all the others, but a bit more. This is because my screen is doing that thing where it has a delay between me pressing the keys and it actually displaying the inputs on the screen. It looks weirder in person. And it is very noticable in person. You might have no idea what I am talking about though. Ok this is all I will add right now. I will add a bit more to the entry later on. Hopefully. Alright I am back. It's been around 2 hours. I was thinking today, I should probably find a better way of organizing how I work at home from school, this includes homework, studying, and doing extra exercises that were not given to me by the teacher. This is really something I want to do more for maths then anything else, since that is going to be the main factor in if I get accepted into university next year (I think). Speaking of, I still have not written a letter to them. I should do that this weekend. I will do it. I have to, I can't procrastinate this kind of thing. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, studying. I need to stop thinking stuff like "Oh I know this, I don't need to spend a lot of time on it" and just start spending more time on it. I need to do this in spanish too a lot. Since I need to cram like 6 years worth of spanish into my brain before the certification exam at the end of the year. That will be a challenge, that is for sure. Since I am really so bad at spanish. If I understood correctly, it was the primary factor that had the teacher depate whether to give me an appretiation on the trimester or not. I got one, but it was not deserved apparently. If I do not improve at spanish this trimester, I will not get an appretiation for sure at the end of this one. So yeah, I must speak the taco. That's kind of racist I know. But it's funny hahahahahahaha. ha. Then there's computer science, I want to learn more at home. But that will be a pain because of how much patience it will take. But You know, you gotta do what you gotta do. I will start doing more stuff on the archive tomorrow. I think I said this earlier. But I can't remember and I'm too lazy to go reading through the big ass block of text I have already written today. Ayo today was coooold. LIke freezing. Well I guess it is getting into winter. But still. Why it have to be so cold? stupid weather. I will sue them. I want to see the weather's manager. And talk to them about how the weather is performing with me. Badly of course. It is now at the point where I am going to start wearing my ski jacket. I was freezing in my jacket from today. So I need a heavier one obviously. So I will start wearing that one on monday, this one is blacker too. So, it absorb da light. My typing keeps getting faster, it is so cool to see my progress. On the website monkeytype. Statistically, I am gaining 2 words per minute in speed per hour of typing on there. And if you ask me, that's pretty good. considering my average is around 88 words per minute currently. I just noticed that discord changed their font. It isn't that huge of a change, but it is noticable if you pay attention. It looks alright. It adds a more roundness to numbers, and makes some letters taller, like the capital letters. There are other details of course, but I can't describe them through text. Well it's not like you care anyway. You might not even use discord. Which is fine. In fact, don't get it. Not that it's bad. But it's just weird sometimes. Or do get it. I can't controle what you do. I'm just a potato. I'm a potato man. Or a man potato. Wait, those are still potatoes. I'm a potato potato then. I am food. Canibalism. No, not canibalism. I 100% spelt that right. It's not canibalism because I am potato and you are not potato you are human, but that does not mean you can not be a potatoer. You are a potatoer if you are reading this. But you are not a potato. Just like I am not an oddly colored self aware pickle... Yeah so, potato. Thank you for coming to my TED Talks. Except my name is not TED, I am Knockton, YOU HAVE BEEN BAMBOOZLED!! MUAHAHAH. No but seriously, why am I here? I just doing a typing test, and the quote I was writing has some sort of familiar feeling to it. I was thinking, this is a very casual quote that someone is talking about. Almost like a blog. And I was thinking, this might be from an LTE. It has the same kind of feeling to it. I don't know how to explaing why I had this feeling. Maybe it's just because I know what it is like to write this and what kind of stuff you talk about and how you talk about it. Anyway, I am going to go find out what LTE it comes from. The source of the quote is "The Longest Text Ever" so it doesn't really help. Since I know I didn't write that. And this is the longest text ever technically. So I'll go search the hub. brb. It's from the WhileTrue LTE. The quote goes from "you know what my favorite" to "which makes me love that video even more". So that way you can see what I am talking about. Without being aware that this was from an LTE, I knew it waas from one. I don't know, it's just odd. "SHUT UP WORMS" ahha that's a funny way of telling a group of kids to shut up. Worms. I wonder how big this entry is so far. I have not counted how many words or characters there are yet. I will do that in a little bit... not just yet... soon... wait for it... it's almost there... I will count them soon(tm)... ok ok ok now for the count... EXACTLY 8.5k characters. That's unexpected, and satisfying. Because it is a whole number. Well all character couts are whole numbers. But I mean, it is a direct multiple of 100, which is satisfying to see. it means that I wrote 85 characters 100 times. Pretty cool huh? Yeah probably not, or at least not that small itty bitty tincy wincy detail. 85. I'm just trying to scratch more characters off of this entry now aren't I? yeah maybe. But that does not mean I am breaking the rules. For I am making coherent, non copy and pasted phrases. To me, those are the most important rules to an LTE. IT has to include coherent sentences (so not just random giberish words with no order) with no copy and pasted large ammounts of text. Of course some you can do. Since you have to get quotes from somewhere. And no giberish (like said before) like this: "woifwe jwfoi wefwoqpfp wpef qw gwqev whfoi wd". I am allowed to use this here, because It is an example. And it's only like 30 characters. So it is highly insignificant. But still. That is the kind of stuff that just makes this weird. Oh and trying to make song sounds, does not count either. Because well, it is not incoherent giberish. There is a form to it, like... breakcore drums or something. You can see earlier parts of my LTE for reference to what I'm talking about. IT's hard to miss them. Wow, I have written quit a bit about what I think should be in an LTE. Then again, there are no definitive written rules. I leave that up to mckenzie who has been doing this for longer than me. But, if you end up just doing fake copy and paste and giberish, I don't think it would be considered as an LTE. WEll it wouldn't. Since if I wanted, I could end up writing like 500 times this in less than 1 minutes if I could copy and paste to make it longer. HEY!! Some panda dude is looking at my internet router... IT'S SPRINTING TOWARDS THE ROUTER, HELP!!!! THEY TACKLES THE ROUTER!!! i WILL BE NO MORE SOON! FAREWELL MY POTATOERS. THE WI-FI IS GOING TO BE DISCONN [03/12/2022] Hahahaaa guess who did their spanish homework earlier then they usually do them, this person, me, the potato person. I usually do it the day before the next class. But this time I did it the day before the day before the next class. We had spanish yesterday, so it makes sense. I haven't doing any other homework yet though. Like my sports homework, he have to make a report on how we did last week. I'll do that later maybe. It's kind of dumb that we are graded on this report lmao. Anyway. I also have to do something in science class. And give it in somewhere online. We are STILL working on the climate in science class. It's been like 3 months now. Oh wow, it's been 3 months since school started. Already. Time really does fly. When you are occupied. Not really when you are having fun, since it is not the funnest thing in the world. Except Computer Science class. Those are kinda my highlights of the week lmao. Which reaminds me, I have to continue doing the project with my partner since we have to present it this week. And we still have a bit more to do. I will contact them now to see when they want to finish it. I will be sharing my screen on discord probably and we will work on it like that. Since it is the weekend and I doubt we would go meet up somewehre just to write some code.Uhh so yea. Ok I asked them, should get a response soon. We will have to present the projects on thursday, since that is the day when we usually do project type stuff. So all things going well, the teacher still gives us wednesday or tuesday to continue the project, since we had the outing last thursday and we couldn't work on the project. And we got to do a report. Oh they can do it now. I will return. Hello I am back, it has been 7 hours since I said I would return. IT does not at all feel like that long. It feels like 2 or 3 hours. I obviously did not spend all that time doing the project. We spent like an hour on it. I still have to write more stuff to the report on it tomorrow. Now it is 20 to 1am. So technically it is the next day from this entry date. But I don't care. I am still going to write this here in this date, because it is still the same entry kinda. Yeah, so I am should be sleeping. "am should be sleeping" Wow that really shows it hhaha. So earlier I rediscovered markdown note taking things. Like the tool called obsidian. I discovered it around a year or two ago I think. But it was confusing to me and I just stopped using it instantly. And today, for some reason, I got the idea of using it again. Oh yeah, It's because I wanted to make a mentle map for my maths test on wednesday. Ok so obsidian doesn't really do mentle maps, but still. It seems very useful and has markdown, and LaTeX for maths. I will definetly use this in the future. And maybe even now. I will look more into it tomorrow. I still want to find a good mentle map thing though. It would be idea to have something that does it for me, as in all of the trees and branches and leafs of the map, because that is a pain in the ass to do manually. And then that it allows me to export it as a PNG image. Which means that is keeps full quality, and no matter how big it is, I can zoom into it on my phone and stuff have full detail of the text of each thing I want in it. IT's just something taht I find very useful. Now this isn't that I am bad at making mentle maps by hand. BUT, there is a certain readibility that I can get by doing it on computer. Since I do not have the bestest of handwriting, even though it is not that bad. I just have some difficulty making my 1s look like 2s and my 2s look like 1s. It's really the teacher's fault, but still. I must make an effort. Oh and if I use an app for the image, I can share it with the rest of my class. Since my teacher is a pain in the ass when it comes to lessons. But not as much of a pain as my brother's teacher. I had her in my first year of high school, and god damn. She gave us like NO lesson. It was wild. Anyway. That is all for today my fellow potato shaped readers. Oh and check out Mckenzie's LTE, they just reached 11k visitors yesterday. Pretty cool. And check out the pickle if you want. Just be careful, they are colored into a non pickle color. Freaky. Ok bye. [04/12/2022] The pickle still as not spoken since a week ago week ago. Anyhoo, hello there today is the day that I write more. Like almost every other day. I'm guessing whoever reads this must me liking the daily updates. And guess who didn't do any archives this weekend. Me. I swear I am not procrastinating. I literally have so much work to do. And there were other things that came up today that delayed everything. I will do it at some point during the week. Maybe the weekend actually. Or not. I'm not sure. I know that I have a maths test on wednesday and then a spanish one on friday. Both important tests of course. Like all tests. It's all to do with timing I guess. But it's ok. In 2 weeks I get my christmas holidays. Which means 2 whole weeks without school where I can type more to this and add more stuff and talk about normal stuff that 100% human non potato people talk about. Like me, a definate human with not potato skin. BUT, I have mock exams 2 weeks after the end of the christmas holidays. So, I will be studying during the holidays. So... shit mannn. Nothing is going good. My god. [08/12/2022] Hello everybody. I know it's been 4 days since my last entry. But that happens ya know. Mckenzie doesn't update for a week every time. So I think I'm in the good. Yeah, so I had the maths test yesterday. And I get results tomorrow probably. I dred tomorrow. I also have that spanish test, which I will have to study for some more today. yayyy. I did study for it the other days too of course. I don't wait for the last moment like an irrisponsible person.. YEAH. Today was cool though. Lets see, so I did not have 3 hours of philosophy like every Thursday. I only had 1, and then the other 3 hours between 9am and noon was movie time. We went to the cinema with school. Which is cool. I had not done that for years. When I was in secondary school, we used to do that for a year. And the year after I think. I can't really remember. It was cool anyway. The movie today was a comedy, that was kind of weird and hard to understand. But that's probably just because it was not in my native language. It was also my friend's birthday. We new friend. I've only known them since the beginning of the year. So idk if you would really call them a new friend or not. Idk, it's all so confusing naming people friends. Anyway. In philosophy class I said happy birthday to them. I have no idea if they heard me. I think they did, since I didin't say it like quietly, and I said it right at them. But I don't know if they heard me. And I didn't want to say it again. Since that would be kind of weird. Imagine someone tells you happy birthday, then later on they say it again. Maybe they are just being nice and stuff. And it would depend on the context too. But still. Yeah, so I feel kind of guilty because I don't know if they think I didn't say happy birthday to them. I would be the only person to not say it lmao. Uhh, so after the cinema, at noon. I went to to have lunch with my friend with the birthday friend too. Since it was their birthday and they invited me. It was so unexpected. They asked me if I wanted to go to lunch them back on monday, so I said yes of course. It was cool. And funny. Very funny moments haha. Uhh, then there was classes at 2pm. I had computer science. And now it's 4:30pm, so school has been over for the past half hour for me. So that is why I am here, typing to THE longest text ever. Yayyy. I haven't shared this to my friends on instagram. Well like the link to this. But I want to. I have two instagram accounts, one for people I know personally (mostly) that is private, and one with like 450 followers that is public. So you see why I wouldn't want to share it on the public one. So I might share the link to this LTE on the private one later on. Hello person from my instagram, if you are here. HHELLOOOOOO!!!! I hope you understand this text lmao. In computer science we are working on a competition project. It's like this thing where we work on a project, and it enters a competition. I don't know the competition process exactly how it works. But all I know is that I am participating with some of my class mates. We have it set up on a github. I have been given my task. I'm not too sure how to do it yet. I'll have to ask one of my mates for the databases used, so that I can figure it out. You see I don't want to just not be doing anything. I feel bad like that afterwards. Yeah, so that is cool project that we will be working on. You don't know what it is on though. I will share it some time. But not now. We are still coming up with ideas on what to put in it. Wow I've already written quite a lot in this entry. Pretty cool. I will definetly continue later on. I will go ans study some spanish for now. Oh and I have to write down my philosophy homework that I wrote yesterday. I did the work, I just have to copy it from my google docs to a piece of paper. Ok, cya in a bit potatoes. Also, I wonder when mckenzie will update the hub counts since my LTE character count is around 60 thousand characters ahead of the count that is on the hub. Ooo and since I don't have a shit ton of work to do for next week. I will work on the archive tomorrow evening, or any of the 2 days of the weekend. ok NOW I will go and finish my homework for tomorrow. I'm back, it's 6:30pm now. Wow how cool. It's been 2 hours. I did my philosophy and I studied more spanish. The test in spanish is written expression and text comprehensioon. So we'll see how it goes. I just need to make sure that I finish the text comprehension before the bell rings. That way I can maybe possibly write the 100 words needed in the written expression. Last time we had a test in spanish, I spent the WHOLE hour on the text comprehension. Since spanish is supposed to be my 3rd language, being the 3rd one I have started learning (for the past 7 years). I'm still bad, so it takes a long time for me to read and understand a text. THEN answer questions. like godamn, give me a break. We'll see anyway. Can't go that bad. I just checked and the github for the project was updated. One of the guys reformated a load of stuff on the page and how the code is organized. Which is really good and well done. Nice. And now I actually know what I have to do. I have to manage code for Coefficients according to data (that is capitalized because I looked up the spelling of Coefficient heheheh). If you're not sure, look it up. Your search engine always corrects you. Big brain. I'm sure most people do this anyway. But still, thought I would say it just incase you are someone who either is new to the internet, or is 50 years in the future that doesn't know wtf I was talking about. I doubt this website will be up for 50 years though. I'd have a new domain by then lmao. By domain I also mean hosting service. Probably my own personal web server. I don't know, 50 years is a long way. It would be cool to read this entire thing at that time though. The archive would be more useful for that though. Even though I love the text wall format. It's very hard to read. Well for me at least. I keep getting mixed up in the lines. That's why I often use a ruler when I Read texts in school haha. I'm like a little kid, but, not? I'm not sure. It's all so confusing. I started listening to math rock recently, it sounds pretty good. I have listened to it before, but I wasn't paying attention. I quite like the genre. It sounds so complex, like the musicians know how to use their instruments very well. I'm not a musician though. So I can't confirm if it is as complex as I think it is. Either way, sounds cool that's for sure. I feel like I wanted to do something today when I Got home. But from what I know by memeory, I have done everything I had to do. Homework wise. So I am just left with this feeling of emptiness but also stress because I know I am missing something. Whaat is it... I guess we will never know. I hate how many typos are in this text. I just know there are soooo many. Like really a lot. It's mad. But I can't be bothered to fix them. They are either products of me touchtyping really fast, being tired as fuck, typing faster then my screen can catch up (it leads to more errors then you think) or I'm just bad at typing and english. Becus ov coors i am bad at inglish, No I lied, I am super gud at zhe languaje colled inglish. All jokes asied, you just had a stroke. Thank you for comeing to my TED talks. I'm maybe going to make this a big entry. Idk, maybe go for 10k characters? Not sure. Either way, I'm not just going to blow off this entry of today.. I hope I used that expression correctly. I'm not american you see. And I think that's an american expression. Ohh how about a vague description of the recent series I finished. Some dude, flashed people into another world, can't escape, fly back. In through not space. Now home, but only 2 of them. There you go. Hope you liked that recap of the series. No resume of the series. You know, like those youtube channels that give you like the general plot and resume of a movie, so that you can watch basically the whole movie in 11 minutes. I guess it is kind of cool, but also not really. Depends on what movie they are explaining. I don't go watching those channels in specific though. They are more the kinds of things I would get recommended at 3am during the summer holidays. Which is very typical of youtube. Talking about 3am youtube recommendations. You know those Indians that would make the big pools in the wild and stuff, I wasn't expecting them to get exposed the way they did. But I also knew that they weren't really doing all of that. I is a lot more work then it takes for just 2 people. Have you ever tried digging a hole, in dirt, with like 4 people? I have . It's hard as fuck. Let's not talk about why I was digging a hole. Let's just say, I was taking care of business... ANYWAY, I say anyway a lot. Anyway, that is my part of me talking about how I say anyway a lot. You are very welcome. Oh yeah, something that disturbed me during lunch with my friends today. It's just me disturbing myself. I have talked before about how I just don't talk really. Like when my friend's friend hopped on that discord call and I just didn't know what to say (I spoke of it before here). I felt like that today. Like I was there, it was very fun. But I felt like crap because I wasn't contributing anything to the conversation. I was more just watching a conversation between 3 girls lmao. I'm stupid like that. Of course I did speak sometimes. But I feel like I wasn't being very fun there. Eh, It's normal. I'll change some day. Give it like.. another 18 years. That would work well. I'll check back on you here about that in exactly 18 yeras. Soooo, on December 8th 2040. Sounds like a plan. That's assuming I still remember this think that far into the future. I only started the longest text ever earlier this year, not even 6 months ago. Who's to say I will still be writting to it by next july, or even december. Either way, it's a cool project. And I'm glad I got to beat hermnerp. I wonder what those people are up to. Wow, I'm over 10k characters in this entry. I will stop for a bit. I might add some more later. I probably will. It's only 6:45pm. I'll be up for anohter roughly 4 hours. See you then. If I write more. If not, this will be on the site. Have a nice day if you are in america time zone, and a good night if you are in europe timezone. I don't know about asian time zone. Uhh, good daynight. There, I am inclusive. Ok cya later. Hello, I am back. It has been an hour. I know I keep saying this, but I wonder how many people will read this text from the very beginning to this very point (if you are one of those people, hiya, hihihihi). OOOOOHHHHH I just found a cool emoticon. It's a praying mantis. I just made it by accident. here: *=v=* . It kind looks like a praying mantis face right? Yeah I know it does. That is 100% what it is. If you disagree with me, My friend the discord bot called stalin, will send you to the goulag (a voice channel). THIS IS A REAL THREAT, DO NOT QUESTION ME!!! Or do. I'm text, not the police. YET! ok, I feel like this entry is getting kind of long. I will end it here, for your santy and sake of reading it. If you are. You see, I'm here writing this, I can't be sure that someone is reading this. Therefore, doubt. Ok, bye, chiao, adios, aurevoir. And finally, fellow potatoes, as the swedish say, this is the slut. [09/12/2022] What's up gamers, it's me, keyboard person. Like bird person, but I am a keyboard. I literally just got home, and it's a Friday. So I am going to work on the archive. First I want to fix some CSS thing that is very bad. Then I can go and start adding new entries to the archive. Ok I got all the way up to my last September entry. Cool. That's pretty good progress if you ask me. Now I will have to keep up with my daily entries that went on through november and october and december. Yayyy. That's a lot of work tbh. Even just doing the few days I just did made my hands super cold. Like godam. Yeah so I don't think I'm going to end up writing a lot here today. It's already 11pm. You see. I've just been doing other stuff. Like watching movie and playing games, like I am playing minecraft with my friends right now. But it's ok, I did a big ass entry yesterday hehe. [11/12/2022] Hello it is me again. I have not added an update yesterday. That's just because I was busy with some stuff. This week is the last week before the holidays ya. I have a science test tomorrow. So I have been studying that. And doing other stuff, like maths homework. We started working on vertors in space. Se we will see how that goes. Since I am not really that good at geometry. Hmm what other stuff was I doing today? Oh yeah. So for the CS project. I'm supposed to program some sort of coefficient between how people answer the a quiz, and which city is best for them. We gonna talk more about it in our next CS class. Since I'm a little confused. But I am still thinking and testing some stuff. Like how would we rate which city is best for someone. I'm pretty sure some statistics will come into play for that. The thing is how much data will be analysed. And what we use with APIs and what we use with datasets. Anyway. Back to other stuff. My hands are super cold typing right now. I moving fingers very fast, but they still so cold. It seems impossible logically. Moving should equal heat. Here's a One Direction song I will recite to you: You're insecure, You're insecure, You're insecure, You're insecure, You're insecur-ur-ure. Thank you for listening to my song. That was, you're insecure, by one direction. You may wonder, why I always say stuff like "my native language" instead of just saying the language. Well, it is so that you don't know so much about me (I maybe have mentioned the language in this before, but oh well). You see, if I don't say the language, or the country I am from. You don't know so much about me. I could be german for all you know. That is just very good at english. Obviously I am very good at english. But that doesn't mean I come from an English speaking country. I have a friend from Denmark who is very good at english, they are younger than me, and as far as I know, they have no natively english speaking parents. The internet openes these possibilities you see. OOOOO my fingers so cold. Oh yeha, so anyway, that is why I Don't say what my native country and language is. It prevents you from finding who I am. Even though those are very trivial informations to finding out who I am. In this LTE, I can think of ONE sentence I said that points straight toward something related to me and only me if you googled it. But of course I won't say what that sentence is. There are probably more. But I can't remember them off the top of my head. I found this big ass TIFF Image (200MB and needs 5GB ram to analyse or view) that has carbon emission information for every 250m worldwide (apparently). I don't really know how to use it. Well no I do know how. It uses Longitude and Latitude coordinates, and gives you the emission in Gg, or Kt (Kilo ton? I'm not sure). The thing is, that the TIFf image dates from 2013, so it is not really that useful. And it's very hard to verify the emission number it gives me. For some reason searching up "Carbon emission quantity of New York 2013" does not give you a straightforward answer. Which really is a pain in the ass. But it's fine. I like working with data. I think it's fun. Especially with images. Analysing all the pixels of an image and then manipulating it in some algorithmic way to make cool colors, is very fun and cool. I did it on some images a couple of months ago, and it gave some REALLY COOL psychedelic kinds of effects. The Ranking Of Cities. Like the cartoon. But cities isntead of kinds lmao. Anyway. What else is here in my brain of this meat bone mecha skeleton being of potatoes... THAT MAKES SENSE. Mckenzie LTE was supposedly supposed to make a big update on friday. But that never happened. The PICKLE has lied to me. How dare you Pink-ish Pickle. You will never get any of my potatoes now. Which reminds me. On me and my friend's minecraf server, I made a big potato farm. It's kind useless because of how little potatotes give you in health, but still. SOOOOOOO MUCH POTATO!!!!! And that is always super important. You want to make sure you have potatoes. For vodka. It's vodka right? Let me search it up. YEE it's vodka. Hehehe, I have culture about alcohol that I do not even drink. I would also like to speak about how my LTE website has 1000 page views now. Not on the website counter, that always seems to be less then the neocities counter. So it's 1000 on the neocities counter. yayyy. I wonder what the difference between the neocities counter and the site counter is. Eh. I don't know. It must count something in extra. Also, I'm 80,000 characters ahead of the LTE hub counter for my LTE. That's pretty funny. I really typed that much in this little time? Incredible. That just shows how much you can type if you are adding to this almost daily. Even if it's not 10k characters per entry. Just keeping it consistent seems to be what is important. OOOH, I thought I just found a much longer LTE in pastebin. ( But noo, It is just someone who pasted the flaming chicken LTE 3 times. That is disapointing. And misleading. Eh, what you gonna do about it? Nothing. Man I hate login walls. I just want to read your article, or visit this one person's profile on a website. I don't want to have to log in to do that. I once didn't understand linear equations (this was years ago) so I looked up some tutorial thing. And I found a page on a maths site. And the shit was like "Create an account to access the rest of the article" bitches. Instagram does the same, twitter too. You can't scroll to far on someone's profile without being prompted to create an account to view more of the user's profile. Ohh, I've been writing thie entry for the past 24minutes straight. I will give it a break for a bit and study my science some more. I will return. Hopfully. GREETINGS, It is me again. It's like 10:30pm, so I am going to have to start putting away my computer stuff soon for tomorrow. I finally came up with a solution for that project I am doing. I will put it to the test tomorrow. Or the day after. It depends on if I find the data I need to test it. But the good thing is that I have a plan. Since it's no longer coefficients and just 0 or 1, I will be able to sort the cities depending on that. More easily. Then there will be other things like comparing one city to another. See if it is better or not. Should not be that hard. Hopfully. I don't overestimate how easy something is going to be anymore. Since it always ends up brining up some technical difficulty that is just such a painnnn. It always happens. I know it does. Since I experience it. But it's alright, usually maths is the solution. Well in my case at least. My computer just cot a new windows update. It's still windows 11. But it's like, better? They did something that has just polished some stuff. Like updating the task manager finally lmao. It matches the general windows 11 theme now, and that is very cool. It would appear that firefox is taking up 1GB of ram. I don't know if that is normal or not. I only have this tab open, which is the tab to the text on the github. Ok It seems to have gone down to 750MB. All is good all is good my friends. Tomorrow is monday, which means that I have sport. Which means, I will probably die of a heart attack. Who know stepping up and down off and onto a step would be so exhausting. Or like, body intensive. GODAM! Then there's spanish, which is just ewewew. I FINISH AT 3PM THOUGH!!! My english teacher is out, which means that I do not finish at 6pm (yes my monday timetable is scuffed). So, either, I go home, I go to the mall to get a gift for my friend's birthday on the weekend, or I stay at the school if a sertain someone is staying at school. Either way, I won't be going home right away. Either mall or stay at school. YEYEEE!! Ok well I have to go and get my stuff ready for tomorrow. So I guess this is goodbye for today my fellow potato people. Since we are all potatoes in the end. Farewell. [12/12/2022] Hello there, it is the next day, so the day after yesterday. Today. I'm going to go check mckenzie's LTE before I carry on... So... They updated 15minutes ago. And... I was greeted With Saul Goodman on their page.. What is going on? Ok I'll go see if they actually updated their LTE. Nah, still nothing. I'm still a little shocked by that Saul though. ANYWAY, today. I got that maths test back. 11.5/20 wooo. You may not thing that was good, but it was above the average. So it was decent. One of the other students got 21/20 (there was a bonus exercise). Dude is so good. Mmm so what can I say on today that is else. Woww I'm speaking weird. Ingrish. Uhhh, so sports. My heart rate went up to 204bpm. It go fastssst. That's almost as fast as some of my favorite songs. OR faster.. It depends on the songs. I did not end up buying a gift for my friend today. Even though the person that was gonna have me stay, wasn't even here today. But I still stayed because other friends here and stayed. So I just went home after. Tomorrow I got some orientation thingy, which I don't thinkg will be that much of a use to me since I will more than likely go study abroad, but still I gotta go. The good thing about it is that I won't be having those 2 hours of history class. WOOOOO!!!. And no english class. But he was going to be out anyway, so yeah. :sadge:. Umm yea so that is all I will add for now. I will return soon in the future. I want to start watching a new series so that is why I will return in the future. It's called FLCL. It's from 2000 I think. So Idk what to expect really. We will see. I have returned. Yes, very confusing series indeed. I don't know if I will watch any more. Triangles are pretty cool. They are the easiest shape to draw. And the shape with the least amount of sides. That's if you dont' count a circle, which only has one side. But you could also count that as infinite sides. Since that's kind of how you calculate the surface of a circle right? Or the radius. I can't remember. One of the things. Yeah, so, triangles. Have you ever played garctic phone? It is pretty fun. It is kind of like that magical telephone game you would play as kids, where one person says something in someone's ear, then you pass it onto the next person. And then you see what the word is at the end. Since someone usually either mispronouncese a word, or misunderstands it. So it is funny. Anyway, garctic phone. It's the same concept, but you give a phrase, then someone draws that phrase, then someone describes you drawing, and then someone draws that description, and so on and so on. Well, there is this other game mode called imitation. Where you are given a lot of time to draw something, then at each round, you are given a drawing from someone else, and you have less time to redraw their drawing from memory each round. So, what I do is: When I draw my first one, I make this super cool detailed drawing. But what I find so funny is that EVERY TIME!!! At the second round when someone has to draw my first drawing, they just put in so little effort. It degenerates so quickly. And often my drawings end up looking like some sort of multi color gelly fish at the end... Yeah weird right? I need to find the charcher for my laptop. I have been using my brother's charcher for the past couple of weeks simply because I have no idea where my one is lmao. The Better Call Saul website is pretty cool. Good job person that I don't know that is half way around the other side of the world. Good job. Shiiiiet, i's 9pm. Only 2 hours left until I should probably go to sleep. My Physics teacher reminds me of a fish. He speaks with his lips a lot, It's funny. You may notice in this Longest Text Ever, the punctuation is kind of all over the place. as. you. can. see. Heheh. Yeah but seriously, I don't know why. I think it's mostly becaues I am trying to express verbally spoken language in text. So you have more stops and stuff then if you were reading an actual text. Which is also why I have "uuuH"s. It seems more natural to write down the sounds that you would make out loud. Except these are all just sounds that I am making inside of my big meaty potato brain. Wait, how is potato meat? Meatato? Potateat? No, the first one was better hehe. Meatato. That is why my brain is. When you knock on it, it make meat. HAHAHAHHA, the title of the better call saul site is "FALL BOYS FREE DOWNLOAD NO VIRUS 100% WORKING 2023 SEASON7" I only just noticed that. It seems very legit if you ask me. Lets gooo. I gonna play fall boys. WAit, isn't it fall guys? Eh, same thing. It's not like I will get a russian trojan virus.. again.. ANYWAY, uhhh. shit. shit what? I don't know, I am just expressing my BRAIN, stop questioning the stuff that I say here. Ok I won't question you again. Good boy. No questioning. I got this app called BeReal, well as in I got, I don't mean I have it. I mean I literally just installed it an hour ago. I don't really understand the use of it right now. It seems that it's just, you take a photo at one point in a day, and it then gets shared with a load of people you don't know. Well I don't have any friends on it. So therefore it is shared with a bunch of people I don't know. I know some people that have it, who are alos my friends. But not on bereal. So, to clarify, I have friends that have bereal, that I don't have on bereal. Ok, now this meakes sense. I Feel like I type things that mean other things but also mean the other thing at the same time. Ok glad we are on the same page. I think a few people in my class have THE RONA! Well at least one has it. It's a coincidence that the other person is also out today. Maybe it is just today. AND the other other person. But it could all just be coincidence. Or they might all have the rona. Which would mean that I could possibly get the rona in the future? I don't know. I spent like 2 hours around them the other day. The day before they were absent. Time will tell. For no I got none of those symptoms. So we gucci (I am never typing that again). Hello, it has been 2 hours since that last sentence. So the time has come, it is 11pm. Which means I have to go to sleep if I want to get at moast 7 hours of sleep. Farewell my fellow potato people. And I wil see you next time. You're here forever. [13/12/2022] WOOM, KABOOM, KOBLAAAH, WACKCHAAAA. Did you like my fighting moves? Pretty lit right? Yeah, I'm good like that. Sorry I just got distracted there. It's been 20 minutes since I wrote that. I got distracted by thinking of a book and checking if it is available online. It is, but not in my language, so it would be a pain. So I won't get it of course. So, back on topic, I'm good like that. You may be asking yourself, "like what?" and my answer to that is, like that. That thing that is good. That is good compared to other things. So if I am good like that, I am gooder then most things. Yes that is very ingrish of me. Bone Apple Tea roh roh roh. Merrry christmas roh roh orh, baguettes for all of ze franch people. Ok, enough joking around, time to get serious. Like the star. It's funny how well I am hide something from other people. Not like secret secret. But like, my feelings for example. Or what I am thinking. My friend said today "why are you looking for?" because I was looking around. I said nothing of course. But it was not the truth. Either they believed me, which is cool. Or they didn't, which means, they know I was lying about looking for someone. And now I have to wonder what they think about why I was looking for someone... Shit, I should not lie about that again. that is worse then them knowing that I am looking for someone. It may see unimportant whether if I am looking for someone or not, but I was looking for a specific person that I don't want other person to know. So that is my reason. I have many reasons. LIke, I have eyes. I found my laptop charger the other day (last night at midnight). Turns out it was hidden in one of the crevises of my desk. Because my desk is so barren, it was just so hard to see it. Or I just forgot that I had seen it. And or I forgot that I had seen it. Wait that is exactly the same thing I Just said? Shit. Ok so, I Forgot that I saw it, or I didn't see it. And forgot that I didn't see it. So it would seem that I am loosing my sight and my memory at the same time. Alzheimers Visual Edition. Hehe, I Forget that I can see. Wow the delay between me typing and it appearing on the screen is incredible. I'm probably going to play minecraft with my friend today, yayyyy. It's always fun when we play minecraft. I mean, who doesn't like Minecraft? Except (most) old people. Heh, I'm generalizing a group of people. Is this called, cultural appropriation? Not that is farrrr from what I mean... What's the word? Oh yeah, stereotyping. Lets go. It's when you type, but instead of with a keyboard, you use the stereo of the car. Someone said they elect me the nicest person of the school. So, I guess that's cool? Yeah of course it is. But they are just being nice. So I guess it is them who is the nicest person of the school? They just said it to me because I never do any drama shit. Maybe. I don't know, I'm not in their head. One of my friends said that one day they will read the entierty of this LTE, which is quite the feat. And I wish them good luck. If you are reading this, momo, well done. You made it this far. I don't know how much longer this LTE will be. But it will carry on for a while. Maybe double what it is now, maybe not even one fourth. But we will see. Anyway, I think I spoke about that before, but still. Now they will see another congradulations here, later on in the text. Ok my hands are getting a little cold from writing on the keyboard. I will return soon^(tm). READY FOR ROUND 2? FUAUAAa, ROOAAPPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPAPA, KICK, POW, WAM! Hah, you stood no chance. Please don't sue me for physical assualt thank you. WO, well I have returned. Something cool for tomorrow, I only have 1 hour of Maths. WHICH MEANNNSSS... I only have 1 hour of maths. I don't know what you were expecting me to say else. This isn't a fiction novel. Or is it? I honestly don't know. Well it wouldn't be a novel. I think. It would be a fiction article, or journal, or blog. I don't know. I don't know the rules of novels. I'm not a writer.. Wait, I did write thousands of words here.. No I'm still not a writer. I just write. That's all, I'm just a writer, but not a writer. You get me? Yeah of course you do. I am really just rambling on and on about random BS right now. Speaking about writing and novels. I should start reading more. The thing is finding something that I want to read. Like something that interests me. Reading something like harry potter (FOR EXAMPLE) does not appeal me. And romance things don't either, I think. I have never read a romance book. Like I said, I should start reading more. I mostly read books that are no in my native language whenever I do read. Since, school. But they are always books that I don't want to read. So it does this thing to my brain that makes me dislike reading books. School has really messed me up this much. It will not last though. I will read, again, soon, some day. My dad bought me a book a couple of weeks ago, that I might actually be interested in reading AND it is in my language. So I will do that. I will probably start reading during the holidays, when I won't have class. And I will be revising for mock exams at that time too. But it don't mean I can't read. I need to find out if we have any christmas hats here. That was I can wear one to school on thursday and friday. It would be funny. I don't capitalize months and days, it's stupid. But I always forget, and then I don't correct them. Because, lazy. HAHAHA, yeah I'm just lazy like that. But I'm also good like that. You see. "You see." Yes, a perfect sentence, my philosophy teacher would get mad if she saw that sentence "YOU CAN'T JUST HAVE A SENTENCE WITH TWO WORDS, THERE HAS TO BE A SUBJECT, VERB, NOUN, ADJECTIVE, FUCKING, NOT TWOOOOOO WORDS!!!!!!". She basically said that when she was talking about the dissertation we gave in to her last week. Turns out, not many people are that good at punctuation. I am, I just don't care in the Longest Text Ever. Why am I bringing this up again? I spoke about it in the last entry, go see that you lazy person, instead of waiting for me to explain the EXACT same thing again. Lazy person you are. Yoda says. YODA, my maths teacher, when he puts advice on the lessons he gives us, in the advice boxes, there is usually an image of Yoda. And if I remember correctly, he writes them like yoda sometimes. He does the same thing on our test papers. Saying like "I will read the entire exercise before starting it". I really can't remember if he writes them backwards like Yoda speaks, and I can't be bothered to check. But still, it's pretty funn if you ask me. Ok I will talk about one more of my teachers. My history and geography teacher. He is funny, I don't know how to describe how he acts. But it's funny. For example, last yeah, at noon, or whaterver, when I was coming back from sports. I would see him at the near by cafe where he would be sitting with like, 5-10 students sitting with him. I was thinking "Oh he must be some philosophy teacher that the students like a lot, so they talk about philosophy outside of class" BUT NO!! He is a history and geography teacher. I was chocked. Anyway, he makes an effort to say my name whenever he can, well that's how I feel at least. I have a specific name, you would get it if you knew my name, but you don't, so... tough cookie. Then he calls this other student "joker" Because he wears a jumper with krusty the clown sometimes, and I think it has "joker" written on it, but I can't remember for sure. Then he calls this other studen "The Z" Because his name starts with a "Z". There may be some other reason, but yeah. It's amusting. Also he likes to go on little tangents (haha maths) that are somewhat related to what we are talking about, but aren't actually important to the lesson (I hope). Hmm, I should probably go and get some dinner. I will return some time in the near future, AKA before midnight (it's 7:20pm rn). Woo Mckenzie updated 4 minutes ago. They are making a website. They are learning how to use HTML. LETS GOOOO!! It's the paradox of, they already have a website, but they are learning how to make it from scratch again. Or something. I'm not very good at coming up with paradoxes. Time stuff is hard, wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. I have returned. Again. It's almost 11pm. And as you know, that is the time I must go to sleep if I want to get a max of 7hour of sleep. So, I must get ready to sleep now. So this is the farewell message of now for now, goodnight everybody, good day, good, uhh, evening. And good morning. Wait wait wait. There's a saying for that. Good morning, and in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight. [14/12/2022] It's wednesday my dudes, OOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAWAWAWAAAWAEAEAEAAEAEAEAEAAAAAA!!! WASSAAAAP POTATOOOESSS!! Spoopity. Well if it hasn't been 2 hours since I wrote that. Well, it has. So jokes on you, a lot of time has passed. Oohhh cool, I'm writing this in notepad right now because github was getting a little too laggy. And since this is all on one line, it shows the ammount of "columns" on the line. Which is equivalent to the ammount of characters. WOOO. I have a live character counter now. That is pretty cool I guess. Ok, so about my day. 1 hours of Maths. Pretty cool. I understand shit. WOOOO. Vectors are kinda easier then calculus and number sequences (algebra?). Well it is easier for now at least. My opinion on it might change a LOT during my next class or two. Also, I'm onto my 3rd maths book now. As in copy book, where I write and do all the exercises. I need to buy a much bigger one next time, with more pages. Since 96 is clearly not enough. I'm going to end up with 6 books by the end of the year otherwise. Someone in our class has a book with like 500 pages maybe. They have no lines on it though. It looks more like a drawing book you would have, with a hard cover. But they can write straight without lines, so it all good for them I guess. I would, but I know that after a little while, all my writing with by going sideways. IT'S WRITING SIDEWAYS!!!! Says Olly as he is told to document the students of my Maths class. And so it continues, the Longest Text Ever. There wasn't a break between that sentence, I just wanted to say that lmao. Uhh what else today. I got my friend a birthday present for their party on the weekend. And I continued working on that Computer Science project. Turns out, I only needed the average data for the country, not the entire world. So... That was a waste of 30 minutes. Up until that point, I thought we were dealing with global values. Well we are at some parts. But apparently not for what I am doing. Ffs. Yeah, other then that I think I have advanced a bit. It's just more complicated then I expected. My code works in 3/4 cases. Which IS good, but I need it to work 4/4 cases. So I might have to try a different approach. I don't have spanish homework for Friday. Which is cool, but incredibly suspicious. I would not be surprised if my teacher gives us a surprise test. Like I don't have enough things to be worried about. It has now been over 100,000 characters in since my LTE count was updated on the LTE hub. I write a lot. Like god damn. When was it I surpassed Flaming-Chicken? Not that long ago. Like a week or two. I don't know without checking so that is why I'm not saying specifically lol. Mmmm I'm hungry. But it's only 6pm. But I'm still hungry. Why does my tummy have to act this way. Just, stop being hungry. There, problem solved. You're sad? Just stop. You're Depre- no, not that one. You're tired? Just sleep. Very simple solutions to many problems. You're alive? Good. I'm alive? unfortunatly. Welp, that's life *rolls credits*. Wow, has been flooded with anti-AI posts. I can't see any cool art. It's stupid, it's just going to do that Streisand Effect. It's not even that big of a deal. In the end, who cares, AI won't replace them anyway. On another note, C Minor. Mmmm tomorrow is Thursday, you know what that means.. 3 hours of Philosophy class.. YAY.. It is starting to get old. I think we have moved on to working on freedom. The last thing was happiness. Even though I got an average of 85/100 in the last trimester, It doesn't mean I like philosophy. DON'T SAY GOODBYYYYEEE DON'T SAY GOODBYYYEEE DON'T SAY GOODBYYYYYEEE!!!! :catjam: woooo. Hello it is I, and it is 4 hours later. I'm preparing my brain for tomorrow. I almost didn't get up this morning. Winter is the worst season for getting up early for school. In summer you're like "damn, I gotta get up, but it's ok". But in winter, you're like "damn, I gotta get up, but it's so cozy in my bed and it's so cold in my room". I stayed in my bed 15 minutes after my alarm went off this morning. That's just incredible. But at least I have multiple alarms that go off before I am supposed to leave for the bus. I have the first one to wake up, then the second one 5 minutes later. Then the last one roughly 10 or 15 minutes before my bus. So even if I wake up at the last one, I still have enough time to rush out. It just means I get less time to get ready. But just enough to grab something to eat and brush my teeth. So all is good. That's why I always get my bag ready in the evening before bed instead of in the morning. Gotta prepare for the worst hehe. ANYWAY, today is soon the end of Wednesday. That means that This is farewell for today my friends. My fellow potato people. Have fun reading more of this useless text of nonesense. But it's not just nonsense nonsense, it's useful useless nonesense. You know what I mean. Ok, Sayonara. [15/12/2022] SUP! It's already half seven in the evening! How incredible is that? Not very. Well ACTUALLY YES! The planet spinnnned, that's incredible. Crazy how incredible the things we don't notice and feel are. Like atoms. Godam. Well we do fell them they are all we feel, but we do not feel them individually. They are one. To make a big blob thing. LIke you and me. But it's cool af. Since everything is that. Ur brain is atoms. But you can think. heh, cool. Uhh, so where was I going with this initially? I have no idea. Oh yeah, I said sayonara because it sounds cool. Sounds like something a good guy would say when you are about to beat the bad guy. Like "Sayonara Scumbag". It just sounds cool Ok? Ok. We are on the same page then. This is good. I have to order food in a bit, otherwise the people won't be making food anymore. Why am I saying this?.. Absolutely no idea. I just am. Because it came through my thick brain. Is having a thick brain a bad thing? I don't think so. Ooooh, no it is a good thing. The bad thing is having a thick skull. I mixed up the expressions. That all came through my thicc ass skull *lip bite* heh. Wait since when do skulls have asses? Oh no, this is not good. Very very not good. I will have to fix that some day. Mmm people were wearing santa hats at school today. It was funny. One of the staff had a santa top on, so it had red white and the buttons. It was funny. And a student's helper had a light up raindeer jumper. IT WAS FUNNY! I said that 3 times lmao. Funny. Everything is funny if you believe in it enough. No that doesn't make sense. I'm not making a lot of sense today I find. I say things backwars. I should say them frontwards. Yes that is how you spell that. Math rock is pretty cool. I have been listening to it some more now. I like it. Has cool guitar sounds. What's funny that happened yesterday, is my friend wanted to suggest a series to me. Because they just started watching it, and it was like weird psychological series (which I like). And guess what? I watched that series a week ago. I'm one step ahead of them. But they also somehow knew that it would be something that I would have liked a lot, and they were right. They must know me better then I thought they did. Anyway, that series is probably one of my favorites now. Pretty cool, Pretty sunny, And pretty boy. Not as in a pretty boy, it is pretty boy. As in kinda boy, very boy, I don't know. English is not easy you know. Or is it? *VSauce music starts playing*. Ok I'm going to go order food. I will return soon:tm:. I panicked and ordered something with the sauce that I did NOT want. Welp, nothing I can do about it now. [16/12/2022] Hey there everybody, it's the next day. I completely forgot about adding more to this yesterday. Or I just didn't have time (so read the previous entry first). I'm too tired to remember. Anyway, yayy, winter holidays is now begun. And I will be studying my maths and computer science for the mock exams when we back. It is dumb. Not super fun holidays then. I'm sick af now. Well maybe not sick (it's not the rona, I tested). But I'm just so done right now haha. My lower back hurts a shit ton. My eyes hurt when I look somewhere other than straight infront of me. And then I just feel like shit in general. I got to hope that I feel better for my friend's birthday tomorrow. Otherwise, shit. Since I want to be there, logically. So I must sleep today. I also must cook today. Nothing is going well lmao. I'll cook, then shower, then sleep. Hopefully. Another thing I have to work on during the holidays, is that Computer Science project. Yeah, the weather thing. How cool. Well not that it is not cool. I love it. Just, doing coefficients is a pain from what I have noticed so far. Then again, I am missing a bit of the data that is needed for me to do my part. But yea, rating a city based on national averages of data vs the city's average data. I think we will be doing data in the past 5 days. But I'm not sure. Like I said, it's not all done yet. Yeah, so I must work on that during the holidays. Probably when I am seeing my family in the other country. The country I come from. It's going to be the first time I am there for christmas in 11 years. Pretty cool. I also have got to buy my dad's birthday/christmas preasent. His siblings are sending me money so I can get something here for him. Because we can't bring just anything over the plane for free you know? Money is a thing, for some reason. COMMUNISM IS THE SOLUTION!!! Heh. Nah. Yeah my back is killing me sitting in this chair. I must lie down. But I also must write a bit more. What to do, what to do. I started reading this comic online. It's like one of those thick 300 page comics. I want to buy the physical copie. But there are issues. There are around 7 volumes I think, but that is not the point. The point is, the first volume, takes forever to arrive. And the second volume, IS 80 FUCKING QUID!!! LIKE WHAT? Volume 1: 40, Volume 2: 80, Volume 3: 24, Volume 4: 29 (and so on, average around 25). Yeah, so that is WEIIIRD! Does it mean that most people just like the first 2 books and don't really read the rest? Seems odd for someone to do that. There must be some sort of explanation. I will find it some day. Anyway, I only have 3 chapters left of volume 2. So then I start volume 3, and I will probably start buying the physical copies from that point. I will get the first 2 volumes at some point, I don't know when. Maybe when I find it somewhere where I don't need to order it, like an actual book shop. Since I want it in my native language, so it's kind of complicated to get the right language easily when you are in a country that is not your language. Like if I ordered it in the language of the country I am in, all volumes are around 25 quid, and arrive withing a week. Amazon be like that. Speaking of amazon. I noticed that is says on the item pages "Order will arrive before christmas" in green and "Order will arrive after christmas" in red. It's a cool touch. I never noticed it before. Is it new? I don't know. I don't shop on Amazon frequently. And not usually around christmas. I don't really care what gifts I get haha. I have reached the age where it makes no difference to me if I get a gift from someone or not. Since it is the holidays, I will update the archive at some point. Not sure when exactly, but probably before I got to that other country. So during next week or this weekend. Not tomorrow I don't think, since I got that birthday party remember? Yeah of course you do, you read the whole entry... RIGHT? right. LEFT! Right. IIIICE CREEEEAM!!! DON'T SAY GOODBYYYYEE, DON'T SAY GOODYYYYYYEYYY DON'T SAY GOODBYEE! *headbanging intensifies*. I wonder if I should replace the readme to my github with just the text. If ever I decide to make the repository public. The thing with making the repository public though. I'm only thinking of this now, is that other people will be able to fork it and request commites and stuff. Which would make this text just plastered everywhere. Which is cool, but people won't know where it originates from if they don't know how github works. So I think I won't make the repo public after all. Or at least not yet. Give it a little while. I might change my mind after all. I might continue this LTE up until the text document reaches 1MB. It's around 294KB now. So that would be pretty cool. I'll set that my goal. Even though that is a very very far away goal. Since so far, I have only written just under 1 third of that. And I would have to keep writing consistently like I am now to reach the goal in a reasonable amount of time. I guess time will tell if I decide to go that far. Time will tell. Just, don't lose time's phone number, otherwise it won't be able to tell you when the time comes. Ok thanks for keeping that in mind. Now, back to the stage of staged events. It's when there is a stage, and on this stage, there are events that are staged to be staged. It's quite a complicated Play, but it is what it is. You must watch it. Make your brain do some backflips "DO A FLIP!!". Or you could make it do some front flips. I don't really care. As long as it does some sort of filp. Like flip out. Heh, you're brain is going to flip out when it sees this play. Amazing expression. That should be put in the dicionary. Woooow, I just saw a block of text in the LTE that looks like a head. Like with the spaces of the words, it forms the outlines of the head. It's quite interesting. You probably won't see it though. Since I am write this in my text document not in full screen. Also the font size of the website will change it too haha. ANYWHOO! It's quarter to 7. I should start the cooking soon. But my back hurts so much. Didn't I say I was going to lay down or sleep? Oh no, I just said I would do that after cooking and shower. I guess my fate is decided then. Quadrapalegic death by cooking. No idea if I spelt that right. But you know exactly what I am trying to say don't you? Yeah, stop pretending. You know. You have always known, NOW TELL ME THE SECRET FORMULA SPONGE BOB!!!! WHERE IS IT???? IN THIS FRENCH CHEESE'S SWISS CHEESE MEAT BALL YOU CALL A BRAIN? Yeah, that's what I thought. You have no idea what I am talking about. I was just making sure though, you know, just to be safe. You can never been too safe. Except when you are a safe. When you are a safe yo would have stuff inside of you that you have to keep safe, in my case, it's two big giant meaty beans. And this weird pumping thing. For you, It's probably just potatoes. You have potatoes in you. Don't believe me? Why don't you check for yourself... NO DON'T DO THAT, DO NOT HURT YOU'RE POTATO SKIN! Ok, just, why so serious? Hah, Joker. Hello Joker, if you are reading this. You know who you are. Anyway, so, which tangent was I on again? Shit, I don't know anymore. Mmmm ok, I am going to go and cook now. I will return soon. If I don't die that is. I have returned from cooking and eating the cooking results. And from what you can see, I did not die. Mission failed. But, I ate good food so mission success. LETSGO *finger guns on head*. I still feel like shit though. Eyes, head and everything. I guess it is what it is. So I am back in my room. Writing here at my desk to the Longest Text Ever. What interesting things are being spoken of? Who knows. The only way to find out is to read. But the things are not actually very interesting. They are very confusing and random and interesting. So not just interesting. They is everything. All the adjectives! IT IS RED! IT IS BLUE! IT IS BIIIIIG! That's what she said. HAH, GOTEM! My brother is rewarching the office, I appologize for that. Things just get jammed into the head of mine. Soon nothing else will fit. What? You want to put the behavior of light and atoms in my head? Not today physics teacher, My brain is allll full heh. I should clear some storage. It would be a good idea to clear my regrets and embarassment and stuff, but that is write locked, so I can't do anything with that. Damn administrator. LET ME USE MY BRAIN! no. If ever you need a good excuse to why you are somewhere you shouldn't be, or that is suspicious. Just play the Jahova's whitness card. "Why are you in my driveway" "I have come to speak to you about our lord and savior Lucifer".. I don't know, I'm not religious. Mmm, I should stop making fun of things. Like religion. It's not that I dislike people who do religion or anything, each to their own. It's just funny sometimes. ANYWAY! I said anyway again. Woow, I say it a lot don't I? Yeah. The LTE hub was updated. Still no new LTEs crawling up from the woodworks. I should maybe go searching for some. The hard part is finding them. Because of keywords and stuff when you are looking up. I can't just search up "LTE" since it only gives me some phone services. So I have to try "Longest Text Ever" But that almost only gives me results for r/copypasta and mckenzie's site. And some other diverse results. I did find another LTE a couple of months ago, but I Forgot where I found it, so I can't find it agian. Which is sad and unfortunate. Same thing right? Sad and unfortunate. No not really. Sad expresses an emotion of sadness (yes very clear definition) and unfortunate expresses the face of not being fortunate. So something not going the way it was supposed to to have a positive result. Or just being let down by something haha. Or someone. OR a cow. Cows, yes that make sense. Did you know that cows are naturally curious? Yeah it's pretty cool. I remember seeing videoes of people playing music for them in front of the field, and they all came over to listen. Or if you just shout "MOOOOOOO" to them, they come over all like "yo yo what's up my homie.. wait you kinda look funny, I'll sit and watch you lmao". 20 char till 300k.321 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 300 THOUSAND CHARACTER LTE!!! THIS IS SOMETHING THAT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE (according to the rules of LTE, then you got books lmao). I shared the project website with some of my friends. They are like "wow you should do guiness book of world records" and I'm like, no? 1. it costs like 10 grand. And 2, this is not that kind of feit that deserves to be in the guiness book of world records. I'm just writing text to some random website at some random corner of the internet. Yes, that is me. The potato person known as knockton. Anyway, that was interesting Wasn't it? More characters to go. I'm not 33.33% on the way to the objective I stated earlier in this entry. Anyway, I have been rambling a little bit too much. I have eaten, I have cooked, what is next? Can you remember? That's right, it's shower time. See you next time. It is next time. It is 10pm. It is time for me to try and sleep. Lets go for 12 hours guys, or 11 hours. My alarm is set for 10am. So depending on when I actually fall asleep. ANYWAY, thank you for dropping by for a read today all my potato friends. Thank you for reading through my terribly structured english sentences. Thank you for being here when I broke the 300k character mark. And thank you for, uhhh... yeah I got nothing. Just, don't forget to be your own ordinary potato self while I am gone until tomorrow. [17/12/2022] What's up the gang. It is I, knockton here again to give you more daily text today. Since this is all daily. The birthday thing was awsome. It was unusual lets say. But in general, pretty cool. I think after yesterday's entry, I have developed an RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). My left wrist hurts when I rotate it kinda. And since it is sharp pain, I assume RSI. Eh it's alright, it will heal eventually. I will just have to position my hands better so that I don't get RSI anymore. See, big brain. So it's holidays now, winter break. That means that the christ day is coming up. In like.. 8 days? yeah, I think that sounds about right. And then the new year is soon too. I don't think I'll be doing anything for new year. I'm back in this country the day before new year. And I haven't been invited anywhere. So I will just stay here, in my house and do whatever I usually do. I don't know what that is, but it exists. A thing that I usually do. You can take my word for it haha. OHH tomorrow I am going to sleep in so well. I am going to have the best sleep I have had in a month and a half. If I don't then I must knock myself out to get more sleep. I'm going to be doing a lot of studying these holidays, so they aren't really 100% holidays. I have my mock exams as you know a week after I get back to school. So I got that going for me. Not that it's a good thing. It's a bad thing. Pure panic. Oh sorry I'm back, I got distracted. You didn't notice though. This is why you should start paying more attention to what is going on infront of you *scofs*, damn telephones. Anyway, I got distracted by something on my phone, but I am back now. Hia, hi hi hi hi. So I have a black Amazon Alexa in my room. I know, I'm being listened to all the time. But what are they going to hear? Some person coughing to death in their bedroom. Anyway, it's funny, because there is no light on it except for that little ring at the bottom. So I could hold it infront of me, and say "Oh great orb of Alexa, tell me the weather today" and it does just that. I can just sit in my room, pondering my orb of wisdom. Oh, you wan't to know how old cocacola is? Just let me ponder my orb to find out. Hehhee, the orb is funny. Don't question the orb though, it doesn't like it when you do that. I wonder how long it would take for someone to eat 100 glasses of water. Because, I mean, the water is simple, but you need to eat the glass of water. You see, the challenge here is that you need to eat the water as if it is a solid, but you must eat it while keeping all of the water inside of the glass while you eat the glass too. Eating the glass part is easy, I do it all the time. But eating the water is the hard part. They should make this some sort of competition, like the hotdog competitions. Who can eat the most glasses of water in the least amount of time, it would be entertaining to watch that if I do say so myself. Oh no, don't send my children to a woke kindergarden, THEY WILL CATCH THE WOKE!!! I don't know what woke means, I just know that someone said that in a group chat I'm in and it sounds funny. Well they didn't say that specifically, but they said something related to that and it made me think of what I wrote here. I am explaining everything I am writing down. I am being rigurous. My maths teacher would be proud. HAHAAa I found a big ass csv file that is exactly what I need. It's perfect, it's got loads of weather shit. I will finally be able to calculate the average precipitation of every city in my country per year. I think. I hope it has every city. The CSV file is roughly 2GB, so I would assume it does. Anyway, I wonder how long it will take to calculate the averages. Not sure, a while I'd assume, since it's pything, it's slow. But python is the data science language right? yeah probably. But it's still slow lmao. Yeah, so it's almost midnight. So this entry is not at all going to be long this time. I think I'd say farewell for now my potato readers. Goodbye potato readers. [19/12/2022] Greetings everyone again. I returned, it's been 2 days. But still. yay I'm back. Probably not for long. Yeah since holidays just started, I'm not sure how much I will be updating, just like mckenzie. I seem to write more during school periods. Maybe it's because I have more to think and talk about? So I just end up going on random tangents about random things. So if one day I don't feel like I have a lot to write, I won't. Because then the entry will just be kind of bland and empty. You must have FLAVOUR, as pink-ish pickle says. They're one has flavour. I wonder if they could consider that my LTE has flavour too now. I'm still sick. It's still not the rona though. I just hope I get better by the time I have to take my flight. So far this year I have been luckly with being sick. I always get sick right before holidays. Like the final days before the break starts. It was like that with the halloween holidays, and now with the Christmas holidays. I know most people would think differently of this, "What? But you don't have school if you are sick.". Well you see, if I don't go to school, or miss a class, I have to catch up. Catching up for something like maths class is just not something I ever want to have to do. Other classes too, but I feel like maths is the one where I would miss out on the most content and have to catch up. So this is why so far this year I have only had 1 hour of abscence. And it was for a medical appointmenet, AND the class was English class, so it wasn't much of a loss. It's holidays now and today is Monday, well for the next 41 minutes at least. Tomorrow I start studying for my mock exams. It's funny, I was recommended a video by that guy who studies for 8 hours a day earlier. He gave some cool tips, now I have to see if I can apply any of them. My brother is away somewhere with a friend for a couple of days, so I have my room to myself woooo. Which means I will be able to concentrate 100% properly and won't have him playing rap or whatever he does when he is here. I can't concentrate for shit when he's in the room. If it wasn't clear, at my dad's, I share a bedroom with my brother. It's a pain I know. Anyway, is this all that I will write for today? I'm still sick, and my eyes are burning, and I'm tired, so yes. That is all folks. You did good today, goodnight potato. [25/12/2022] What's up gamers. Or should I say, Merry Christmas everybody. Or uhh, the other thing. Sorry if you're not christian (I'm not either), so happy X-mas I should say. ANYWAY, good day good day you person of perfect inclusion of society.. I'm 2 lines in and I'm already speaking nonesense. Happy today day, I'm trying to be inclusive ok? Give me a break. Uhh, anyway, how's stuff? How was today if you celebrated today? Good I hope. I had family over and stuff. Well I was over at family, I am, but more family came here, so family came over hehe. Technicalities lmao. There was about 15 of us. I remember when I still lived here, the last time, there was like 18 of us, that was 10 years ago when we were all still kids all of us cousins and stuff. So we couldn't be off in other countries and stuff like that. Now there's one of my cousins off somewhere, in greece I think. So we weren't all here. Then there's my aunt who's husband is no longer her husband, divorce, that's the word. So that's minus one more. It adds up. Oh then my mom who is divorced my dad, so she wasn't here. That's 3 right? 15 + 3, that's 18? yeah, sounds about right. Mystery solved. mmm, why was I talking about that shit here? No idea, it's actually 12:43am. So technically it is no longer the 25th, but fuck that. I'm writing this to the 25th. I started reading a manga last week, I have never read manga before, and as you know, I only recently started watching anime. Anyway, it's called goodnight punpun, some depressing shit I must say. Especially the end. I have a few chapters left but yeah, holy shit man. Not only depressing, DARK, did not expect to see stuff like that in a comic book. BUT, 12/12 book. I may just be saying that since it is the first and only manga I have read, but I don't think it will be beaten. I don't plan to start reading loads of manga. Just, that one seemed interesting and my kind of style, so I checked it out. I don't like the very dramatic anime anime shit, same with just anime. You know, the naruto type stuff, and dragon ball. Me no like that. I prefer just normal story that you would have in a movie or series, except the only difference is that this is japanese cartoons lmao. Yeah, so there's the story on how picky I am with what animes I watch. Then again, I have like 70 on my list to watch, because everyone is like "Oh have you seen X", I probably won't watch everything on my list. But it's there just so I can check and see how it is first. ANYWAY, other stuff to talk about. Oh gifts that I got, I got a watch. Yeah that's it. It charges it's self, with kenetic energy or something. There's no battery, so it gets powered by movement. The thing is, that the strap for it is so uncomfortable that I just dislike wearing it, I'll change the strap. And then the hands, since there is glass between the cogs and stuff, so you can see it moving, AND the hands are the exact same material, you can't actually easily see the hands to see what time it is. You have to angle it so that it catches the light and you can see the positions of the hands depending on how they are reflecting the light back at you. It is kind of annoying. But it is a gift, so I'm not complaining out loud you know? Yeha so that's all I got. Which is fine. Oh yeah, so I talked about how I got this Harry Potter carving for my friend's birthday a few months ago, which ended up happening without me. Anyway, as I thought, My grandmother did not throw it out. It is still here in the room that I was staying in. It will probably just sit there for the next 5 years. I can't really bring it back to my country with me. Not enough room in my bag to bring on the plane. I bring one backpack, that's all I need. 1 change of clothes + what I am wearing. I just wash whatever here you know. Plus this time I got books with me for studying, I can't fit anything else. It was hard enough stuffing the extra change of clothes in the bag. I'm probably going to watch that new avatar movie with my dad tomorrow. So that should be fun. Hmmm I don't think I got anything else interesting going on. Just more studying I guess, I'll try and get 3 hours in tomorrow. I'm just studying Maths lmao. Even though I should also work on computer science and philosophy since my mock exam is on those too. I'll do those next week , out of maths, CS and philosophy, maths is the one I need to work the most on. Just because my teacher is such a pain in the ass that I need to relearn most of the stuff we did this year. And it's only been 3 months ahha. Yeah, so I'm doing that. It's going pretty good. I don't really need to work on binomial law probability, that's really simple, 3 formulas, small ones too. That's literally the whole lesson. Then a repetative text you write at EVERY exercise, so it's not hard at all. I will just study number sequences and function convexity shit. Yeah so that is the plan yayyy. Oh man I ate a lot today, I hope we come back here for next christmas, love the dinner. I only had one helping,I should have had a second, I regret that. So next year, can't wait. We better come back. Wait! I might be studying in this country, very close to my grandparents. Heheh *does the Mr.Burnes finger thing*. Uhh, yeah so I ate that dinner at like 3:45pm, and now it's, 1am, and I'm still stuffed. There was like, a worrying amount of ham. And turkey. Side A side B! two sides. Toe, not the toe, wait, that doesn't help. Not the foot finger, the artist name, toe. His name is toe, not foot finger. "Oh have you heard that artist called foot finger? Yeah great dude" yeah not that. Do not think that. AW shit, you might misinturpret that quote now and thing that that is what I meant. I'm contradicting myself. This is what happens when you write to the big ass text at 1am. I think I am going to stop doing it now. It is cold in my room, I should go to sleep. I will watch a youtube video and then I will sleep. Goodnight sleepy heads. And have a very nice rest of your day tomorrow, the good day. wait wait wait, not tomorrow. Today. Have a nice day today, in 5 hours maybe, that's 6am I think. Maybae 2 more hours. Have a nice day today in 7 hours, at 8am. Yeah that sounds about right. That's assuming you are all sleeping right now and will only read this in the morning. Then you got the americans, when are like, 9 hours behind? Hi mckenzie if you are reading this right now, 9 hours behind. In the past, so you will actually just see this in 9 hours hehehe. At 10am. hehehe. Magic. It's.. uhh, what's 1-9? it's -8am for you. Not that doesn't sound right. It's pm, -8pm. Yeah that's it. Ok, bye, this was a big goodbye. Goodnight potato. [26/12/2022] Hey, I'm guessing you didn't expect to here from me again, today, aka, the next day. Turns out all the times I said yesterday were wrong by 1 hour. My laptop doesn't update it's timezone automatically. So it was actually still the 25th when I was writing. I guess that's just me being dumb and not checking my phone's time instead. That's basically the main think I wanted to talk about today. Ok bye. No I'm joking, although not really. I have other stuff to talk about. I went to see the new avatar today (no spoilers). It was long, like 3 hours long, but it wasn't drawn out. So it wasn't 3 hours long just for the sake of it being that long. It worked for the story. I checked IMDB, and it turns out, there will be a total of 5 avatar films. Which makes sense. Since this one was long and good and did not complete the story. But the effects, god damn. It's just, so so good. When you compare them to the first one, even though the first one was good, this was so good. I did not see the remaster of the first one, so idk how good that is, probably the same as this one. I'm telling you, they could make SUCH a banger video game out of the avatar sorta universe. Like, a big ass open world thing. They might wait a while though so that they can introduce more elements of the world. But like, when I think about horizon zero dawn, and this, I'm like, holy shit that would be amazing. Because when I think of a game of Avatar, I think about how they did horizon zero dawn. With the open world and the creatures and monsters. And now I'm only just thinking of this, but you know how they got to put their hair in a creature to ride the creature in avatar, you basically do the same thing in horizon. Anyway, I just think that an avatar game could end up being one of the best open world games (I know that's very objective) but still. If they do it right, they could make something fucking incredible and also make soooo much money. I mean they did so good on the movie, it would make sense for the game to be good too. My dad told me that they already did some of the other films. Like they did multiple right after the other. So the 3 and the 4 are done right now I think. I don't know I did not fact check it. But that would make sense since the 3rd is scheduled for 2024 which is not that far away. It would also explain the fact that the last one came out in 2009, which was a long gap from this one. I really have been mostly just talking about avatar right? Yeah I think so. What else did I do today? Oh that book shop was closed which sucks. They are closed until wednesday. So maybe Thursday I will take a bus back over there to see if there is the book that I want to buy. Not wednesday since I have plans. But yeah, I really want to see if I can find the book I'm looking for while I am here, since I got back on friday. And here there is the books in the language that I want. If I want to get them where I live, then they won't be in my language and I would have to order them. Which for one costs a lot more, and for two, takes forever to arrive. Ok this is enough text for now. I might speak more later, I might not. But I will definetly update the website even if I don't. Ok cya. Hey there it's me again from an hour later. I wonder if I will add more to this the next days before new year. I might, or I might not. Oh yeah I remember I said I would switch to a second line on new year. I guess I will be doing that. Yeah that's my new year's resolution, start writing on a second line. Ohhh lets talk about my resolutions. I have to think about them first. Hmmm what is there? Ok so, I will start studying properly, like I am now for the mock exams, but every wednesday afternoon and weekend. Try and do 2-3h of maths, do spanish, do other scientific stuff, look over the lessons I did in the day, that way I remember better. I need to act more serious about these things. I have exams in 3 months, and more in 6 months. I will stop being a lazy little shit, even though I am not so little. I will so more programming and learn new concepts out of school (I should be doing this anyway). I'll try and not talk about myself in conversations. I feel like whenever I am just talking to friends, when I talk, it goes back to something about me. I don't know if this is just me being retarded, but that sounds wrong. Maybe I'm just being self conscious (in a bad way). Yeah, that's all I got. OOH I should start reading proper books. Because I don't do that now, being forced to read books in school has just made me dislike reading in general, I know it's dumb, but my brain is like that. It feels more like a chore. But if I find a book that I am interested in and that I actually want to read, I will do that for sure. I have done it in the past. I remember doing it a few years ago, I read like 3 cyber security books that had very very little amount of images, and a good amount of pages. I hope I get invited to a party this new year. I never do, I never get invited anywhere. So I'm really hoping it happens this year since it's my last year of high school. So it would be cool. Maybe I won't get invited anywhere with my friends. I know that they for sure are doing something. They always do. It's not like some conspiracy of "I know they do parties, they just never tell me", they share them on social media lol. Maybe they think I'll just be boring? But that wouldn't make sense since I have never been invited to a party, they can't know how I am at one. I know I wouldn't be boring. Ah, I'm talking about weird stuff again lmao. But really, I'm always sad at new year because I know my friends and best friends are throwing a party I'm not invited to. You understand why that would make me sad. Oh well, there's 5 days left, lets see if someone sends me something. I'm not going to go asking, since that seems weird "Oh can you invite me to your party?" it's for them to invite. I just think it's rude to ask someone to invite you to their party. Or am I just overthinking it again? Maybe that is why I'm never invited? Because I don't ask? Who knows. ANYWAY, fucking, shutup. My legs are crossed and I have the laptop on my legs, the blood circulation has basically stopped working for my foot. I should uncross my legs haha. But this is comfortable, sorry foot, I will sacrifice you for my comfort. I feel like I am misspelling loads of words in this entry. I must be, my brain doesn't lie. My english is not perfect. So I must be making mistakes. But it's on trivial words like conscience. Stupid s/c pairs. Like in science. Who's Idea was that? Probably a greek dude from 5000 years ago. Wait is writing even that old? shit yeah, it started around 2100BCE, I'm way off. Ok my foot is dead now, I can't feel shit hahaha. I just got called a giga hoe on snapchat by my friend because I made fun of their language in a story. Just a steriotype because I forgot to translate what I said for them to understand lol. For example, if I were writing in german and translated to french, I would add "roh roh roh" to the end of the translation. I think it's a funny little touch. I could give other examples to languages I don't speak, but since I don't speak them, I don't know any funny seriotypes that are NOT somewhat racist. So that is why I used the French steriotype. It's not steriotype is it? Yeah I think it's stereotype. Fucking, stupid knockton *slaps own wrist*. I'm writing surprisingly a lot this evening. I must have nothing better to do. Yeah I have nothing better to do. It's 20 to midnight. In 20 minutes it will be the 27th of december and this entry will be out of date from what I am writing. Also my laptop is at 19% battery. Everything is coming down me. Ok I will go get the adapter so that I can charge it. Tomorrow I study something other then maths, and also maths since I got to revise something on continuity, which is like finding the answer to an equations but very roughly, so not an exact value. I don't even know if there is a way to solve those equations with an exact value. Hang on I will go and look it up. Ok yes there are 3 methods according to wikihow. 1 of them makes sense to me, the second one I just skipped because I know my maths teacher would slap me if I used it, and the 3rd one has long as calculations that are destined to contain one single error that ruins your entire end result. Uh yeah, so I am going to go and watch something on youtube. I will or will not return, that is up to me to decide. So, what I said last time. If I'm not back, the site will be updated anyway.
[01/01/2023] New year, new line. Yes that is right folks, I am writing on a second line. Finally a gap in the text. So, happpy new year to everybody who is reading this. Since it is the new year aka 2023 aka you have to get used to writing a 3 instead of a 2 now. Hopfully y'all had some nice New Years Eve thing happen. And if you didn't, that's ok too. I didn't do anything for new years eve or today. But that is good. As long as you were fine with it, it's all good. Someone in my class always says to me in english "If you're good, I'm good" which is funny, because I don't know why he says it to me. Maybe just because it's in english. Why did I go on that little tangent? Oh yeah, It's all good. Lets see, what boring school related stuff will I talk about for a bit? I go back to school on the 3rd, so in 2 days now. It's already almost that time. It's so soon. So I set an early alarm for tomorrow so that I can get whatever missing homework done. And that includes, finishing philosophy, studying more geography and physics, doing spanish, studying maths and CS. And I think that is it. I don't have anything to do in english class which is pretty cool. We are probably going to watch more of that captain fantastic that we started before the holidays. I wanted to watch more of it on my own at home, but it was removed from whatever streaming platform it was on. So I can't do that. So I'll just wait for class time. It's funny, I have 1 hour of english in between my 2 hour geography test and my 1 hour physics test. It's annoying that they give us tests right before our mock exams but oh well, what can you do? NOTHING! duuuuh. My PC is doing something kind of funny. Well, funny in the sense of "this is ridiculous" you know? So here it is: at some point during the week, something happened to my pc. I have no idea what it was that happened. It didn't fall (it's a tower, so hopfully never that) or get a virus or anything. But what is happening is that the internet connection has decreased very notably. It went from ~34Mbps of download/upload to under 10. Sure that is still fine, but it makes it impossible to play an online game or watch a 20 minute series episode IN 20 minutes (it took an hour yesterday to watch 20 minutes). Now here comes the funny part, so I got my phone to check the speed on that too, to make sure that it wasn't just my computer. So I connected my phone to the same wifi, used the same network tester and server less than a meter away from my PC and got ~300Mbps. NOW, that is ridiculously high, like, I don't think I have ever gotten a test that high myself. So in conclusion, something is very very wrong with my computer's internet. Maybe I should give it a kick? That works sometimes. Wow I have really just written 6 lines talking about my computer's wifi connection. I got nothing better to do anyway. And it adds characters to the count. I just realized, it's 2023, I'm going to be 19 this year. What the hell is going on. I'm getting old. And the year after that I will be 20. HOW is this possible? I do not feel responsible enough to be that old. I mean, I'm sure I'll figure it out BUT STILL! Panda dude is staring at me again. It's pitch black, but I can feel his gaze upon me. It's like a 6th sense that I know they are looking at me. Shiiiit wait that made me think of something. Ok so you know the way you feel like you are being watched? Lets say you are not looking somewhere, and from that somewhere someone is looking at you. You would feel that right? You would turn around with the feeling that you are being watched. So would you call that feeling paranoia or the literal feeling that someone is watching you as if you are sensing it. It would kind of make sense right? But I don't think it's something that can be scientifically proven. So it's all still up to theory. You could also talk about how we react to people yawning. You do not have the urge to yawn, but then you see, or hear someone yawn and as a result you yawn too. I'm not sure if the same happens if you don't see or hear someone yawn. Maybe not. But I must say, I am yawning a shit ton just writing this. Are you? Do you feel the unstoppable urge to yawn right now? heh, got ya didn't I? If I didn't, I will in the next few minutes. Anyway, yawning is just your body going like "Oh shit I have to catch up on some breaths" right? I'm not a doctor so I don't know, and I'm too tired to fact check it. If that is the case, then you seeing someone yawn and you yawning is just because the fact that you saw someone yawn is a reminder to you to yawn to catch up on some breaths. Shit I'm still yawning doing this. It will stop soon. Don't worry. I have decided that banjocore is no longer cool. You can find it cool if you want, but I just think that it sounds weird and not satisfying to the ear. OOOOOH I just realized, so right now I am writing on a new line in my windows notepad, you know the way there is the colomn (character) counter for a line at the bottom left of your screen? Well, since I'm on a new line, it no longer gives me the entire character count of the LTE and instead is giving me the character count from only this entry. Well I guess that just means that I will be counting what I do in a year. But not for the entire LTE, I will of course still count the ENTIRE LTE character count. Ok I don't think I am making a lot of sense right now. So, this year so far I have written 5.4k characters. And last year I wrote 323k characters. Incredible right? Right. LEFT! I love doing that haha. I just realized that MILF could also mean Man I'd Like to Fuck. So it can mean two thinks. Well it could mean more than that too. MILF could also mean Mitochondria I'd Like to Fuck. Heh, it's funny how you can interpret things. There is this minecraft boat wars youtube video I used to watch as a kid (around 10 years ago), and I can not find it. I searched for it a couple of years ago, and I just can not find it anywhere. It may just be burried behind all of the crappy pumped out kids' minecraft content. But then again, it was a video including a lot of the super popular minecraft youtubers from back then. I don't know how you would not be able to find it. It's too old for me to remember which youtubers were in it but I would definetly remember the video when I see it. There are details that I remember, but not the types of details that you can just search up. Now that I think of it, wasn't machinima used back then? I remember very well seeing the red M logo at teh start of those minecraft videos. Maybe it was a machinima video that has been lost to the Warner Bros deal. Yeah that could very well be it. If it is the case, that is sad. Because videos like that are pretty nostalgic to me as a kid you know? I was 8 back then. WAit wait, it's even older. Let me think as to where I lived back then... YEAH, it was in 2012, so.. I was maybe 7. Same thing in the end. I've been thinking back on things recently haha, and by recently I mean since 23:44 last night. Because even though I'm only 18, I've still done a good few things already in my life. Some where good, some where bad, some I regret with all my heart and I wanna jump off a bridge because of it. But all is fine like that you know? Can't to shit about it. OHHH, like the expression bygons are bygons. It's funny because I only just understood that recently. I used to think that a bygon was a type of person, but actually, it is just a way of saying "gone by". So bygon just means something that has gone by, something from the past. So letting bygons be bygons, is letting the things from the past, stay in the past. Wow it's crazy the revelations I come up with when just writing random stuff here. I have been writing for the past 40 minutes now. as in I started the entry 40 minutes ago. TBH I don't think I have writting a lot for that ammount of time. But my left hand still hurts when I type, so that might be why. Damn RSI!! AND I still type anyway, I'm stupid like that. I had the urge to message my friend last night that I haven't spoken to in around 6 months. But I didn't know what to say, I could have said "hello there" "wassup" "sorry for not talking" "see you next year!" "HAPPY NEW YEAR" (an hour early because I'm 1h ahead of them) but I didn't in the end, so that's that. But yeah, you see the things you think of just from a number getting incremented by 1? I used big words like increment because, uhhh, I can. Yeah, that's why hahahaha. Woo I had to turn down the brightness of my laptop screen. It was starting to hurt my eyes a bit. What else could I talk about? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, AH, yesh, sorry I'm abusing my power of characters again. So the thing I was going to talk about, I am almost done another one of my series yay! It's my friend's favorite one, so I am making it my priority to watch only that. I know it's their favorite one because 1. they told me and 2. It's their laptop lock and home screen haha. So it only makes sense for that to be their favorite one. I did the same, but with my favorite series, which is one that you will not know about because I won't tell you what it is hahhaaaa! I'm so evil and bad ass! Yeah so I might watch one more episode of the series they like before I go to bed. Then tomorrow I have all that homework to do. Which reminds me, I should maybe go to bed soon. So I will wrap up this entry. Have a happy new years day everybody, even though It might already be over for some of you, like me. Don't forget to practice writing the 2023 of the date, you don't want to accidentally write 2022 on an exam paper now do you? I accidentally wrote an incorrect date for my birthday on an exam paper, luckily it was a mock exam, but still it happened last year. I should know my birthday by now lmao! What else for the wrap up? Don't forget to be potato my potato readers. Eat your spuds. Have a happy new year all you other LTE writers if you are out there. And if you are just a read and don't write LTEs, give it a try. It's pretty fun, you might even make it onto the hub. Hopfully this year will be a good year. Hopfully Ukrain won't reach the 1year war mark. Hopfully none of you fail your exams (me included). And to those of you who weren't invited anywhere for new years eve (me inluded), hopfully it happens to y'all this year. I'm being strangely nice rn. Why? I feel like it that's why. Stop complaining! lmao jkjkjk. Ok, farewell everybody. Goodnight potato readers. This is the last sentence knockton will write on the first day of the year 2023, farewell. [05/01/2023] Hellooo again. You know the way I say that I seem to start/update my entry only minutes after mckenzie does? Well, they updated their site only 8 minutes ago lmao. So that's funny. Ok first job to do for today, the new line is broken in the website. I forgot how html works and remembered that just going to the next line does not make a new line in the displayed text from html. So I have to add a breakline tag but the issue with that, is the the javascript that highlights the dates. So I think I am going to have to modify my javascript slightly so that it reads the innerHTML and not the innerText. UPDATE: (literally 30s later) I should have commented my code when I wrote it. WTF is going on. I will return again, in 5 minutes maybe. HAHAAA it works yay. I just forgot that I also made javascript for the character counter at the top of the page. So I was confused. I have now commented stuff. It just means that I have to be careful when using the more than and less than characters. Shiiiit I hope that doesn't mess everything up. The count seems fine right now, so maybe it won't mess anything up. I will simply keep it in mind for the future. ANYWAY, on the the actual update of random stuff. What's the first thing I wanted to say? Oh yeah, that tangent I went on about not messaging my friend on New Years eve from last entry, the reason I went on that is because just before I started talking about that I said "I'm stupid like that" and my friend used to always say "I'm good like that" to things that they were good at, or good things that they do. So It made me think of them, and then I forgot the mention the whole reason I started talking about them... I'm stupid like that. Ok other stuff other stuff. Oh yeah, I saw that mckenzie updated their LTE yesterday when I was in Computer Science class which is cool, they is back unlike pink-ish pickle who has been gone for a month. Now the thing is that I have no idea where their entry starts. It is kind of just mushed up into their last big paragraph which makes it hard (that's what she said). I remember them saying "two week hiatus" or something, but I could not find the word "hiatus" in their LTE. Maybe they just deleted that part. But still cool, more text from other people. I'm not alone writing LTE anymore haha. I didn't read their entry from today though, I will do that now brb. Ah I see they are having JavaScript issues too. Javascript is so annoying to code in I find. I don't like it, it's hard and weird. I would prefer code in C than in JavaScript. Even though I still can't wrap my head around the utility of pointers in C. I mean, there obviously is one, but I just don't know how to apply it. On to less complicated terms that you might understand. I finished that series my friend wanted me to watch. Very cool, I liked it very much. And now I am watching something else, as you do you know, yeah you know you know. Shit man, it's late. kind of. 10pm. I have 1 hour until I should go to sleep if I don't want to be falling asleep in class tomorrow morning. Speaking of that, on the friday before the winter break, I had a philosophy test first thing in the morning. So the very nice person that my philosophy teacher is, as she is the one who gives us the papers we will use to write on, she already had everything prepared onthe tables. But as well as the papers, everyone also go an little chocolate in. It was so nice haha. That's the second time one of my teachers gave us chocolates. It happened once last year when I won a competition in class where we had to finish the Maths/Biology problem first (we were in paires). Of course me and my classmate finished first, so we got chocolates hehe. They were those tiny kinder eggs. I'm pretty sure I still have a photo on my phone. During the holidays I was thinking of adding the links to all the photos I said I would share here. But then it occured to me, reverse image search has been getting much better over the years. So if I shared the photos, and someone reverse image searched one of them, they might lead you to my instagram account if ever it is indexed into the reverse image searcher. So I am not going to share the images unfortunately, for the sake of anonimity. There is an ambulance across the road from me. It has it's lights going BEEMBOOMBEEMBOOM ok I don't think that is the correct sound for the colour, but you get the point. I just thought of something about the title of the series my friend had me watch, and it makes so much sense. I will tell them tomorrow during our gap between 8am and 9am. That RSI thing is still happening to my wrist, the thing hurts whenever I rotate it a upwards. I must fix it, GET THE DUCT TAPE!!!!! ok that worked. *tries to dislocate wrist twice* Yepp, that ain't going anywhere. The moon this morning was so bright and round and full and THICC (translation: big). It was so cool. There were clouds underneath it too in the distance, so you only had the yellow outline of the top of the clouds made by the light reflected off of the moon. This was when it was still dark outside at around 7am. Then I watched as the moon slowly went behind the clouds to never be seeen again. WHICH ALSO REMINDS ME, yesterday evening, I saw the literal last direct sunlight. I was heading home from a walk, and was saying to myself "oh the sun is setting, I'll see if I can get a cool photo of it". And then in the distance, by the big ass mountain range by the border, I saw the last 10 seconds of direct sunlight. It was so beautiful, especially since I could clearly see the silhouettes of the mountains. I didn't end up taking a photo because 1. it would have turned out horribly on my phone and 2. did I mention the last 10 seconds? Wow the ambulance is still there. Math Rock is so cool. I really just like the unusual rythm in it. It sounds so cool. There's this one specific song that game from a series I watched, it's one of the ones I listen to the most. Except I can't listen to it on spotify because they blocked that song from my country ffs. But I can listen to other math rock songs, like songs from Polyphia. Polyphia is another cool math rock band. I think I will end this entry right now. I'll be able to watch one episode of something then go to bed. I need to study stuff tomorrow after school. I have my mock exams next week. So I have to be on the ball you know? I have basically only studied maths so far. Shit I forgot I was ending the entry here. But first, I want to apologize for all of the typos and misspelled words in this LTE, I do not reread what I write, so sometimes there are stupid mistakes like "new years even" instead of "new years eve", I rectified those new years eve ones though. OK SO IT IS TIME FOR ME TO SAYGOODBYYYYYYE, don't say goodbyyeyyye, don't say goodbyyyyyyeee! Farewell. [14/01/2023] So it has been a week, what a week it has been. It's currently 00:01 on the 14th, I just happened to decide to start writing at midnight by coincidence. And just to check my theory, when did mckenzie last update? 25 minutes ago haha. I'll read their entry in a bit. So this week, I have had my mock exams. yay. Well not really. My philosophy exam went horribly, 4 hours is not at all enough for me to write a philosophical dissertation in a language that is not my native language. I should have seen if I were eligible for amenities for my exam. I would have gotten an extra hour and a half if it were the case. But I'm already signed into the final exam, so it's too late. Yeah, so I only got around half to two thirds done. That's the first time I never fully finished an exam, so of course I was crying for the next like 2 hours, good thing my room has a lock. So that was Tuesday, then I had Maths on Thursday. Maths was not that hard, it turns out I'm better at Maths then I give myself credit for. I think I understand why my teacher gives us the most challenging exercises and tests he can without going outside of our actual skill level. There are methods to his madness which in return has made the exam seem simple. So that was pretty cool. Then yesterday morning, Friday, I had my Computer Science exam. Writing code on paper with a pen is more stressful then with a computer, because syntax. Anyway, we had 3h30 to do the exam, me and 2 others (people from the project) finished in 2h30. So that's pretty good. I should have looked over my paper a bit more though, I realised some really just dumb mistakes I made. But then again, they are not the kind of mistakes I would not have spotted if I didn't talk with my friend about how he did. Yeah, so that was my mock exam week. Now I have the real exams in March Yayyy... kinda. Oh and then even more in end of Juin. This reminds me, I have to apply to the schools I want to soon (before the 30th). I'm going abroad, out of this place. So, what else was I going to talk about? Well since I finished the exams, I now have to study for the tests I have next week lmao. It just never ends does it? I finished what I was assigned for the Computer Science project. I will ask in the morning what they think I should do next. Since I'm not too sure now. The grading system is good that I did, and it can be applied to values other then just weather values. I made it so that the function is universably usable as long as you know how it works. Yeah so that was pretty cool. You may be wondering if I told my friend about that thing about that series? I forgot what I said exactly in the last entry and I'm too tired to check, but you might know what I'm talking about. Yeah so I didn't tell them about it, because during the rest of that night and morning, I convinced myself that it was completely stupid what I was thinking. Hmm I think I will read mckenzie's entry now. HOOO, they know about the mrBeast worst intros/outros series. That's back when I discovered MrBeast. I can't measure how long ago that was thought, since he privated all of those videos. But yeah, they were pretty entertaining, I was pretty young so the fact that he was basically making fun of little kids didn't seem wrong to me. But I think it was still entertaining the types of stuff he would come up with to say. Like how Moist Critical always comes up with the most random and specific sentences that still manage to make complete sense most of the time. Ahh, good times. You know it's funny, during the philosophy exam this one specific like 20 seconds of a song kept playing in my head on repeat, and was playing even after the exam. It's crazy how it just kept going, well the lyrics to that part were literally "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" so I guess it makes sense. I wonder if that played a part in my performance? Probably not since I wasn't focusing on it, it was just there. What? You have voices in your head? Well I have music in my head. Schizophrenia-MusicEdition(tm). Haha it's funny, I once said "Alzeimers visual edition" in here too. Also when I wrote "once" right there, I corrected my typoe "wonse" with the exact same word 5 times before getting it right lmao. My brain weird at early time. Ok I have been typing for 27 minutes now. What time does that mean it is kids? "IT'S PIKACHU!!!". That's right, it's 00:28!!! FUUUUUUCK!! How many sticks of glue could you fit into your mouth (going cheek to cheek) in class until the teacher would stop talking and just look at you? I'd say... 5 sticks. But then again, it depends on the size of the stick. If it's a big stick, 1 or 2 max. If they are normal small sticks, like 5 probably. I just find it funny thinking about having one stick sticking out of your mouth. You know like how you would stick an orange piece to replace your teeth? Well in this case the GLUE becomes your teeth hahaha. I need help. Ok I have a theory as to the use of "~" when you mean "around". So if at all you are familiar with the cos function in maths (if you're not, look up "cos graph" on google) you would know that cos(x) has a maximum of 1 and a minimum of -1 in which the center is 0. When thinking about limits I thought of this. So that would mean that it is going 1 around the center value (+1 or -1). So when you say ~15, it means around 15 becaaaause, cos(x) + 15, has the value go between 14 and 16, so a distance of 1 around 15. So ~15 is [14;16]. Then again, in the general use of "~", it would not be fixed to 1 since it just means "around" or "roughly". I have not verified any of this, and I do not plan to right now. But it makes sense doesn't it? I'm right, right? LEEEFT!!!! Heheh, deception is my forte. Not to say that I am, but you never know. Lets see, anything else of significance to write about? I hit my brother with an apple... But that's not very significante. I just thought it was funny (he's a bully and he had it coming). Mmm I spent a good 10 minutes thinking on how to reply to a person I like's message because I didn't know how to phrase something in this language that doesn't sound like shit. In the end, they just liked my reply, so I guess I should have thought for longer then 10 minutes. I wanted to talk to them more (obviously) but just sending another message after that seemed weird, so I left it at that. Better luck next time I guess. Shiiii it's been 41 minutes now. I got up at 6am today. I need sleep. I got up literally uhh 19 hours ago. I'm surprised I'm still even able to touch type without making a billion little mistakes in my typing. Well I mean, I probably am but I am just not aware enough to know that I am making these mistakes. Tumblr seems interesting. I created an account a couple of days ago. I'm not sure if I will stick around on the platform at all. But I at least want to see what's up. It's a platform without an algorithm, and I like that idea you see? So far I have not encountered hardcore furry porn, or any porn at all. So all is good. I feel like I keep adding useless commas to my sentences, it's not like I can detect it correct, but it's just like that. Deal with my crappy English Grammar.. I think commas is Grammar right? or is it Authography? Well you know what I mean. Alright this has been a big enough entry already. I think it's time that I call it a night and go and sleeeeeeps, I mus slep for I am tire. Good Night fellow potatoes. ~[[17:00]] Hello it's me again, it's the same day so I put the same date marker, just so you know that, since I updated at like 1 am last night. Anyway, I'm here again. It be 5pm now. So 16 hours since my last entry (This and the midnight entry are considered 1 entry though). I have done some productive stuff today. Like maths homework, study geography for my test, Look at my Spanish homework and decide I'll do it tomorrow. You know, the usual productive knockton. I also wanted to watch some of my series, I finished the first season yesterday and want to start watching the second season. But apparently there is something I have to watch before that? It's annoying when they release seasons and episodes in non chronological order. But it's all good, I got the order right. But I haven't been able to start watching it yet since the website HAS BEEN DOWN FOR THE PAST 5 HOURS!!!!! Tomorrow, or this evening, I will be organizing information I need to send to apply to the colleges. Because a lot of it, I have no idea what it is. And my mom had gone to one of those colleges before, so she should be able to help. Here's something kind of funny I thought of earlier: So there's this breakcore artist called "GoreShit", and they make pretty ok breakcore. And I was thinking about how someone would say that they like that artist when they are asked. Something along the lines of "So what do you like?" "Oh I like GoreShit", and the other person has no idea what that is and assumes they like gore. It's such a simple stupid scenario which makes me find it funny. They get like the "D:" worried face hahaha. I have started to like listening to long ass youtube videos that just have loads of songs in it... Oh those are just called playlists.. But still, video playlists. It's cool, because they aren't randomly chucked together videos in a plyalist mix, it's just someone who properly edited a video and grouped loads of songs together that are kind of related together. Yeah, so I often just have those things playing in the background of whatever I am doing, like right now I have a 1h36 video playing. You may have noticed that since New Yeah I have not been updating a lot here. Simple explanation: 1. busy 2. This is already the Longest Text Ever (in the hub at least), so I don't feel the need to rush adding more to this. I still do it anyway because it is fun. And I like typing. Yeah that is one of the reasons I started this too, I'm not sure if I have said this before. But I just like typing. So here is a big ass text where I am just typing loads of text. It's a win win situation, where I get to type so much and get faster at typing, and you get to read random information that I throw at you right here that you either do or don't find interesting. I don't care in the end, I'M TYPING WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Ok what's next? I have no idea. I wonder if I will include this sub entry in the word count to my entire day's entry. Since I am updating this 16 hours after that past one, which I still did today technically. You see this is because each time I make an entry I post an image in my Instagram Story with the amount of words I wrote today. I make sure that the image is kind of blurred because I don't want people that don't know the link to this to know wtf I am saying. That would make it non anonymous. My power is on 20% now. I wonder for how long I will keep doing this until I plug it in.. Maybe until it dies, who knows? Only I will because you won't know when my computer dies hahhaha. You wouldn't know. Hmmm that makes me think. If ever I just randomly stop writing here, after 6 months of silence, it's safe to assume I have died in a freak candle related accident. UNLESS, I explicitly say that I have stopped writing here. You have now been warned. DJ SHARPNEL makes some pretty coom music. I only like 5 of their songs I think, but they are still bangers. Then again, I have not listened to all of their music. So I think it's better to say that I CURRENTLY only like 5 of their songs. You see, that makes more sense right? Since I haven't listened to all of their songs. Mmmhmm! Haha, "mhm" but with an exclamation point. So I am forcibly making a very loud and strong MMMMHMMMM!!! :catJAM:. Website is still down WAAAAAAA, I can't watch entertaining things. I guess I just have to be more productive, like writing here for example. That is productive. This week I should add more to the archive. I will be at my big PC so it will be more convenient then doing it on my little laptop like this. Well it's not that little of a laptop, but still. There is a noticable difference to me. Yesterday I wanted to change my mincraft username to "GateOpenerz" and for some reason, they won't let me. They have detected it as containing offensive language, and honestly, I do not see it. It does not at all make sense. I have how they have become so much more sensitive to language. It will remain a mystery. I have contacted minecraft support about it, but I don't know if they will be of any help. All I really want is for them to confirm that there is nothing wrong with the username lol. Oh yeah, twitter now has a "following" and "for you" feed separation. So it is starting to resemble tiktok a bit. They have already implimented the tiktok short video scrolling thing. No matter what video it is, on mobile when you swipe up, it sends you to another video. I can't remember if it is another video on your feed or just a random video. But it is what it is. IT IS WHAT IT IS!!! haha, that funny. What is what it is? it is what it is. I can't wait until I go to college. I think it will be fun, learning EXACTLY what I want to be learning, instead of having all these other subjects thrown on me at the same time. PLUS, I will be learning in the language I want. The downside is that I won't see my friends anymore except for on holidays when I come back here, I might see them or not. Won't be for new year though, that's for sure. Cuz planes and stuff you know? But yeah, pretty cool. Now I just have to do alright on my final exams. Excluding philosophy and spanish, I think I will do pretty good. Giving how I performed on the computer science and maths mock exams, I think it's pretty much in the bag. Well then there's my big ass oral I have to prepare. But that's a problem for future me. Oh no, My Battery Is Low, and It’s Getting Dark. SUP! It's been 5 hours since that, and guess what? I'm back hahaha. I feel like writing some more today, so that's what I'm doing. This might end up being my longest entry ever. The longest one so far was over 3k words long and at like, the very beginning of the LTE. I'm not sure if I will get that far actually. But I might, who knows? Yeah so, I charged my laptop of course, otherwise I would not be here typing. Well I mean I could, I could just have it plugged in and typing at the same time. But I did not feel like doing that, so I waited. And it did not take 5 hours to charge of course, It's not like I have a 20 year old laptop.. OR DO I? *vsauce music plays*. Hhh whenever there is an english test my class group chat just talks about what it is on for a while. I remember last time, we were having an essay to write in class, and at the weekend, I think like 4 of my class mates were talking about it for 5 hours in the group chat. Like come on, it's just ingrish. It cant bee that hard. Ok the teacher wrote "essay" on the homework website and they don't know what it is exactly. One of them said "dissertation" which I mean, they are not far off. I confirmed it meant essay thought, just so that they know wtf is happening lmao. I've been learning about this thing called "openCV" in python, so I've been watching this 3 hour course on it. It's pretty cool, it deals with images and videos. So I can do stuff like live color detection and delimitation, like adding a rectangle box around a yellow object. It doesn't work very well when using my webcam though. My webcam seems to compress video a lot, so there are many little green artifacts and stuff. So when it tries to detect green or yellow or whatever, it detects a load of shit around. Either that or I'm just not experienced enough to filter out all that stuff. Eh, give it time. Other good news: that website is back up \o/. It was down for like 6 hours or something. So I got to watch the first episode of season 2, or it was the second episode? Like I said, weird order of shit. But still, pretty cool. Isn't it crazy how 2018 was 5 years ago? and 2016 was 7 years ago? I still personally think that 2016 was one of the best years. Everything seemed fun and simple and just, better. That's also the year I went to America for the first time. Amazing time that was. Shiit I was 11 back then? no fucking way. Why time pass? Because, uhh, Einstein. That is the best explanation I have to this. If time is relative, then why can't it move slower for me? It's sad. Welp, I guess I will just have to accept that adult responsibility is right around the corner. Haha someone said in the group chat "what's the essay on?" and just no one replied, not even me. It's a stupid question, it's on what we were doing in english class obviously. They always ask questions like that. I'm not saying they are stupid, just, they often ask questions like that. In the maths group chat too, since they are in my maths class aswell. Ok so you know how when people are stressed they tend to do like movements or something. Like bouncing their let up and down when sitting down. Something I noticed I have, is that when I am stressed I kinda tap my fingers to the beat of a song I think of in my head. Or just not to a song at all, I just tap them in some sort of rythm. Whenever my friend sees me do it they just assume I'm so addicted to a rythm game that I tap my fingers in class too. But no, it is not the truth. But it cool, because rythm, rythm is cool. Shit am I even spelling rythm correctly? It's such a hard word to spell, I misspelled it for so long before. Let me check. I GOT IT RIGHT WOOOOO! I can spell English word, mission complete hahaha. So, I checked and my longest entry was on 03/06/2022 at 3095 words, and well this entry has already beaten that count. I am at ~3400 words in this entry (that's including the midnight entry, which is considered the same day entry). Maybe I will think of some sort of different delimiter for when I add more to an entry in another day. That way you know whenever I stop and start an entry again in one day. The delimiter won't have a time stamp though. It will just be a double pipeline for example, highlighted in light green or pink or red or blue. Idk man, I'm just brainstorming out loud, or out writing, because I'm writing not talking. Eh who cares. I'll come up with something. I already have a system for detecting regex, I just have to change the color from pink to something else and change the regex to date format to something else. Easy. Oh and fun fact, it only detects dates that are around square brackets. That way I can write normal dates without it detecting them.. I think. Ok I am not longer sure about the code I wrote and it might not work that way. Well I guess you will know when I add this to the website. Since one of the dates will not be highlighted (the date to the previous longest entry). I'm sure you find these long ass entries super hard to read and keep track of where you are, so I will do you a favor and stop writing for today. That way you can read less of the nonesense that is to shoot throught my brain within the next 3 hours of me being awake. So on that note, have a nice night, and goodnight fellow potatoer. [26/01/2023] Hello there, well if it hasn't been 12 days. I've been a little busy. Probably will be until next weekend so, expect a bit more silence after this. Onto the topic at hand, the LTE website it's self. You may have noticed in my last entry a yellow marker that sticks out. This is the "marking" that I said I would think of adding in the last entry. So now whenever I add more to this through out the day, I will add the timestamps of when I start adding more to the entry. Sometimes I won't, just for the mystery or because it's not at all important. Hope you like it haha. I also changed a few errors in the LTE text it's self. This includes false dates mostly from when I was going over all of my entries. Now you may be wondering, "why did you go through ALLL your entries?" well it's very simple: I decided to update the archive, after doing 5 entries manually, I decided to spend 30 minutes making a program that automates the process. So now I have a python program that automatically makes EACH entry page. It's so cool. So I just updated the archive up to the present day since it no longer takes any time at all. I will change how the archive looks and works in the future, but for now it works fine and you can read without having a stroke (aka, scared of massive text wall). Why was I saying this again? Oh yeah, date errors. So when I was collecting the text to each entry, I noticed that some of the dates were so out of place, or just outright impossible dates. So those were rectified. I don't know how I could have missed such things, but I guess I did haha. Info on future website updates: So in computer science we started working on databases with SQL on wednesday (yesterday). When we learn all the stuff for it, we will learn how to use it with php in websites. Thus, I will think of something to add to this website using php. Maybe just little comment box? Just for testing. I mostly worry about spam in it. Just like someone commenting the same thing 100000 times. I will get around that somehow. Yeah, so that's the plan for the future. Then I might make a proper index page. So this will no longer be the first page you land on, but instead you click a link on the index page that leads here. Reason being that we were also asigned a project to do involving making a dynamic website, we can make the website any theme we want. So that is the coolest part of it. And I think we can do it alone, which is even cooler. My teacher didn't have time to give us a deadline which is a bit worrying since I have quite a bit of stuff to work on for the next month. I have actual exams in a month and a half, I have an exam in spanish next week, I have the other computer science project to work on for competitions, I have a presentation on Satanism for mid march as well. So lots of stuff. I might just dedicate one whole week to making the website so that it is done with. I might use this website as a base. I'm not sure yet. But I will do something with this website for it, it would be cool. Other information includes the fact that I now have 130k more characters then the hermnerp LTE. I maybe had that many before the last entry, but I didn't notice it, it's still pretty cool anyway. On to my mock exams: my best result was in maths, which still surprises me, I got 87.5%. That is so good for me that my Maths teacher dared insinuate that I cheated on the exam (because I have had bad results in tests). Little did he know, I spent the WHOLE Winter holidays just studying Maths, 2 to 3 hours a day, even when I was at my family's place. So needless to say, I'm pretty good at everything we did this year up to now. Now we are working on vectors with scalar products and stuff like that. It's quite fun, because it's not that hard. I still have to study the first half of tha chapter at least, because that's what I don't get the most because it's just analysis of figures. My issue is I never write the correct sentences to describe wtf is going on. Then there is philosophy, where I got 65%. Considering how badly I felt I did, and how little I actually did on the exam, that is a surprisingly high result. But there is absolutely no way I would get that grade on the real exam. So I'm just doomed like that. Finally, the computer science exam. Even thought computer science is the subject I am the best at, I only got 75% in it. Less then what I got in Maths (ikr, super surprising), but I will not get that on the real one. I know what stupid easily avoidable mistakes I made. I will get more on the real one for sure. So that's stuff about my mock exams from a couple of weeks ago. The admissions office for this country opened up recently, that means that I can say which schools I want to go to next year here. Even thought I have already made 5 choices in my native country, I will make some here just to be sure. The only issue is that I don't know what the equivalent is here for a bachelors in Computer Science. So far what computer science like ones I have found are linked to Human Sociology or something like that. I need to do a bit more research, I'll get it thought for sure. I have a lot to write haha. I'm just writing whatever comes to mind first. I have not been writing nonesensical nonesense. I will get back to doing that soon thought, don't worry. I started reading a book recently, it's pretty good. It's the longest book I have ever picked up, ~512 pages I think. Yet in a week I'm already half way through it. I initially hated reading, but maybe that's just what I felt from being forced to read books for years in a language I hate reading in. So it has just made me dislike reading in general. But I am reading this book in my language, so I'm reading it fast and I'm understanding everything hehe. I plan on trying to read more books when I finish this one. There is also a specific reason I started reading a book. 1. it's a book my dad baught me a few months ago when I told him in class we were watching a movie that was based off the book 2. This person I like once asked me if I read books, I know that they do read a lot. I said no and explained why (the whole language thing). So, because I feel embarassed by myself by answering no to them, I have started to read a book. Even though it's been like 3 months since that incident, oh well, what ya gonna do? I'm gonna read that's what I'm going to do haha. Yeah so it turns out I am a lot better at maths then I give myself credid for I found after that exam. I should just study the way I did during the holidays more. But during school periods. I'm sure if my teacher gave us a test after each holiday period, I would get such good grades. Considering I got 30% on my first test this year, it would have been good haha. But we were doing induction, so it's kinda hard to get the head around at first. It was a reasonable failure. What other things can I talk about other then boring school related things? Mckenzie's LTE reached 12k visits, that's pretty cool I must say myself. You should check them out. They are linked right there, under here, at the end of the endless abyss of text that is this page. Not anything really, I've just been focused on school I guess. If someone asked me "how's life?" I would probably just talk about how school is going for me. What else would I respond with? "well I'm alive, so that's cool" lmao, would be funny to say that in a monotone voice. Whenver I think about when I was younger, the first thing that comes to mind is Television. Now this is not because all I will do is television, it's because that is something that can directly link how old I am to television from today. It's nostalgic in a sense, well no it just outright is nostalgic. It has been years since I have heard of shows like "robotboy" or "ben ten" and other old things like that, "johnny test". By the time we bought a television here, we would not see any of those on the kids shows. There's also stuff like bob the builder, do you remember when he was made of something like clay? Today it is 3d animated, and whenever I see it from today, it makes me realize how long ago I used to watch it. Like godamn. When you go form watching a stopmotion version of the show to a 3d animation, you see how stuff goes fast. One of the digital artists I REALLY like has not posted any art in just over a year. I hope they are okay. I'm pretty sure they are Ukrainian, so hopefully it's not the worst case scenario. Their last post was January 21 2022, hofully they return. Their name is Alena Aenami if you are wondering. OOHHH here's another thing I wanted to talk about. This is directly related to the fact that I basically just talk about shit that happens in my life. So you remember that person who I have talked about that says "I'm good like that"? Well, I would talk to them pretty much daily. We reconnected after 8 years of lost contact. Well, then we proceeded to talk to each other basically daily for 3 years. So I would tell them my days, they would tell me their days. Well since around July, that hasn't been happening as I have explained why before. Well, here now I have a big ass text where I can write whatever I feel like. And I have stuff in my day that I have nobody to tell about, I mean in the end, who would be interested in your day except for someone who is a close friend right? Well if I put it here, you have no choice hehehhe. So I just talk about shit I would tell them here. There problem solved. And as a result, you can see what kinda boring stuff I do in a day, or in a week. Here's a funny exchange I had with them actually, here's the exchange basically (starts with me): "Could you please spell three for me?" - "Three for me" - "Wow I'm honestly surprised" - "U didn't think I'd get it?" - "It's spelt 3 :eyeroll:" - "U can't spell using numbers. So no" - "01110100 0110100 01110010 01100101 01100101" - "No" - "I spelt using numbers" - "No". A string of back and forth denial follows that haha. Now I would write that dialogue with the "-" on new lines. But that is not the principle of this LTe, so you just have to avoid having a stroke for once haha. They also called me a "cardboard cutout" once, for some reason they made it sound like a bad thing. People are weird. I AM A 2 DIMENSIONAL BEING AND I AM PROUD!!!!! If you disagree then... uhhh... I'lll make you 4 dimensional. Yeah, I bet you're scared now. No wait, that would mean you can time travel right? Fuck, uhhh, I have changed my mind, you are now 1 dimensional MUAHAHAHA. You are nothing more then a line on an axis. That actually gives me an idea. Could you compose a sentence with just one line? If you used the distance of the line, then converted that whole number into binary, and then converted that binary into text string, you could technically speak using one single line. I will test this theory soon. Soon as in, who tf knows. I will keep it in mind for if anybody ever traps any of my friends in the first dimension, that way we can still have civilized conversations. Ok, I quickly looked into it, it is possible hehehe. I'll do it some day, and that will make me the person to pioneer interdimensional communication. WHERE IS MY NOBEL PRIZE NOW HUUUUH!!!??? YOU ALREADY REFUSED MY LAST ONE! I have genius ideas you know. I just don't have the capability of applying them. Example: pizza with tomato cheeze. Oh shit, it's 11pm. Have I really been writing for an hour? Well shit. I geuss this is the end of today's entry. I have to go to sleep now if I want to get 7 hours of sleep. So have a nice day everybody tomorrow. Good luck with whatever you are doing. Farewell, potato people. [29/01/2023] Haha I have to get used to writing 2023 instead of 2022. I almost made the date 2022 without noticing, who knows how long it would have stayed like that. Probably until I add the entry to the archive, but still. So, it's almost Febuary already, how time flies. I learnt today that you can say "he lay there in his bed", the thing I learnt was the "lay" because I have never seen it used like that. To my mind it comes instinctively that I write "laid" instead of "lay" in that place, it's so unusual, yet it is correct. The more you know *rainbow star*. Off I just did that BeReal, you know, that app where you have to share a photo of what you are doing once a day at the same time as all your friends. I like the concept, it's interesting, I just hate that it also makes you take a photo of your face at the same time. My face doesn't look good in photos. Anyway, back on topic, website. Wait no.. I wasn't talking about any specific topic in the first place. Ffs, why am I like this? Stupid brain, unsmoothen yourself so that I can think of shit, thank you. OOOOH, my potato is a brain, that explains it. No nono wait, my brain is a potato.. FUCK! It's currently like half 7 in the evening. So I'm just adding stuff here before I get stuff ready for school tomorrow. I finished another series today, well I initially finished it like a month ago, but there were 2 movies that continued the story of the series, also it turns out there was another 30min movie a part of it that I didn't watch, so that's where there's some missing story. I'll watch that at some point this week probably, before I start a new series, since I now have nothing to watch. I might ask my friend what they think I should watch. Or I'll use the random feature. Who knows. I'm quite busy this week anyway, so I might not start anything this week at all. I did something sudden at 3am this morning, I deleted all of the posts on my instagram profile. I had over 500, so it was quite a bit. The only posts that remain is my first ever one, it's of my cat from 2016, and then another one from my other cat from 2018. Since those are the only versions of the photos I have, I will not delete them. Logical I know. I have now visibly passed the halfway mark in that book I am reading. By visibly I mean that if you look at my bookmark, you can tell that it is clearly in the second half of the book. I have to do a presentation in biology class tomorrow, it's on coccolithophores, yeah I know, a mouthful. I really dislike biology class, we have been talking about fucking climate change for the past like.. since we started school this year, so september. I mean, I know about climate change and stuff, but it's so boring when you are looking over every little detail of it for MONTHS! I did not choose to specialize in this subject, so I do not like it. I do not specialize in this subject infact, Maths and CS is where I'm at. I would probably like biology more if we did more calculations, but we don't. Therefore, meh. HOOH, I'm back from consuming the sustinance known as dinner or supper, whatever you call it from where you come from. I'm not sure waht else to write here today. I'm only 4 thousand words away from having more words in this longest text ever than the first Harry Potter book. Imagine I stuck this whole thing in a book. I would probaby do it at some point of of curiosity. Not something I'd publish of course. Just, have this massive block of text in a book. I'd have to make chapters, they would probably just be the Entries. Each entry would be a chapter. That would be a lot of chapters tbh. If I have currently around 70 entries, that's 70 chapters. I do have some pretty short entries in here, so it would be just almost empty pages for some chapters. But then again, I would be making A single book for myself, so who cares in the end haha. Yeah I have no more information to report to you anonymous reader. Or should I say, potatoer. That's such a stupid word, but it exactly what it is, you are reading the potato LTE, which makes you a potatoer. Ok, knockton out! [01/02/2023] WSAAAAAAAA EVERYBODAYYY, WASSO WASSO WASSO BITCONNEEEEEEEECT!!! WAWA! Ok that's enough of an introduction for today. It's 22:39 rn, so I won't make this long. I have been doing more on databases on CS class, it seems pretty cool. So I will have a look at php on w3school and see how I can add a database thing to this site, so sql. I will then probably include this site in my computer science project. Yeah, so that's that. I will have finished school at noon 3 days in a row this week. There was yesterday because of this big ass strike (as usual), so I only had physics (ew) from 11 to 12. Then there's today, a Wednesday, so that's normal. Then tomorrow my computer science teacher has do to something somewhere, so no class in the afternoon hehe. BUT, Spanish exam ;-;. Eh, who cares in the end. You know it's funny, I was told that I need to do better in Spanish this Trimester if I want an appretiation on my report card, and I did my most bestest at doing that, yet, my average rn is 32/100, and last Trimester it was 37.5/100. So it's not looking so good. I might get it if I have progressed in other subjects, like Maths. I got 8/10 on a pop quiz in maths today. So it's looking pretty good. Then again, spanish :skullface:. Yeah I think that is it for today, it's 22:49 now. I hoppe you enjoyed the little slip of boring information. It's mostly just personal information stuff, since this isn't very long, I have not had time to think up random cool interesting funny stuff. Bullshittery as some people would call it. Ok, good night potato people. [02/02/2023] yoyoyo 1 to the 1 to the 3 to the 5, leave a message at the tone, BIAAACH! My brother is watching breaking bad, I'm sorry. So, it is noon, well, more like quarter to 1, but still. I did not have my spanish exam today hehehe, it was canceled. Here's why: STUDENTS MADE A FUCKING BLOCKADE AT THE SCHOOL ENTRANCE!!! I was in an annex of the school, so it didn't effect me, but still. That went on from 8am till 10am, and the exam was supposed to start at 10am. There were multiple disruptions and stuff, so they canceled it I guess. The students blocked the entrance with a row of trash cans, and then by 9am, they had a few barriers, wooden palets and A FUCKING METAL FENCE!?? Someone brought a metal fence from the bus stop that is under constructions, now this is a biig fence and the bus stop is far enough away (like 750meters). I'll see if I can find a photo of what that kind of fence looks like. I have photos of the blockade it's self, but I don't really feel like DOXing my school rn. So there were like 2 or 3 of these stacked, and then there was one of these big guysss. Then there were also people throwing around bangers, it was mad, and they were fucking big ones, you could tell. I was inside a room that was pretty well insulated, and I could hear them (you know, the 3h of philosophy on thursdays lmao). Yeah, so in the end, the bangers are what had it stop I think, the principle stepped in. I would say the reason as to why they did the blockade, but I feel like that would also DOX me in some way, so I won't do that. There were loads of police too. When I eventually left for my next class, at the end of the road there were about 10 police people there, ofc the blockade had stopped by then, but they were still there (prob just to be safe). Apparently they want to do it next Thursday again too, which will either work because they are more organized, or not go as well as this one. Oh yeah, the one from today, they were not at all organized at the beginning. When I was going into class, it looked like there were just 5 people doing the blockade, withing the hour it quickly multiplied. So maybe it will be more next time. OHHHH annnnd, another stupid thing, they are doing another strike on Tuesday, wtf is going on here lmao. Nothing is going well haha. Ok well that's the crack from this morning. I have to do some stuff for Maths and Computer Science now this afternoon while I still have the time to do it. I will do my practical work for CS then maybe start working on that website project. Oh and about the Archive, I will not update EVERY entry, but it will stay up to date, when I decide to update it. It takes less then 5 minutes for me to update it now, so I'm not worried about it haha. Ok well see you later, I will probably return and write more to here, like a normal person. Actually no that's not normal, WHO TF JUST RANDOMLY WRITES RANDOM TEXT IN A- DON'T CUT ME OFF NO SHUT UP YOU FU [[21:04]] SUP EVERYBODY!! IT'S LATER NOW! The whole blockade thing is in the news paper now haha. Anyway, I'm back, it's been most of the day now. I have done a load of work, like my maths and some computer science. So I started on that website, I have a plan, I'm going to make it a hub website, and it will link to this website and the one I did last year. Also, I spent 2 hours just doing CSS for 2 elements of the page, and I gave up. I hate CSS so much, I am so glad I am not going into web development. Like one minute, it's centered, just as I want it, then I try and add a background image to one of the elements, which worked, but now one of the elements is no longer centered. LIKE WHAT TEH FUCK MAN! Give me a break. I could just use some sort of app that allows you to place everything with a UI and stuff, like how WIX does it (I don't like wix) but I also have to be able to explain the code to my teacher. So I'm not going to use some sort of 3rd party app. Anyway, FUCKING CSS YOU BITCH!!! I still have like a month I think (we weren't given a deadline yet) so I should be good. Given everything I did today, I'd say it won't take that long. Only 2 weeks of school remaining until the next break! WOOOOO!!! BUT, that will be another studying break lmao. Since I have my exams right after ffs. But still!!!! NO MORE SCHOOLLLLL!! fuck yeah! I will finally be able to sleep in peace. I love sleeping in peace, and late. You know it's funny, I might have mentioned it here before, but a few months ago, I would not be able to sleep past 9am. Like I would ALWAYS wake up early, even during the summer holidays. And now I have noticed recently, that I just sleep in, for a long time. I think Saturday last weekend I sleept until 1pm. My brain must be getting slower, or smaller, or smoother. SMOOTH BRAIN! It feels like how an apple would feel if it were made out of meat... probably more like what a skinned grape would feel like. I wouldn't know though, I can't do surgery on a grape. I should make a machine to do it for me... no that's stupid too. I don't even have the knowledge, meterials or money to do that myself. Yeeah, I got no ideas. There's just a DvD icon bouncing around up there in my head. Every time it hits a corner I experience a THOUGHT. So I usually don't think. Are you thinking? You better be, or I will come over there and steal your DVD icon hahaaa!! You see, because if I have multiple DVD icons, it increases the chances of one hiting a corner, therefore I would be able to think more frequently. So, the more icons I steal, the higher my IQ right? I'm not too sure how IQ works, but let's assume that is how it works. More thoughts = More IQ. SHIIIT, I got to go do something, I might come back, I might now, that all depends on whatever happens. In the end, it is what it is. Thank you for listening to my TED Talk. [12/02/2023] Well if it hasn't been 10 days already since my last entry. The first news I have is that I won't be able to add any php related things to this website. It turns out that you need a php server to use php and it doesn't just run on normal browser. It's backend code. And from what I know, neocities does not have any backend php server for users. Well, that's also because I did not check, but I'm 99% sure that that is the case. I did the spanish exam on Friday, it went pretty much as MEH as I expected it to. This week is the last week before the next holidays. Spring break? Winter break? Idk what we call this one. But everyone goes skiing during these holidays usually. Meanwhile I'll be studying for my exams that we have after the holidays. These are the real ones, not the mock ones. Ok I want to get back to the website I'm coding. The teacher gave us a deadline for when we have to present our websites to the class. It's either before or after the exams we have after the holidays, I'm guessing he will decide on if it's before or after, after the holidays. That's a lot of after words. Yeah so I got enough time. Never have I spent so much time coding something in one go. Well except maybe a QoL of a jupyter notebook. yesterday I spent a total of 5h30 coding a guest book feature. The first 2h were between 12pm and 2am. Then the other 3 and a half were between 4:30pm and 8pm. And I got it done. If you don't know what a guest book feature is, I'll explain it real quick. So if you go to other websites on neocities, you will notice that they have a guestbook. It's kind of just a comment section of little notes you leave after visiting a website with your name, contact details (optional) and then the note/comment you want to leave. Except from what I can tell all the guestbooks on neocities use third party websites (take the #1 website sadgirl for example), which would make sense if php is not useable on neocities. Well anyway, I wanted to code it all myself. So that's what I spent 5h30 doing. It wasn't all purely coding the feature. I'm new to php and stuff, so I was just slow at some things. I think I actually spent more time focusing on the style of the boxes then the actual functionality lmao. Eh, it's still cool. My project description also includes "chatbox". Soooo... I have to figure out how to do that. I'm thinking of making a login function, but I don't know what I will use to identify people. Username makes sense of course, but I want certain things. I guess that's just a problem for future me. Oh here's something that happend to me on Monday, so I was walking around the city, and guess what happened... Come one guess... Ok so, I don't know for how long, but I was walking around with my backpack open. Some skater shouted over to me to tell me about it (thanks person) so I closed it and went along with my day. Later that day when I was at home, I wanted to rewrite my history notes from one of my books because I forgot it one of the days. So I went to go get my pencil case, and guess what I found out... I didn't have my pencil case. I looked all around my room and came to the conclusion that it must have fallen out of my bag at some point when I was walking around with it open. The reason I never noticed is because I didn't walk back the same way I came. The even stupider thing is that I have no idea how my bag was just open. At no point I opened it since I left school that day. Just one of those things I Guess. Yeah so, no more pencil case. I got a new one the next day of course. But like, that was a 7yo pencil case ;-;. It served me well. I have signed up for an english proficiency test to prove that I am good at thy languidge nown az ingrish. Becuz u hav no idea if I reely can speek gud in persn oar if I am just gud at riting ingrish. Ok uhhh yeah, so I need to prove that I can actually speak good english and stuff even though I can. Well you don't know that for sure, you have only seen my writing. Ok back on topic, which was... I have no idea. Valentine's day is on Tuesday. You know what that means? It's going to have been 4 years since the death of NASA's Opportunity Mars rover. It truly is a sad time to have to remember. A rover that was only supposed to live an estimate of 90 days ended up going on for an extra 5124 days (don't quote me on the exact days), It's amazing. So that is what I will be remembering on Tuesday. Most people do relationship related stuff. Like asking their crush out, will I do that? No, because.. uhh, fear. yeah. The Maths snapchat group is very alive because we just started logarithms and well, debates happening I guess on the exercises we were given to do. They keep sending voice chats which is annoying because then you have to listen to them. It's a lot better if you do text chat when you are talking or explaining something because it makes it easier to refer to. Well I find at least. And it's also searchable. You can't use a search feature on audio. hhhhh ok do actually still need to do some stuff before I go to sleep later. So I am going to log off for this entry. HOpe you enjoyed even though it's meh I think. Oh yeah, I'm almost done my book that I'm reading. I need to find another book that I will read after this one. Ok yeah, farewell everybody, keep being potatoes and I am potatoer, knockton out. [21/02/2023] What's up nerds. It's currently 12:07AM on this day. I am not sating the previous day, it is literally the 21st of Febuary. Anyway, it's me again I'm back to writing to the LTE. Will I write here daily again? Not for a while. I just got my midterm break, so that means no school, but I also have my written exams (not mock) after the holidays. So that means studying and not adding to the LTE. Even though that wouldn't change much of how much I have been updating since new year. I've just really been busy lmao. Don't worry, I'll return full force. Maybe not massive entries each time though ahah, like what I've been doing recently. But that's because there's a week between each entry almost. Yeah, so these holidays, study and working on projects is what I have my focus on. I see the other LTEs have been active, well by others I mean textra, mckenzie and magenta cucumber. I finished my book yesterday, it was pretty good. I had seen the movie to it in class before hand. So there were hard to read moments I knew were coming sometimes, which is why it took me so long to finish the book (also I would not read during school week). Yeah so about the other LTEs, I see pinkish pickle updated their LTE 4 days in a row, which is pretty cool. I haven't read their latest entry yet. I will do that tomorrow probably, too late to be reading that much, I won't remember any of it. Meckenzie and Pickle have made main pages to their websites. Which is a pretty cool idea. I'm pretty sure I said before that I will do that too. I'm not sure if I will make the website I'm working on for class the front page. I will decided that when that road comes. For now this is fine. Sure I'll probably do an entire redesign of the website. Since all the text is just on github, it shouldn't be that hard. I'm not too sure what else to write here now. I started watching The Last Of Us series with my dad. We both have not played the video game, so it's new stuff to us. I'm honestly surprised that I have not played either of the games. I will some day. Man my eyes hurt, well it's late so that kind of makes sense. I will just power through until I have absolutely nothing remaining to write for this entry. Or I'll just continue the entry in the morning. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT! It will be an entry to the same day. Because it is currently 12:18AM. I started playing Tetris which is pretty fun... Yeah that's all I have to say about that. So you know how google translate saves each translation of text in the link it's self? Well I looked through my browser history and searched "google translate", there were 14 822 results. I deleted the history of course, because who needs to keep translation history? no one, and it just clogs up space. Even though relative to how much space I have, it's nothing. I also cleared my recent history from an hour, and for some stupid reason it deleted all of my cookies. Now what this means is, it logged me out of every account I was logged into on my laptop. Of course this wasn' a serious thing, just slightly annoying.. and funny. Look at me rambling and rambling and rambling along with all of this random unimportant uninteresting information that you the reader is just consuming for no real specific reason. CONGRATIONS! I don't know where I got that spelling for the word, but it's funny haha. Ok yeah that's it for now. See you in the morning, or the afternoon. You know it's already morning technically. I will post this to the website now and add the rest later when I innevitably add more later. Uhh, farewell potatoies readies (??) o/ [[23:12]] WOOO HELLOOO!!! I did not add ANYTHING during the day hahaha. I was busy studying of course and then we had guests. I just read mckenzie's latest entries. I am dumb and didn't realize that their LTE was moved to their new website and not just porting to their previous website. So I'm all caught up now haha. I only did 2h of Math study today, which is kind of dissapointing. But I WILL do more tomorrow.. 3 or 4 hours maybe. I will decide. I also read Pink-Ish Pickler's latest entry, it was interesting I guess. Missing some.. FLAVOUR! As they say. AS in them exactly, pink-ish pickle lmao. Nah jkjk if you are reading this or if you have caught up to this entry yet. I still feel like I am adding useless commas in my text. Like I feel like you are supposed to add a comma on a slight pause in a sentence. So I do that, I think of how I would say the phrase out loud and put the commas where there would be a pause. Then I just end up feeling like the comma is too out of place. Knockton and the Mystery of comma placement, coming this summer. Lmao, I'm such a cardboard cutout. SHIIIIT, that means it would be easier for me to burn in the sun. Or if I wear glasses (I don't) or if I decide to stick my finger into a big ass nuclear explosion (it happens more often then you think). Ok I'm not too sure what else to add to this. As you know, it's late. And my brain is not strong enough after today to continue coming up with super unique never seen before comedy. SO.. farewell my friends. [22/02/2023] HIII!!! PS! It's 23:38 right now, so this entry will overlap into the next day. OK RIGHT TO THE STUFF!! I updated the archive. Which you maybe noticed. It won't include this entry though, I will add this one the next time I update the archive. BUT, it includes EVERY SINGLE LITTLE ITTY BITTY BIG ASS ENTRY before this one. So, enjoy reading if you like to. I don't reread my entries. Or at lest not for pleasure. You do of course, or it's just to see what kind of boring shit I have been up to. I will probably reread all of this one day. Not some day soon though. It would of course have to be when I finish writing stuff to here. Sooo... Maybe I will never reread this. Who knows. It all depends on when I die. I'm actually writing to this on my bed this time. Not that you would notice the difference. I don't think that I have ever added to this whilst sitting on my own bed. That's pretty interesting isn't it? Well I don't think so. HAH, GOT YOU! That reminds me of my Maths teacher. He says like "yes so this equation is equal to this" and people will agree, and then he goes "WELL YOU'RE ALL FUCKING RETARDED FOR AGREEING WITH ME". Ok he doesn't say those EXACT words, but it's basically what he's saying. He's also passing the message of trust nobody. I guess?? I don't know, it's a weird message for Maths. Actually no it makes sense. Since it's all numbers, it can only be an absolute answer, so you can't just trust the outcome. You have to prove it so that it makes sense and you are sure that you can use that information. Holy shit, I am now realizing why maths is so annoying. This is why I basically had to learn how to prove the domino effect this year (it's called "induction" in math terms). How did I get to this? Oh yeah, I'm sitting on my bed... What a tangent that was haha. Also I only did 2 hours of maths. NOt as much as I had planned for today. I will do more tomorrow. I am going to start on another chapter to study on. I have a total of 8 chapters to revise? But they are easy to group up to like 5. And I have just finished one. Very doable in 2 weeks of studying. Ok onto other information that you might find interesting... Ok no I got nothing. Give me a minute, I will think of something. I just looked up "knockton" to see if any of my other social media account pop up, and well, some do. BUUUT, it's mostly just results for ancestry websites. Turns out, "knockton" is a used surname. Who would have guessed? Not me obviously. Well, too late for me to change, and I wouldn't change anyway. It's funny, knockton. When I knock a ton. OOF writing this on my bed is starting to hurt my back with the way I am sitting on my bed. I will proceed to change my posture. OOOH I just had a memory hit me. So if you have ever seen breaking bad, you know that the very first scene just has a pair of pants falling from the sky. Well, years ago at my friend's house, we were on the couch and we were looking through netflix or something to find something to watch. This was maybe 7 years ago. So my friend's sister who was maybe 13/14 years old at the time, said that they were going to start watching Breaking Bad once. But the first scene scared the living shit out of them. They just did not like the first scene because it was scary, so they never ended up watching Breaking Bad. Which I mean is not a bad thing, if you don't watch it (I have to remember to title case titles and nouns n shit lol). So yeha, I thought that was pretty funny. I watched Breaking Bad in 2021, so it's not that long ago. I don't know if my friend's sister ended up watching it. And we will probably never meet again, so I will probably never know. And even then, how do you bring up a topic of "So have you watched Breaking Bad?" ? It seems so random and I have no idea how you would insert it. It would probably have to be when the conversation is on the topic of scary things. Then you bring up how they thought that scene was scary. My brain is so big, thinking of how I would go about things is social settings I know I will never experience. Oh yeah, it's the next day now. Yayy I guess. Just means I'm one day closer to death. And so are you, but we don't need to get into that. I'll get around to you in good time... ANYAWY! AWY lol. A WY. AH OUI. OH YES. hahahahaha. Franch. AWYAWYAWY, OH YES OH YES OHYES> . Oh I needto stop I can't even hit the damn space bar correctly lolls. This is because of my posture. I am now lying on my back typing with my laptop. WAIT I:M LSITENING TO OBAMA BEATBOX TO RUDE BUSTER!!! if I could illustrate headbanging in text it would be INTENSE!! OK seriously though I should go to sleep now if I want to not be tired tomorrow morning. Logically thati sh ow sleep worcs. Ok goodnihgt everybody waow I am miss typing absolutely everything hhaha. Ok goodbye everyobdy. [25/02/2023] Good Evening folks, thank you for joining us at the Longest Text Ever live at 10:30pm. Today we will be bringing you very important news coming straight from the "who asked" district of the Potato City. Now, onto the news with our reporter Knockton. Thank you Kowalski, and Good Evening to you all. First off, we have some news regarding the latest CSS disturbance. It would seem that whilst this developer was working on their website, they wanted to introduce a third column to their main page. But that is when the unthinkable happened, what the developer would write in CSS for that column, would not actually take place. It would only inherit the default style that the other columns also use. He later discovered that this was a problem with their Apache web server. They came to that conclusion by openeing the HTML file by it's self directly in their FireFox Browser instead of opening it through the local server IP. When they did so, the style that they have been coding had been implemented, which was not the case with their server version of the website. The most intriguing part of this discovery is that the developer was viewing the EXACT same file in both cases. That is all the information we have on that story for now. They say they have not had a chance to reboot their computer/server yet. We will update you next time and let you know if turning it OFF and ON again fixed the issue. Now onto the next story we have for you this Evening. This story is about a local young student who has been studying for their Maths exam they will be undergoing late next Month. They say that they have spent a total of Six and a Half hours studying over the past 3 days. This just goes to show you how much this generation is willing to work to succeed in their studies. The reason they wanted to speak out about this is because they says this is MORE than the ordinary amount of hours they would spend doing Maths in class during a school week. This student says they have already studied a total of 4 chapters so far, and they plan to continue on this path up until some time next week. They will then proceed to train themselves on exams from previous years. We will get back to you when they have accomplished their objective or when they innevitably get burned out. Thank you for listening in on this News Segment. Now onto the Weather Report with Ollie. I greatly appreciate this kind gesture Knockton as to allow me to vibrate my vocal chords into this audio perception device to inform the people about the current local meteorology events. IT'S RAINING SIDEWAYS! THERE'S A SHIT TON OF RAIN AND SOMEONE KEEPS BLOWING ON IT, PUSHING IT TO THE SIDE! THEY MUST BE A SAXOPHONE PLAYER! Hooh, I guess I should have brought a second bird suit HAHHAHAHAA... That was Ollie with the Weather Report. Back to the News with Knockton. For our next story, we have a local teenager who has found a box full of Pokemon Carts that a childhood crush had given them on their birthday. After many years, this teenager has come across a box of Pokemon cards that they had almost completly forgotten about. There are an estimate of over 500 pokemon cards in this box. They have not counter to be sure, but visually, we can make that assumption. They say that the cards were given to them back in 2014 when trading and battling Pokemon Cards were popular amongst elementary school students. So when this student's Birthday eventually rolled by, their childhood crush gifted them roughly 400 Pokemon Cards ranging from the early 2000s to the late 2010s. This was a large addition to the collection they had at the time, which brings us to now. They had recently rediscovered the box where they kept all of these Pokemon Cards. Here is the final statement they had to say about the matter "I find it quite Nostalgic to look through these cards once again. I never put any true value into the cards, as everyboy was just trading almost willy nilly. I will for sure look through all of these some day soon though. After all these years I have lost contact with the person who gave these to me. It was before everybody had their own phones and Social Media. So I will keep these Cards in memory of them, and the great time we all had in 2014". What a lovely story that was. I sure wish I had little items like that to remind myself of what it was like in Elementary School. I'm sure we all wish that sometimes. Wow thank you for that touching story Knockton, it was wonderful. We are now back at the main station for our 11pm segment... Unfortunately we can not continue the News Report these evening. I'm getting word that someone thought Fiber Optics were edible. We will cover that story when we eventually come back from the Internet Outage. We're still live? Wow that's surprising, I would have expected us to go out a lot sooner tha- [16/03/2023] Hello everybody, I am back. I must say, my last entry was peak creativity for me. I have never written something that good and funny in a long time. I'm currently writing on microsoft notepad and well.. It would seem that they have added tabs.. Cool I guess. Anyway, It's been I think 3 weeks since I updated the LTE (according to my github with the text). And I have a very good reason for it. So basically, school. In 3 days I will be having my OFFICIAL FINAL REAL MATHS AND COMPUTER SCIENCE EXAMS!!!! I'm feeling very confident about them. So I don't have too much stress weighing on me. So I've been sudying and so not adding to this. I probably will not add anything more to this until monday the 27th (the day of my computer science practical exam). I have not read any of Mckenzie's and Pinkish-pickle's entries either. I will eventually. Just, need to focus on those number things now. Actually we work more with letters then numbers most of the time (ik it sounds horrifying but it's not that hard when you know the lesson). Also my site just randomly gained 88 views yesterday. and all the previous days was 4!!! What happened?? I can't see where traffic comes from, so I can't find out why. Either someone linked the LTE or some algorithm boosted it. As for other information.. I'm not sure. Oh yeah, I have officially surpassed both 400k characters AND the amount of words in the first Harry Potter book. Which means that I could print this all to a book lol. I think I talked about that before. It would just be a personal copy for the sake of it. GPT-4 was released the other day it seems. I knew they were working on an even BIGGER model when openai released that AI that transcribes audio to text (and it was released open source surprisingly). So it was obvious that they were gonna get a massive amount of additional data for training. Man I don't want to have GPT be my final sentence. I don't even like it that much just because of how people are talking about and using chatGPT. I can see the laziness kicking in. That's not to say I don't like the thing it's self. I just don't like what people are doing with it.. It's hard to put into words what I mean sorry. Don't form an opinion on what I said, I did not say it correctly I think. Ok I'm going to go now. My friends and I are going to play some random roblox game to "decompress" as one of them put it. To relax from studying for the exams. Farewell from me and to everyone until about a week from now. Try not to die. I want to talk about more stuff hehe. [26/03/2023] Hi again, it is me Knockton coming at you with a 12:46am entry. This will probably be short, or not. I literally just started so I can't say for sure yet. I've been seeing on twitter that things have been getting HEATED in France because of their retirement age thingy. Like god damn, they set the Bordeaux Maire's Office on fire, well I think it was just the front gate, but still. Then you got some videos of people just going about their evening while there are fires on the street in the background, here's two examples of that video1 video2 yeah pretty wild right? Anyway, what other things do I got going on now? Well as you know, if you read my last entry, I passed my exams last week, or this week... I'm not sure when I make that difference since it's the weekend.. This week, yeah that's correct. ANYWAY! I fucking nailed them both. The Maths exam was stupidly simple compared to what the other regions got before us. So I predict at most a 90/100 on that. But I predicted a 85/100 when the teacher asked for our predictions yesterday. Also did I mention the exam was 4 hours long? We corrected it in like 40 minutes lol. Then again we weren't super rigourous with proof when doing a correction in class. I stayed in the exam for about 3h30 I think. Then we got Computer Science, and oh boy was that wild. Well by wild I mean a fucking joke of an exam subject. We were all worried talking about what the other regious got on their exam subjects the previous days and this one waas just whaaaat, it was a joke like wtf. It was soooo eassyyy. Nothing on binary, nothing on processes, no hard ass algorithms, nothing on linux commands. And the networking exercise didn't even have any IP adresses in it, it was just A B C D E F G as an address. Anyway, the Computer Science exam lasts 3h30 hours, I finished after 2h, and I was the 3rd to finish (like 5min after ther other 2). I honestly predict a 100/100 on the Computer Science one. If not then the mistake I made has to have been from some tiny itsy bitsy misunderstanding of a sentence. Because then again that is always me weak point in these things. It's not in my native language. Ok what else to talk about, yeha the other LTEs. I did not read them yet, yeah I know still. I'm already making a new entry early okay? I said I would add a new one on Monday, so stop complaining. I SAID STOP! ok good. I'm not stressed for my practical exam in Computer Science, I did a lot of the practical exams (they are all public, they just choose one at random on the day) and honestly, we have an hour to do 2 exercises that are easily doable in 10 to 15 minutes. Well for me at least. Ohhhh it's 1am now hehe. Nice, I guess. My youtube autoplay started playing breakcore. For some reason it aways goes back to breakcore. It's weird. So a few days ago, when we were all waiting in front of the school for the exams to start, there were two people I know who came over to talk about just random shit and about what we were about to experience. And so these two were both smoking, and basically straight into my face just to add to it. One of them made a comment about how the other one smoked more than them in the short period of time. And well they explained stress or whatever. Then one of them said "Well good thing knockton doesn't smoke" and I was like (in my head) "WELL YEAH, GOOD THING YOU'RE SMOKING IN MY FACE" yeah, it was weird. So I really just went "yeah good thing I don't smoke". And I won't ever smoke, anything, hopefully. Just to add, I also don't drink, yet, and I'll put it off as long as I can. I know that I can't escape that one forever. But smoking and drinking have a different weight of uhh, idk importance? dislike? idk what word I'm supposed to use here. I just hope you understand what I'm getting at. Yeha, so that was a funny little interaction I think. NEW TOPICCCC!!!! I was watching a movie yesterday, and well, it was an anime movie I'll admit. Anyway, back to the point, I am SUPER good at recognizing an artist of a song I have never heard before in my LIFE!!!! So there's this song artists called Eve, they are known for making some bangers and also amazing animation to just music videos, like just, the QUALITY IS AMAZING. Ok I'm getting carried away. Yeah so, the song started, I noticed nothing, then the very first word was uttered, I paused the movie and said "That's definetly Eve". I then proceeded to look up "Eve + moviename" and there you have it, the same song. Yeah, so just a little stupid skill I have gotten. Another time that happened was with a song artist called Myth & Roid. I play a rythme game, so I hear a lot of music genres n shit. I have to write my motivation letters for the universities I'm applying to here. Even though they are my fallback universities, since I want to study abroad (aka my home country). So I'm just going to write a SINGLE motivation letter, and send the exact same one to each university. They will never know. EZ. I have 10 days to do that... I'll do it tomorrow probably. Well write them at least. I'm going to be doing differential equations and integrals in maths next.. Should be cool. Yepp that's all I have on that lol. Well I hope it's cool. And if it's not, I'll study it and do exercises until it is cool (method used so far). Self psych-op. I think that's what it's called. Self Emotional Manipulation. YEAAAA that's more like it. Goddam passed 5555 characters in this entry already. And I still have a lot more I want to add... I won't add all of it in this entry though. I'll save some for next time hehe, you'll have to return for more. EH, I double anyone even reads all of my entries in their entirety, or at least not the LARGE ones. I would, I do it to the other LTEers, so I would do it to my own if I were not me. It's now 1:18am. Last thing I wanted to add because I found it funny. There's this person in my class who is very good at literary subjects. Like in history, geography, philosophy, and all that, they get realllly good grades. (Disclamer: I do not know any specific details, so I could be wrong, this is hearsay) And I remember them saying once how they are going for a Scientific route, while they are super good at literary and less good in Maths for example (don't quote meeeee). I don't actually know what they want to study later on. I think it's something medical related if I vaguely remember. It's funny, it's the person I like and I don't even know what they want to do later in life. Maybe it's just because it's fucking 1:24am and my brain is ewigwhghgqrwrqwqopqwc. I installed blender earlier, deleted the cube, panicked, closed the program. Oh man I really should wrap this up, it's getting loooonng. I will write more random stuff and facts and events MONDAY!!! not tomorrow, well actually yes tomorrow technically, because today is now Sunday... Uhhh, not today then. Tomorrow. Hahaaaa, words, they make stupid wibbly wobbly woobly shit sometimes. LIke making a stroke of wrods from having astrorek. fuck. Ok goooodnight everybody, and if I don't see you, goooooodlife everybody. [30/03/2023] wow it's 20233003 how incredible!!!1 oh yeah, I'm writing... WELP!!! I fucking lied about when I'd do my next entry, sucks for you! Well, maybe not, you probably don't care about that anyway. Yeah so my practical exam went very well on monday. All the code exercises are public for us to train on before hand (there are like 40), and I just happened to get exercise 1 lmao. The very first one in the list of exercises. So that was cool. WOOOOO my friend literally just gave me the Spanish lessons from the class I missed doing that Practical exam (yes I waited 4 days to ask for the stuff I missed, sue me). Yeah so I should copy all that before my next spanish class tomorrow.. I'll do it later, I'm writing to the LTE right now. I read Mckenzie's entries and here is what I learnt: THEY TRIED TO STEAL MY CODE!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!! I don't actually care that much. It's the most wonky code ever, the shit could be done in 1 line if I bothered to.. Ok I'm saying that now but I'm not actually sure... I think so. YEAH, definetly. I'm not going to check though. Uhhh so yeah, it's thursday now, oh WAIT, I was talking about the other LTE. Yeah so what else I learnt was that they have classes that last up to 75 minutes, or 30 minutes, or whatever in between. Now The length is not what's odd to me, I had 3h of philosophy today lol. What's odd is how specific that length is. Here we have 55min classes (5min short of 1h to compensate for changing class rooms). Soooo, interesting I guess. Uhh there's a lot of other information I got, but it's no use talking about here. So what else can I talk about, oh yeah, I was finally invited to my first ever High School Party. The bad news about this is that I CAN'T FUCKING GO!!! You see, there is an open day to the university in my home country on the 22nd of April, on a Saturday. So I will be taking a plane on the 21st, and there are no flights back here during the weekend. So I return on the 24th, and that is why it's bad news. The party is on the 24th, in the evening of course. But you see, my flight arrives back here at 16:30, which is pretty late considering how the aeroport is ~1h45 from where I live. So 1: Idk when the party starts and 2: Will I even want to go to a party after a whole day of plane and shit also 3: I'll need to get ready, since I was traveling so clean up n shit, so will I even have time? These are all useless details that greatly are impacting my confidence also. Hmmmm, yeah stupid brain. So I told the person hosting the party that I'm not sure if I will be able to come anymore. I didn't tell them for sure that I won't be able to. I'm still thinking. They were not in class today because they had like this military service day (which i don't have since I'm not native here) so I couldn't talk to them about it. I will talk to them about it tomorrow, or not, I'll probably just say I can't come because of a flight. You know, not risk sounding stupid. Ohhh the teacher looked at my website earlier (not this one) and said that it's pretty good. With the live chat and guestbook and visit counter (all built in and coded by meee). He said that the way I update the chat is a little not good though, which I am WELLLL aware of. Basically I check ever second if there are new messages in the databse, and if there are, I grab them, and if there are not, I do nothing. The issue with this is that I am checking every second how much shit is in the database, which could be massive, and in practice with loads of people using it, it would be a lot of stress on the server to do that. But you see, I am not at all experienced enough to go sending messages from server to client directly like most chat boxes work. I thought initially to dynamically update whenever it detects an update in the database, but I don't know how to do that. So yeahhh, although I literally just got an idea, but I think it might fall flat. Yeah so that's where the website is at right now. It's quite cool, I might post it online somewhere, maybe as the hub for here. Who knows. I'd have to find a web hoster who allows me to use a database and php (which neocities does not provide). So that is that. My friend just said in my discord GC "my ass is 106cm", of course, I made a joke about their height. In truth, I have absolutely NOOOO idea what they are talking about. There's no way they are literally talking about they ass... People are weird, like me. Wow this is a lot of text, will you be able to handle this much? That's what she said.. Wait no the other way around, that's what he said. Hehheee.. Sorry. I was thinking of changing one of my videogame account names to "knockton" because my current name is based off an old friend thing and it just seems stupid now. When "knockton" makes a LOT of sense, you wouldn't know why unless you knew me in person, but it does. BUUUt the reason I realized I should not change the name to "knockton" is because they you will be able to see my previous usernames if you ever search up this account. And with these previous usernames, if you search THOSE up, you will surely find my other social media or game accounts. So in short, if I rename to "knockton" I will DOX myself. Yeaaah you see, big brain, I can think ahead. Yet I'm not at all good at chess. I have a book that's supposed to be arriving soon, it said between 16h and 18h, so yeahhh. It's funny because I ordered it yesterday and it said it would arrive on saturday, I don't have amazon prime so I couldn't get next day delivery. Which makes this even funnier because I'm getting next day delivery. What was the most suspicious was the delivery price though, 1 cent delivery is oddd. Eh, I'm not complaining hehehe. If I wan't to get the whole collection of this book, well more like all the volumes, I'm going to have to spare every penny I can. I've read it only already, but I want it physically because it was sooooo goooood!!! Wow this really is getting long now. Already at 6000 characters, well in 6 char. Ok now at over 6000 characters. Hehehe ok uhhh wtf, no nevermeind. Meind, sounds German, which I might be, or might now. I will leave that decision up to you. I'm not telling !! Wtf is this music, time to skiiiiip! UUURGGGhhh, it's 17:40 and the books still isn't here. Damn time estimates. Talking about how much it's going to cost me, that might be what I spend my summer job money on, getting all the volumes of the book series I liked (there's another long one I am reading rn). I don't want to get a part time job rn because of the School System we have here. So I'll get a job in summer. Then next year when I'm in university, I'll get a normal part time job. I feel like in univeristy I will be able to spend that extra time doing job work instead of doing homework for like 20 different subjects (hyperbol). So in University I will be doing ONE THING ONLY!! well one subject that is, so Computer Science. I don't know what the homework will be like, so I just hope it will be fine {This Is Fine MEME}. Mmmm I wanna play videogames. I should play videogames... WAOOOIITITT, Spanish. I will go do my spanish homework first. I will return soon my fello potatos, or not, I might just go straight to playing video games. Who knows. Cya. [[21:53]] YOYOYO I'm back again at it again in the white vans. Yeah, I don't have any vans though, so that was a lie. I have some random offbrand thing or something. Well not offbrand, just, idk the name of the brand. I think it's some sort of cat. Anyway, my book arrived, the cover was smooth, which I did not expect. But I'm not complaining. Now I have to get the 6 other Volumes lmao. Uhh yeah, so my step brother is sleeping in our room since he's over here for a week. So I can't be typing late.. AKA he is in here right now and I have to stop this entry here. I am so so sorry. But it is the case. Idk when next entry will be, maybe somewhere in the ballpark of uhhh the next 7 days. Yeah that sounds about right. This is knockton, the potato king, signing out my dear potatoers. [09/04/2023] HELLOOO EVERYBODY!! It has officially been Easter Sunday for the past 9 minutes. Congradulations on making it this far into the game. Here's a checkpoint for you. Good glad you saved here. Ok so, today, well, later when it's day time, chocolates!!!! Well, we don't have many chocolate in the house, soo kinda chocolates. What if you did comma ellipses? Like "so I was wondering,,, how did you do that?" no that does not work at all, it's a gramatical sin for sure. Have any of you seen the Gummy Bear official youtube channel? I just discovered it, and it is just horrible. Like, how did it go from something sooo good 15 years ago, to something that looks like it has even less quality and effort put into it, when it's even HD. I guess it was just a lucky song the gummy bear song. I went to the Movie Theater today with some friends. We went to see Mario. While having not played a Mario game in I think 9 years, I must say, that is one of the best 3D animated movies I have ever seen. I haven't seen one so good since Dragons 3. When I watched dragons 3 I was like "holy shit this is soooo good animation, how is it this good?" especially after seeing how toothless interacted with sand, it just looked incredible with the detail. Ok TANGENT DONE, back on topic. So we went to see mario, it was very cool. I recommend you watch it. So there were friends and aquaintances there, so there was quite a few of us in the group. We took up a whole row in the theater room lol. There were maybe 10-15 of us. I didn't count. But that's based off my visual memory, and the fact that we were in the biggest theater room in the entire building. So yeah, makes sense. I was invited to go by my friend on Monday, so that was cool, it was unexpected too. I was hoping that someone else would have come, I thought they were coming since they were there when the other person was inviting me and others. But I guess they didn't come after all. Eh, what you gonna do. I started watching this Korean series the other day, it's called "Crash Landing On You". There isn't a DUB for it in my language, so I'm watching it in the language of this country where I live. I don't mind it that much, since I'm fluent, but it would still be better to listen to it in my own language. The reason I started watching it is because on Monday my friend mentioned it again lol. They had mentioned it a month ago I think when we were all in the study hall from an absent teacher. I remember it very well because they were explaining the plot in my language, they were pretty good at speaking my language btw. So yeah, I added it to my list on IMDB that day. And then after they mentioned it again on Monday, I decided to start watching it. You know, I initaially thought it was a MOVIE, but no, it turns out that it is a 19 episode series with 70minute episodes. So it's looong. I don't know if they are all 70minutes long, but the first 2 have been so far, so I'll assume the rest are. I'm watching it because they seem to very much like it, soo, that way I know why they like it and maybe have something to talk about with them instead of usually having now idea what to talk about. Anyway, so that's what I'm watching on TV now lol. Then there's another thing I'm watching, which is quite cool, but the thing that makes me dislike what I'm watching is that there are women that are practically naked in it. Not literally completely naked, still covered THE body parts. But I just feel that that kinda ruins the series in a way. I'm not going to stop watching it just because of that, but I just don't like that. Hmmm what other stuff to talk about. The other two LTEers have not updated, pinkish pickle and Mckenzie, they will eventually though I'm sure. I should be getting my Computer Science and Mathematics exam results on Wednesday, so fingers crossed that they are good results. We started doing differential equations in maths this week, they are suspiciously simple, well the ones we are doing at least. Like they straight up GIVE US THE FORMULA! Like, why? we are doing y' = ay and y' = ay + b if you were wondering. So yeah, I don't think we will spend too much time on that, and move on to integrals soon. I'm interested in integrals because I've been wondering how they work for so long. I know they have to do with calculating the surface of a slope or something, but that's all. My friend's maths teacher spent 1 hour on differential equations, and my friend said they understood none of it and now they have moved onto integrals. Soo, sucks for them. No I'm joking, well it does suck, but uhhh shit idk how to make this sound good. I did not mean it in a bad way do not sue me thank you very much. I'm not sure what else to write now. Let me use my big brain... Oh yeah, on Thursday I'm going to do that cinema thing again with my school. I think it's a Spanish movie this time, which is bad news since I'm the second to last person class average wise in Spanish class (we got our rankings for subjects recently, idk who could possibly be worse then me in my class). Anyway, movie, cool, it means I won't have 3 hours straight of philosophy class yayyy. While it's not the worst thing in the world, it's boring af. But it usually flies by somehow. The Computer Science project is coming to an end, one final feature to add and then we can call it done. I will try and add that feature tomorrow. Once that is done, we must go over code and make it look better / make it more efficient (line wise and literally), we also have to search for bugs. Wow I've been typing for 21 minutes already. It is currently 00:30. GREETINGS! I have returned, sorry I got briefly distracted by the Chamaeleon I molecular cloud photo from the Wames Jebb Telescope. I have decided to make a counter of whenever a specific person appears in my dreams, and currently, it is at 3. The first time, they were trying to make me guess what english accents they were speaking in, the one that stuck with me was canadian accent (this one was from a month ago). The second one we were eating in the school caffeteria together. I don't even go to the caffeteria because I live next to school, so that one doesn't make sense. Anyway, that's all the detail I remember from that one (from last week). Then the 3rd one was last night, but I remember NO detail from that at all. I just remember that they were in it at some point. Dreams are funny like that. You can remember so much once you wake up, then 5min later most of it is gone. But you also remember little details that stuck out to you, it could be anything. Like in one dream a thing that stuck out to me was that I WAS CASUALLY EATING ELECTRICAL WIRES!!!! Yeha, like candy, just a big full fist full of wires and MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH, in school n shit. And htat is all I remember from that dream. It's like your brain is like "I am standing here next to the couch in my 2yo self, I will remember this moment" and then you remember it to this day. Like I remember a dream I had when I was 5! Then again it was kind of a nightmare. I'll explain it, lemme find the movie name. The Day After Tomorrow, of the global ice age disaster thing. There were wolves in that movie, and the wolves were bad at one point in the movie. I then had a dream where wolves were surrounding the house and I was on the top floor looking out the window at the evil wolves coming towards the house to eat me. And I remember that plot of the dream till this day. Yeah, so dreams are funky and weird. Wow this is a very big entry, you know, it's 00:45 now, so I think I'll go to sleep. Then I can do all of my homework Tomorrow without being tired lol. Ok goooooooooodbyd eerybody!!! hope you havea nie iestr and a hapy noo yeer yipe, potato redr nocton aoot. [13/04/2023] Greetings fellow human beings, I have news to bring. No this is not another one of those creative entries. Ok so the news, I have decided that I do not really care about the insane level of anonymity I am doing. As in, I will release small basically useless information that will make writing more to this LTE a little bit less annoying to you and me. First off, I can speak english, fluently, I am a native english speaker, but I will not tell you from which country. I also live in France, so that is the language of the place I live I keep talking about. I'm also a dude, I honestly don't care anymore if you know that or not. Even though it's a stupid thing to keep hidden, and you probably figured it out a while ago if you have been reading for a while. Or not, idk, I thought mckenzie was a girl for a good while when I started reading their LTE. Then Pinkish-pickle said "he" in their entry and that cleared it up.. No offense mckenzie, or howds, whatever. Anyway, now to normal entry. Yesterday I got the exam results to those Maths and Computer Science exams I did a couple of weeks ago, annnnd me results are *drum roll* BUMBUMBUMBUMBUm, 90% in Maths and 100% in Computer Science. And this is the end of highschool exam type thing, the French Baccalaureat. So needless to say, I am happy AF!!! I haven't seen my copie yet though, but I am 100% sure I know what my mistakes on the maths test were. And they are not because of me not being able to do something. One is from misreading a "greater than" as a "greater or equal to", and another mistake is just me not proving that something is increasing, and thus solving it wrong, yet still getting the correct answer, just the wrong proof. Oh wow that was a long sentence. Sooo today we had another one of those School Cinema outings, it's the last one we will get (1 per trimester, and it's 3rd trimester). This time it was a Spanish movie, and it was all over the place, reminds me of that Slap Stick comedie movie Airplane. That was good. Yeah, so I do NOT advise watching a movie in Spanish with French suptitles as an English speaker who is meh at french and has spanish as their worse subject. But overall, it was pretty cool. I could not give you the name because uuuh, it was in spanish, and there's no way I would have remembered that anyway. Sooo uhh, sucks for you lmao. What else today, yeah idk. Oh yeah, I spent the entire hour from 1pm to 2pm talking to person I like, it's funny that I call them "person I like".. I hope to god they don't read this LTE. It's highly unlikely they find the link anywhere though, I only shared it on my instagram story once months ago. Yeah, so it was fun talking to them, we talked about books and series and movies. Basically. And also the grades we got on the BAC of course. They got me to start watching a Korean romance series, which is not something I would usually watch, but it doesn't mean I dislike it. I can watch basically any series lmao, I am neutral like that. I think neutral is the right word for this case. eh. The series is "Crash Landing on you", it's pretty good so far. Oh here's the most surprising thing about it, EVER episode is over an hour long. The only other series I have ever watched that had consistently episodes over 1h long, was sherlock holmes. It's wild, and according to them, most korean series are like that. It's not a bad thing that they are that long, just unusual haha. Oh one thing that has been bugging me since then, maybe it is just me who misheard or misunderstood what they were on about. So they asked me if I was going to go studying abroad in my native country, I said "yeah more than likely" + something else at the end that i forgot that isn't important. And they said "oh that sucks". I mean, why would it suck? My other friend is glad that I am going to go study there. And I am closer to them then the other person. Mmmm, not naming people makes this hard to understand doesn't it. Eh, I'll think of something for next time. Yeah, so I have been thinking of how they said that since then, so for like almost 10h lmao. Maybe they were saying "that sucks" about something else I said and it just, idk, phrasing. Mmm, I should stop thinking about it. I do this and it's just stupid. Soo wat stuff other to talk about. I will update the archive soon, maybe by next entry. Which could be tomorrow, idk. Next weekend I am going on a plane to the open day to one of those universities in my native country, should be fun. It will be my first time ever flying 100% alone. By flying I mean airplane, I'm not a bird ok? Ok just wanted to make sure. Shiiiit will I even post this entry? This is the first time I am thinking this.. Yeah I will, fuck it lmao. I usually wouldn't talk about stuff like this to anyone. Except one person, previously two, but now one. It's weird, next year I will more than likely be studying abroad (abroad being a different country relative to france, so my native country), and so I won't be able to see my friends anymore until whenever there is a break. Which makes me very sad because I find it very hard to make friends. I remember for my entire first year of secondary school, I had no friends. The second year, kinda, third too. Fourth yeah. But they are still not the types of friends that I would trust really. Idk, it's hard to explain. But now I have great friends that I love and don't want to lose. But you know what distance does, and I'm moving away basically full time. Mann, it's gonna suck. Which also makes me sad by thinking stuff like having a girlfriend, because they are most definetly studying here, and not me. It just seems stupid to start a relationship in that situation. So, sad, but not new. I usually keep my feelings hidden anyway. And I'm pretty good at it too hehe. Idk if that's something to brag about lol. Man, this is getting stupid. I'm done, bye for this entry, have good day. [20/04/2023] wasssup everybody, it's been a week since the last entry. It is 420 today, so, cool I guess. It's also 22:15 rn, ikr late. BUT, I don't have school tomorrow hehehe. Well more like I'm not going to school tomorrow. There's an open day in my native country for the university I want to go to on saturday, so I have to leave tomorrow on friday. I think I talked about this in the last entry, but that was a week ago, so how do you expect me to remember that? What other updates do I have, uhhh yeah the "that sucks" thing is still bugging me. I told my best friend about it, and basically, it's still bugging me even after what they told me. So, this will just occupy a small portion of my mind for a while I guess. Mmm wat else, oh yea, remember counter I set for someone being in my dream? well it's at 4 now. I had a dream about being at their birthday party, and banging my head on their bookshelf and not waking up until after the party the next morning. It's stupid and that is all the detail I remember since I had that dream like 5 days ago. So I've packed a bag with clothes and stuff for the plane tomorrow. I just have a backpack, more specifically my dad's basic-fit bag that he never uses (he doesn't like being a walking advertisement) which is understandable. So I use it whenever we travel back to home country. It eve does me for a 2 week trip lol. I just need 2 changes of clothes, and I can wash them there. That one person recommended me another Korean drama, so I guess I will watch that during the spring break. It's 22 episodes this time, so assuming each episode is 1h22, that's about 30h of content. I doublt I'd be able to knock that out in the 2 weeks of spring break, also since I have to study for philosophy mocks and exam I have after the holidays. EEH, we'll see. We started doing trigonometry in Maths this week, and I must say, I wanna jump off a bridge lol. In the 4 years since I was first introduced to trigonometry with triangles, it has always been the chapter I get the least. AND NOOOOOWW, we doing fucking circles, with trigonometry!!! The thing, where you have to calculate triangle stuff, is using circles. Wtf is going on. Well that is that anyway. I'll work on it during the holidays and hopfully get it by the end of them. The Computer Science project for the national competition is done. So we are gathering all the documents and writing documentation for it. Our teacher will submit it some time next week. Now, if you are resourceful enough, or just know how to google, you would probably be able to find me. It is entirely possible. But that would only be when the results are posted. Which is a few months from now. So, uhh, idk, contact me if you find me I guess. If you manage to find me, you'll definetly manage to find my contact details to something. Speaking about finding people, Image Metadata. To the reader reading this that should know this information, if you have geolocating in your photos and you post that photo on your own web page, people would be able to download the photo, read the metadata, and find your location. Just, be aware of that. Please. That's why I have no personal photos on this page. I think the only photos there are are links to imgur photos. Which are not retraceble, I think. Well they aren't even photos I took myself so eh, doesn't matter. I'm in a state recently of: man, it would suck for me to go study abroad and abandon my friends. So what if I stayed here? Well, that would also suck because then I would have to study in French. BUT, I would not abandon my friends, and actually have friends. But if I went to abroad, I would be able to study in English, but no friends. It fucking sucks, I'll tell you that. I want to stay here, but would it really be right for me? I have like 2 or 3 months to decide on this. I can't believe I'm actually second thinking my choice about studying abroad. Nothing is set in stone, so I still have the option. hhhhh. Oh if you never knew "hhhh" is basically a sigh, like if you just go "hhhhhh". You know? You'll only know if you speak a language where you actually pronounce the H, unlike french. "how are you" turns into "ow are yoo". Oh I don't know if I ever talked about this, probably not because I only revealed certain info in the last entry. In French, bird is spelt "oiseaux" and is basically pronounced "WAZO". Yepp, that's uhh, stupid. Well not really stupid, just weird. When you compare how it is spelt and how it is pronounced. mmmm I wanna talk to someone but I also don't want to talk to them. Reason: I wanna talk to them, but I don't want to disturb them and end up being annoying for talking to them, so I will not talk to them. Yes I know, big brain logic. hhh uhh so, I did not update the archive. And I will not update it rn either. I will definetly update it on Monday or Tuesday though. Since I won't have my laptop with me when I am going to the other country. But I will be back on Monday. Mmmm yeah, so that's that. This is actually this is all of it haha. Ok goodbye, goodnight. ojnhewvifino, sorry. [26/04/2023] Hello, it's Wednesday my dudes. WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Yeah, so that means that I lied about when I would update next, it also means that there are 13 days remaining until my mock Philosophy exam. Which really fucking sucks. Wow I got to take off my watch, I can't type quickly with it on. Ok I'm back. No leap in time. It's 12:55 rn. If there were a leap in time you'd get the yellow marker. So I'm back in France anyway. I was only in my native country for the weekend for the open day at that university. You know, it's kind of funny. Of all the universities in that country, that is the on I really want to go to because it has all the things I want and it seems like the best one (subjectivly). And it just happens to be the university that my mom went to, and in the town where my mom and dad met. It's also barely 20 minutes from all my other family there. I was in a tour and we went to the computer building, where they do computer science. And one of their computer labs has roughtly 144 computers in it. LIke, it's masssive!!! I was blown away at that. And that's for 1-3 year students. The 4th years get a lab where they can go without the other years. My pollen allergies are clearly only present because of whatever plants are here in France. For a couple of weeks prior to leaving, I've had allergies and the symptoms of them. Then during the 4 days I was at other country, NOTHING!. Then like, 15 minutes after landing back in France, everything is back. I just thought that was funny. I bought a book when I was there. It's in english so that is great. It's called Breathless by uhhh, shit I don't have the book next to me. It's by the same author as "all the bright places". So I started reading that on Monday, and now I'm at page 332. Which I mean, is amazing. I have never read a book so quickly. Before this book, I have never read anywhere near 100 pages in a day, even in smaller size books (page sizes). I guess it's just because it is good ANNNND in english. I think it's mostly the english part that makes me read so much. Even though I have lived in France for a long time, I absolutely hate reading in french. I'm just too slow at it, and I can't concentrate, and I end up needing to re-read entire paragraphs because I did not retain ANYYY of that information. Thus why I want to study in an english speaking country. But in reality, that is the main reason I want to study abroad. Because it will be in english. And then I have sooo many more reasons to stay. I have more reasons to stay then to go. FUKC! Yeah it sucks. In 4 months I will be leaving my friends. Well, at least that's the plan for now. I can always change my mind. I have up until July to change it. Or August, one of them. Our teacher submitted the computer science project we were working on. The regionals are in end of may, and then the nationals in july. So it should be fun to see how far we get. Hopfully we win. Giving what projects won last year, it's promissing. But then again, it doesn't mean they will be the same quality this year. I haven't started studying my philosophy. I should, but I don't know how to do it effectively. I am not a literary person, as in, I prefer practicing science than literatture. Other than reading books that I WANT to read. So it's a lot easier to study maths then philosophy, because I actually know what to do and HOW to practice it. Basically by doing exercises. But how tf do you do the same thing for philosophy? Like, you just can't. I'm going to have to write a dissertation on a question on the exam and I have 4 hours to do it. On the last mock of it, 4 hours was not enough for me. And this time we have EVEN MOOOOORe notions to work on. I'm going to end up crying after the shit again, like last time. I cried for like 2 hours after the last exam because I knew that I was going to have to do it again and the final time I do it will count on my Baccalaureat. Plus, this mock is in the morning. From 8 till 12. Like, wtf. AND, we have class in the afternoon. Classes weren't canceled for the exam. It's just so stupid. If the exam goes so bad to the point that I'm crying after, I'm just going to skip the afternoon class. Because fuck that. I have never skipped a class in the history of me going to school. And the class I have in the afternoon is computer science, which I got 100% on in the exam. So I'm not too worrried. But still, like, I'm not doing that shit if the exam goes so bad. Which it probably will. You know how I said I have a very hard time reading in French? Well I'm pretty much just as bad when it comes to needing to think in french and argument something so rigourously in french. Just, too much. But I still need to aim for at least 75% if I want to get a good appreciation. Which is so high. I'll be lucky if I even get 50%. Ok I am going to stop complaining about the exam now. Since that is a lot of text just dedicated to it. I haven't started watching the series I was suggested to watch yet. It's called Bensenjo or something along those lines. I'll start watching it when I finish my book, which will be later probably. I'll definetly get the series done during the holidays. Well I'm not actually sure. We're already 25% through the spring break. Eh, doesn't matter really. Plus I got to study. AAAND fuck, my oral that I have to prepare. Mmmm, lots of stuff. I took some photos when I was in native country, they weren't as good or as many as I usually would have taken. Since I was only there for 3ish days and it was raining a lot. I remember my dad telling me once that when I was 3, during the summer it rained everyday for 2 months straight. He said it was the most depressing summer ever. They ended up doing BBQs in the garage with friends over. It's wild that it rained for that long. And I will probably be moving to that country for at least 4 years lol. At least I will come back here during the summers. So, no worry about 2month rain hehe. You know that instagram feature that kind appeared out of nowhere and everybody was confused but using it and it's actually kinda cool? I'm talking about the notes you can leave at the top of the dm section. Well, 2 people there just updated their notes, one is a sun emojie and the other is a moon emojie. Why am I telling you this? Idfk. My one rn is "surrounded by alcoholics" which is something I have thaught about twice in the past week. Once in home country when my cousin was bringing out vodka. And oncey yesterday, because my dad came home at like 1am drunk af lol. Eh, it is what it is. But I stick to what I said. I don't drink alcohol, which is why I think this too. I don't drink alcohol, smoke, vape, do drugs, or uhhh, one other thing that has no use being mentioned. I can't wait until spring break ends. Because then ever lunch time I can wait in the yard hoping that a certain person chooses to sit next to and talk together while we wait until the next class. I could talk to them on social media, but idk how I want to start a conversation. Like, just out of the blue start it and talk about what? "how are you" "what you up to" "how's the holidays so far" stuff like that just sounds so bland and I don't want to just start up with that. Because I feel like it is so easy to just stop after that. Unless they actually want to talk with me too. Which in that case idk. Cool I guess. Oh yeah, I mentioned this a while ago that I didn't know what they wanted to do specifically. I knew it was in medicin, so now I know, they want to be a Forensic Pathologist. Which I am checking the French version on google translate rn because I always forget what they said. They told it to me in french, and I didn't understand what that was, so they said "forensics" in english and now I got it. Oh wow, google translate changed it's UI a bit. It's more..ROUND! I think. Well that's how it feels anyway. This is beginning to be a very big entry. I have not updated the archive yet. I will do it when I upate the LTE with this entry. I might add more to this entry later. So I will not do it right now. I hope I still have the code that automates the archive format. Which reminds me I should change the style of the archive a bit. I will do it, so, uhh, just wait for it to change I guess lol. [[15:57]] I'm back, and I can't belive that much time has passed. I was mostly reading more of my book I think. Or I was also browsing social media for a time that just flew by. BUT, I have like 5 pages left of my book which is cool. Well maybe a bit more than 5. Around 15 sounds more reasonable. So of course I have not done any studying of anything. I will do a bit of Maths homework rn, so, trigonometry :screamface: :cryingface: Haha, I'm doing emoji tags. Mmm so that is that. You know while I was on the plane the other day, I was thinking, what if I wrote all of the essays I had to do in english class in here? Since they are all at least 200 words long. I'll have to go searching for the ones I already put away. I got 100% on all of the essays, so uhhh, yeah that actually means nothing since I am a native english speaker, but still. It means my teacher thought it meets the theme enough to give me 100. You know, I literally just remembered something about an essay I had to write in english class last year. My teacher gave us the theme "What will you do during summer?" I think, it was along those lines. So I talked about how I was going to go see my friend, and how it would be the second time I see them in person in the past 10 years, and that it will be the first time I will be going to their birthday party since their 6th birthday party. And that was going to be their 18th. And just loads of stuff like that. I was really looking forward to all of that. But, then none of it happened. I will not say why, I said that MONTHS AGO in here. If you know how to search on a browser (CTRL+F), you'll find it easily. I doubt I have that essay laying around somewhere. Well actually I might, I have kept all of the copy books I've had since my first year of highschool, you know, just in case I need some past knowledge. But they are all at my moms, and since she is in Turkey for a couple of weeks, I will have to wait a couple of weeks. Well I could just go there by bus, but I'm not going to go there just to get my old english books lol. So what was I going to do? Oh that's right, MAFS!!!!! bye. [[16:29]] Hello I have returned, I did one single trigonometry maths exercise. I know, earth shattering effort. I still have not studied ANY philosophy. And I will not do any today. I will start tomorrow, why? Because I hate myself. No that's not why, I love myself and I don't want to hate the fact that I'm doing philosophy so I will end up hating myself. That made absolutely no sense and nothing is wrong with the fact that it makes no sense. Wow I have surpassed 10 thoudsand characters in this entry. Actually I'm nearing 11 thousand right now, not even 54 characters away. I wonder when my LTE will reach 1 megabyte worth of text. I'm gonna check what it's at rn. It's at 429KB, so roughly the same amount of characters that are in the LTE. I guess I will just have to keep writing until I reach ONE MILLION CHARACTERS!!! *fireworks explode* hahaha. I am being so damn unproductive and I feel like shit for it. You know the website for computer science class that I have been working on? Well we still haven't presented it yet. And my teacher basically sujested that I remake discord, he used the word "discord". SO! I will remake email instead. Because that just sounds so much easier and I don't have to deal with dynamically updating everybody's page whenever a new email is sent. They have to refresh that shit themselves. It will be sooo much less complicated. I know this because even just making a simple little chat box was a pain in the ass. I spent HOURS on that. I have a general idea on everything I will have to do to get the email system and page looking good. I need: a home page where it loads all the emails when you login, the ability to query a second page or more depending on how many emails you have, the ability to filter search for emails, the ability to load the email you click on, the ability to return to the last page at the same queried search/page of emails, send emails, send emails to the RIGHT PERSON, reply to emails (idk how I will display the replies yet), add people as a copy to an email? forward emails? idk the more I say ideas the more it's just details. If I can get the general UI working and sending and recieving emails working, it should be fine. [[17:16]] This is the most continuation marks I've put in a single entry. I guess I just want to keep writing today. I'm not sure how much more I have to write though. I guess we'll see. I think this is my biggest entry to date. I'm not sure though. I'll check how many words are in it real quick. Nope not even close. I'm a good thousand words away from being the longest entry. Eh, that doesn't really matter anyway. Some of my classmates did presentations on cults last week (I think, or the week before) and it was wild the things. There was this one where it's a french cult that believes in aliens coming to earth to save us, and they believe in cloning n shit. And the leader things he's the true messenger between him and the aliens and he is the one who will guide the people to new life, where they will be reincarnated in a lab as clones. But really, that whole cult was filled with pedophiles. Like they have this thing called the "cosmic orgasm" I think, and it's basically this thing where you have to be purified or something as soon as possible, I would compare it to being baptized in christianity I guess. So the ideal thing is for them to do this as soon as possible, why? I forgot. But yeah, fucking pedos n shit, it's nasty. And there's a lot of brain washing, like we saw a video of a girl who got out of it when she was 22. She was basically born into it, and she was brainwashed to the point where she wanted to have sex with people there as if it were her duty or something. They have this group where depending on your ranking in the group, it determins who you are allowed to have sex with, and the "lucky" ones get to have sex with the leader, it's some high ass rank idk, something to do with a flower name. Then two other people presented the Moon cult, which all I remember is that it is korean and they had a thing where they did collective arranged marriages. Tbh, I don't think their presentation was that good. Either there was very little information on the cult, or they just did not go that far into detail and did very bad research. They showed us two videos, it's those types of videos where it's just music, text at the bottom left explaining stuff about the subject, and frames related to the subject. Nobody actually talking. They showed us two of these and all the information in those videos were all the information they told us. It makes me think that they based their research only off of those videos and then showed them to us just to make sure they didn't miss anything. Ok I have really just been shit talking their presentation, but that's how I felt. Not very good. Then there was the Scientology presentation, which I must saw was the best of the 3. Although they didn't have enough time to finish it, which sucked. I wanted to see what the last person had to say about the last part, I think it was to do with how they get money n stuff. That person after told me that it was supposed to be the best part. So, yeah, that sucks. So scientology is like, uhhh, it just feels like more of a big ass scam then a cult. It's all about liberating yourself and being healthy and getting out of depression. BUT, you aren't actually in depression. You pass this quiz where you answer loads of stuff, then it gives you a graph saying "ooh based on your answers, you're depressed af", and then you have to go to one of their locations so that they can analyze the graph and tell you what to buy and do to get out of this. And then it goes in circles like, you have to buy books and read the books and believe the books to be better. And donate and get more books and items to do with the cult. It actually sounds more like a pyramid scheme. Then again, I didn't hear the end of it because the bell rang, so there is missing info in what I am saying. So yeah, that's a brief thing on cults that I learnt. I could tell you about Satanism, which is the cult that I worked on with my friend, but I don't feel like doing that right now. It feels a lot less culty then the other 3 I just mentioned. And I don't feel like going back into my notes. I will talk about it another time though, for sure. fo sho. Of all the things my brother could have said to me when I came home from native country was "How many girls you pull?" which is just the most ridiculous thing I think I have ever been asked. Because 1. I'm not someone who goes around trying to get random girls' numbers and 2. I already like someone, but he doesn't know that so it doesn't count uhh and 3. read point 1. I'm half falling asleed on my desk rn, because I'm just tired, and feel like shit and lonely. I usually always feel lonely during school breaks. 2 weeks without any of my friends around to see them every day. We don't all live in the same town. So it's not as simple as just going to their house. Or it is, I mean, there are buses. But then what? It's always the then what that is hard. So I might fall asleep on my desk, or I'll find something interesting to do. idk. [[19:01]] I finished the book, well that was about 20 minutes ago. Anyway, it was really good. I liked it a lot, the fact that I finished it in 3 days proves it lol. 380 days in 3 days. I have never read anywhere near that much in that short a time. It's cool. So that means I have to start watching bensenjo soon. Aka, tomorrow. No way I am starting something today. [[21:47]] This is the last resume marker of the entry. I am going to go and update the LTE now. I will update the LTE then I will update the archive. I will not edit the style of the archive yet. I want to make it so that the entries show up in columns instead of down in one single line, because that's just not at all using any of the screen real estate. I might be back tomorrow, or I might now. I'm not sure I will have that much to talk about for another few days. I really said a lot today. But eh, doesn't matter. I'm gonna go and play some video games now. Well, by now I mean after I update everything. Sooooo, enjoy your day, and or evening, or whatever time it is that you are reading this. Because you aren't necessarily reading this at the moment of me updating it. Which is fine, I expect nothing from you. If you decide to stop reading half way through, I would not blame you. Especially after my philosophy exam rant. Just enjoy the entry, and the wholte LTE. I'll do some cleaning with the website's style some time soon. Ok, goodbye fore now, person I don't know. [27/04/2023] Wassso, it's me again. I'm actually making an update the next day. That's rare isn't it? Actually I don't know, it might be, it wasn't rare for like a month last year. Annnyway, if you checked out the archive, you will see that I updated it with everything up to yesterday's entry, I also change the style slightly to display the years line by line. I will change it more at some point, I'm just lazy rn. In fact I will change fucking everything because the way this website is coded is soooo wonky and idk why I left it the way it is rn. I have everything saved, everything can be completely redone from scratch. I will do it at some point. After my exams probably. OOOOH yeah, that reminds me, I have to make a website for my mom during the summer holidays. Yeah I'll do it after the exams. SO, updates on random stuff. Uhhh, I didn't start Bensenjo, I will start that later, my dad is watching TV rn and I don't want to watch it on my computer screen. What else, I bought two more books. 2 of the 3 books I was looking for when I was in home country, "the fault in our stars" and "finding alaska" by John Green. Funny name. Green. They were at the local book store, IN ENGLISH!! Which seems so lucky because uhhh, french book store. There is literally sooo little english books there. It's just one of those small turning standing shelfs that has english books. Like, there's roughly 50 books there. Which sounds like a lot, but there's a lot of duplicates. A cool thing is that I can order books on their website, so if I can't find the english version of something on amazon, I will order it if I can order the english one on their website. I studied some philosophy today, philosophy will be the end of me. I still need to work on my orals. I'm now that my generative art question will be harder then I thought just because of how little documentation and stuff I can find on it. Maybe I'm not searching deep enough, or well enough. Which is unusual because I am usually REALLY good at searching for stuff. I know a lot of techniques, even the "google geeking" technique, which is when you use the built in search keywords to filter the results very specifically. I think it's "geeking" I can't remember exactly. But it's along those lines. I used a photo stacker yesterday. It's something that I've been meaning to do for a very long time. Basically, when you want to do astrophotography, there are some issues you run in to if you don't have one of those expensive ass star trackers. Which aren't that expensive I guess (~100 or more so, expensive), but I just don't wanna spent money. So, you maybe think that you would just take one long exposure photo. But the issue with this is the earth's rotation. So if you take one very long photo, you will get trails in the stars, from the stars moving on the frame. Which can make for a very cool effect, but usually it has to be a VERY long photo to be a cool effect. So how do we get around this issue? We take loads of short exposure photos. Still long enough to capture stars, but not long enough for them to produce a trail. Then, after we take all of these photos, we use some software to get the best output of all of the photos we took. So instead of using a star tracker and getting one bright long exposure image of what we are taking a photo of, we take loads of them, and stack them on top of each other. By stacking on top of each other, we are adding detail to the low detail photos by adding them up. Just like with water paint, if you brush once, it's a light version of that color, and if you brush again, it's the same color, but now it makes it slightly darker and more like the color it's self (not light from the white paper under it). So, when you brush loads and loads of times, you get the exact color of the paint you are brushing onto the paper. That's basically how the stacking works. And everything I am saying is very non technical, why? Because I literally only used it once lol. Oh yeah I didn't mention at the start of the entry, but it's 18:43 rn. So kinda early evening now. Although it's bright af outside. If funny, in my entries there's often at least ONE thing that I go really in depth into. This time it was photo stacking. Anyway, the photos were alright, I didn't have that many photos to stack though. So next time I will take like 50 photos maybe. That will work. I feel unproductive, which makes sense because I am being unproductive. I am procrastinating so much stuff. I really do need to get work done. I need to work on Website project, philosophy, and my two oral subjects. I think that's all actually. No, I can't think like that, it's 3 things, but they are long things to do. Shit. I'm going to go watch TV with my dad. Bye. [[21:09]] I'm back, and I STILL haven't started watching Bensenjo, why? Because there was the time where I was watching the movies my dad was watching, waiting for him to finish, then me needing to make dinner, then him finishing the movie and starting another one while I'm making dinner. And now we have eaten dinner and he is still watching that movie and now I am in my room writing here so that you can know wtf is going on that is completely USELESS. Wow wthat was a stretch. As in a long sentence. Oh wait there's a point in there. nvm. It is now 22:47, but i'm not going to put a marker. Since so little has happened. I just don't feel like it. Sue me. Anyway, my dad is still watching something. So I still haven't starting vinsenzo (same name, but spelt different). I asked my brother for a streaming website, but it is only in korean with subtitles. I'm hoping the one on netflix is at least dubed french. I don't like reading only subtitles. So if a series isn't at least dubed english or french, it's very unlikely I watch it. There ARE exceptions though, like if I am watching it with a friend. Like I watched the anime movie "hello world" with my friend a while back. It has no dubs, only subtitles. So we watched it like that. Anyway, since it's late, I'm going to end the entry here. Goodnight fellow potato readers. See You Next Time! [28/04/2023] HI, it's me again, another next day entry. Incredible. Mckenzie still hasn't updated their LTE in a while. I await their comeback. Maybe it's just because they are also on school break maybe, so they do a hiatus. ANYWAY! I was looking for a phrase in french like 5 minutes ago. So this person posted a photo of a lovely village they are at. And I wanted to say "that's lovely" in french, which translates to "c'est adorable". Now, do you see the issue? "That's adorable" translates to "c'est adorable". Now either for my 18 years of life I never knew that lovely = adorable, or french just doesn't have a translation for "lovely". So instead I said "ah that's good", in french of course. BUT FUCK! I did not want to say adorable, it did not feel right for what I was actually talking about, a village. Mmmmm stupid brain. In other news, I have studied some more philosophy today, and also did more reading of book. I also worked on my oral a bit. Not a lot though. I should work on it more. I have not worked on the website at all. Which I should start doing soon if I want to have a working email system by the time I go back to school. Just so you know, it won't use actual email adresses. Just usernames of accounts on the website. I watched the first episode of Vinsenzo, it's pretty cool so far. So I guess I will keep watching it. Aaand for some reason I just lost all internet connection on my computer. Wtf, whyyyy? eh, doesn't matter, I can just reconnect. It does that sometimes, at random, it just disconnects me from the network I am connected to. (next day knockton here, I forgot to add more, so here's the entry.) [29/04/2023] It's the holidays, so I guess I am keeping a streak. You know, I just thought about how it's called "holidays", I mean, logically, it was probably "holy days" initially. Because we would get days off on holy days, like new years eve, christmas, easter, etc. And we still do. But now I guess it is more used just as any break period from needing to work. Which is interesting I guess. I have not looked up the original termanology, I will at some point. But right now I just want to write some stuff, so don't judge me if I'm wrong. Now that you can really say anything to me directly. Unless you managed to find one of my social media accounts. Uhhh, so I finished the book Looking For Alaska literally a half hour ago. It was really good. It is my favorite book I have read so far. It was amazing. I haven't read many books that I chose to read at my own free will. So it doesn't mean much for it to be my favorite. But I see it staying my favorite or among my favorites for a while. Now, I will start The Fault In Our Stars, tomorrow. Or the day after. I think I'll take a very small break from reading. I wanna go back to school and be able to say "I read 3 books during the holidays". That's assuming I don't buy another one. Anyway, I gotta go do some stuff. Like, eat dinner, even though it is just 18:47. Which is kinda early in France for dinner I think. But it doesn't really matter anyway. I'm going to play roblox horror games with my friends at 21:00. So that should be cool. I never really play Roblox by myself. I usually only play it when my friends want to play something together. Which is fine, it's fun. And it's the best choice since we don't all have very strong PCs. But we still manage to play minecraft together heheh. Ok, bye, I might be back. [30/04/2023] wasssup everybodyyy, it's me again. The person that writes on the big long funny text. It is currently 14:30. I lied about waiting a while before reading more. I started reading The Fault In Our Stars this morning. I just finished studying some philosophy. Well, by studying I mean just reading my notes. Other than that, I have done nothing. Annnd that is all the news I have for now. I saw a guy in a bike drive by a little while ago. He had 5 dogs in a pouch on his bike. 2 big ones and then 3 small ones. It was cute. I was also a big bike. And the person was neither English or French speaking. Maybe Swedish, but I can't confirm. I couldn't really make out the sounds of the words they were saying from the distance they were from me. But I'd say somewhere along the lines of Swedish or German. They were European either way. That's for sure. I just noticed yesterday, on mckenzie's new website for their LTE, howds, they have over 750 updates. Which means that they saved or updated their website over 750 times. Which is a lot. I wonder what they were doing. Still no activity from them though, or pinkish pickle. But that's fine. I will keep writing anyway. Entry after Entry until there is no more words to be said. Although I probably will not utter every word to be said in every order possible. Although I didn't pay too much attention when we were working on combinations in maths class, I know that there are more combinations of existing words in almost every language then there are a number of ANYTHING in the entire universe. Or at least I think. It's highly probable anyway. Since the more elemnts you have and the more rows or slots, the larger the number of combinations. I mean, with 2 possible elements(0 and 1), in binary, going from 7 bits (slots) to 8 moves you from 64 combinations to 256. So, with more elements, of course this number rises exponentially. [[17:43]] Hello, I am saving these entries in notepad on my desktop recently. And it's starting to fill up. Well there's only 5 so far, but still. I read some more of The Fault In Our Stars, and it's amazing. I love it. I am already at page 90. Which may not seem like much if you read a lot, but for me it is. Considering I started it at 11am today, plus there were pauses where I got sucked into random youtube videos supplying me with useless yet interesting information. But I will not share such information right now, because knowledge is power. That is not a justifiable reason, but I don't care. I am now going to work on my website and make the "email" system. Which I must be honest, I really don't want to do just because I know that I am going to have to use more PHP which is a pain in the ass. And i know that I am going to come across the stupidest problems that will probably take me hours to figure out. FUUUUCK, I'm also going to have to edit the database. As in, add more tables for different relations. I'm thinking tables like this maybe emails(email_id, text) and email_properties(email_id, sender, reciever, read_status). Of course I will also need to add dates/timestamps. Which can be annoying. But, I never actually looked up the proper way to do it. So I might change the other tables too to use the right way to do it. Then there's the whole retrieval and display process of the emails for the end user. Which, I will get there when I get there. Even though I'm probably going to have to do that first. This is quite literally going to be the messiest code I think I have ever written, especially the PHP side. If you read my PHP code for the chatbox, you would have a hard time. It's quite literally spaghetti code. I will rewrite it at some point. If I have the time and motivations. Anyway, goodbye. [01/05/2023] HOHOHOH, uhh, wait that's thte wrong line. HAPPY WORK DAYYY!! I'm not sure if that's just a french thing or not, so I will say it just in case. So today is a bank holidays yyayy. I still don't have school until next Tuesday though. Why? Because next monday is also a bank holidays, WWII remembrance day. Also I still have another week of spring break, so yeah. Which means, exactly 8 days and 20 hours until my philosophy exam. It's 12:43 rn, so I'm a little off, but it's ok. I don't feel like doing math on time rn. I worked on the website yesterday, I did nothing that's directly related to the email system, other than change the database and reset it to make time work better. But that's cool. I also made the login dynamic, so no matter where you are in the website you don't have the RE-login to use login features. Which is VERY important to the future email system. You know how I was talking about the word "lovely" the other day and how it just translates to "adorable" in french? Well, I thought about another thing like that. The word "beautiful": in french it translates to "beau" if you are refering to something masculine and "belle" if you are refering to something feminine. Now, as you can tell, "beau" and "belle" doesn't really have the same ring as "beautiful". It feels too plain and simple, too little syllables. Literall, there's 1 syllable in both of the french versions. I've been thinking about words like this recently and how I would translate them and use them in french. Like, because of how "beautiful" translates, I would be more incligned to say "magnificent" which translates to "magnifique". But then because of how I think of it in english, it feels like "magnificent" is a stronger word than "magnifique". The SSSS sound makes it feel more special in the english version. So I feel like if I were ever to use these words in french, they would not convey the same meaning I am thinking in my head, or the same value. If I called someone "beau" or "belle", it would sound like it has less value then what I mean to describe. Then again, tf am I going to do? I can't change the french language. Maybe I'll just say the words in english when I want to say them. The french seem to like it whenever I speak english anyway, so it will only add to the effect of the word I am saying. Like a couple of weeks ago, I was trying to go up one of the stair wells, and a couple of girls were blocking the way. They would not move and said "What's the password?" (there is none) in french. So, I waited a few moments thinking of what would, work, I could have just said "can I pass please?", but instead, big brain, I said in english "let me pass" and that just works soooo well. I fell like if I said that in french, they would say "wrong word". It's so stupid. It's just another language. I feel like if I said it in spanish they would not have reacted the same. Then again, I am dogshit in spanish. So, it's the first day of may, which means that I start university in approximately 4 months, May, June, July, August and then I start in September. I'm still deciding whether to study here or in my native country. As far as my parents and everybody else knows, I'm studying in my native country. But my mind is still split in this. I'm procrastinating working on stuff for my exams right now. I should be either working on my oral questions and research or studying for my philosophy exam. But I want to do neither. I did my Computer Science and my Maths exams, that's all that I actually wanted to do. I found them fun, and was looking forward to them, because I knew I would do great. But now, I have philosophy and an oral, two things I am very not good at. WEll, we'll see I guess. But for now, I will continue procrastinating and writing here until I have nothing else to write. I will attempt to keep a streak going of daily entries. No matter how small the entry, I will make it. You know, I was thining yesterday while playing a video game (yeah, I kinda space out when playing) about how only 2 people know about who I have a crush on. "crush" feels like a childish word, but it is what it is. So yeah, 2 people know because they both sit next to each other. Let me explain: a few weeks ago, in computer science class, one of those two people figured out I had a crush on someone, and who it was. Which, I mean, they were surprisingly good at guessing who it was. And since I refused to deny it, yet I did not confirm it, that in it's self confirmed it. So him and the person next to them knows who. They are kinda my friend, but not super close, more just a school friend. So 2 people know, and neither of them are my best friend. Well I'm sure my best friend knows I have a crush on someone, they aren't blind. But I highly doubt they know WHO it is. Anyway, I will call the two people P1 and P2 for the sake of this entry only. P1 being the one who figured it out, and P2 being the one beside them. So, P1 asked me if I thought they liked me back n stuff, I said "yeah I think so", but I am not sure. I don't like assuming how people feel in any way, because I don't like how people (like my mom) assumes what I think and how I feel. It's the most annoying thing I think anyone can do. Anyway, P2 said after something along the lines "I can inform myself to find out for you" which was like, the last thing I wanted. I don't know how they would inform themselves, but I feel like something along the lines of "do you like knockton?" would be the worst scenario. So I said no. And that's that. Yet they still talked to me about it in class many times since. It would be 90% of the reasons I turned around to them, because they had something to say regarding that. Oh yeah, P2 is a girl by the way. So I guess that explains the "inform myself" part. Would be easier for a girl when finding out about a girl. Well that's what I think at least. I've been reading more of The Fault in Our Stars, and they finally said the title after 111 pages. I always get excited when they say the thing of the thing you are consuming. I'm on page 155 now, I'll probably get to page 200 by this evening, depending on how much actual work I do today. Which probably won't be a lot. Wow would you look at that, it's 13:08 now. How time flies . I have been here writing for... like 25 minutes? There were a couple of pauses, but yeah. I have two things to talk about the app BeReal (1) they added a new feature where if you post your image on time, you can post 2 more during the day, which is sudden but cool. (2) one of my friends has a pretty big streak on there of being on time every day, but one thing I find weird is that their post doesn't appear on time. So when I post my BeReal late or on time some times, I don't see theirs. Yet when I go and check later on, theirs is there, and they had posted on time. It's so weird. I don't understand how. Because if you have internet connection, it automatically uploads it, but if you don't, you don't get the notification and innevitably end up posting late. I will tell them about this discovery when we go back to school, because it is interesting to me. Something like dark magic they got lol. I won't talk about it in text, because that just seems too small a reason to text. Hah, my friend is complaining how Steam will no longer be supported on Windows 7 in 245 days. UUUURRGHGHGH, I have to go and eat lunch, or get lunch. Idk, but I will decide. Bye until later maybe!!! [[15:14]] I worked on my Oral some more, there's soooo much shit to be said about computer bugs. Like god damn. A lot. And I don't know how I am going to pick out the most important stuff for me to say within a 5 minute period. At least I'm doing all my research in English. There's so much more data en english. The Wikipedia page for Satanism is so much smaller in french than in english. Like BUY SOOO MUICH!! It's miniscule. Anywya, uhh, there was the BeReal, and there is once again a new feature lol. Now I guess you can add music from Apple Music to your photos. Which is uhh, an interesting feature to say the least. I'm not complaining tho. My friend shared a photo of their doggie, which is cute. It's funny, because they usually don't take photos of their face, so they take a photo of their doggie then flip it around to get the selfie part with their doggie. So sometimes it just looks like their dog is taking the photos lol. Yeah, so I'm going to go and read some more, not on computer bugs, more of my book. And then I might play some video games, or work on the website some more. Ok, byyyyeee, for now at least. Or I won't come back. You will see I guess. [[11:59]] What's up everybody!!! I worked on the website more. It's a little tedious, but it's doable. It's mostly the CSS I absolutely hate in this. I made a diagram with all of the elements of the page in advance this time. That way I'm sure I don't fuck up or forget something. I might share the images of it. Although the image of it does not look exactly like what I did so far. Some wording has changes. I will share the image tomorrow maybe. Or whenever. But unfortunately, I must go to sleep very soon for I have an alarm set for about 8h15 from now. Yes, I know, early for holidays times but I don't really care. I got stuff to do. I read more of The Fault in Our Stars, I'm now at page 230. So about 90 pages left. It's really good. Then I will run out of books to read, and so I will buy another one. I think in the last like 9 days, I spent around 50 euro on books. 3 books to be more specific. AND I'LL FUCKING DO IT AGAIN! I'll have to if I want to read more of John Greens books lol. Anyway, that is all folks. [02/05/2023] Greetings earthlings, I am not human, I am a cow. I am currently wearing a cap, inside, in my room. Which uhh idk what the use of doing this is, but I am doing it. It's got "FEU" written on it, which means "fire" in french, but then there is japanese (kanji maybe) above that, so I'm assuming it's probably for some japanese baseball team or something like that. Anyway, I like it, because it isn't a shout for attention like "LOOK AT THIS CAP I HAVE THAT HAS MY FAVORITE TEAM ON IT!!!" It's just black with relativly small pink saying "feu" and a japanese character above it. I finished The Fault in Our Stars earlier at around noon. It's great. I now have to buy the other books written by John Green. I have no more books that I want to read with me rn, so idk what to do... SOO, I write here hehehe. IT's 19:40 btw. Oh yeah, that friend dream counter can go up by one, so 6 now I think. You will never know who this friend is, I will not discribe anything about them. I just find it funny that THEY are in my dreams, so I am making a counter. It's pointless really. They are nobody particularly special to me. mmm But I called them my friend.. I should say aquaintance then, yeh that's better. I'm at my mom's this week, which means I don't have to share a room with my brother which si AMAZING!!! I hate sharing a room with him. And at my mom's we have our own rooms. So that's pretty cool. I can hear in the distance someone (one of my neighboors) is listening to Enemy by Imagine Dragons. Are there two "o"'s in neighboor? I just looked it up, and no, there are not. FUCK!! It's neighbor. Shit. Or Neighbour. That must be the smelling I'm thinking of. LIke how in Europe you say "colour" and in the US you say "color". 1 week until philosophy exam, yayy. Well the mock exam, but still. It's not "yayy" btw, I am totally mortified. I got my first message from the snapchat AI today. I guess they gave me access now. Snapchat seems to be rolling it out progressivly like how Discord often rolls out new features. So far, it's MEH. It is not at all as good at solving math equations as discord's Clyde AI bot is. Clyde is also a LOT more rigorous in it's explanations without you even asking. Talking about discord, recently they added more markdown features to it. Like bigger font sizes and whatnot. Which I assume means that discord is starting to do a lot of the low priority suggestions. This gives me hope that they will soon add LaTeX to discord, it would be suuuuch a great help and feature to people who discuss science and math related things in discord. Because it allows scientific and mathematical formating (fraction lines, squar roots, a lot of ETC). I want to add someone on snapchat, but they haven't given me their snapchat. Ofc I could just search their name on snapchat, which would give me their profile right away (lemme try search... yeah I got them right away). Anyway, this is something I want to do, but I feel like it would be weird to add them all of a sudden. You see, I'm very self conscious to the fact of adding someone on social media without them having given you their @ or whatever. There's suggestions ofc, which makes it easy, but then there's people who don't show up in your suggestions and you still want to add. So, I don't often add people in that way. Although it would not be hard, I am very IT literate, so I could find the usernames of almost anyone I know with not a lot of difficulty. Which I do NOT do, but I have tested with some friends, and I am indeed good at doing it. Yeah so since I finished that book, idk what to do. It's like something's missing. I'll just go watch some Vincenzo now. I might be back, I might now. Farewell fellows, read well potatoes. [[22:19]] Wassup gamers, I am watching Vencenzo right now as we speak, and my phone is having a seizure (it's not uncommon, I need a new one). Godam my phone really is having a seizure, I can't do anyyything! Ok It has ended. Nice. Not the episode, the phone seizure. I have a curtain in my room, which means that I will be able to sleep somewhat late tomorrow morning. There is always an open window (as in not covered) that is in my room at my dad's. So once the sun is up, waking up is easier. I enjoy sleeping late you see? Anywhoo, skipityboopbaab dododo wa. I should try to learn random facts. Like some that still have some sort of use, but just some really specific thing that people will think "Why do you know so much about such a trivial subject?". My music teacher used to talk about having a lot of culture, he said it was important and that "The more you are cultures, the more doors will open up". Which is wise I must say, he was a very good teacher. Within my top 5 favorite teachers ever. Anyway, so random facts are not necessarily culture, although it depends on what it is you are learning about. I could be learning about small historical facts about a village that created CHEESE! (I don't really like cheese). Anyway, so learning something like that could be considered culture. It would be me learning about the history of cheese somewhere. But then there's facts like "Oooh when you turn a cube on it's side and place a crab under it, it will not fall" which is not a real fact, but an example. I could specialize in knowing a load of info about how things keep turning into crabs, or about the dissapearance of 11billion crabs. Why crabs? idfk, it's just the first thing that came to mind. Yeha, so I think it would be a cool idea to do this. It would be conversation starters. I mean, you kinda just need to read a wikipedia page once or twice to get the info you need. Unless you want to know the exact dates n stuff, then you gotta study it a bit more. I found this website that sends you to random wikipedia pages, that could be of use. I tested it, it just sent me to some random Bridge in some random town in Ireland. It was a small wikipedia page, but still, random and interesting and specific. Ok I will sign out for a while, I might come back, I might not. I am watching TV Korean series, so yeah. [05/05/2023] Hello everybody, my name is knockton. And that's it for the intro. I guess I messed up the streak of daily entries. But that is fine, it's not the end of the world. I've actually been working on my website a lot. Been doing all of those email features that are actually such a pain to organize. What is the most annoying in all if it is just the CSS style. It really is the most annoying part lmao. Anyway, not much other stuff has happened. I've been watching more Vincenzo, it's pretty good. I'm on episode 11 now. Tomorrow I'm going to try and fix my bike, because I want to use my bike lmao. I want to cycle to one of the neighboring villages, one that I used to live in. It's actually the village I had lived in the most in my life. I think for 10 years. So yeah, I wanna go to a spot there, because it's a nice and fun spot. Also, since I can't drive a car yet, it would be great if I had a working bike lol. Even though there are buses n stuff, I would prefer a bike for the local distances, like going to a friend's village. Because otherwise the bus ticket prices add up you know? 4 days until my philosophy exam. I have done some more revising, but honestly, it's not a level of revising that's going to get me any bigger grade. I did some more research on my orals, so that's pretty good I guess. I have a month and a half before the orals. BUUUT, good news, 4 days until school again yayyyy. I don't really like school, unless it's in a subject I like (so English and Computer Science) but it means I get to see my friends again yayy!! Since we don't really see each other during the holidays. Why? I honestly do not know. Maybe it's just me. Eh, what ya gonna do? Mmm yeah, I don't really have much else to add I think. Maybe I can talk about some weird French and English equivalent of a word? I know I was thinking about one yesterday, but I forgot. I guess it will have to wait. Bye for now everybody! [13/05/2023] Hello 'tis I, Knockton. It is currently 23:42 so this entry will probably spill into the beginning of tomorrow (Sunday). So, it's Saturday today, that's great. Mckenzie updated their LTE after 3 weeks yayyy. It's cool. They're working on another neocities website with pink-ish pickle for their school. They obviously will not share the link to this, at risk of doxing. It's pretty cool. Today I learnt how to spell "pretend" in French. I know, I have live here in France for over a decade and I never knew how to spell "pretend". I have never seen it written or had a reason to write it until today, I only ever used it when speaking. I was corrected by the person I was messaging. So, that's cool I guess. I finished watching Vincenzo, it was pretty cool. He was supposed to kill people in the most agonizing pain there is and he sure did do that. One of them I already knew what they were, burning alive. Even though I have not experienced this (obviously) I can not think of anything that would be more painful than that. Then there was a contraption he made, which was supposed to basically torture someone for hours before they died. I think it is still agonizing of course, but I feel like being set on fire is worse. So I started watching another series that that same person suggested Vincenzo and Crash Landing On You to me, the series is Bridgerton. It is pretty good so far, I'm half way through the 3rd episode. I started writing here because the video keeps buffering half way through. Who knew we would have buffering in this day and age. Remember back when youtube was doing it constantly? Even when you had good internet. My friend informed me yesterday that they restocked the english section of the book store with two more books that I was planning to read. So I will buy those and read them hehe. Oh I don't think I ever mentioned this, but my school library has like 10 copies of the book Holes in their english section. Holes is a book about kids in prison that have to dig holes. There's a movie about it. I have only ever seen the movie. Oh yeah, this week, what happened. So, I had my mock philosophy exam and it went great. Well, great to a certain extent. I actually finished my dissertation withing 3.5/4h of the exam, and I also managed to reference the LEGO Movie in it lol. Mmmm I have to go to bed now, I really don't want to. I might just continue this entry tomorrow even though it is the next day. Since I am not done writing what I want to write for today. Ok cya in a few hours I guess. [15/05/2023] OK I lied, maybe I didn't update the next day, or even continue the last one. So I am releasing this entry with the previous one at the same time, so don't forget to read the previous one first. So, what do I have to talk about today? I had a badmington exam (we have sports in our Baccaloreat) and it went pretty good. There's one of my class mates that I love to play against, I have the most fun playing against him. I always wanted to play against my best friend though, and we were hoping today would finally be the day, but we weren't in the same group, so no. I also had a test in Maths for trigonometry, it was a multiple choice test (quiz) so it wasn't that hard. I got 80% on it. And now we have started doing integrals, the one thing I have been waiting for allll year. And it seems cool, since integrals have to do with finding an actual value of something, it's for calculating the surface area of a shape. I finished reading a book, and so I bought another book to read earlier, this one is Paper Towns by John Green. I'm going to read all of John Green's books, like my best friend is. I think I have roughly 3 or 4 more books to read after this one. I can't remember exactly. The difference between me reading it and my best friend is that they are reading it in French and me in English. So when I finished the first book I read from him Looking For Alaska, my friend asked me what the english version of the Rabelais quote was, it was "I go to seek a Great Perhaps". I looking in the book to make sure I got that right. In french it would beek "Je vais chercher un Grand Peut-Etre". Soooo, where was I going with this? Nowhere, that was it lol. I have a test tomorrow on the Cold War, it's based on documents we will be given, so it's not that bad of a test. If it were a dissertation it would be a whoooole other story that's for sure. Today is the beginning of the Tourettes Awareness Month, so that's cool I guess. Ok for reasons of understanding, I will from now on refer to my best friend as Eliott. That is not their real name, but that is what I will call them. I was just thinking that it would help people understand in the future. I will do this with other people I mention if I think I will mention them multiple times here. Otherwise I will just refer to them as idk whatever, as "them" "they". Talking about that, I almost refer to everybody that is none specific like that. As in, if I am talking about a friend I have that is either a boy or a girl, I am more likely to just say "they said" instead of "he/she said" or something like that. I don't know why exactly, maybe I just feel that specifying that adds their gender to the value of what I am talking about. Like in French if I wanted to talk about something regarding female friend you would generally say "une amie" for "a friend" but female, and "un amie" for "a friend" as male. "un" and "une" are used to distinguish masculine from feminine words, it's one of the weird french things. So the difference is that "un" is kinda pronounced "ain" as in "pain" and "une" is pronounced "oon" like "spoon", not exactly these pronounciations, but they are close enough english examples. So, back on point, I just don't see why I would specify these things unless it made a difference, so I just use "un" all the time since I think it's kinda neutral like "they". Then again, I do do it without knowing sometimes. Oh yeah, I should mention it's like 20:30 rn, why shoul I mention this? I just felt like it. I think it gives an idea as to uhhh yeah. Yeah I got nothing. I should be revising my History stuff, but I am not, eh. I usually would have finished at 18:00 today, but my english teacher was out, so I finished at 15:00 and left school at 16:00 because a friend was staying in the school library to study for their Maths test tomorrow. Eliott was also in the library, but they left for some reason. I know they didn't just leave school, since I saw them leaving school after at 16:00. Mmmm mysteries. I would have expected them to join me and the friend doing maths. You know, I do refer to the same people in this by different ways. And they all have different meanings all while being the same person. I could just say "person" or "person I like" or "friend" or whatever, actually just calling someone by "person" is funny. And I have called many people by "person" yet they are not the same person. Now that I am approaching a year of updaing this, I am starting to think again about why I am doing it. I mean, why would I do something as almost meaningless as entering text on different days with subjects like my life, my school life, what I like, weird specific tangents, people I like, shit I don't like. Maybe it's because YOU, the reader, chooses to read this. I don't have to force you to read or ask you to hear me out or think about if you care about what I am saying. It doesn't matter to you in a way where I would stop doing it because you dislike it. I'm just putting all of this information out there for anybody to see. And with 3.5k visits, I can see that a good amount of people have seen it. Then again, how many people have read it? I guess it would just be this sort of log of stuff that has happened in my life over the past year or however long I continue writing for. So if you do read my entries in their entirety when I make them, I thank you. I might suddenly stop writing to this at some point. Maybe I would have found someone that I feel like I can talk to about anything and everything without them getting mad or annoyed or anything about what I am saying. Or at least feel like they don't mind me talking. You see, I always aim to NOT annoy anybody, and what better way to do that than to not put myself in a position to annoy someone. Easy. Yeah, so if that ever happens, I will make an update saying where I have been. You know that series Bridgerton I was talking about? Well I am not on episode 6. I must say, it is quite a good series. I'm glad that friend suggested it to me. You know, I should make a name for that friend, since I might talk abou them more. I will think of one. Mmm so it is a 16 episode series (8ep 2s) which means that I can get through it relatively quickly. I like that about series when they are not super drawn out. Not that the series like Vincenzo was drawn out, but it was 20 1h30 episodes, so you see the difference here? Tomorrow my English teacher won't be here either, nor will my physics teacher be here (WOOOOOOO), so that means that I have a 4 hour period of NOTHING between 10:00 and 14:00. This is cool, because this applies to everyone in my class, which means that my friends will be off at this time too. I wonder if they will stay in school during that time or go outside. I know that I will stay in school and then go outside at maybe 12:30 just to go home and eat then come back. I live basically RIGHT next to school, not even 2min away, so I just eat at home. Other students who take the bus usually either eat at the Cantine or go out of schoo to buy food elsewhere (like a kebab shop or something). Ok I should end the entry here though, because I reaallyyy do need to study my history on the Cold War. It's not 20:58, so yeah. See You Next Time! [17/05/2023] WASSAAAA WASSSA WASSSSA BITCONNEEEEEEEECT!!!! Yepp, that's right, I'm here hehehe. It's Wednesday today, which means that it's a half day today hehe. Well, it is currently 23:51, so the half day has pretty much already passed by. Tomorrow is a bank holidays, and the day after there is no school (they call it "le pont" here). 4.5 day weekend if we count today so that's cool. I will get to work on my Oral and do Maths and stuff. I'm just after playing Gartic phone with my friends for the past 2.5h, it was pretty fun. I see Mckenzie has updated their website, not their LTE though. They added a little doggo on a trampoline on the homepage of their howds website. I still don't know what howds is, I'll look it up real quick. Ok it doesn't seem to be based off of anything specific, so it's a personal pseudo name to them just like knockton is to me. The book Paper Towns is pretty good so far. It took 57 pages for them to mention the title of the book in the book. I like keeping track of that stuff. How many pages does it take for a book to mention the title of the book. I'm pretty sure it took something like 111 pages in The Fault In Our Stars for them to mention the title. It's too late for me to check it right how or I might risk waking up my brother. My keyboard already isn't waking him up, so I'll keep it at that. I have maths again today, and so we did more on integrals. You know the Sum sign? It's a Sigma letter in the greek alphabet, well it is used to sum up numbers using a variable that takes integers. So you can only iterate one by one and sum up those values. Well, the thing with integrals is that they are basically just sums on steroids. Instead using integers and going one by one, we use real numbers. So to calculate the simple sum between 0 and 1, we would get 0 + 1. But with an integral, we would get the infinity of numbers between 0 and 1 and kinda add them up. It's kinda weird and I only just started it, but that's how I understand it to work. And so with this property, we can calculate the surface area of a curve or whatever. Of anything really (I think). I'm on the final episode of the first season of bridgerton, it's pretty good. I haven't finished the episode, so I'll do that tomorrow. I'll put it on my list of useless things to do tomorrow lol. I made my first ever pros and cons list yesterday. While it's absolutely stupid what I'm doing it on (what I'm getting the pros and cons of) , I kinda need it to decide on something. I so far has 2 cons and 6 pros. 1 of those cons mean almost nothing, but the other con almost completely outweights the pros, since it determins the end of those pros. You see why I need a pros and const list now? It might not end up helping me in the end. But oh well. This reminds me, it would be a good idea for me to make a a pros and cons list on whether I should study here in France or in my home country. Since the only real reason I plan on studying in my home country is because of the english. Progress on my email website is going splendidly (mmm yes very british indeed very well very well) ((I'M NOT BRITISH)). It's honestly going very well rn. I think just a few more hours of work on it should make sure it's fully functional. The only missing things I would have left after is making the style and colors a bit more pleasing. My Computer Science teacher suggested that me and another classmate (who made a website game for that computer science competition) join our websites together so that they both use the same account database and can access each other's websites and have them merged with each other kinda. This would not replace my original website which I will keep separate. But it does seems like a great and doable idea. We talked about it yesterday me and this classmate, we mostly just talked about how our databases work to see how we can merge them. I think it is doable, but we have an oral and a philosophy exam to study currently. So we said we might even just do it during the summer holidays, and send it to the teacher then. It's not something we would be graded on anyway. It's the next day now, aka late af, aka 00:18 on Thursday. So I am going to go to brush my teeth then sleep then sleep some more then hate it when I wake up. So than you for reading this big block of text that hasn't contained anything that interesting really. Maybe next time I will reveal to you the secrets behind how to avoid opening yourself up to the possibility of being cloned in the future at your loss. Ok then, that's all, knock knock. [21/05/2023] I'm actually writing an entry in the middle of the day for once lol. It's currently 15:15. I'm almost done reading Paper Towns, I don't even know if I told you that I started reading it, but I did. It's really good. There was this one part that made me laugh a LOT (it was about someone peeing in a bottle). It sounds horrible but it was hilarious. Yesterday I was comparing Looking For Alaska with my friend who had read the same book but in French. We were comparing different parts and details and the differences between the translations. For example, the main character is nicknames "Pudge" because he is super skinny, and in french the nickname is just "Le Gros" which translates to "the fat person" or "the fat one" or "the fat guy". Which just doesn't have the same effect as calling him "Pudge" through-out the book. But it's all very interesting. I've been doing a lot of comparing words translated between english and french recently. I told my friend Eliott about the whole "lovely" translation Yesterday, and they actually discribed the word right. Like it was what I felt towards the word that it didn't translate correctly to french. It translates to "beau" in french which means "beautiful" in english. But that is not at all the same as "lovely". I honestly forgot exatly what my friend said, but they said something like it's a mix of Cute and something about the person themselves. Which I think fits "lovely" a lot better. Then again it depends on the context of using "lovely" you can say "lovely" and mean "oh that's just great" in a sarcastic manner. So I have some more school tomorrow, it's Monday so that is pretty normal I guess. I have maths n stuff. Integrals are cool, I did a load of exercises on them Friday. Also, on Friday I went to see a movie with some friends. The movie was The Vatican Exotcist, and honestly, it was not that good. It was kinda like every other exorcist movie. It's such a reused theme that lacks no unique ideas that actually change wtf happens. It's always the same kinda path otherwise: innocent victim (usually child or woman) -> posession -> demon shit -> exorcist -> praying to tied down demon possesed person -> holding cross -> inverted cross -> deep demon voice screaming victim -> wibble wobbly shit -> no more demon. See? repetitive. And you know I'm right, they all go like that. D-D-D-D-D DORA. ok, uhhh that was random. I started a new Minecraft server with my friend yesterday, because aternos decided to delete our last on. But that's fine, all is fine. OH SHIT, SPEAKLING OF, yesterday, I FINISHED THE EMAIL SYSTEMMM WOOOOOO!!!! Well I think it's finished. I can not think of anything that is missing, therefore I have decided that it is finished. I found a cool song artist that I have been listening to a lot recently. I quite like them, I'm pretty sure their name is called MASS OF FREMENTING DREGS. It's quite nice, I like all their music. I have already listened to all of their music. So yeah, that's cool. Anyway, I might go now since I still have some stuff to do for tomorrow, and then I will be playing Minecraft with my friends. I might return later, but no promises. GOOOODBYYYYYYYYEEEEE MOOONMEEEEN! [23/05/2023] What is upp everybody. I hope everybody is still alive, like me. I finished the Paper Towns book, pretty cool stuff. Now I am reading An Abundance of Katherines. Yepp, so that's the book update lol. You know, the second longest text ever isn't actually mckenzie's LTE, with 237k characters, 7k more then the hermnerp LTE. The second longest LTE is the RainbowFluffySheep LTE, with 250k characters. Which means that The Potato LTE became the longest LTE late then I have stated in here. I will find out when. For historical purpose. I don't have long left of school. Probably about a month, less than that even. I only have my philosphy exam and my oral exam left. So it's really not a lot. I also found out yesterday that the School Ball (equivalent of Prom) is next Friday, June 2nd. I did not think the Ball was that soon. They really did not properly send out the information to this lol. I think the only people who actually know about it are the students and the teachers that are helping organize it. I mean, it's just over a week away and not a lot of people even know about it. Wild isn't it? Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll go. I have no real reason to go, not really. Or at least not currently, because it could change depending on if I decide to actually mutter words from my mouth. Anyway, I have a week to decide, we'll see. Or I'll see, that's more like it lol. ok I can't write more gtg bye. [27/05/2023] It's been a while. A few days = a while btw. So, we went to recieve our prize for the Computer Science competition. We wont best Terminale (name of last year of high school) Project in the region. Which is quite a big region. This means that we go from regionals to nationals. We will know on June 9th if we win that. The prizes included: A Dell skipping rope (????), Dell headphones, a Dell Thermos and a Dell pen (all in a Dell fabric bag). The skipping rope was the weirdest one, maybe they are trying to hint something towards us. Yeah, so that's pretty cool and fun. Tomorrow is the Frog Festival. This is something I mentioned for the first time in my 3rd entry to this LTE. I guess they are doing it earlier this year. I think it will have a lot more people this year, because we are definetly out of Covid-19, when in early 2022 it was still a meh subject. It should be fun and I hope some of my friends will be there too. Last night I went out to take star photos. I was out in a field up until 1am, it was darrrrk, but the moon was out so my eyes adjusted and I didn't need a flashlight. The fact that the moon was out was kind of annoying because the whole reason I went out to a field was to avoid light pollution. You see, when there's a giant thing in the sky reflecting sunlight at the ground, it kind of defeats the purpose of going away from light pollution. But I still got some cool photos of stars and cars driving by on the road with long exposure time on the camera. When there is no moon, I will make a VERY long exposure image, that was I can get cool star trains that I'm actually trying to get. You know that effect that some night photos have where it's just circular/arched streaks of lights in the sky? Yeah, that's my goal. Although it won't be as good because I don't really wanna make an hour long exposure. Orian was not visible today, it was gone under me (under the horizon). I really should have check that before hand, but I still got some pretty cool photos so all is good. Next time I will go for Orian properly, when it is out that is. Bonus points if the moon isn't visible or almost empty. [[20:32]] It's me agian, yes, agian. I don't actually remember what time I wrote the beginning so you don't know how long it is between this time and last time of this entry. I'm going to go playing roblox horror games later on. At 21:00 to be exact. Me and my friends do this regularly, usually on friday evenings (but it's a weekend now so it still counts). We usually either play Roblox horror games or garctic phone, we played recently too. But one of my friends has Dyslexia (cap cuz paste) so isn't the best of ideas in that case. So I don't think we will play it again, or at least not for a while. Yeha, so uhhh, games. games geames, business, business. My school finally gave an announcement for the ball next Friday, only 6 days from now lol. Yeah, so it's from 19:00 to 1:00. I might go, I'm really not sure. I think there is one determining factor that will have me decide wether to go or not, and I do not know the results of that factor yet. I don't have a lot of classes next week, only wednesday from 8:00 till 10:00, Thursday from 10:00 to 16:00 then friday from 9:00 to 17:00 (with a big ass gap between 10:00 and 14:00). Then we have a full week the next week, annd then no more classes because they have to close shit for the exams. Yepp, so that's basically the rest of my school year for ya. I actually started writing to a wiki for the LTEs, it's on I really don't want to use fandom, but it's pretty good for this. Also it doesn't fucking matter in the end what I do it on. I just thought it would be a good idea to have a wiki that has some more in depth info on all the LTEs and what happens n shit. Like the rules to an LTE. I'm pretty sure i put the definition of an LTE in the wiki, but it needs to be highly refined. I finished An Abundance Of Katherines, it was really good. There was some math in it, which I found quite interesting. John Green's books always have a kinda of philosophical side to them, I don't know if I mentioned that before but it is true. Looking For Alaska has to do with the great labyrinth that is life and if we will ever escape it. The Fault In Our Stars is to do with infinity and time (I kinda forgot already). Paper Towns is to do with our fake lifes, paper people, paper parties, paper lifes, how it's all kind of trivial and not real, we all go about our paper lifes because that's what everyone else does. An Abundance Of Katherines has to do with how we remember our past, it's a logical story that we have lived and makes sense out of what we live. But the future is unpredicatable, it makes no sense at all. And that's it, that's all I got from the books I have read so far. I think I have 4 books to read from John Green left. I would probably have that done in about the next month maximum, but I have exams in June so I won't be able to put so much attention to reading. But I will definetly read them. I will have a collection of all the John Green books. And when I finish reading those, I will read The Bridgerton books. My friend who said I should watch Bridgerton, says that I should read the books too (since there are books that are not yet seasons of the series). So this is what I will do when I finish John Green, because what else will I read? I don't have anything else lined up in my list. Plus, it's them who is asking, of course I would do it hehe. Anyway, I'm going to go play with my friends now, I highly doublt I will update more of this entry, so I will update the website right now. Farewell for now everybody, have a good rest of your evening, and or week, depending on when I update next. [29/05/2023] So the Frog Festival wasn't that good. I didn't enjoy it really at least. You know, I cycled there and back which was cool. I forgot to bring a water bottle though, so that sucked. Yepp, so that's that. I've now been procrastinating working on my oral because I really don't want to do the one on generative art just because of how fucking hard it is to get concrete facts n stuff about the importance of math in generative art. Whyyyyy did I choose this? Well it's too late now anyway, I can't change my choice. I guess I just have to talk about different mathematical methods used in generative art and hope that the judges do not ask too complicated of questions. I saw the new LTE writer, I read all of their entries, they seems interesting and promising. Well they seemed promising, they wrote a lot in a short amount of time. Although them catching up to me would mean me not writing anything. At their last entry, they seemed to be having issues with motivation. Their words not mine. It's very unfortunate, because I was hoping they would maybe be a potential competitor to me. I know that there is mckenzie who is 2 places behind me (3rd), but still. They wrote 30k characters in like 5 days (this is the new writer) oh yeah, the new writer's name is slashii, and the site is . I must say they have a very clean and organized website. It doesn't seem automated though with the character count, but that's finne. yeppp, so yeah. Uhh what else to talk about? I've been talking to person I like more, as in texting more. We talk in school too of course. So that's cool, often the highlights of my day whenever it's not a school day because I don't do many fun things on my own when there isn't school. I'll probably go to the ball on Friday, so yeah that's something. I forgot to turn off my 6am alarm this morning lol. It was very dumb and annoying and I hate myself for that stupid mistake. You see, today is a bank holiday, so I have no school and so no alarm needed, but I forgot to turn it off before going to sleep at 01:30 this morning. [[22:04]] wassaaap, I'm back. I don't remembe when I wrote the first part of the entry, but it was around noon. So yeah, big leap in time. I started reading The Catcher In The Rye because (1) I have no other books to read (2) I wrote a quote of it on monkeytype yesterday and it seemed cool (3) Turtles All The Way Down by John Green won't be delivered until Saturday (june 3rd). So, yeah, it will keep me reading something. I could get the John Green book sooner, but that would mean reading in French, ugh. Yeah that is kind of all the developments there have been so far. I did some more Math exercises on Integrals which was cool. I know this sounds horrible, but I actually like integrals, because you get a number as a result instead of some algebraic expression. So I've just been doing more exercises our teacher hasn't asigned us yet on the exercise sheet he gave us. The good news to all of this is that I won't have to do any homework hehe because I will be ahead. The bad news is that we mostly just work on the oral in class now, so we won't be doing math. The Grand Oral is a important part of our BAC exam, and it needs to be prepared, thus we are always working on it in specialty subjects. I haven't worked on the LTE wiki in a few days, I should start on that again soon. Ok, yeah that's it for today, I have some more stuff to do before I got to sleep because i'm tiiired af rn. byeeeeeee. [03/07/2023] Well, if it hasn't been a month since my last entry, more even. So I will have to catch you up on some stuff. (1) The Graduation Ball: there were peacocks all over the place, literally, and they were in all sorts of places. In high up places especially. They kind of sound like that bird from the film UP. I didn't really like the ball all that much. I think I ended up lasting 2h before it was all too much for me. Too many people around, I didn't like. Also the music was horrible. It was basically a night club type thing. Not your typical prom style graduation ball. It was all hardcore base remix tech shit. So yeah, not all that good. I ended up getting home at 2am. The thing ended at 1am, and I got a taxi then. (2) The philosophy exam went pretty well. I mean, from what I could tell. I managed to mention The Green Mile and John Wick in my dissertation. (3) the Oral exam, of course, as predicted, I had my maths question. Which meant that I had to present the importance of Maths in generative art. It went surprisingly well, I mean, the judges were soooo niiice. They asked questions that were not as complicated as I expected. It kind of felt unfaire how not bad it was. (4) I have decided to stay in France for my studies. I am no longer planning or thinking of going back to my native country for studies. I have friends here and everything who will be going to the same city and maybe university too. So it's all good. And I don't think it all being in french will be that bad for my studies. The issue now is getting an appartment and seeing if I can get a scholarship that will help me pay for that appartment. But I basically already fucked up my file for hte scholarship with a mistake. I will look into rectifying it though. (4) I finished reading all the John Green books except for Will Grayson and Will Grayson which I can't find online in English right now so I will read it another time when it is available. Now I am going to start reading We Were Liars by e.lockhart. (5) I got a pretty cool photo of the center of the Milky Way a couple of weeks ago. Well, it wasn't AMAZING, I can definetly do better. That was my first time doing it though of that part of the Milky Way you see? One of my friends showed me a spot in their village that I cycled to to go to the spot. I was hoping that they would stay with me, well they wanted to, but their dad wasn't ok with it which 1. Sucks and 2. I understand for reasons that make sense (like the dad not knowing me). (6) I guess I missed the 1 year anniversary of this LTE soooo... HAPPY BIRTHDAY POTATO LTE!!! (7) I went for that lunch with our history teacher, there were 15 of us there out of 20 that were supposed to show up, so that was pretty good. We then went to the teacher's improv theater thing. It was quite amusing to watch, there were some good sketches. I ended up doing one (anyone could participate) but I really really didn't want to. But then my friend said they would go with me so I kind of just went with it (I was horrible at it, especially because french). I should probably mention that only 6 of the people from lunch including me went to the teacher's improv. (8) It would appear that there is a new LTE writer here. It's the Falcon XWPlays' LTE. They only have 6 entries, so I will catch up and read all of them so far that way I can be caught up with new entries. I did the same thing for slashii's LTE. They mentioned something about math that I mentioned really at the beginning of the LTE, which I knew already, but it's cool that they explained it anyway. It's to do with the number Googol. Mckenzie doesn't seem to have updated their LTE in almost 2 months. Which is odd. But to each their own, they probably got stuff going on. Just like how I haven't updated in a month because of exams n stuff. (9) Tomorrow (july 4th) I get my Baccalaureat results. I am really looking forward to seeing how well I did, and how well my friends did. I have a friend who I think is not very optimistic in their results, but I am sure they will at least pass the BAC (as in not fail). (10) I went to see a movie with a friend today, more specifically the person I like, but I won't get into that. Yeah, so it was Asteroid City, which was a lot weirder than I expected and too hard to understand for me at 11am. I had only been awake for 2h at that point lol. But there was a great cast in it, that's for sure. (11) I am putting 11 but this is just the end of the catch up I think. Yeah, so that's that. I have started watching a series called The Mentalist recently, it's pretty cool and it reminds me of the BBC series Sherlock. Oh something about Falcon XWPlays's LTE (I'll call it the Falcon LTE from here on out) is that they coppied concepts from other LTEs and kinda just stuck it in theirs. They have the archive idea from me, the character count from me at the top (idk if it's automatic though). The entry formatting and dating and updates n stuff from Slashii. It's finally the summer holidays, so I will probably do a whole makeover of the website that the LTE is on, including the archive (which will be a pain in the ass) but I know how to automate stuff so it will be fine. I might add more to this later, I might not. We will see. Anyway, bye. [18/07/2023] What's up my peeps (I'm trying to stay hip with the younger readers). So, if it hasn't been 2 weeks since my last entry. That's fine anyway. It's not a job or anything. Now, my first news: I passed my Baccalaureat with 78.75%, we needed 50% to pass. So we cooling my guys. Also I am officially signed up to the University in the neighboring BIG city (it used to be the region capital before they made the region bigggger to include Toulouse, the new capital). So that's pretty cool. I start in september. I joined the discord student hub of the university since I have a university email now. The people there are pretty cool and helpful. I quite like it. I finished reading "We Were Liars" of course, that was a while ago. I have no started reading Foundation by Isaac Asimov, I have 80 pages left. There are 7 volumes, so that's cool I guess. I don't think I will read them all back to back since I have promised other people that I would read some other books they have suggested. The other day I went to take some more night star photos. It was great. I even saw a hedgehog in person for the first time in my life. So, that was also pretty cool lol. Wait, I'll share the photos with imgur. Aaand here you go. So that was a fun night. I had to I got home with my bike at 3am lol. Because I go to a spot like 7km from where I live to escape from light pollution. You know, at that spot, you CAN see the milkyway with the naked eye. It is not suuuper bright like you would see in photos or how you would see it in a place with a lot less light pollution, but you can definetly make out the trail. If you look up in the sky, you can see that there is clearly a long streak of concentrated stars, and it is the milky way. So, we are almost half way through the summer holidays. How time passes quickly. I never got a job or anything because I started searching a little too late. But I have a plan that will take effect very soon to make money during the holidays. You know, there's a lot less stuff that goes on when I'm not in school. So I often find that I become bored and lonely whenever there are school breaks. I think I have mentioned this before. It's just the fact that all my friends live in villages scattered around and so we do not really see each other that often. We play games and call each other on discord almost daily so that's cool. I'm going to make a read list for wikipedia pages I want to read. Because I found that it is quite interesting reading wikipedia pages on just things that I think "I would like to know more about that". Yeah so I've been doing that recently. OK next topic we will be talking about is UNIVERSITY WEBSITES! First off, they suck ass so much. I have never had an easy and straight forward experience on a university website. This includes the websites I have visited for the universities in my home country (that's like, 7 universities) and the one university I AM going to in France. I don't know whyyy tf this is, but to me they do not seem straight forward. "You want to find out where to sign in? ok, here's a link. Oh, that link does not have what you're looking for? well fuck you. Go ask help from our students because we couldn't care less." I mean, it's really just that or at least how I feel it is. They always give you the option to speak to students for help if you need some. They of course also give you the option to speak to proper administration for help too, but my point still stands. They suck ass. I don't think I have ever really used the term "suck ass" up until right now. I can not think of a single time I would have said it in the past. If I would have, it would have been to english speaking friends, which I have very little of. Well I mean fluent english speaking friends. Like, 4 of my friends specialized in english for their BAC. Oh another thing about my BAC results I didn't mention: I got 95% on my Oral, like wtf is that? I had absolutely no expectation to get that much. I was expecting something like, 78% or something. So that's a cool thing I guess. And guess how much I got in Philosophy, the dissertation where I mentioned both "John Wick" and "The Green Mile" (I'm going to start putting titles in quotes again), I got only 45%. I mean, that sucks. My friend Eliott got less than me I think (they said it yesterday but I forgot) yet they specialize in Philosophy. It's fucked, that's all I can really say about the BAC. I now realize that my LTE website visit counter isn't very accurate if neocities one is. Because on neocities it says I have 5011 views, and on my website it says 2069 (nice) views. So something ain't right. Maybe it's just visits to my profile on neocities that it counts. But that number still doesn't really add up. Because if someone were visiting my profile, they would logically also check out the actual website to see wtf is going on there. I mean, that would mean only 2/5 people actually click to see the website. Idk man, it's all very weird and unusual. I have no idea how neocities algorithm works or if there even is one. I guess we'll never know (aka, I don't care enouch to check). Did you know that hotdogs are not called hotdogs because the Sausage is called a weiner sausage like the weiner dog? Well, I will explain what the real reason is. Uhh, first why am I saying this. A few weeks ago, after the philosophy exam, me and my friends met up to eat together. Another friend joined us so that was cool. And they asked me "Knockton, why do they say dog in hot dog?" and I honestly never properly asked my self that question and was not curious enough to look it up. So I did a quick search and said it was because of the weiner sausage. AND GUESS WHAT? I WAS WRONG! I spreak misinformation :(. Sooo, like 2 weeks later, after knowing that my answer did not seem right, I looked up the wikipedia for hotdogs. Now, the real reason they have dog in them is because: In the 1800s, sausage makers were being accused of using dog meat in their sausages. And so, since them the term dog has been synonymous to sausage. Which means, that hot dog just means hot sausage. Not as in hot weiner sausage, just hot sausage. There you go, info. So after this, 2 weeks after I misinformed my friend, I sent them a text message telling them what it actually was. Now, I think that that may have been a bad idea, because it's weird for someone to just out of the blue send you a text about hot dogs from a short converstation that took place 2 weeks prior. But that is the kind of thing I do soooo shit. It's something that I find that I want to do a lot. I have converstations with people or get asked questions, but only actually think of the answer I should have given like, after the converstation takes place. Like my friend asked me "What was your favorite moment in 'Crash Landing On you' ?" and I gave an answer that took me 5 minutes to think of and that I found satisfying. But I only actually thought of my read favorite part like, 4 hours later. But I know that is weird for someone to give you an answer to something they already answered after when it was asked. Or to add information to something already said or to answer a question that you simply did not know the answer to at the time. Because it's often not converstations that you would just bring up again like that out of the blue. I really hope I'm not alone in this. It's like the whole problem I have with making choices. I mean, I can make choices, I'm not thaaat indecisive. But I find it hard sometimes to make choices that could have a big effect. Which I mean is normal for almost anybody, but for me it is sometimes small choices that this happens to. Like, choices that would not ruin my life exactly. It's more because I don't know how people can react, so it's hard to decide. Which is probably a reason I never answer the answer I want to answer when the question is asked. I just give the answer I think will please the person the most at that moment. Causality, it sucks. Maybe that's why my favorite movie is "Mr.Nobody". Man it's humid as FUCK outside AND it's 32C, feels like 35C or something. I can barely see 8km outside of my window. It's like there is a fog, very hazy. There's also a severe high temperature warning lol, and a moderate thunderstorm warning. Rien Ne Va as we say in french. In the future I'm going to try and not mention things related to things I have spoken about in previous entries. That way new readers or just you, don't have to not understand wtf I am talking about. But here, right now, I am going to talk about one of those things. But the thing takes place at like the very beginning of my LTE almost. It's around this time last year it took place. So, you know that friend that was my best friend for over a decade and is not really my friend anymore? Wellll, the other day, I finally unfollowed and unfriended from all my social medias. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp (although they can still send me a message with my number) and others that I probably didn't mention. I unfollowed them and did the thing that makes them unfollow me. So, nothing from them anymore. I didn't block them though. I don't like blocking people, because that removes the possibility of them contacting you again ever for whatever reason. I just don't think it's right to block someone unless you really don't want to be contacted by them. But that's a tangent. So, my friend Eliott approved a lot of this when I told them. Which I kinda expected, but not to the point in how they expressed their approval lol. I told them about the whole situation properly in October, so they are like the person that knows the most about it. They are probably the person that knows the most about my entire personal life tbh. Well not my ENTIRE personal life, but like, they would know more than anyone. I trust them the most not to tell anyone. I quite like my privacy you see? Well then there's this whole LTE, where I speak about shit that I wouldn't usually tell other people, even Eliott, but oh well, it's not like you actually know who I am. You know me by Knockton, the person who writes a big ass text on the internet at the disposal of everyone for not specific reason. Man this is beginning to be a long entry, my longest one in a while I think. I don't know how often I will write to the LTE during the summer holidays (July + August) so yeah, that's just a warning for you. My friend got me to start watching Gossip Girl, the 2007 series. It's not the kind of series I would usually watch, but it is kind of entertaining so far (I'm on ep3). It's 121 40min episodes, so it will take a while to complete I think. I'd say, 2 months if I watch 2 episodes a day. Or by the end of august if I watch 3 a day. Idk, we'll see. I will finish it either way, because I don't like not finishing things I start watching or reading. Did you know that pandas cover themselves in horse shit to protect themsleves from cold temperatures? Well now you do. It is not at all a fact I expected to learn. I mean, horse menure??? It's odd. I read the entire Giant Panda wikipedia a couple of weeks ago, sooo I know some facts on pandas now, the facts that I remember at least. There was once an incident in a Taiwan zoo where they painted a sun bear black and white so that it would resemble a Giant Panda. It's really a funny situation. It did not last long though, the bear was unveiled on the 24th of December and discovered to be a fraud on the 3rd of January. So it only lasted like, 9 days lmao. This was in 1987/1988. It then influenced a term for the Panda bear where they would call it "giant cat bear" instead of "giant bear cat".. yeah I know, odd. In China n stuff they call them "cat bears", or "bear cats", or "giant bear cat dog pandas"... yeah that last one was made up. They are also called "spotted bear" and "bamboo bear". Yeh, so that's kinda funny. Tomorrow I'm going to go clear a river of loads of weeds, riverweed. So you see, each winter there is usually a whole load of rain which makes the river flood and washes away all of the riverweed usually. It would happen each year, except it hasn't happend in the past two years. So this year, at summer, the river is fillled with riverweed. And it sucks at this spot specifically because there are canoes and pedal boats and pedal boards (surf board with an oar). All this riverweed makes it very hard to swim and go around in all those things I mentioned before. SO, someone had the idea that one day, we will spend the day getting rid of ALLL of these riverweeds. And so, that is what we are doing tomorrow. I will take a before and after photo, but I don't know if I will add it here. I will reverse image search it first to see if it's possible to dox me from it. The pedal boat place is going to let us use the pedal boats (for free) to clear the riverweed because it affects them a lot too. They estimate that we will be at it for about 4 to 5 hours. I'd say it will be fun. I wanna get a phone condom (water proof pouch for phone) tomorrow morning before we leave for the river though. That way I can take my phone with me. Even though I have an IPhone 11 and it's water resistant, I don't trust it enough to being it in the river with me unprotected. [[00:43]] yeah that last part of the entry was at like 17:00. I'm just back here to say goodbye I guess. I can't think of more to add. I wonder if you will even read to here. I say that all the time. But still. Stuff for me to come: get appartment, watch series, read, work for money, programming, playing video games with friends, going to large bodies of water to not die of heat stroke. That's what's up next on the weird shit of Knockton, byyyeee!!!! [17/09/2023] Welcome to my first update of the school year. Also known as my first update of my first University year. Yeee, so I had my first week in last week. It's quite something. And it's quite cool (except bio-informatics that I absolutely hate and don't want to do). University is cool as FUCK! The only thing that sucks about it is that I don't have an appartmenet in the city of my university so I have to commute by train every day and that is such a pain in the ass and costs so much money and takes so much time. But other than that, pretty cool. Oh yeah and it means I can't really hang out with any of my friends who all have appartmenets there (so all of them). But I'm still working on the appartment thing. Many things ahve hapened during August. Also I now realize it's already the 17th of September, but that's irrelevant. So, in terms of personal events that happends (even though everything I speak of is personal): You know that friend that I had that comes from my home country that I'm not really friends with anymore? WELLLLL!!!! Turns out we are both kinda stupid and stopped speaking to each other because we were both assuming things and our assumptions played into confirming each other's assumptions. So basically, it's the biggest missunderstanding of my life! SOOO, we friends again now YAY. Although I don't think I have spoken to them in 2 weeks. It's just uhh unusual and I'm not used to it anymore. Then there's my friends, like my proper friends that I know personally and have seen recently and all that. Man I love them all. I feel like for the first time in my life I am appart of a proper friend group where everyone likes each other and I'm not just some extra that tags along. I'm not like that one person that is there, just because they are there and well I don't know how to explain it properly. Basically, real friends, that I trust to tell anything, and hope they trust the same way. This all may also be because of the way I have changed kind of acting towards friends. Like actively trying to reach aout and talk to them. Especially since they are all over in the big city and i'm here. So I'm like "hey how's stuff?" "how's you're day?" "feeling good?" and other stuff. Not just the same stuff. But like, actively trying to be the friend that I should be. Another thing I have been doing is trying to match their energy when we interact. Although it is mostly through messages. But when they say stuff like "how you doing baby?" , I do the same. Just because they do and nothing is wrong with doing it you know? New topic: This August, in my city every year there is a big ass festival. It hasn't happened the last few years because of the 'rona, but this year is the year it has been back. This city, with a population of about 78k, managed to get up to 1.4 million people to come to the festival over the couple days it was happening. It's fucking wild. And I was there, it was amazing. I think it's the first time I actually went properly. And I was with my friends and it was great. At some point around midnight we all kinda split up because some were going home n stuff and there were also 2 couples and I didn't really wanna be a third wheel lmao. So me and my best friend Eliott went off to the kinda rave center part of the festival. Idk if I should call it the center, but it was dense AF. The others kinda tagged along but yeah, we went separate ways. So uhh, that was super fun. I loved it, and it was SOOO dense people wise at the center. Like moving through the crowd was kinda hard, but it was also fun? Idk, itw as a first experience and I loved it. Sooo, next year, I can't wait. It will be lit. I also read a couple of books, "The Little Prince" and "The Midnight Library". I did not read as much as I wanted to, just stuff happened and I maybe lost motivation. This week has been pretty cool with university. The classes I have this semester are: Bio-Informatics (EWWWWW), Algorithmics 1, Electronics 1, Utilization of Computer Systems, Maths for Computers, Functional Programming. AAnd I think that's it. It's quite alright really, so far at least. I've been making sure to message friends to make sure they are good during the week n stuff. Because all this is new and I know it's stressful and all towards some of them (all of us really). I usually say I'm good, because well if I'm not good and they ask me, I'm letting them in on the problems that stress me that they are probably sick of hearing about ,it's all related to the lack of appartment, 100% my stress, it's like a domino effect the thing. But I haven't explained it all to them before, so they really just know about the lack of appartment. At the end of the Orientation day, we went to the Zoo because there is a Zoo close to our university. It was very cool. No monkeys though ://, but there were Marmosets which I guess counts. But I wanted to see an Orangutan. BUUUT I did get to see a Cassowary which was cool AF. Anyway, we are gonna go back there during the winter to see a bird that was pretty cool. He was showing off a stick with his beak, paceing around just showing it. We applauded him and all, truly spectacular. He will of course remember us, I doubt he would forget the visitors who actually applauded his achievement. Another thing I started doing in August: I started my list of every movie I have ever watched. I am up to 1002 movies. I still have quite a bit more to add. But it's more I don't have that much time to work on that recently. It's pretty cool though I must say. It's an archive of my movie culture. New topic: I'm not going to get to go to all of the integration parties. An integration party is a party that is thrown in university at the beginning of the year for you to meet other people from the university. There are many different paties organized by different people. Some from the actual university it's self. But since I don't have an appartment, I can't really go and stay out at a party until late, since I would have nowhere to stay. So what else haven't I covered... I saw the Barbie movie, I loved it, there were references to Space Odyssey, The Matrix, Dirty Dancing (?), and more but I kinda forgot. Great movie tbh. Fun movie. I also saw Oppenheimer, which was also just a masterpiece. I mean like, wow, I liked it a lot. Ok there isn't really much else to speak about I don't think. Nothing worth speaking about. Well there is ONE very specific thing, buuut, I do not feel like speaking about that once whole situation right now. I'll save it for another time. Have you ever thought about how gossip can spread so easily? This is something I have thought about recently. Well it doesn't apply to gossip specifically, but I want to use it in this context. So, lets say you say something to a group of people, and these are people that you know, but aren't necessarily close friends, and this information is pretty kinda private but not about you. This information can spread so easily and there is no way to controle it. Becasue you have absolutely no idea if the people you are telling this to will not say it to someone. They could say it to their partner for example, but what tells you that they partner wont tell it to their best friend then. So the things is, that when you talk about sensitive information, (in my case at least) you have to be sure of how much you trust these people you are telling it to. Because if they go on and tell at least one person, the privacy of this information all depends on the trust of the other people. And at each level of someone telling someone, it gets to someone that you trust less, or even don't trust/know at all. And this is how rumors and gossip n shit spreads around so easily. This is why I value my friends so much and why I finally feel like I have great friends. They wouldn't do that. I remember the same kind of concept of stuff spreading with the movie "Snowden". Well this example isn't exactly the same at all but I quite like it. Let's say you are looking into a specific person's social media and you want to go deep into their connections. So you look into their friends, so that adds the level 1 initial person and the level 2 friends of that person to the list, then you might want to dig deeper, and that could then go on to include the friends of the level 2 friends. This would then end up being the level 3 friends. And This just grows the list by sooo much to include people you have probably have never and will never hear about. And the number of these people can be in the millions just by level 3. So many people, so many connections between each other. It's quite a wild thing to think about I think. It may be why I was one of those super paranoid internet kids a while ago. Like, really I cared so fucking much about privacy, but like, to the point where I would tell my friends "You shouldn't put your full name in your profile". And well, I still go by that principle, I keep private. But I keep it to myself, and I do it so that it just isn't a danger to me. Thus, you don't actually even know my real first name. I just go by Knockton here. If you googled my full name, there would be no results leading directly to me except for one of my parents' Facebook page and the Computer Science competition. But even with that, you would be able to make a connection to all of my other social media accounts. And that's what I try to do. Yeah so it is currently 21:31 right now. It's kinda late that means. I must shower and get by bag ready for tomorrow morning, my once again train Journey. As for the next entry, who knows when that will be. Probably sooner than the gap between my last entry and this entry. I'm no longer on holidays, so I will have more stuff to think and talk about. Oh there's this one friend I like having conversations with, second to Eliott my best friend. I need to think of a pseudonyme to give this friend. We will call them Meownator, yeah that fits. Yeah, so like last night we stayed up late kinda (1am) and one main part was us talking about cyberpunk aesthetic and tiktok algorithm and just personalized shit. But I found it quite interesting to talk about. We have talked about other interesting stuff in the past. Like once during August we stayed up until like 5am or something. But I kinda forgot what we were doing and talking about. But it was fun. I make sure to message them during the day when there's school to make sure they are doing ok and all. I do this with Eliott too of course. They both need it I feel. Or more I feel that I need to do it. Being a good friend basically I think. In their Meownator's first Spanish class, they said their teacher made them all dance and introduce themselves. That's the most absurd thing I have heard all week about a teacher. Well there have been other absurd things, but that was the most absurde one. Also their teacher is only going to speak to them about Latin America. So, fuck Spain basically. ANJYYWYAAYYYAYFWF, that was just some other extra info that I felt like sharing to strangers who will never know who I am. One thing you might notice, is that when I share stuff about friends, it's never sensitive stuff that they would like, tell me in confidence. Because, even though you are all strangers, and that you don't know who I am, and that you will probably never find me or any of these friends, I still respect that I was trusted with information. It's one of my principales that I think is necessary no matter who it comes from. Anyway, finally, goodbye my fellow potato readers from reading the Longest Text Ever known as the Potato LTE, Meow, IKEA, PRRREEEETTTY COOOOL, farewell..

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